Aegean Airlines Launches genAIRation Loyalty Program for Travelers Ages 18-25 Aegean Airlines Launches genAIRation Loyalty Program for Travelers Ages 18-25

Aegean Airlines Launches genAIRation Loyalty Program for Travelers Ages 18-25

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Over the past few years, airlines have slowly added benefits and programs designed to attract younger travelers. Specifically, airlines are looking to win over the 18 to 25 crowd. In short, these programs are designed to attract college students and recent graduates with the hopes of making them loyal frequent flyers.

Aegean Airlines — the flag carrier of Greece — is the latest airline to add benefits exclusively for younger travelers. Here is what travelers ages 18 to 25 need to know about Aegean Airlines' “genAIRation” program.

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320NEO in flight
Aegean Airlines genAIRation offers exclusive discounts and benefits to travelers ages 18 to 25. (Image courtesy of Aegean Airlines)

What Are Student Traveler Programs?

One of the best times to get out and explore the world is during college. However, traveling can be quite costly. This is especially true when you factor in airfare, typically the most expensive method of transportation. Fortunately, there are a few airlines that make air travel less expensive and more rewarding for college students and young adults.

Over the past few years, a few major airlines have rolled out young traveler programs. The benefits offered by these programs vary depending on the airline. However, almost every program offers members discounted airfare. Additional benefits include reduced bag fees and added ticketing flexibility.

In the United States, United Airlines is the only major airline to offer discounts to young adult travelers. Outside of the U.S., there are a few carriers that have implemented programs for younger travelers.

Qatar Airways' Student Club is one of these programs. For a limited time, eligible travelers will earn 1,000 Avios upon enrollment and 4,000 bonus Avios after they take their first flight with Qatar Airways.

Learn more: College Students: Enroll to Get Discounts, Perks with Qatar Airways Student Club

In addition to Qatar Airways, airlines that offer a student or young traveler program include Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, and Air Canada. Now, Aegean Airlines is launching genAIRation — a program aimed at travelers ages 18 to 25.

Enrolling in the Aegean Airlines genAIRation Program

genAIRation is an extension of Aegean Airlines' Miles+Bonus frequent flyer program. Aimed at getting younger travelers on board, genAIRation is only available to those ages 18 to 25. Essentially, it's the airline's student traveler program. While Aegean Airlines is the flag carrier of Greece, the program is open to anyone worldwide. Enrollment is free and should only take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

If you're eligible for Aegean Airlines' new program, you can click this link and begin the enrollment process. To sign-up, just provide some basic personal details like your birthday, address, and email address.

Upon successfully enrolling, you'll receive 1,000 Miles+Bonus points and have access to the majority of the benefits of the genAIRation program. However, if you complete one additional step, you'll unlock a pretty amazing one-time bonus.


Verify Your Age to Get 50% off Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air Flights

Once you've signed up, you'll be asked to verify your identity and age. You can do this from the genAIRation dashboard. To verify your name and age, you'll need to upload a copy of your passport or an image of the front and back of another government-issued ID.

Given that Aegean Airlines is a Greek company, I recommend using your passport for this verification, as you'll be less likely to encounter issues with the automated system than a U.S. student ID.

Upon successful verification of your passport or ID, you'll receive a one-time use discount code for 50% off any flight in the Aegean Airlines route network.

This coupon excludes itineraries that include codeshare flights. Also, when using your discount code, keep in mind that the code only applies to airfare. So, if you depart from a city or country that imposes hefty fuel surcharges or taxes, you will not receive a discount on that portion of the total fare.

Surprisingly, this discount code is good for any class of service or fare type. The code is also good for any itinerary type (one-way, round-trip, multi-city). This also applies to the standard 15% off all fares benefit offered through the genAIRation program. You can travel in basic economy or business class and receive discounted airfare.

Here's an example of some economy and business class fares between London and Santorini, Greece:

Fare with genAIRation 50% off discount applied to a coach ticket from London to Santorini, Greece
Verify your identity by uploading your passport or government-issued ID and receive a one-time 50% discount code for flights operated by Aegean and Olympic Air. (Image via Aegean Airlines)
A business class fare from London to Santorini, Greece with genAIRation 50% discount code applied.
Both the one-time 50% off discount code and standard 15% off fare benefit apply to all fare types, including business class. (Image via Aegean Airlines)

Aegean Airlines genAIRation Benefits & Perks

In addition to the one-time 50% off bonus, genAIRation members receive additional benefits and perks. These benefits include airfare discounts, checked bags, and even discounts when traveling with a furry friend. Here are all of the benefits offered as part of the program.

15% Off All Flights Operated by Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air

One of the best benefits of genAIRation is unlimited 15% discounts on all flights operated by Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air. When members book flights through the genAIRation dashboard, all eligible flights will have the discount applied in the search results.

This discount is good year-round (no blackout dates) for any cabin of service. Even better, this discount can be applied with any other offer or discount code. If you wanted to, you could combine your one-time 50% discount and the standard 15% discount for 65% off your first flight as a genAIRation member.

1 Free Checked Bag for 2 Round-Trips Each Year

Each year of eligibility for the genAIRation program, members will receive two discount codes good for 1 free checked bag for a round-trip itinerary. This means that members can bring a checked bag on 2 itineraries each year.

To access this discount, travelers will need to provide a discount code on the Aegean Airlines website once they've booked their flight.  The maximum weight for checked bags on Aegean Airlines flights is 23kg (50.7 lbs). Bags over this weight will incur a fee.

Free Wi-Fi On All Flights

Members also receive free Wi-Fi on all flights. While Aegean Airlines offers free Wi-Fi on all domestic flights, genAIRation members receive free Wi-Fi on all flights, not just domestic flights. Members receive a code that can be redeemed once connected to the in-flight Wi-Fi service.

One 50% Discount Voucher for Pet Travel Fees

A rather unexpected benefit, genAIRation members also receive a one-time 50% discount to cover fees associated with traveling with your pet. This benefit is also provided as a discount code which can be redeemed on Aegean Airlines' website once members have booked a flight. Be sure to review all policies and fees associated with traveling with your pet before traveling.

The Bottom Line

Airlines are making it a little easier and a bit less expensive for students and young adults to explore the globe. Thanks to young traveler programs, the 18 to 25 crowd can now receive exclusive benefits and discounts on certain airlines.

The latest airline to offer such a program is Aegean Airlines. As part of Aegean Airlines' genAIRation program, travelers ages 18 to 25 will receive discounts on all Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air flights, free in-flight Wi-Fi, free checked bags, and other benefits. To register, you can click this link to access the genAIRation landing page.

What do you make of young traveler programs? What will you book with the 50% off airfare discount?

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