Earn Bonus Miles For Commenting Earn Bonus Miles For Commenting

Earn Bonus Miles For Commenting

Bonus Points

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AwardWallet is no longer able to offer American Airlines miles for comments posted on the blog.

Interested in earning American Airlines AAdvantage® miles without having to pick up a credit card or hop on a flight with American and their partners? How about 5 AAdvantage® miles simply for having a comment approved on our blog?

We want you to share and engage with us. For that, we'll provide you 5 miles towards any active AAdvantage® account you have linked to your AwardWallet user profile. You're limited to earning 5 miles per AwardWallet user per day, so come back and comment each day. We've answered most questions below, so please read on for more details.

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Frequent Questions on Earning Miles for Comments

Who is eligible? Anyone with a valid AAdvantage® account linked to their AwardWallet account.

Where do I go to earn miles? Visit the comments section on any of our blog posts. (Including this one)

When do I earn the miles? Miles can be earned on a daily basis and will be submitted for deposit each day, however, it may take up to 5 business days for the miles to post to your account. If your miles will expire in less than 5 business days, we've listed some fast ways to generate activity in our post about the AAdvantage® mile expiration policy.

What if I leave multiple comments? We're happy to hear from you multiple times per day. But you'll only earn 5 miles for the first comment. Our day starts at 12:00 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern time. We use the time your comment is submitted to the blog (rather than when it is approved and published) to determine whether you will be awarded miles.

How do I make sure my comments are approved? Comments on the AwardWallet Blog are moderated to protect against spam and other nonsense—we read every single one.

Please put a little thought into your comment and make sure it's relevant to the post. We don't usually approve comments that don't add value to the conversation (like “Thanks!” or “Good to know“). Engaging with us, sharing your experiences, and providing constructive feedback/ideas to both AwardWallet and other readers will ensure your comments are approved.

How do I pick an AAdvantage® account to credit the miles? After you leave a comment, you'll receive one of two pop-ups. If you're logged in to AwardWallet in the same browser (different tab perhaps), you'll receive the pop-up immediately below. If you're NOT logged in to your AwardWallet account, you'll receive the message further down. You'll need to log in to AwardWallet in a different tab and click the refresh accounts button; you'll then see a list of the AAdvantage® accounts that are linked and valid.

AwardWallet Bonus AA Miles - Thank you for commenting account selection dialogue

If you're NOT logged in to your AwardWallet account, you'll receive the message further down. You'll need to log in to AwardWallet in a different tab and click the refresh accounts button; you'll then see a list of the AAdvantage® accounts that are linked and valid.

AwardWallet Bonus AA Miles - Thank you for commenting dialogue

If you don't see the popup, try scrolling up on the page.

We're grateful to have you as part of the AwardWallet community. Thank you for reading the blog and sharing your thoughts with us. Occasionally, we experience unexpected delays. We'll post any known issues at the top of this post. If your comment has been approved and you haven't received miles after five days, you can use this form to contact us.?cachebuster=[CACHEBUSTER]

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  • I’m confused about this……. This article is dated June 29, 2023, yet comments suggest that these 5 points are no longer awarded for AwardWallet blog posts.

    Also it appears that you can no longer add your AAdvantage account to AwardWallet, a quick search suggests this happenned back in 2021.

    Can anyone shed any lights?

    • Ryan Smith says:

      Michael – The article had small updates in June 2023 to clarify questions about whether this was temporary. It’s not. We can’t offer bonus AA miles for commenting unfortunately.

  • Nice to avoid miles expiring!

  • This is a great way to combat AA points expiring- awesome tip!

    • Ryan Smith says:

      Hi Philip, just to be clear: We no longer can offer these bonus miles, so it won’t help with your AA expiration concerns.

  • So, it isn’t available anymore? I was really glad to find the easy way to extend AA miles for my wife’s and mine.

  • 5 free miles are still available?

  • Always and excellent resource for frequent flyer tips, again award wallet saves the day!

  • Glad this still exists, last time i commented a few months ago I did not get credit so I assumed the program was over. Hopefully that was just a glitch on my part, I enjoy reading these blog posts.

  • Flying on Delta recently and man I wished I was on AA. I much preferred the premium economy product on AA than Delta, particularly on return flight to the USA. The travel pack and cobranded accessories on AA were far and away superior to the best Delta could roll out, indeed, I felt like we were having left overs from regular economy, whereas AA premium felt like business class.

    Can’t wait to come back to AA…and SOON!


  • A real pitty. However I get the impression that while still possible to accrue 5 miles per comment, AA did not post them on my account. They don’t show on the details of my AA account either. Wondering if they fooled around with it and how to prove it

  • Nice post! Good to read.

  • Can you confirm whether or not this is still working or did AA in fact take legal action against award wallet? I would have assumed that the article would have been updated and/or removed if Awardwallet was no longer able to provide the free point?

    • Arthur: Can you see the banner at the top of this post “AwardWallet is no longer able to offer American Airlines miles for comments posted on the blog.”
      Unfortunately, AA doesn’t seem to be backing down on this. So you make a good point that we should consider removing the post for now.

  • Manuel jorge martins filho says:

    Sem duvida é um meio de conseguir milhas incrível que viabiliza a manutenção das milhas da American Airlines adquiridas

  • I wonder if this comments thing still work. Seems cant work with Safari.

    • Unfortunately AA has taken legal action that prevents us from awarding AAdvantage miles for comments. However, we still review and manually approve comments. So, you won’t see your comments publish immediately.

  • Wasim Zahid says:

    This doesn’t work anymore? My AA account is unlinked and I cannot add it back.

    • JT Genter says:

      Unfortunately, American Airlines doesn’t think you should be able to track your account through AwardWallet. AA has taken legal action to prevent AwardWallet from helping travelers track their reservations, miles balances, and expiration dates. Not surprisingly, this action was taken just before American Airlines reinstated its expiration policy.

  • Any chance you’ll get back to working with them until then?

  • Ugh, just found out that my AA miles will expire in 10 days. Would be really grateful if this works!

  • Aron Flemming Brito says:

    Is it possible to register all accounts in the app?

    • Almost every program you can think of. American Airlines forced us to stop tracking accounts. Otherwise, AwardWallet covers literally thousands of airline, hotel, bank, shopping, etc. loyalty programs.

  • Feel so sorry to lose an easy way to extend the AA miles.

  • Still not flying yet, so will have to remember to keep my account active

  • Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I’m not from the US.
    Any easier alternative? Like as easy as leaving a commenting on this blog post? 🙂

  • I see that AA has automatically re-extended my miles until 2022-10-01.
    Any chance you’ll get back to working with them until then?
    What other alternatives to extending the miles do you suggest I can try (don’t believe I’ll use my miles this year..)?

  • Did you consider alternative variant instead of AA?

  • Nelson Pirolo says:

    Is this program still active?

    • Unfortunately, we were forced to stop tracking American Airlines accounts and that prevents us from being able to award bonus miles for comments.

  • Iván de Miguel says:

    Can I get to american airlines through a hotel partner? For example I add marriot and then from Marriot I send my point to american airlines.. will that work?

  • Good way to extend my miles

  • JUNG-WOOK KIM says:

    It was a good way to extend mileage expiration.
    The decision should be reconsidered.

  • I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing my AA information on AW, too bad! ;(

    • Yes, unfortunately, American Airlines has forced us to stop tracking American Airlines accounts on AwardWallet. Neither earning miles via commenting on the blog feature works now. We are very sorry about this and were hoping it would not come to this until the last minute. Due to legal reasons, we are not allowed to disclose further details.

  • It seems that this stopped working .. what a shame

    • Unfortunately, American Airlines has forced us to stop tracking American Airlines accounts on AwardWallet. Neither earning miles via commenting on the blog feature works now. We are very sorry about this and were hoping it would not come to this until the last minute. Due to legal reasons, we are not allowed to disclose further details.

  • Melissa Kenney says:

    Thanks so much for trying innovative ways for us to track our points. It’s very frustrating that companies make it difficult to use the points we’ve rightfully earned

  • AA has extended my miles to April 2022

  • Third try: I was posting for my kids aa account & didn’t get the ‘which account’ popup the first time or the second time (tried In chrome incognito). Now I’m trying a third time!

    • Unfortunately, American Airlines has forced us to stop tracking American Airlines accounts on AwardWallet. Neither earning miles via commenting on the blog feature works now. We are very sorry about this and were hoping it would not come to this until the last minute. Due to legal reasons, we are not allowed to disclose further details.

