Alaska Pulls Lounges in Seattle from Priority Pass Alaska Pulls Lounges in Seattle from Priority Pass

Alaska Pulls Lounges in Seattle from Priority Pass

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Update: Alaska added most of its lounges back to Priority Pass in May 2021.

Alaska has pulled all of its three lounges at Seattle/SeaTac out of the Priority Pass Program as of September 1, 2018. The reasoning, which shouldn't come as a surprise to those that are frequently turned away, is due to overcrowding, which has been happening for months.


Priority Pass at SeaTac

The loss of the three Alaska lounges in Seattle is a big hit to Priority Pass’s footprint at the airport and cuts its lounge capacity by 60%. After September 1, 2018, Priority Pass will only have 2 lounges at the airport, both are The Club at SEA, with one located on Concourse A, and the other at the South Satellite.


Overcrowding is a growing issue that Priority Pass is constantly battling. With all the credit cards offering Priority Pass membership, and more people grabbing these cards there is an increase in the number of Priority Pass holders. Factor in that some credit cards like The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card have a very generous guest access policies allowing unlimited guests, and it is quite easy to see how lounges can get packed very quickly.

Our Take

With only two Priority Pass lounges left in Seattle chances are you will find it difficult to get in due to capacity unless you are fortunate. Your best options when flying through Seattle is to use the Centurion lounge if you hold The Platinum Card® from American Express. Alternatively, if you are flying Delta and hold the Amex Platinum, you can use the Delta SkyClub. Hopefully, Priority Pass will resolve this issue in the long run, by adding more lounges in Seattle or adding a few restaurants to its network.

Source: The Points Guy

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  • Matthew Heater says:

    what a shame. The Alaska Lounge is very nice.

  • Eventually PP and/or the issuing banks will have to address this. People do expect to have access to the lounges when they make the choice to keep a $450 credit card.

  • I just used my first Priority Pass entrance that came with my Hilton AMEX, (international trip) and I was quite happy with it. Sorry Seattle is closing some lounges but I’ll get to use my free passes elsewhere without trouble. I look on the bright side-I wouldn’t have had access anywhere without it.

  • Good info in the article as usual but disappointing to see lounges closed! however, if they were overcrowded anyways and not accessible then that would be almost worse to expect something and not get in.

    • Very much agree. Happiness and happy travel is all about expectations. It’s much, much worse to look forward to lounge access and be denied at the door than to know it’s not an option to being with. This is the right move, unfortunately. Now, it’s up to Priority Pass to respond.

  • Makes sense — sure seems like Priority Pass is going to have to make some real changes to its business strategy soon.

  • Overcrowding does seem to be quite an issue!

  • I like the addition of restaurants to PP and would like to see a restaurant or two added at SEA with this change.

  • Are people actually happy with PP beyond the free food and drinks? Beyond the food and drinks, we are basically move from crowded spaces to crowded spaces.

  • Brandon P Fredman says:

    Well, it’s not like Priority pass was that useful at SEA.

  • Albert C Rollins says:

    Perhaps a lounge expansion is in order to accommodate the increase demand.

  • Albert C Rollins says:

    Perhaps this will mean a lounge refurbishing to accommodate the demand.

  • overcrowding seems to becoming an issue more and more. do most people get into lounges with PP? Or do most get turned away unless it’s a smaller or less traveled airport? It seems that Amex Plat would be a better bet to have the best chance to get into a lounge?

  • Bertrand Say says:

    I guess this is a good thing but only for the Alaska Airlines elite members.

  • Add restaurants instead, win-win !

  • The_Bouncer says:

    This is an issue in other places too. I have been turned away from the No. 1 Lounge at BHX a couple of times. PP is doing the right thing by branching out into restaurants.

  • Understandable reasoning but undesirable consequence.

  • Lounges are so over crowded, this is a good move for loyal alaska members.

  • Sebastian says:

    Im with you here – some lounges are really crowded!

  • Unfortunate setback for Priority Pass, Hopefully they’ll come up with some other creative options to make up for it…

  • deerseason says:

    I’ve been turned away from the Alaska lounge in LAX multiple times. It’s clear that they’re not happy about the influx of customers as a result of PP; I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull more of their lounges out.

  • It’s a shame that where actually you need access to a lounge such as on a busy travel day PP usually doesn’t get you in… your chances are better than not you’ll be turned away.

  • Heather Whiting says:

    Sad news for weary travelers coming off long flights with layovers in Seattle. Too bad there isn’t a workable solution. :'(

  • At least Centurion is there now.

  • Darn, these lounges sometimes have good snacks and drinks! Although I have not been able to get in with PP as well for when I was there this entire year…

  • I have used an Alaska lounge at Seattle airport two times with Priority Pass.
    It’s definitely a loss for the Priority Pass portfolio.

  • Good for those Alaska members
    Bad for those with Priority Pass

    But overcrowding was a real issue there

  • More restaurants please, I hate overcrowded lounges.

  • It is very frustrating when you think you are going to be getting into a lounge with Priority Pass, only to be turned away. If this is happening then it is almost better not to have access in the first place.

  • Air Flyer says:

    I am flying SEA next week, will have to see the over crowding situation then.

  • says:

    I love the free PP, but it has led to being shut out of lounges due to over use/limited capacity. I would not be surprised to see more PP lounge restrictions soon.

  • Boo, hiss! I could have used this benefit in the fall.

  • This is unfortunate but the Seattle lounges were quite crowded, so maybe this was inevitable.

  • This is the downside when even mid-level cards offer it. I’m not complaining mind you…just noting the reality that with more access becomes more limitations.

  • this seems like a good reason to make the lounges bigger…

  • Not at all happy with this news as I have relatives living in Alaska and I connect via SEA frequently and use the AS lounges. Just had my wings clipped.

  • Priority Pass has been on a good run of late, adding numerous facilities. Hopefully this is just a one-off, and not the start of a negative trend!

  • This is really unfortunate but, like the article says, is not at all surprising. I fly through SEA quite a bit and it was nice to know that those lounges were an option. However, I completely agree with the article — if you have the Amex Platinum Card, the other lounges in Seattle are not worthwhile anyway: I’ll use the Centurion Lounge every time. (Though they have issues with overcrowding also.)