Barclay Arrival Plus is Closing to New Applications Today Barclay Arrival Plus is Closing to New Applications Today

Barclay Arrival Plus is Closing to New Applications Today

Bonus Points

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Update: The Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard® is no longer open to new cardholders as of June 2019. Current cardholders can find more information about the card's benefits below.

According to a post by Gary Leff of View from the Wing, the Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard® will be closed to new applications starting today. Although there has been no official word from Barclays, the information seems credible. At this point, it's unclear whether the change is a temporary pause on new applications or if the card will be discontinued entirely.

Current Offer

The current offer is the largest ever for the  Arrival Plus—70,000 after spending $5,000 on purchases in the first 90 days. The bonus alone is worth $700, plus you receive an additional 10,000 miles for meeting the minimum spend requirement, worth another $100.

That's a total of $800 in free travel charged to your card.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of the card, check out our full review.  Here's the short version:

The card is especially valuable for travelers that like simplicity: Unlike other types of points that require knowledge of various frequent flyer and hotel programs to maximize value, the Arrival Plus earns miles that have a fixed cash value of one cent per point. Although this structure means there aren't opportunities to get oversized value, the beauty of this rewards program is the ability to erase any travel purchase greater than $100.

To use your miles, you simply pay for travel with the card and redeem your rewards online as a credit that on your next statement. There are two big advantages to this system:

  1. Since you're paying for travel with a credit card, bookings will earn credit towards elite status with loyalty programs.
  2. You don't have to worry about blackout dates or award availability. If a flight or hotel night is for sale, you can use your Arrival Miles to save.

In general, this card is ideal for folks who meet any of the following criteria:

  • You generally book inexpensive economy flights
  • You do more domestic travel than international
  • You care about earning elite status with one or more loyalty programs
  • You don't have the time or interest in learning redemption strategy for airline and hotel programs
  • You would like to use rewards for travel expenses that are hard to book with other types of points (for example, rail travel, Airbnb, cruises or group tours)

There are tons of other great reasons to check out this card which we cover in more detail in this post. We also cover who is eligible to get this card. In short, you won't be eligible if you currently have the card, you opened another personal card with Barclays in the last six months, or you have opened six or more personal cards in the past 24 months.

Our Take

The Arrival Plus has been near the top of our list since the bonus increased to 70,000 points in late 2018. When cards are discontinued, it can end up being good news for those who are able to apply before the deadline, since it's likely the bank who issued the discontinued card will replace it with something else you may be able to get in the future.

For clarity, there has been no official announcement from Barclay about this change, although the post cited below does quote a high-level source on the record. If you do choose to apply, using our links for the Arrival Plus, will help support the blog and future development of AwardWallet. Thanks!

Source: View from the Wing

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  • I had this card for a while. It was ok. The bonus is nice. I agree customer service could be much better @ Barclays.

  • I experienced the worst ever customer service with Barclays. I used the arrival plus card for a carpet cleaning service, in which the company made my carpet MORE DIRTY and left before I was able to check. I disputed the transaction with Barclays. A month later barclays sent me a mail saying that they are standing the merchant’s side because the merchant sent them some signed document. THIS IS RIDICULOUS because the whole point of having REAL HUMAN BEINGS sitting at the dispute department instead of having some machines is that THEY SHOULD UNDERSTAND THE CASE AND USE THEIR JUDGEMENT TO DECIDE WHETHER THE SERVICE IS DELIVERED. In my case the carpet cleaning company made me sign some document BEFORE the service and left before I was able to check the work and made my carpet MORE DIRTY which is clear to any reasonable person that they DID NOT DELIVER THE SERVICE. I am amazed that what barclays’ dispute department does is just looking for any signed document and if there is they say the merchant wins. I am not paying $95 a year for non-existence of service. i hope nobody ever have to deal with this.

  • Their rental car insurance benefit is awesome! Saved me 300 euros when traveling across Europe.