  • Have signed the AA/AwardWallet change.org petition. Silly decision by AA.

  • Very cool initiative!

  • I am new to AwardWallet, but I find it to be so useful especially during the current COVID period, when I do not travel that much and have a lot of unused miles left in my various accounts. So pleased with such a tool that can help me keep track of all my accounts, and make sure I keep adding new miles and also maintaining my existing miles easily.

  • Testing if this still works for my kids aa accounts. Haven’t been flying during the pandemic! Didn’t get popup, so trying again.

  • AA and KL/AF have continuously extended validity of miles during pandemic. LH has not, despite getting billions of government bailouts. I know where i will take my business in the future.

  • fantastic idea — travel is still very restricted here and while I want to travel, seems like still a while away yet. Great way to keep my points alive so I can maximize them – hopefully in the not too distant future.

  • Thank you for sharing this! AwardWallet has been a great tool to help me keep track of all my miles. It’s hard to keep track of extensions and expirations so this comes in really handy.

  • This is still working right? I haven’t done this in forever since they paused expiration.

  • Daniel Tacconi says:

    Es excelente esta opción de recibir 5 millas de AADVANTAGE publicando comentarios en el BLOG. He comentado a mis amigos que tienen cuenta en AADVANTGE para que se registren aqui en AWARDWALLET para que utilicen esta muy buena herramienta y puedan evitar que sus millas acumuladas expiren. Muchas gracias por brindarnos esta posibilidad.

  • Leonardo Weisinger says:

    Thank you so much AwardWallet! You gave me the possibility to keep my AA miles for more time! Appreciate it!

  • Thanks for the tools and the expiry extension, AwardWallet!

  • I love your travel hacks! Thanks

  • AA extended the deadline for expiring miles to the end of 2022. Hopefully they extend the miles expiring in early 2022 to the end of the year also. It seems only fair. Or they can match United and get rid of expirations all together!

  • Leonardo Weisinger says:

    Thank you for this great idea! I have miles in my AA account and we can’t travel becouse Covid reasons. This wonderful project will help many people to keep their miles!

  • In one week was originally going to do my first flight since March 2020, on British Airways, using American, from London to SFO. This was going to safeguard my 500k miles in my account. Decided to cancel my ticket today, and in searching for the many ways of transferring miles to my account found the AwardWallet summary of different ways to add miles to keep them from expiring. Very helpful!! Thank you. Have now transferred miles from Marriot Bonvoy, to American. I flew a lot before the lockdown, and was at Platinum for the first time, which will be sad to lose in March 2022 without actually being able to have taken any flights while I was at that status!

  • Vincent Smith says:

    Thank you so much for this. I had no idea about AwardWallet and I was looking for ways to retain my miles and was delighted to discover this handy tool. The interface seems so much more intuitive than many of the reward programme websites and the ability to integrate all these different programmes makes it super simple to keep track of all my miles. Thanks again!

  • Thank you AA for making it easier for us to keep our miles! I believe AA is the only airline to do this and it certainly makes it easier for those of us eager to get back into traveling!

    FYI, I have learned recently that Delta extended status to people for 2022 and United offered a challenge from August thru November (now it’s passed) to help with status extensions. Hope 2022 is a more frequent flyer year!

  • The possibility that AwardWallet gives us to extend the validity of AA miles by commenting on the blog is something that is much appreciated. Especially considering that, since the Santander bank program cancellation, there is no credit card option in Argentina to earn miles.

  • This is awesome. keep my AA alive

  • Noelia Garone says:

    Thanks for the post. This possibility is very useful for those of us who have been lifelong mileage savers until a pandemic hit. Also, in my particular case AAdvantage ended its agreement with Santander Bank so it has been more difficult to keep my miles from expiring. This is a great opportunity to do so! I think in the post you could include information about the confirmation of approval of comments if you receive an email confirming it or rejecting it. Many thanks!

  • So glad to have found this site.

    Its a true One Stop for points and miles information and, right now, the rules are changing so often that its hard to keep track.

  • Im so glad to found this page. Love to save my Aadvantage miles.
    Big Thanks to the Site

  • Noelia Garone says:

    Thanks!!! I was terrified of losing my miles due to the pandemic. I hope to get my 5 miles to extend the expiration.

  • This is such a life saver! With all the travel restrictions happening now, there’s a real threat of miles expiring without having the opportunity to use the, so earning miles in order to push the expiration date is the way to go.
    Thanks again!

  • Lana Weissbard says:

    Thank you for this post! I have successfully kept multiple account alive!

  • Praise and thanks are many in our lives, but we rarely meet people who leave an impact on us, and we may be unable to thank them, but we do not deny their actions and do not forget their actions. I say thank you .

  • I am new to AwardWallet, but I find it to be so useful especially during the current COVID period, when I do not travel that much and have a lot of unused miles left in my various accounts. So pleased with such a tool that can help me keep track of all my accounts, and make sure I keep adding new miles and also maintaining my existing miles easily.

  • I enjoy using award wallet. It’s a free easy way for me to keep track of things like airline miles

  • peter brown says:

    I reminisce so fondly of my trip to Chile right before the pandemic hit and upgrading through a fantastic tip from AwardWallet because I had several cards linked through, I managed to get an upgrade to premium economy plus and man was it worth it…particularly flying outbound from DAL it was like I had a whole section to myself. Coming back I also had it but it was packed…needless to say, I love flying AA and Award Wallet makes my points and miles collecting a breeze!

    Thank you again!


  • Award Wallet is so great. I usually book the cheapest flights I can get my hands on when travelling internationally, which means I have travelled with many different airlines and have joined more miles programs than I can keep track of 🙂

  • AwardWallet is a lifesaver for expiring points, especially in the midst of travel restrictions and frequent (temporary) changes to company policies! Thank you for the email reminders, as well as the option to update our multiple accounts manually. We look forward to traveling again someday soon!

  • I started using AwardWallet about 6 months ago and am finding a lot of value in not only keeping track of my miles expiration dates, but also promotions on credit cards that are about to expire. Great website and features overall.

  • This would be an excellent opportunity for people from Argentina. In our country Citibank withdrew from the retail market and the bank that bought the operation abolished the Advantage program, so it is very convenient to have this option through AwardWallet. Very good! Greetings

  • I had no idea that I can automatically log into each of my rewards programs by clicking on the name as long as the Chrome extension is installed. What a cool feature! Since my family and I aren’t traveling a whole lot due to COVID-19, our focus is on building points through credit card bonuses. AwardWallet is a great one-stop shop to see our points progress. Thanks for a great service.

  • This is such a great post. Glad to see there is a way to keep your aa points active!

  • Thank you for this! AwardWallet has been a great tool to help me keep track of all my miles. It’s hard to keep track of extensions and expirations so this comes in really handy.

  • Graciela Beatriz Fernandez says:

    I am so glad with Awardwallet. Since I opened my account on your website, I can manage all my trips from there. It is a very good and very complete platform. Thank you very much Awardwallet!

  • Svetlana Weissbard says:

    AwardWallet has been such a life saver for me. It has reminded me about trip reservations I somehow forgot (that’s right I rented a car through Hertz and forgot all about it), miles that are expiring, benefits I haven’t used up (going to get every penny of value out of that pricey Amex Plat card). Don’t know what I’d do without this site.

  • Marta Graciela Laporte says:

    Great option to keep your miles. Since the global pandemic we couldn’t travel and our miles were about to expire. This is an excellent way of keeping informed about all news and getting your miles expiration date renewed. Totally worked for us in Argentina. Best regards!

  • Thanks for this service! Just saw your article about the United bonus with CLEAR enrollment and it reminded me to sign up, just in time for the bonus!

  • Really appreciate the info in maintaining my miles. Thanks

  • Jarrick Stoner says:

    Award Waller is exactly what I have been looking for. You can connect and see all of your miles/points for every possible rewards system you have in one place. This new feature of getting miles for comments on blogs is a great idea to keep your AAdvantage account active if you don’t travel much, especially during the pandemic. I hope this leads to more programs doing something similar.

  • Glad to have found Award Wallet! Wasn’t sure when my miles were expiring and this was an easy way to find out.

