Amex Platinum Cardholders: Register to Get $100 off a $100+ Dell Purchase Amex Platinum Cardholders: Register to Get $100 off a $100+ Dell Purchase

Amex Platinum Cardholders: Register to Get $100 off a $100+ Dell Purchase

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Over the last few months, American Express has done a lot to keep The Platinum Card® from American Express cardmembers happy, and rightly so. Most of the card's numerous travel benefits and features are currently unusable, making it hard to justify the annual fee.

Amex has responded by making several temporary additions to the card's benefits package—including monthly streaming and mobile-service credits. But, it seems Amex isn't done yet.

The latest addition comes in the form of an Amex Offer. Through January 31, 2021, cardmembers can receive a one-time $100 statement credit after making $100 or more in Dell purchases.


Offer Terms

  • This offer is available on “vanilla” Amex Platinum cards only (not on co-branded or business variations)
  • You must activate this offer in your online American Express account between now and January 31, 2021
  • Make at least $100 in purchases (can be multiple transactions) at or by calling 800-291-3355 to trigger the statement credit
  • Offer also applies to authorized users, who can each receive their own $100 credit
  • Gift card purchases are not eligible
  • Purchases shipped outside of the U.S., Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico will not qualify


Value Proposition

Amex is essentially gifting cardmembers $100 of free stuff from Dell. That should be valuable to almost everyone.

In case you aren't aware, Dell's online website sells much more than Dell-branded electronics. You can find cameras, drones, software, backpacks, and even gaming consoles. There's something for everyone, so it should be easy to get the full $100 of value.

Stacking Opportunities

Further adding to this deal is the fact that it's stackable with other Dell promotions. For instance, some cardmembers have reported also receiving an Amex Offer providing a higher point multiplier for Dell purchases. This allows members to use the new $100 credit while simultaneously earning more Membership Rewards points per dollar.

Additionally, Dell allows shoppers to split purchases between up to three payment methods. Consequently, if you and two authorized users all received this offer, you could combine them for up to $300 in free merchandise.

Combine with the Business Platinum Card Dell Offer

Lastly, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express also offers an annual Dell credit as a regular cardmember benefit—which Amex temporarily doubled in response to COVID-19. This means that cardholders can receive up to $200 in statement credits for Dell purchases made between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

If you happen to hold both cards and haven't used the Business Platinum Card‘s second $200 in Dell credit yet, combining the two offers would result in a total of $300 in statement credits.

Bottom Line

Amex Platinum cardholders can receive a one-time $100 statement credit to offset Dell purchases of at least $100. For most people, this should be worth up to face value. All you need to do is find something you want on Dell's website. Amex is pulling out all of the stops to convince cardholders to hold onto their cards—and we are impressed!

What will you buy with your $100 Dell credit?

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  • Does anyone know if paying though paypal invalidate the cashback ??

    • Do you mean when going through portals? On the Amex Platinum purchase, you should still earn points. But, I’m not sure if you’ll still get cashback when clicking through a shopping portal.

  • michael letherwood says:

    This is a fantastic offer from AMEX. I wish they would send an email or text as I just happen to notice it when perusing the offers. I have 3 authorized users on my card but none of them received the offer. Just wondering of there is anything they can do to trigger it?

    • My understanding was that all “vanilla” Platinum cardholders received the offer, including AUs. Do you have that specific AmEx card?

  • Bummer on the “vanilla” card restriction! I have a co-branded one, and with travel suspended for a while, I’m trying to justify the annual fee.

  • Edmund Tsai says:

    This is something worth looking into. I wonder if it’s available in Canada

  • Awesome , I am ready to buy a Dell box for my daughter. Hope she have a good experience during College.

  • I really dislike these promotions that require signup. We’re paying a lot to have this card and they make even more money when we use it, so they should make it as easy for us to use the benefits as possible.

  • Juan Ignacio says:

    Amex by far is the best credit card, wish Visa (at least Platinum, Infinite or Signature) do a similar promo.

  • So do you get different offers for EACH CARDHOLDER? My husb has Biz plat, gold and biz gold and I have the Biz Plat, biz & pers bonvoy and HH but I’m an AU on his Gold card only and I check his account regularly for his offers and my accounts for my offers but never realized that there are any offers for me as an Au on his card, in fact, I usually just use his card # when redeeming offers bc I didn’t think they applied to the AU card? Do they? Or is there a whole different set of offers? Should I log into his account under each of our respective logins each month?

    • This particular offer is only for Amex Platinum cardmembers and authorized users. However, generally, Amex Offers are available for all cardmembers and AUs of all Amex cards. And yes, they are treated separately for enrolling and redeeming. So, make sure to keep track which cards are registered for which offers! My wife and I keep track of all travel-related offers (Amex Offers, Chase Offers, hotel promos) in a spreadsheet.

  • Jackpot. Just picked up a new 24″ monitor for $35 out of pocket.

  • I have the business platinum so I have taken advantage of the promotion through that card. I go in to the Dell store through a shopping portal and also got extra points that way.

  • Great if you’re already in the market for a computer or a dell. Glad to see more cards offering small things like this!

  • What a good promotion from Amex, if you have to change the laptop or old computer.

    getting a discount of 100 dollars on the dell brand is an excellent option.

    It would be interesting to get the Amex Platinum credit card !!!

  • This is a good promo if you can take advantage of it. Its just that I have found dell computers to be inferior to HP in terms of longetivity.

    • There are TONS of other options in the Dell store! For example, my wife and I are going to combine our credits to get a DJI Mavic Mini drone for free!

  • Members with MANY authorized users because of a large household sure can take VERY full advantage of this offer.

  • Sweet. $100 off for a $105 purchase.

  • Alexander Kirsch-Clayton says:

    The ability to combine this with the Business Platinum Card‘s Dell credit is awesome! $300 shopping spree!

  • It’s great to see AMEX trying to make up for reduced opportunities to use the travel benefits.

  • I’ve got an MS Platinum card and we are SOL. I wonder why AmEx is only offering this to vanilla Platinum. We pay the same $550 fee

  • Since Amex changed the way offers functioned on multiple, AU I didn’t think to check on my 2 AU cards. One had it.
    This $200 will certainly be put to good use.
    Thanks Patrick.

  • I wish Amex would show some love to their gold card as well…