  • To me it seems like $5000 is a lot of spend just to get the 70,000 miles. I think there are a lot of other cards where you can do better with having to spend that much money. If you don’t have it, the AMEX Platinum is the card to get.

  • I have had this card since it was first offered, and have used its benefits for a couple things besides redeeming points for travel. One year, their price drop tool alone paid off the $89 for me. The best part is that you can redeem the points towards the fee.

  • Really glad I snagged this card in time. Had been eyeing it for a long time – nothing like the pressure of an offer that may be gone forever to help you pull the trigger.

  • Current Barclays customers with 3 credit card accounts and applied for the Arrival+. They dared to ask me for income verification! Also they are asking for this in the old fashion way of snail mail… yes, snail mailing in my confidential information such as SSN. Then they will scan and fax the form to IRS for total turnaround time for 3+ week.

    Unbelievable. It’s like this bank still operates in the 2000s when fax was still a thing

  • Too bad for me it was already past the deadline when I tried to squeeze by…

  • Thank you for this, I was able to get it right in time!!

  • Applied, instant approval with 770. Great SUB for simple redemptions.

  • wow sounds good.

  • Looks like I missed it. That would have been great.

  • i think they are probably going to re-launch with some benefits change. With the devaluations on airline miles and hotel points, the value of straight up cash-back cards is continually improving.

  • One should value these “miles” as very much a cashback offer. It may not make sense to apply if you value airlines miles more than cash.

  • Per DDG, there is a new link available for the Arrival card with a 70k sign-up bonus.

  • Stacy Y Liu says:

    Might try and sign up for this with that incentive! Great that there are no black out dates.

  • I’m sure they will have another product out there soon.

  • I don’t understand the reasoning behind the pull. Hopefully they come up with something better.

  • shame that the applications are closed

  • Now wait to see what Barclays marketing genius comes up with Next!

  • Goes to show that we should always jump on good deals while they are around, as they can discontinue at any moment.

  • Too bad they closed the application.

  • Shloime Zionce says:

    What a pity. Was good while it lasted though.

  • Got approved after a two day wait for app review. Glad to get in under the wire for this one.

  • Looks like the app is now closed for this card

  • Hopefully barclays learned from the flop of the Arrival Premier and is rebooting to be more competitive with Amex, Chase, and Citi.

  • Everyone says it’s a good card. I did think about this. I just couldn’t do making sure it coded as travel to be able to get the credit and pay using my points with them. I have so many currently that I have to watch. I didn’t want to add to it.

  • Hoping for an even better replacement option. Fingers crossed.

  • Every time I see this headline with “today” it makes me anxious. Then I realize it’s not actually today. Maybe the headline should be changed (or the post archived)

  • glad i signed up!

  • Always sorry to see good cards go. Curious to see how this plays out.

  • Looks like I missed out. I’ll be on the lookout for others – when one door closes another opens.

  • Mara D Rice says:

    Love my Barclay Arrival card!

  • Wish they didn’t make it so difficult to get approved for this card.

  • Umm, why is this such a great card? 89 fee to get what amounts to 2% cash back but can only use the cash back to offset travel purchases which could be getting a much higher bonus on other cards. Citi double (and a few other cards) is a flat 2% real cash, no annual fee, no hoops to jump through to get cash back and can put your travel purchases on cards that get 3, 4 or 5% back in points plus free travel insurance.

  • No instant approval here yesterday (6/6/10), got 10 day wait. time for reconsideration.

  • Michaelj1 says:

    $800.00 dollars in value is a winner!

  • Not sad to see this card go at all. It is a glorified cash back card earning essentially 0.021, which is okay, but the kicker is the annual fee after the first year. The sign up bonus and the waived fee the first year could make this a good short term option, but it does not make sense beyond that.

  • What a travesty. This is a good card and provided good competition against Chase Sapphire.

  • If I wasnt below 5/24 I might have given it a go

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    The plan offers 70,000 after spending $5,000 on purchases in the first 90 days. I spent similar amounts just to pay my taxes.

  • Was a very good card relative to some of the other offerings we’ve seen lately.