  • Greetings Awardwallet and compliments of the season. Just a short note to say a big thank you for your work on the miles for comment initiative it has a led me to keep my AA miles from expiring during these time of reduced traveling. Thank you cheers Cheryl Kirwin Australia

  • This article is a wonderful discovery – I have AA miles that are about to expire (& a big thanks to AwardWallet for the reminder) and I have no upcoming travel plans. This really saved the day for my miles account.

  • I was about to make a groupon purchase to reset my AA miles. This is way better!

  • Raúl Daniel Ciappina says:

    El blog Award Wallet nos resulta útil para verificar montos para canje de millas por tickets aéreos. La posibilidad de ver en un único sitio el resumen de cuenta y los programas de fidelización de todas las tarjetas de créditos y compañías aéreas permite mayor flexibilidad al momento de decidir. Solemos encontrar info de interés al momento de decidir circunstancias de viaje. Además,en esta época de pandemia donde se nos hace imposible viajar,esperamos nos permita extender el plazo de caducidad de las millas en esta cuenta y así poder utilizar al máximo los tips de Award Wallet

  • Sergio Javier Luque says:

    This information is very helpful to me because I have a Lot of Miles expiring on 2022 and I haVe no plans to travel in 2022 because of the pandemic.

  • As we approach the end of the calendar year I am taking the opportunity to write down my appreciation of the Awardwallet product and the 5 AA miles that will reset my AA miles expiring date for the full 18 months.
    Thank you Awardwallet
    Cheryl Kirwin

  • The pandemic has changed travel for everyone. I’m very grateful for this website and dream of being able to travel again.

  • I have not used my American Airline Miles for more than two years and this should be the best way to add miles in my AA reward program especially when I don’t shop other than Amazon.com which is not currently involved with eshopping program with AA. I will definitely check out other posts on this blog later.

    • Is this bonus still available with aadvantage?

      • Unfortunately it’s not. American Airlines forced AwardWallet to stop tracking AAdvantage accounts. So, we can’t deposit miles anymore. However, we are working on a new airline partnership. So stay tuned!

  • Thank you for the informative writeup. Due to Covid, I have been traveling less so I was about to lose my AA points. This is a great article to help keep them from expiring. Very much appreciated!

  • I had a comment posted about 10 days ago but I don’t see the 5 bonus miles posted. I was logged in from another tab, is there something I am missing?

    • Paulina Tultibaeva says:

      Did you select your AA account while posting the comment? Unfortunately, our automated system doesn’t allow us to retroactively post miles, so we recommend taking another attempt. If this doesn’t help please contact us here so we would be able to assist you:

  • Vivian cheng says:

    It is really hard to keep so many account active during pandemic thank you to award wallet for giving free 5 aa miles to extend the expiry of my aa account.

  • Svetlana Weissbard says:

    Love AwardWallet, use it daily, but wish a few things were improved, like the password that sometimes disappears from the account. I checked my child’s AA login information today and the password wasn’t there. This happens a lot with AA, is there a reason for that?

  • Anne-Marie Bourdeau-Lamothe says:

    My husband’s AAdvantage account is a subfolder on my award wallet account. He has been posting some comments on award wallet blog to prevent his points from expiring but it doesn’t seem to be acknowledged. Is there any other way to get his comments count for award wallet or does he need to have his own award wallet account?

    • When you leave a comment you should specify the AA account to be replenished with miles which is supposed to be added to your AwardWallet profile. So, yes, your husband should create an AwardWallet account to do that. Alternatively, you can choose his AA account while posting a comment yourself.

  • I speak from Brazil and I am very happy to know the program.
    Perfect for gathering all frequent flyer programs.
    I needed to renew my AA miles

  • Thank you.

  • I’ve been an award wallet plus member for the last few years as a way to say thank you for THIS blog post. You guys are the bees’ knees. Always a fan.

  • This is very helpful! I’d never have realized my points would expire in time without your help

  • Thank you AwardWallet! Great timing!

  • Elliot Siegel says:

    This is great, my son’s miles were expiring I got a notification and it helped me prevent his miles from expiring.

  • Isaac J Brewster says:

    Thank you for doing this! It’s really helpful to have a quick way to extend my miles

  • This is huge. So glad I don’t need to lose 15k miles because I can’t travel at the moment. Hopefully anyone who can benefit from this is able to see it.

  • This is a great option to keep American miles from expiring!

  • Thank you for have this wonderful tool! 18 month seems pretty quick

  • As long as it doesn’t invade privacy of my AA account, I’m happy to connect it with AwardWallet.

  • I love knowing this option is available to extend expiration. 18 months always sneaks up on me!

  • great option. thanks. perfect timing.

  • It’s great to be able to use this as an option to keep American miles from expiring!

  • This is really great. It has not been working. I hope it works now

  • Huichun Chen says:

    Thank you and Awardwallet to provide this great option. This is my favoriate way to extend my AA miles.

  • Ivanilton Trindade says:

    Wow… amazing! Thanks AwardWallet

  • Another reason why AwardWallet is the best. Love this 5 mile option.

  • Thank you and Awardwallet to provide this great option. It’s hard to keep miles from expiring during the pandemic. Certainly appreciate this.

  • Gregory Mulry says:

    I wish that American Airlines would simply change its miles expiration policy to match what Delta and United have.

  • I’m so glad that AwardWallet exists. It has one place that I can go to see all of my points from the various programs, plus what certs that I have that may be expiring, plus amazing tips on how to redeem for the most value. Thank you AwardWallet and thank you to the community.

  • David J Rabenberg says:

    Always happy to support AwardWallet. There’s no way for me to keep track of all of this stuff by myself. Well worth it!

  • What I actually like most is that the Award Wallet provides timely reminder for miles expiration. I have just recommended this useful tool to some friends who were in the same situation. Thanks!

  • I have looked at all of the different ways to stop AA miles from expiring, and by far, the best thing to do is just to comment on AwardWallet, vs. transferring points or doing something else which is more wasteful of time and miles/money.

  • Up to when this can be done?
    Great to be part of awardwallet!

  • Awardwallet provides such an amazing service to anyone who wants to be savvy when it comes to all things travel. Given how Covid has slowed travel down for many of us, i really appreciate all they do with their tips to get me ready for my next big vacation, and really appreciate them helping extend my mileage expiration on my AA account.

  • Thank you. I always need more miles and sometimes buy them so that they don’t expire. Just hate that some company miles still expire.

  • I just wanted to test this theory of actually getting miles or if it’s a scam lol. I’m hoping it’s not. Do I need to comment a certain word. Like aadvantage


    I always love the Award Wallet for always providing the timely reminder for Annual fees and other benefits. Above extending the AA miles is an additional level which Award Wallet provides. Will surely recommending to more friends for Award Wallet. Thank you.

  • Thanks Awardwallet for your great tips!

  • Christopher Liang says:

    I’m here to leave a second comment to help extend my wife’s account. This is again, my favoriate way to extend the AA mileage expiration date. Keep it going.

  • Huichun Chen says:

    I’m here to leave a second comment to help extend my wife’s account. This is again, my favoriate way to extend the AA mileage expiration date. Keep it going.

  • Christopher Liang says:

    This is awesome. This is my second time leavng comment here in order to get my AA miles renewed to avoid expiration. This is my favoriate way to extend the mileage expiration.

  • I wish AA would permanently make miles never expire…like some of the other companies.

  • I wish AA would just stop having miles expire.

  • Audrey Cohen says:

    I really hope the covid restrictions ease up soon and fully vaccinated people can travel internationally without worry

  • Audrey Cohen says:

    Thanks for extending the mileage expiration date. I am really looking forward to traveling internationally, particularly to Europe, early next year.

  • Excellent information! This will help me avoid having my AAdvantage miles expire. I’m excited to travel again soon!

  • Kenneth C Smith Jr says:

    Thanks for this information. I typically try to extend my AAdvantage miles by making an online purchase through a partner, but it looks like my points are set to expire in April, 2022. Am I able to redeem miles prior to April, 2022 for a flight in June, 2022? If so, will doing so also automatically extend the expiration date on my remaining miles an additional 18 months?

  • It was really very useful to find Awardwallet to renew my miles of expiration. I live in Argentina and have no others alternative to earn miles flighing since LAN airlines is not in the alliance with AA. It will also be very useful to have a publication about alternatives to exchange my miles from different airlines. Thanks you Awardwallet!!!!

  • Rafael Dowsley says:

    Award Wallet is definitely the best to keep track of miles and avoid losing them, thanks a lot guys!

