Subscribing to Club LifeMiles: Is It Worth It After Recent Changes? Subscribing to Club LifeMiles: Is It Worth It After Recent Changes?

Subscribing to Club LifeMiles: Is It Worth It After Recent Changes?

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Avianca recently revamped its Club LifeMiles program, which allows LifeMiles members to subscribe to a plan to purchase miles monthly. The mileage subscription plan isn't new, but Avianca did overhaul its terms and conditions, change each plan name, amend monthly earning rates, and slash the targeted bonus.

Here's all you need to know about the state of the Club LifeMiles program and whether it's worth subscribing after these changes.

How the Club LifeMiles Program Works

Club LifeMiles is a monthly subscription program to buy Avianca LifeMiles. There are four monthly plans, ranging between $12 and $99, and awarding between 7,200 and 84,000 LifeMiles annually. Each requires that the subscription is active for a minimum of six months.

Credit: Avianca LifeMiles

Each plan also offers equivalent perks, such as 10% off all redemptions made on Avianca flights, double miles on the plan purchase if made with a LifeMiles credit card, and increased earning rates and discounts on LifeMiles Hotels and LifeMiles Cars.

Credit: Avianca LifeMiles

Unfortunately, you can't use the 10% off all redemptions perk for other Star Alliance carrier awards booked through LifeMiles.

How to subscribe to Club LifeMiles

To subscribe, you'll first want to log in to your Avianca LifeMiles account. You can either navigate to the Club LifeMiles tile on the “Buy Miles” page or access the page using this link. Finally, you will enter your credit card information after clicking on the plan right for you… should there be one.

Does Club LifeMiles Make Sense?

The Club LifeMiles subscription program is interesting, but it doesn't provide outsized value compared to buying LifeMiles outright with a bonus. Let's walk through the math.

To maximize a Club LifeMiles subscription, you will want to hold a LifeMiles credit card due to their double-mile perks on subscription purchases. You can only apply for an Avianca co-branded credit card if you live in one of the following countries:

  • Columbia
  • El Salvador
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia

Looking at the Familiar plan, for example, using a co-branded credit card to subscribe would net you 7,000 LifeMiles monthly compared to 3,500 LifeMiles without one. The cents per mile values are shown in the table below:

PlanMonthly CostMonthly MilesCents per MileMonthly Miles with
Avianca credit card
Cents per Mile
Individual +$201,3001.5382,6000.769
Familiar +$997,0001.41414,0000.707

Those who do not hold an Avianca co-branded credit card would be better off buying miles with a bonus instead of subscribing to Club LifeMiles. There are regular deals to buy LifeMiles with a bonus or discount. Check this link to see what's currently available; it might provide better value.

If you did not hold an Avianca credit card and chose to buy 42,000 LifeMiles outright instead of subscribing to the Familar Club LifeMiles plan for 12 months, you would spend $594 — and net an extra 300 miles to boot.

Credit: Avianca LifeMiles

Going this route would save $6, a negligible amount. But, the value proposition here is slightly different.

Buying miles outright deposits the miles into your account immediately. You could use the miles as soon as you receive them. Comparably, you would have to wait 12 months to receive a sum of 42,000 LifeMiles if you subscribed to the Club LifeMiles Familiar plan.

Avianca credit card holders, through the subscription program, would effectively be buying miles for anywhere between 0.70 and 1.00¢ per mile. That's a much better rate than buying LifeMiles with a bonus. However, it's still wise to consider the time element involved with all subscriptions, as miles are received monthly — not all at once.

Avianca award discount perk of Club LifeMiles

Another puzzle piece is the 10% discount on Avianca-operated award flights. If you regularly redeem LifeMiles for flights on Avianca, this perk could provide decent value as savings add up over time. Whether it's worth subscribing to Club LifeMiles just for the perk depends on how often you redeem LifeMiles for Avianca-operated flights. If this doesn't happen often, the perk isn't extremely valuable.

Credit: Avianca LifeMiles

This value assignment goes double for those who don't or can't take advantage of the LifeMiles Hotels or LifeMiles Cars increased earning benefit. Value only comes if you can use the perk.

Bottom Line

Avianca LifeMiles is offering subscription plans for LifeMiles. While receiving miles in your LifeMiles account every month is intriguing, the program only provides substantial value for those who hold Avianca co-branded credit cards.

If you need LifeMiles and don't have an Avianca credit card in your wallet, you'd be better off purchasing miles with a discount or bonus. If you have an Avianca credit card and a need for LifeMiles, it's worth considering the program if you don't need a sum of miles all at once.

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  • Very complicated promotion. The explanation through examples was very helpful, thanks so much!

  • Good analysis and yea they often go on sale at lower rates.

  • With all these points promotions that I’m told are a great deal it is with the bonus, I can’t bring myself to pay money for points. I’d rather spend 15 mins to do a survey and have my points expiration extended by some months. Or they could follow points programs like JetBlue, Southwest, or Delta and have them never expire.

  • one better know it will be a nightmare to cancel or change an award ticket issued by Lifemiles.

  • Martin Varcaro says:

    Excelent idea to get miles and extend expiration of old ones!

  • Avianca has run several promotions nowadays, I think it would be worth to give it a try

  • I find it really interesting how creative all of the airlines are getting trying to do promotions during the pandemic. As others have mentioned, i don’t have a ton of experience with this airline – what are others experience on using and redeeming Aviance LifeMiles?

    • Definitely a mixed bag! There are Star Alliance partner flights that just won’t show up on LifeMiles’ search engine. And LifeMiles customer service isn’t great. But, if you can find the award availability, book online and don’t expect to change your flights, it’s worth it for these great rates.

    • It’s difficult to complete a lifemiles booking on the phone.

  • I want to buy a mobile ccar for my online. Usiness

  • Not too familiar with this program. Anyone with decent data points and history?

  • Not a fan of LifeMiles, never personally saw the value in it. Don’t like the idea of paying for a membership for something I don’t know when I will use.

  • For UK addresses too?

    • It seems like Club LifeMiles is available to all members. However, you’ll have to check your individual account to see if you’re targeted for a promotion.

  • This program has effectively become a mile-selling merchant. It might work well for residents based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland wanting to fly leisure first class intercontinental trips often.

  • Thanks for passing this deal along! It looks good.. That sweet spot on the 2 month is decent.

  • Jamie Eubanks says:

    This is definitely a hard pass for almost everyone. I really don’t see a worthwhile scenario, but always appreciate the scoops.

  • I like lifemiles, they are underrated! Nice promo

  • I first got a bit excited to see the 15% bonus but then the actual calculation shows that its not really 15% on the total miles but only on the miles earned in the first 3 months, its not really that interesting. If they would have given 15% each quarter, that would have been more compelling.

  • What is a life mile? Ive been into points and mile for 20 years and never heard of them.