  • I wonder why it’s closing. It hasn’t been around for very long.

  • Hopefully they come out with something else

  • Applied for this card tonight (6/6/19) and was approved

  • Thanks, applied through your links.

  • Sandra Carroll says:

    Unable to access the “apply now” file not found for

  • Too bad not getting one yet.

  • Wow, 70,000 is a great sign on bonus! I like this card because you can redeem your points after booking anything travel related with your card. So, you could find flights using any app or website you like, and then get reimbursed with your points (you don’t have to use their search engine).

  • says:

    Pls keep us up to date if this changes.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I was a big fan of the the bonus increased to 70,000 points in 2018. That was a deal.

  • I hope Barclay inserts a good card when this one goes away….

  • This is unfortunate.
    Is it still downgradable and upgradable between Arrival and Arrival Plus?
    I am considering downgrade to Arrival in a few months to avoid annual fee.

    • Not sure. I would imagine anything that was possible in the past is subject to change based on Barclay’s new direction.

    • When I’ve called about downgrading the Arrival+ the rep had to check my retention offers. It sounds like if it’s not listed in offers for you then you cannot downgrade.

  • Too bad there aren’t any upgrade offers.

  • Brad Doles says:

    I think I’ll check this one out!

  • so today is last day to apply?

    • We really don’t have any official communication about it. I’ve seen some sources saying the offer will be pulled today, some saying tomorrow. If it is tomorrow, it will probably be early.

  • Maryjane says:

    I’m really glad I got this card for the 70k bonus. It really fills a gap in my points strategy. A bit unnerving to not know of its future though. I’ll be standing by for updates.

  • Get it while you can!!! This is a great card! I use mine often!!

    • Do you have other favorite cards?

    • With an $89 annual fee (from the second year on), you have to spend $89,000 a year to break even over a no annual fee 2% card (unless you do a lot of purchases overseas but that would just chip away at the $89k). Why pay $89 a year for a card that has a 0.001% better return than a free 2% card? You’re better off getting the Citi DoubleCash and the CapitalOne Quicksilver for your few purchases overseas (if applicable).

      • Ken Davis says:

        Your math is off. You have to spend $8900 to get $89 in credit. I spend about $4000 a month and receive about $1000 in credits. We also receive a bonus when redeeming travel awards. That is what kicks it up a bit.

        You earn 2 points for every $. $4000 in a month equals 8000 points. In 2 months, it is 16000 points which is with $160 in credits plus you would get back 5% of your points if redeemed for a travel credit. That is another 800 points saved.

        Outside of promotional offers, this is one of the best cards I have ever found. I have had more than $15,000 in credits since it was introduced. I used to use it for business which was just awesome. Unfortunately, the firm I worked for demanded that we all get an Amex with no points.

        • Cleo McDowell says:

          No Ken, your math is actually off. Darren WAS already factoring in the 5% of your redeemed points you get back in his calculation (2% + 5% of 2% = 2.1%). Making it a tenth of a percent (.1% or .001) higher in rewards rate than a flat rate 2% card like Citi Double Cash. Spending 89k a year, as he said, would give you that $89 back in rewards to cover the annual fee. No foreign transaction fees is nice, but thats available in other cards, some without annual fees, and some with fees that have way better rewards and perks. As far as the PIN/chip feature, sure thats nice for travelers, but I believe thats also included with the no-annual fee non-plus Arrival card. I have the card, its an ok card, but not worth the $89 annual fee. Like most users, I got it because of the 70k signup bonus, and plan on downgrading to the non-plus/no annual fee Arrival before the annual fee kicks in.

          • Could you clarify your math for me? As I see it, points accrue at 2 points/dollar spent, and are redeemed as $1/100 points. If I spend $89k, I’m accruing 178k points, redeemable for $1,780 in rewards. When I was first considering the Barclays Arrival plus, I figured as long as I’m spending $4,450/year on the card, I’m accruing enough points to offset the $89 annual fee. Could you confirm if my logic/math is off? Thanks.