  • Henry E Vafides says:

    thank for all your advice.

  • Mary Pat Cornett says:

    I’m so grateful to reminders from Award Wallet to avoid losing points/miles during COVID. I’m here to extend my AA deadlne.

  • Mary Pat Cornett says:

    So happy for reminders from Award Wallet to avoid letting my miles & points expire!

  • I love program of American Advantage. I use to earn milles with my Santander credit cards. But now AA and my bank are no partners any more. And there are no more Banks in Argentine with that relation with AA. I please you make what you can for include Argentine in this wonderful world of the reward program of American Advantage. Y will really appreciate that Thanks

  • Andrew Fewtrell says:

    Very useful site. Question: Anybody know of a UK credit card (Visa or Mastercard) that gives AA miles for spend. I have found one for Virgin, but haven’t found one for AA miles yet.

  • Andrew Fewtrell says:

    AwardWallet has saved my bacon a number of times now! So easy to forget about miles expiring particularly over the last year where travel has been very much restricted. Having AwardWallet notify me of up coming expiring miles so I can take action has been invaluable. Thank you AwardWallet.

  • Thank you so much for this! I haven’t been traveling nearly as much as I used to, although I hope this changes soon.

    Does anyone know why when you do a search for flights with ‘redeem miles’ selected, the search results include nearby airports? It’s pretty frustrating.

  • I just saw this post as I was looking for information regarding expiry dates. Before I would transfer points from one AAdvantage account to another ( my 2 sons’ accounts) to keep them open. Thanks so much for this tip; it has saved me money!

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    I’ve been flying with American for years. Like all airlines, they are faced with challenges during this time of the pandemic. So it is important for us, as travelers, to treat the flight attendants with respect as they enforce the new rules. Remember, they didn’t make these rules (and may not like them any more than you do) but they are on the front lines. Let’s all have a safe flight!

  • What a great idea! Are you guys aware of any other mile-related comment awards?

  • Fazal A. Bhimji says:

    It’s great that AA has deferred point expiry. It would be helpful if it was easier to find the expiry date when you first login. Anyone know if the restaurant program to collect Advantage points is available in Canada?

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    AA are also running a promotion where you can earn an extra 250 EQMs per flight, but you must register before 17 Aug 2021 and take the flights before 31 Aug 2021. This is a great way to encourage us back into the air!

    • Duncan Boardman says:

      If you don’t get the aadvantage pop-up window, it might be because your browser privacy settings has blocked them, as mine had. You will need to unblock pop-ups in your browser settings for this to work.

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  • Having this opportunity to maintain my AA miles is fantastic, thank you AwardWallet! Living in the Houston area which is dominated by United, it’s more challenging to find the best way to utilize the remaining AA miles I have accumulated over the years. First time user – but impressed by the multitude of blogs and ways to utilize my other travel accounts!

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  • Thank you for the helpful tips on your blog. I’ve been traveling the world leading bicycle tours for a non profit company for 10 years and never had to worry about miles expiring. It took a pandemic to change that! While I’ve enjoyed staying local for a year and there is no place better to live than the U.S., I’m not ready to give up long international flights just yet..

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    I would like to thank the Award wallet team not only for this great gift but also for all the useful information about airlines miles and rewards which cannot be foun anywhere else on the web. Great Work! 🙂

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    Thanks for the miles! It’s been tough not being able to travel during COVID. Hoping for brighter days ahead and a chance to use my miles before they expire.

  • Rebecca Peroulas says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. We have not traveled anywhere since the pandemic and won’t until our kids are vaccinated. So glad that you are offering this as a way to keep our miles from expiring.

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    That is a perfect way to extend my miles. Glad to know!!! This year is impossible to travel, unfortunately.

  • Very convenient way to keep American miles from expiring!!!

  • Michael Kiriazis says:

    I was about to spend money in the shopping portal, but this is a way easier and cooler way to extend miles without expiration. Thank you so much AwardWallet!

  • While I fly American often, with the lockdown restrictions air travel has really been put on hold for me. This is a really nice gesture by American not to strong-arm it’s loyal customers into buying miles when we would have happily earned them if we weren’t under so many restrictions. Thank you American and AwardWallet!!

  • I bet you did not know that but even people across the pond from exotic places as Slovenia are following your blog! And we find it great.

    But we miss some content tailored for us Europeans. There are many things we can’t buy or use to extend our miles that you guys can.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Without AwardWallet all my AA-miles would have been expired. What a great service to notify in advance!

  • Thanks for this.

    I’ve been an Award Wallet user for many years. Prior to this I was never able to reliably track my points programs.

    Looking forward to using my AA points when travel routes really start opening up. With the limited international flight capacity, business seats are still at a premium right now.

  • Jiakai Li says:

    Great for extending my AAdvantage miles! Hope the travel resumes soon!

  • uday verma says:

    Thank you for making it easy to save miles and managing accounts.

  • Joaquin A. Anguera says:

    This is such a life, errr, mile saver! I was getting nervous trying to figure out how to extend the expiration data…Award Wallet to the rescue!

  • alec alterman says:

    thanks for this post. you always have great advice and i recommend you to my friends.

  • Marcus F says:

    Great post, thanks for the reminder of my expiring miles, which helped me avoid loosing a large amount of AA miles

  • Thanks a lot for making it easy to maintain my miles. Australia has its borders closed and I wanted to keep my miles to fly overseas when they open again.

  • Ludmila Helene Freitas says:

    Thank you, Award Wallet for the great initiative and ambassadorship.

  • Thanks for the tips! And what a great way to prevent points from expiring!

  • I am a AwardWallet User since many years. It is really doing a great job keeping all my Hotel, Rental Car and Flight rewards at one place and reminding me of the individual expirations. What i also just found out and really highly appreciate that AwardWallet gives useful tips how to prevent the expiration of my hard earned points. Unfortunately i already lost a couple 100K Points due to expiration in the past what really hurt.
    I looking forward to see if this will work getting me the 5 Reward Points and if those 5 reward points will extend my account from the upcoming expiration.
    great Job and thx for the info AwardWallet Team.
    all the best from Germany

  • thank you for helping me keep my AA miles. way to go!

  • Starting to travel again and saw my points were about to expire. This is an easy, clear, and concise post to push out that expiration. Thanks Erik and the Award Wallet team!

  • I have had collected miles from so many different airlines over the years and have found American Airlines to be the best value and the most available to use! I’m always recommending their program and now with better ways to keep the Miles form expiring I can’t speak higher of the program!

  • ian pollard says:

    I am in Australia , I have not been able to leave the country since March 2020 , you need special written permission to get on a international flight .

  • The points expiration feature is clutch!

  • I’ve been using AwardWallet for years. Since COVID it is helping me to determine the status of all my award miles. During COVID I cancelled most of my award credit cards with annual fees. I’m most concerned about my AAdvantage miles as most of my other programs announced no expiration policies or I have credit cards protecting the mileage. I love your monitoring service & email alerts! I really need the 5 miles to save the expiration of my AA account miles. Thanks for all you do!

  • Nong Xiong says:

    Wow, what an awesome site! I love traveling, but I wasn’t aware of all the ins and outs of using travel miles, and certainly not which ones expire and when. With COVID-19 ending, I’m so excited to travel again! Thank you Award Wallet!

  • Thank you award wallet

  • William H. Hallock says:

    I rely regularly on AwardWallet and this blog is a great example why. I learned numerous simple and easy ways to keep my miles active on American Airlines!

  • Alejandra says:

    This is excellent, but in these times of pandemic it is not known when the visjes will be able to resume. Thank you!

  • Daris Hale says:

    I’m so grateful for the reminder email from AwardWallet about my expiring air miles. AND the appropriate information to keep them from expiring. What a great service for those who want to maximize their rewards! It is so nice to have one location to keep track of all those travel earnings. Prior to AwardWallet, it was a challenge to manage everything, now it is a piece of cake. I recommend this service to all of my friends.

  • Will Noble says:

    I recommend using monitoring tools offered by the platform to get a heads-up when miles are expiring. They can even email mail you ahead of time to take action. Thanks for offering this server to expend the mileage we earned.

  • I wish I’d discovered Award Wallet earlier. Managing air miles expirations used to be a chore, like paying bills except it requires manual tracking and there’s no reminders. Really glad to have this tool to centralize management and information like covid policy changes.

