Photo of Caroline Lupini

Caroline Lupini

Point Princess

Caroline Lupini joined the AwardWallet crew in 2019 but has been mastering the points and miles game for years. She is a digital nomad who has visited 86+ countries and taken 500+ flights. Her love for travel doesn’t just include stamp collecting and country-hopping; she’s also passionate about making travel more affordable and accessible to everyone by sharing her insight into the travel hacking universe.


When she’s not visiting her roots in Michigan and Colorado, you can find Caroline trekking through the Peruvian The Andes, cycling through Vietnam, exploring hidden temples in Cambodia, dining at Michelin Star restaurants in France, marveling at mosques in Iran, beating carsickness in Tajikistan, chasing waterfalls in Iceland, or snowshoeing through the Spanish Pyrenees. She brings her work with her wherever she goes, and she’s excited to use the AwardWallet medium to help you turn your traveling dream into a reality!

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