Get a 15% Bonus When Signing Up For Club LifeMiles

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LifeMiles is targeting some travelers with a 15% bonus when signing up for Club LifeMiles — its monthly mileage subscription service — similar to a recent promotion offered earlier this year. But, it's not easy to understand how Club LifeMiles works, even without the promotion. So, let's show you how this program works.

How the Club LifeMiles Program Works

Club LifeMiles is a monthly membership program to buy LifeMiles. But, it works quite differently than other buy miles promotions. Members sign up to pay monthly for a year to buy miles. You'll get a set number of LifeMiles each month. In addition, LifeMiles awards bonus points every three months that you stay subscribed.

There are six tiers, depending on how much you want to spend monthly. Obviously, the higher tiers give you a better value for each point that you buy.

  • $9.99 a month for 500 monthly miles — plus 2,000 bonus miles for a total of 8,000 miles a year
  • $19.49 a month for 1,000 monthly miles — plus 4,000 bonus miles for a total of 16,000 miles a year
  • $38.49 a month for 2,000 monthly miles — plus 8,000 bonus miles for a total of 32,000 miles a year
  • $56.99 a month for 3,000 monthly miles — plus 12,000 bonus miles for a total of 48,000 miles a year
  • $91.99 a month for 5,000 monthly miles — plus 20,000 bonus miles for a total of 80,000 miles a year
  • $125.99 a month for 7,000 monthly miles — plus 28,000 bonus miles for a total of 112,000 miles a year

Club LifeMiles "International" Plans

A bonus is paid each quarter, but that bonus depends on how long you've subscribed. For example, the “Plan 500” pays out bonuses as:

  • 200 bonus LifeMiles after 3 months
  • 300 bonus LifeMiles after 6 months
  • 500 bonus LifeMiles after 9 months
  • 1,000 bonus LifeMiles after 12 months

So, you need to subscribe for an entire 12-month period before you get the best effective purchase rates. If you do, it comes to the following values:

  • $119.88 over 12 months to get 8,000 miles = 1.50 cents per mile
  • $233.88 over 12 months to get 16,000 miles = 1.46 cents per mile
  • $461.88 over 12 months to get 32,000 miles = 1.44 cents per mile
  • $683.88 over 12 months to get 48,000 miles = 1.42 cents per mile
  • $1,103.88 over 12 months to get 80,000 miles = 1.38 cents per mile
  • $1,511.88 over 12 months to get 112,000 miles = 1.35 cents per mile

Club LifeMiles Targeted 15% Bonus

Club LifeMiles 15% Bonus banner

LifeMiles has targeted certain travelers to receive an additional 15% bonus when signing up for Club LifeMiles by April 20, 2022.

As if Club LifeMiles wasn't complicated enough, this bonus takes the confusion to the next level. The 15% bonus is on top of the annual bonus paid on each plan. But, you don't have to wait until the end of the year to get this bonus. The 15% bonus is paid after the second month of membership.

Let's show you how this works for the largest “Plan 7,000” package:

Total Miles
Purchase Rate

Does This Promotion Make Sense?

Considering the 15% bonus with the highest tier would only get you 4,200 bonus miles, it would bring the value of the miles down to 1.30 cents per mile. LifeMiles has offered buy points sales for as little as 1.1 cents each. So, there's no need to jump through these hoops to get a purchase rate of 1.3 cents.

On top of that, you can transfer miles from American Express Membership Rewards (1:1 transfer rate), Citi ThankYou Rewards (1:1 plus a 25% bonus through April 30, 2022), Capital One Rewards (1:1), Marriott Bonvoy (3:1 with a 5,000 LifeMile bonus for transferring 60,000 Bonvoy points), and Brex Cash (1:1).

Basically, we think that there are much better ways to get your LifeMiles than by signing up for Club LifeMiles. But, if this monthly subscription program works for you, then go for it.

Don't forget that Avianca is a member of Star Alliance, and LifeMiles is one of a few airline programs that doesn't impose fuel surcharges on certain awards. Avianca also doesn't charge any close-in booking fees. Don't forget to check out our article on the Avianca LifeMiles Program Overview and Sweet Spots.

So, having Avianca LifeMiles is still probably a good idea. It just comes down to how you're going to get them. We'll keep our eyes out for better deals to pass on to you.

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  • Very complicated promotion. The explanation through examples was very helpful, thanks so much!

  • Good analysis and yea they often go on sale at lower rates.

  • With all these points promotions that I’m told are a great deal it is with the bonus, I can’t bring myself to pay money for points. I’d rather spend 15 mins to do a survey and have my points expiration extended by some months. Or they could follow points programs like JetBlue, Southwest, or Delta and have them never expire.

  • one better know it will be a nightmare to cancel or change an award ticket issued by Lifemiles.

  • Martin Varcaro says:

    Excelent idea to get miles and extend expiration of old ones!

  • Avianca has run several promotions nowadays, I think it would be worth to give it a try

  • I find it really interesting how creative all of the airlines are getting trying to do promotions during the pandemic. As others have mentioned, i don’t have a ton of experience with this airline – what are others experience on using and redeeming Aviance LifeMiles?

    • Definitely a mixed bag! There are Star Alliance partner flights that just won’t show up on LifeMiles’ search engine. And LifeMiles customer service isn’t great. But, if you can find the award availability, book online and don’t expect to change your flights, it’s worth it for these great rates.

    • It’s difficult to complete a lifemiles booking on the phone.

  • I want to buy a mobile ccar for my online. Usiness

  • Not too familiar with this program. Anyone with decent data points and history?

  • Not a fan of LifeMiles, never personally saw the value in it. Don’t like the idea of paying for a membership for something I don’t know when I will use.

  • For UK addresses too?

    • It seems like Club LifeMiles is available to all members. However, you’ll have to check your individual account to see if you’re targeted for a promotion.

  • This program has effectively become a mile-selling merchant. It might work well for residents based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland wanting to fly leisure first class intercontinental trips often.

  • Thanks for passing this deal along! It looks good.. That sweet spot on the 2 month is decent.

  • Jamie Eubanks says:

    This is definitely a hard pass for almost everyone. I really don’t see a worthwhile scenario, but always appreciate the scoops.

  • I like lifemiles, they are underrated! Nice promo

  • I first got a bit excited to see the 15% bonus but then the actual calculation shows that its not really 15% on the total miles but only on the miles earned in the first 3 months, its not really that interesting. If they would have given 15% each quarter, that would have been more compelling.

  • What is a life mile? Ive been into points and mile for 20 years and never heard of them.