  • Bryan Parry says:

    Love this blog, especially as travel opens back up! With miles expiring, I especially love this idea of 5 miles just to keep the account fresh! Super helpful and keep it up!

  • Cecilia Rose says:

    Do we know if/when they will extend this deadline again?

  • Do you happen to have a post for all the COVID-related tricks to extend loyalty programs’ expiration deadline?

  • Blackbeered says:

    I’m still getting used to this “aggregation” site. There’s a lot of information here … much of it seems “self-populated” … not sure how they did that since I don’t remember many of the “loyalty” programs it found.

    What I’d like to see AW improve the most would be to simplify the webpages … rather see a more organized “drill down” approach rather than so much info on one page.

  • What a great way to prevent my AA awards points for expiring and also gaining a few in the process! Thank you so much Award Wallet!!

  • Just came across this blog post and am glad I found a way to extend my miles. I appreciate the partnership that you and AA were able to come up with. I’ll check out what other blog posts you have since I didn’t even know about this section of the website.

  • This is such a nice way to extend the expiring miles, especially when travel’s been so slow.

  • It looks like this page needs to be updated. AA recently extended the expiration date of all miles expiring in 2021 until January 2022

  • Love the Blog Tips and News! Great service. Thanks for keeping it simple to keep all the info in one place to check. Thanks for the AA Miles.

  • Brian Epstein says:

    This post is unbelievably helpful. AwardWallet has been a great resource for me in the past, and it’s wonderful that you’re now helping me keep my AAdvantage miles by simply leaving a comment. Thank you! Keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to continuing to use this service once the pandemic subsides.

  • Arrief Rafeeq says:

    This is my favorite method to track the expiration dates of points and miles in many programs. I highly recommend signing up for an account and linking your various loyalty numbers to keep track of your balances and expirations dates.

  • A friend just told me about AwardWallet and I signed up ASAP. This is such an amazing site and tool to keep track of all my loyalty points in one place, which to be honest has always been a pain for me. Also, this is a great site for extending my airline miles since I have not been able to fly during the pandemic, and I don’t want to loose my AA points since I have enough for a free roundtrip!

  • I’m a new user to AwardWallet. I love the idea of a central place to keep up with my travel and other reward balances & expirations. The bonus of 5 AAdvantage miles for getting engaged in the community is a plus! But I’m wondering, like probably many other users, whether sharing my account information with this site is safe? I’ve read through some of the FAQ’s but haven’t been able to determine exactly what safeguards AwardWallet takes to keep my login and account information safe. Can someone put my mind at ease? Thank you.

  • With the AA EQD boost and targeted-ish boost on segments to retain status, platinum might be possible again if not platinum pro (OneWorld Emerald). None the less the 5 miles from AW here are great for keeping the family accounts active.

  • Jake Siemer says:


  • This post was very helpful in identifying a way to keep my AA miles from expiring! I hadn’t flown in over a year because of COVID and could not find a good way to ensure I didn’t lose a significant number of miles until I found this post. Thanks AwardWallet for the great idea!

  • Thanks for the generous points and helpful advice!

  • Jonathan F says:

    Just came across this website a few days ago and what an amazing tool it is..! So easy to set up all miles/membership accounts into one consolidated place, and takes the hassle away of having to manually monitor point expiration dates. Thank you again

  • Heather Ewalt says:

    So glad you all send me these reminders when my miles are about to expire! Would hate to have lost them.

  • Thank you for the wonderful blog and tips on how to extend miles. Happy to be a new account holder here!

  • Thanks for the helpful article! I’ve been on a hiatus from Award Wallet, but with travel picking back up, I’m excited to take advantage of all the benefits and organization!

  • PhillipB says:

    Award Wallet has been instrumental in keeping our rewards accounts organized over the years. Much appreciated that you are also offering valid options to save those hard earned (expiring) miles that have been on hold since COVID hit. Keep it up!

  • Award Wallet FTW! So great and thankful for resources that keep me on track!

  • Awardwallet continues to be one of the most valuable travel resources available!

  • I’m impressed by all the features award wallet has to offer. It has saved me from the horrific experience of logging into my frequent flyer account only to discover that all my miles have expired.

    Please continue the good work!

  • Alexandra says:

    Award Wallet made it easy for me to extend my AA miles and that was a life saver – especially now that I can’t just book a flight. The tracking will keep me from losing my hard earned miles – thanks!

  • I switched over to AA when 100K United miles were taken for inactivity. AA makes it so much easier to extend and I opened the AA card and instantly got an additional 60K miles and an extension for them!! Love Award Wallet for the reminders and ways to extend without having to hop on a flight

  • Ignacio Zucal says:

    Thanks to AwardWallet, now I can know the status of all my loyalty programs in one place, with notifications and a very useful dashboard!
    In particular, it has helped me to know that my AAdvantage program miles are about to expire and, luckily, I was able to find this post to be able to extend them.
    Thanks AwardWallet !!

  • This sounds great, I wonder when I will be able to see this 5 points in my AA account.

  • Julia Cselotei says:

    Great news!

  • I consider myself to be moderately savvy using miles and points, but award wallet has been a “milesaver” for my family and I multiple times by reminding me of expiration times in advance and tips to extend those miles. This is one more example of an “easy” way to extend the length for a family members aa miles, without having to go through the hassle of using a portal or another 3rd party and then tracking and confirming (weeks later) that the tracker went through. Of course, it doesn’t always and then…. oops, miles lost. This is so much better. Thank you.

  • Sylvia Freier says:

    Thanks for the excellent resource and tracking service. Anyone who has airline miles that can eventually expire (almost all do) should link to AwardWallet’s tracking service. This will make tracking so much easier. I expect to be recommending this to friends and family once I see how well it works – I just signed up today. Thanks again! (And thanks for the 5 miles – my miles are expriring in a month)

  • David Clark says:

    What a great feature to remind me of expiring points, hard earned and a shame to lose during this pandemic when I can’t make use of them easily (UK based frequent flyer who hasn’t flown in 15 months ?)

  • I’ve had my AA miles since the merger with US Airways. AA does not serve my airport so I have not been able to use them. Very thankful for this opportunity to extend my miles.

  • MagnusPie says:

    Miles expiry reminders is a great feature of AwardWallet!

  • Yadh Yaich says:

    AwardWallet, thank you for everything you have done for me! I have been a faithful user for many years and you have brought real value. I can finally track all my programs easily in one place, track my miles, find the best use for spending them or transferring them, and get reminders so that my miles don’t expire! On top of this, you now offer this great opportunity to extend my AA miles! Thank you

  • Was looking for a way to save my miles from expiring without having to travel during this time period. Thanks Award Wallet!

  • I’m so glad to have the expiration of my AAdvantage miles averted thanks to AwardWallet gifting me 5 miles for posting here! A cool little trick to get around AA’s lame miles expiration policy, and I suppose also to encourage new signups on AW 😉

  • Son Huynh says:

    So glad I’ve discovered this. Can’t wait to use my points for future travels and not have it expire on me. Definitely appreciate that AwardWallet is doing this for those in a tough situation.

  • Farad Boochoon says:

    First time user of award wallet – really surprised how easy it was to setup and track all my award points.
    Will definitely use this site to track points

  • Thanks, great way to preserve miles as we took a break from traveling for a while.

  • Great service – thanks. I have 900,000 miles expiring in 2 mos.
    I wish award trips counted towards keeping your account up to date like Marriott or Hyatt.

  • Giampaolo Buchicchio says:

    Great to discover AwardWallet!
    My AA miles are expiring on July 1, but I am based in Europe, hence with limited travel options.
    I also just realised I could earn AA miles by using Booking.com, to book a room in my city; however they would take 6-8 weeks to post..not quick enough.
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions to earn miles in a quicker way!

  • This is so cool. My AA miles are expiring in July and I have typically had to find ways to either acquire or donate miles. Will definitely let friends and families in on this 🙂

  • hello there says:

    thank you for this post. exactly what i was looking for.

  • Cleveland says:

    Thank you award wallet for sharing this update to AA miles. My wife and I primarily fly Delta as we live in a Delta hub, not giving up May opportunities to keep AA miles active!

  • Blackbeered says:

    First-time user of “Award Wallet”.

    How it did / does it, I don’t know but I was pleasantly surprised that it found a hotel reservation I have for later this year [October] !

  • Patricia Garcia says:

    Thank you AwardWallet, for giving us an easy and quick way to re-activate our points! My AA miles are expiring July 1, and I’m living outside the US at the moment, so this is pretty much the only way I can reactivate my points meaningfully (since I am unable to fly AA before July 1).

  • John Talstad says:

    It’s sad that some airlines don’t let AwardWallet track their miles. I think a little less of United because of their policy. What is fantastic is the value that AwardWallet adds, making it easy to track miles with various carriers. It’s even better with the recent AA bonus miles for leaving a comment. If that promo was available for other carriers it could easily justify the annual fee, especially if there were email alerts about expiring miles and a link to a task which would keep the miles alive. Maybe a survey, maybe a purchase, or maybe a comment. Anyway, for the AA miles Thank You AwardWallet!

  • Kyuwon Choi says:

    Thanks for sharing this. My AA miles were on the verge of expiry and now I’d be able to keep it longer due to this post!

  • I’m curious how long it takes AA miles to post when you buy something through the shopping portal?

  • Niclas Hamp says:

    I really appreciate that AwardWallet reminds me before my miles expire 🙂

  • Adam Cohen says:

    In these times it is difficult to keep miles and points from expiring. Thank you award wallet for allowing me to extend my American Airlines miles expiration date.

  • Negin Ashoori says:

    These blog posts are very helpful! Thank you.

  • Tina Johnson says:

    The pandemic has definitely made me more cognizant of mileage expiration–before this, I’ve always flown enough through airlines that I never gave it a second thought. Now when I book future flights, I’m more inclined to book through airlines that don’t have mile expirations.

    Thank you for this information and resources though. I’m excited to check out more of the award wallet blog posts and features!

  • This is such a great feature and a lifesaver given I do not have travel planned for the near future.

  • This really helps out as I don’t want to transfer my MR points…

  • Thangs for this reminder. It’s not easy to keep up during times like this.

  • This is my first time on Award Wallet. Looks great! Such an organized way to keep track of awards. I did not realize my AA miles were expiring.
    If if would have known about Award Wallet earlier it would not have come as a surprise. Looking forward to using this site.

  • Paige Turner says:

    Looking forward to flying again, and this seems like such an easier way to keep track of all of my points and expiration dates. How did I not find this sooner?

  • This is awesome!

  • Jacob Tannenbaum says:

    Looking forward to to my next flight soon!

  • I have been using AwardWallet for years to track various miles and points for airlines and hotels. I haven’t flown AA much due to the pandemic so I started looking for ways to extend my points that are set to expire in July and I came across this post. Thanks for adding another great feature!

  • I think that many people are going to have issues with their airline miles expiring this year due to the lack of travel. Even though it’s great that airlines have put a pause on expiration, airlines, such as Alaska Airlines, have convoluted policies.

    For Alaska Airlines, technically your miles do not expire, but your account closes after 2 years of activity. How is one supposed to keep track of all this?

  • Dean Prieto says:

    One of the best blogs on the net! Thanks for reminding me that my Advantage miles are expiring next month,

  • AwardWallet is a good choice to keep account active. Thank you very much!

  • While I’m disappointed AA is continuing to expire miles in 2021, I’m glad you have this program! Great idea.

  • Good to know we can keep miles from expiring, but how can I sign up wardWallet account? Thanks.

  • Thanks so much! AwardWallet has been super helpful for tracking point balances, and even better to be able to easily keep points from expiring while we haven’t been able to travel recently.

  • Long Dinh says:

    I want to receive 5 miles AAdvantege points. Mine is expiring in Aug 2021

  • Have been an AW member for years, makes it so much easier for me to track my points! Since Covid I have not been able to travel and continue racking up my AA miles. Thanks to AwardWallet I was made aware of my expiring American Airlines points so I could take action! I was going to buy miles to reset my expiry but thanks to their promotion they actually helped me get points and save miles!

    I will be recommending to friends

  • Thanks for the reminder and strategies to extend my AA miles. Award Wallet is definitely a must use for travel hackers.

  • This site is great. Just installed the app and am adding all my points accounts to have everything in one place. I struggle to keep track of how many points I have and when they expire, so this is really helpful.

  • Very informative, a good way to earn extra and extending miles. Will check this page often. Thank you

  • Thanks for the great product! The Expire notice has been a saver many times.

  • Pete Joyce says:

    Great blog. This is really helpful in keeping miles active. Thank you.

  • Lydia Dayton says:

    I appreciate that AwardWallet is helping American Airlines flyers figure out how to maintain their points at minimal or no cost. I plan to add my other reward program details as well to my account.
    It was very disheartening that AA would wipe out so many customers frequent flyer points this year, even those at Platinum Medallion level.

  • Great way to keep my American Airlines points from expiring coming out of this pandemic. Thank you!

  • Great article! Thank you. Keep up the great posts! Really helps me navigate the travel landscape.

  • I usually use shopping portal purchases to extend miles, but if this works – WooHoo. In case it doesn’t work, does anybody have any cheap items they buy through the portals?

  • Christian says:

    Thank you! Will these five points extend the expiry period for AA for another 18 months?

  • Wow – I am new to the game of FF points, partner-earning opportunities, credit cards offers, 2 player-mode, and the like. I would be completely lost without AwardWallet’s guidance and member advice.
    Thanks so much! Happy Earning!

  • Paul Shapiro says:

    Looking forward to flying again soon!

  • Desmond Ho says:

    I am introduced to AwardWallet by a friend. He said it would be a good way to keep track on loyalty program activities, especially the expiration dates. Given the Pandemic has wreck harvoc to the travels, quite a few of my loyalty program accounts now require monitoring of expiration dates due to there are zero activity the past 15 months.
    Hopefully AwardWallet works as what the friend praised it for.
    Thank you for providing this opportunity to try AwardWallet.

  • John Talstad says:

    AwardWallet has been good for me. I had off-and-on thought about cancelling to save some money but a promotion to keep miles from expiring changes the value proposition, making it an easy decision to keep using AwardWallet. Not only does AwardWallet help track pending expiration dates but with this promotion AwardWallet helps keep them from expiring. It’s brilliant. Thank you!

  • Alan Halley says:

    Thanks for the reminder that my AA miles are expiring in early July!

  • Excelcior says:

    This is a great opportunity to extend the miles expirations. Too bad they won’t just increase the time needed to have to renew.

    The website looks great btw!

  • Thank you for the post. This was really helpful. I have around 9000 miles from AA and they are about going to expire in July. Even though thats not alot of points, I didnt want to lose them. Hopefully I can extend the miles for another 18 months since I dont plan on flying anytime soon.

  • I was just wondering if there wasn’t any service that could help me track all my miles and points and found this blog post. Thank you for the information och service that you provide. I’ll keep reading to learn more and also tell my friends about this. During the pandemic we have all been stranded and was discussing if we could keep our miles/points from expiring and here I have got some tips how we can do just that. Thanks!

  • Thank you for your service! What a great way to track my expirations.

  • Will Miles be extended again?

  • So thankful for AwardWallet and all it offers. Looking forward to begin planning safe travel again, now that my points won’t expire so soon.

  • Louise Nagy says:

    I am so happy to be able to keep my points while not being able to travel during this virus time. Thank u Award Wallet and AA.

  • Thanks reward wallet for keeping my miles alive. You guys are the best

  • Rodzers Grigulis says:

    Wow, this is really helpful to help my account alive!

  • So glad I found this blog post! I have almost 100k miles about to expire and this made it really easy to keep myself from losing them. Thank you!

  • I am so glad I learned about this! My AA miles were going to expire soon but I have no future trips lined up. Will definitely share this tip!

  • After nearly 1.5 years and zero travel for work, so glad to find this option – clever and really great especially to those who had their work plans completely derailed the past year. Thanks so much guys for offering this service!

  • Tim Thompson says:

    Thanks to AwardWallet for providing an easy way to keep my AA account active when I’m not traveling.

  • Jiazhi Yu says:

    AwardWallet is always my first choice to keep my AA account active.

  • Very helpful of Award Wallet to have emailed me that my AA miles were soon to expire. Rather annoying that such a warning has not come from AA itself. Quite worth signing up to Award Wallet and linking my mileage accounts just for this feature alone.

  • Thanks Awardwallet for providing such a handy trick to extending our AA miles! I hope destinations open up quickly post-COVID!

  • Jesse Ciserano says:

    I really appreciate American Airlines extending the expiration date for miles until June 30, 2021. Thank you very much American Airlines. I look forward to travelling again soon.

  • Michael Gambale says:

    Thanks for allowing me to comment to extend my miles. I would recommend American Airlines for future trips and their miles program rewards customer loyalty.

  • Helpful post on keeping miles active.

  • Sofía Guerrero says:

    Hello! Do you know with the activity, for how long does the miles extend? 1 month? Thanks!

  • Award Wallet = My hero! Thanks for helping us so we don’t lose points about to expire!

  • Alan Halley says:

    Does Miles for Opinions allow me to earn AA miles? I signed up but don’t see any surveys available.

  • 5 points needed

  • I don’t understand why some airlines have their points expire due to inactivity from COVID-19. I’m glad there’s a way you can easily stay current with your miles by posting comments as I don’t have the money right now to purchase miles.

  • This is a great program for extending Airline miles due to the pandemic – as others did, I travelled extensively prior to the pandemic and expiring airline miles or hotel points was never an issue – AA should work with longtime loyal customers on this issue – Thanks for this post!!

  • Thanks for the easy method to extend the expiration in my account. This is an easy way to keep my points from expiring.
    P.S. The new layout on the website looks great!

  • A.Martin says:

    This is great, but provided the current travel situation it is something that should be done by AA, thankfully AwardWallet came to the rescue of our precious miles, and hopefully we will be able to spend them again. AA please take care of your loyal costumers!

  • There are several ways to keep AA miles from expiring such as booking, shopping, and so on. This is the best way to keep the miles without spending. Thanks for the post!

  • Caroline D says:

    Thanks for providing a way to earn miles. One suggestion for this post is to include a direct link to the page to create a new account – took me a bit of looking around to find that.

  • Nan Zhou says:

    I came across AwardWallet when I was searching for ways to extend my miles expiration–I wasn’t eager to buy miles and am not quite ready to schedule travel just yet. Love that fact that AwardWallet notifies you when your miles are about to expire–super helpful!

  • This is an awesome option that is available. could not have come at a better time. Thanks!

  • Hope my miles don’t expire next month 🙂

  • wow, best pro tip ever.

  • Hugh Gerechter says:

    Glad to have the heads up about expiring points and an opportunity to preserve them using this AW blog method

  • Kseniya Fuhrman says:

    Thank you, American! Can’t wait to fly with you again

  • Alanna Bauer says:

    This is a pretty good way to earn miles.

  • I live in Canada and frequently travel to the US for work. I’ve amassed a lot of American Miles through personal and work travel, but due to COVID I haven’t been able to fly in a while. Because I don’t have any credit cards that earn AA miles, my miles are now at risk of expiring!

    I was looking for information on AA mile expiry due to COVID when I stumbled upon this blog, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could also earn miles just by posting here.

    I’ve also been managing all my reward accounts and mile expiry through a spreadsheet. Having signed up to AwardWallet, I’m excited to try out the platform – it looks like a far superior method.

  • This is a great way to keep AA miles alive! Thanks for doing this!!

  • Elissa Lichtenstein says:

    I’m so pleased that I learned about Awardwallet! After a one-time posting of my travel-related accounts, this service automatically tracks my points with each one, and alerts me when points will be expiring so I can take action to avoid it if desired. Currently, this is helping me to avoid losing hard-earned AA miles.
    All in one place — so easy. I really appreciate the convenience!

  • Michael Thunfors says:

    Found this site while looking for ways to extend the period before my miles expire. Living in Sweden haven´t given opportunity to travel to US for over a year and we are also locked out of all ways to increase miles by credit cards, so this community seems a good way to find new opportunities to get the best bang from bucks spent on travel (flights, hotels and car rental).

  • THANK you! I kept putting this off and in the process of researching discovered this clever tool / site, and signed our family up 🙂 great idea!

  • Brian Hurst says:

    This is such an informative post! Thanks for the information Award Wallet!

  • James McGough says:

    This is such a fantastic way to keep miles from expiring! Love AwardWallet!

  • I stumble upon this blog post when I tried to find ways to avoid my AA miles from expiration. I looked into so many other methods and by far this seems the easiest way to earn miles. I’ve tried to book hotels through AA website, then later realized it has to earn miles in order to be considered a milage activity. I’ve also tried AA’s eShopping but for some reason, the mileage didn’t show up. I am hoping this time commenting on this blog post works! Thank you for posting this method. I look forward to joining this community and learning how other people manage their miles.

  • Caroline C says:

    This website is super helpful! I didn’t know about how to keep my AA miles from expiring, and this was exactly what I needed!

  • This is awesome! My aa mile is expiring in a few months and I was trying to find a way to keep it from expiring without having to get a flight. I’m glad I came across this post. Thank you for having this awesome partnership!

  • I’m glad to not lose my aa-miles!

  • Donna Blum says:

    Award Wallet helps me keep track of miles and prevents losing them to expiration.

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    Wish that AA would make the miles for lifetime, like Delta. I live in a city that does not have many worthwhile AA flights, so the AA Credit card is not worth it. Every 18 months it’s the same thing cough up some $$ or you loose the points, that is until I saw its post!!!!

  • I have both my own and spouse’s AA accounts in my AwardWallet. Can I indicated which to credit the points? Thank you for this!!

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    Found the website thru a friend. For a moment i thought there was no option to keep my miles.
    Thank you so much!

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    This is a great service. I would have forgotten when my points were going to expire without using AwardWallet. I had planned on earning some AA points in the last 18 months, but with COVID that has just not happened. Being able to keep my accumulated points until I can use them next is a great service.

  • My story is, I had a Citi card that was linked to my AA account but I rarely used that card. So Citi closed the card after not being used for more than 6 months. When I got email notification about AA miles expiring soon, I tried to use that Citi card to extend my miles but it was invalid! So I searched online how to extend my AA miles and found this blog! This is such an easy way to save miles!! Thanks Awardwallet!

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    This 5 miles for commenting is a great life hack! I have 170k AA miles that are expiring in Aug 2021. Because of COVID in Asia, I have no way to travel. Thanks for doing this award wallet!

  • Love this website and all it offers. Earning miles so they don’t expire is a real bonus! Does the Advantage Dining program still exist and can you keep your account active that way as well? Thanks!

  • Wow, I just learned about this site, and I’m pretty excited! I have tried managing my miles manually in the past, and unfortunately let a lot of them expire. I’m absolutely not a fan of leaving money on the table, so I think AwardWallet will be a much better solution than a piece of paper in the desk drawer, or an excel sheet. Automation is always better than manual work 😉

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    Interesting new site for tracking my travel rewards. Looking forward to learning more about the benefits.

  • I heard about AwardWallet from another page that I follow. I had never heard of a site like this before, and never really did a good job of keeping track of points and miles. Today I get an email from AwardWallet saying my AA miles will expire. I would have NEVER known that before. This is really helpful, as is the link to more information on how to prevent that. Thank you AwardWallet!!

    • Happy to help! Welcome to the AwardWallet community 🙂

      • Thank you for this! I panicked when I realized that my miles were expiring, and with a quick Google search, found this article. I haven’t seen my parents since Sept 2019, and now that I’m pregnant and they’re vaccinated, I really want to go see them before the baby comes along! Thank you for sharing all the mileage extension options!

  • The option to easily reset the expiration timer for AA points is a life saver, especially since we’re still battling COVID. They really should have extended any expiring points until 2022.

  • Thank you for this chance to keep miles from expiring.

  • Matt White says:

    I found this site when looking for a way to extend my American Airlines miles. After reading the blog and looking at all the benefits, I will linking other rewards accounts. The deals page shows some really good deals. We were looking to take a quick trip to Denver and they had a round trip for $197. As soon as the “boss” approves I can book the trip.

  • I really appreciate your help keeping those American Airlines points from expiring. Thank you!

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  • This worked for accounts that weren’t mine. I managed to get 5 miles to both of my parents accounts to re-set their expirations. Awesome

  • This is really awesome and came just in time. I was looking for a way to keep my miles active past the current June 2021 grace period. 5 miles per comment is pretty generous, too. I’d have been happy with even a single mile per comment/day.

    Do you think you can expand this awesome idea to other airline or hotel programs?

    • > Do you think you can expand this awesome idea to other airline or
      > hotel programs?

      Certainly, programs with “miles expire after XXX months of
      inactivity”-policies would be the most interesting additions.

  • K Pillay says:

    Thanks. This is a great way to keep my miles alive during the pandemic.

  • really glad that I found this article about extending my AA miles, this is probably the easiest and fastest way without any loopholes

    thank you!

  • In addition to not being able to travel during the various Covid pandemic lockdowns, I am now immunocompromised. Therefore, despite being fully vaccinated, I need to wait for clearance by my physician as to when I can again safely travel by air. My last American Airlines miles were earned as a “thank you” from American when our flight from PHL to Athens was forced to turn around after 3 hours of flight because of a serious medical emergency. American did not have another available crew, but the passengers were remarkably understanding. Travel is a passion, so I am grateful for the opportunity to extend the expiration date of my American Airlines miles.

  • It’s fascinating how little I fly on AA living on the west coast – and I still have 100000+ miles to burn that are about to expire. I guess I’ll need to sort out a way to use them on post-pandemic adventures! Thank you for coming up with a way to ensure we don’t lose miles!

  • Glad I found this article as I got an email from AA about my miles expiring soon

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    Was searching for ways to prevent my AA award miles from expiring, and your site came up. Hope this works! Thank you.

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    WOW! easiest way to keep my AA account active. My wife and I just opened two accounts for our children. We were very happy to find out that AA miles no longer expire until you turn 21 (+18 months, so 22.5 years old)!!! so now they can earn and save their miles! :)))

  • Lana Weissbard says:

    AwardWallet has been such a life saver over the years for my entire family’s miles which would be dead and gone if I didn’t track them all here. Now trying to keep my few AA points from expiring. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them sooner or later.

  • Andrew Lockwood says:

    Question here: does any activity count to toward extending miles? For example, I know that my miles are set to expire on July 1, 2021, but if I book a flight now for September (using a portion of these miles), will it extend the remaining balance of miles for another 1.5 years?

    Just curious and thanks in advance.

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    Just discovered your site from ThatPointsGuy! Easiest way to keep the points from expiring, thank you!

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    WOW!!! This is incredible! I was looking for flights for the past month so that my miles won’t expire and I AM SO HAPPY to see that all I need to do is comment on this blog post to get some points and not let my miles expire. I am a little skeptical, but I hope it works. Also wondering how I will know that the points will not expire…????

    • Paulina Tultibaeva says:

      Once you receive miles for the comment the expiration date for your AA account will be extended. You can also contact their representatives directly to double-check this if you want 🙂

    • After you leave comment, wait about 3-5 days, then check your AA account, you will see your expiration date extended!!

  • Matt Rhea says:

    I really appreciate this info! We havent been able to travel due to the pandemic … i know you hear that 1000x a day… and my wife’x AA points expire soon. We look forward to traveling soon and continue to enjoy using AW.com!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this information. I used my AA points in 2019 to travel to Panama, and then had 10K left over. I’d love to not lose them, but I canceled my AA credit card because I no longer needed it (no travel due to COVID) and didn’t want to be hit with the annual fee.

    This was such a helpful overview on how to save your miles! Thank you!

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    AwardWallet really is amazing! I haven’t looked at any of my loyalty accounts in months for obvious reasons (covid!) and thought it was going to be a hassle logging in after all this time, but then I remembered AwardWallet was able to check all my accounts in literally minutes!

  • Thanks for this information! I needed a way to expand my miles!

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    This is very helpful! a great way to extend AAmiles during the tail end (hopefully) of the pandemic..

  • Great way to extend expiring miles! Hope this works! But question is, how long is this option going to exist for for extending miles? I honestly wish we didn’t have to jump through hoops just to keep something we have earned. Especially when there is a pandemic which makes it difficult to travel and exercise our hard earned points. There aren’t too many places open that I even want to go to right now anyway.

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  • Leif LIndholm says:

    The AwardWallet site was unknown to me, but I must say it is of very high value in particular for people not residing in the US, but having US airline frequent flier accounts (like me e.g.) Living in Europe, I can’t have a US credit card to earn miles, so when not travelling during Covid I see miles in great risk of expiring. The tips and tricks on AwardWallet are most valuable, and I will share the with friends in the same situation.

  • I’m going to see if I can do this to extend my parent’s exipration dates. I’ll report back if successful.

    • It was successful. It was great to help keep my parents miles alive without forcing them to jump through hoops they wouldn’t understand

  • Thanks for publishing this blog post about AA miles expiration! I wouldn’t have known that my miles were expiring otherwise, and I really appreciate the notification email that I received, which conveniently linked to the blog post about how to extend them! It’s a really great user experience.

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    Wow wish i knew this earlier! I will give it a try, hopefully I can get it like others did! Thanks!

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    What a life saver. Thank goodness for resources like this one during this strange time. Back to flying soon, though!

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    AA miles used not to expire and the new policy seems entirely unhelpful (save, perhaps, to AA’s accounts as contingent liabilities expire).

  • Thank you for the great info! This is really useful for ‘casual’ traverlers!

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    AwardWallet is really a lifesaver. I really do not have the opportunity to travel amid this Covid-19 pandemic. The reminder from AwardWallet lets me know I have lots of points which are going to expires soon… OMG! What should I do to save my points! Luckily enough, I found AwardWallet provides lots of ways to save my points. Here I come!

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  • Hi, I’ve been using AwardWallet for 10 years now and it’s a valuable service!

    A couple comments:
    – My Amtrak account wasn’t updating and AwardWallet told me to “use Forgot Password” – which wasn’t very helpful, and wasn’t clear if it was on Amtrak’s site or AwardWallet’s. What I needed to do was edit the account and update the password.

    – Your site would really benefit from a redesign to make it easier on the eyes! Especially the dark mode is aggressive.

  • As the grace period for expiration comes to an end soon, many of us with AA miles are looking for a way to keep them active until we can travel again. Thank you for making this possible!

  • Great info to avoid expiration of my AA miles — thanks!!

  • Thank you for the tip. I’m a new user of AwardWallet, so far I really like the app. and love to read more tips.

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    With the current Covid restrictions for travel to/from the U.K. it is vital for any person with mileage nearing expiration to check their accounts. Fortunately for me AwardWallet have given me enough time to extend my soon to expire AAdvantage miles by giving me the opportunity to post this warning. It really is an outstanding service.

  • I haven’t traveled in quite some time due to the virus, and just realized my AA miles are going to expire imminently. Found this blog post in the nick of time. It’s good to know you can always donate in a pinch to refresh the timer.

  • Thanks AwardWallet for extending the expiration date of my AA miles!

  • Thanks for letting everyone know about free options for extending their mile expiration!

  • Jake Bebber says:

    First, thank you for the notification that there is this option to add some AA points.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that as many online sites have increased their security systems, to include dual factor authentication and the use of Captcha, it is becoming harder for my Award Wallet to update. It would be useful if there were a way to authenticate without having to go back and manually log in to each site now. Otherwise, Award Wallet is really not as useful as a “one stop shop”.

    Just my 2 cents!


  • Barry Weiss says:

    My expiration dates did NOT CHANGE since I wrote the comments. Does anyone know why not?? Thanks. Is there something I have to do?

    • Paulina Tultibaeva says:

      Did you select your AA account while posting the comment? Please try using a different web browser and make sure you are signed in to your AwardWallet account before leaving a comment. Ensure that you have at least one AA account that is correctly updating. Besides, please consider clearing your AwardWallet cookies/cache. Browser cookie caches sometimes become corrupt, which is out of the control of AwardWallet.

  • Haven’t used AA Miles in a while. AwardWallet offers several different options to keep your points from expiring.

  • This is a lifesaver. Thanks!

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    Wow this blog is amazing! I spent hours racking my brains on how to spend AA miles before their expiration in 2 months and then realized that through this I am not forced to buy junk I really dont want to. Thanks Awardwallet!

  • If I’m logged into AwardWallet and not getting the pop-up to select the right AA account, what am I doing wrong? It worked a couple of days ago…

    • Paulina Tultibaeva says:

      Please try using a different web browser and make sure you are signed in to your AwardWallet account before leaving a comment. Ensure that you have at least one AA account that is correctly updating. Besides, please consider clearing your AwardWallet cookies/cache. Browser cookie caches sometimes become corrupt, which is out of the control of AwardWallet.

  • Many thanks for helping my miles to stay on !

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    This is a brilliant idea, I love awardwallet!

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    Giving people the option to earn miles and keep existing AAdvantage miles from expiring by commenting is easy – it’s good customer service. I hadn’t used AwardWallet in a long time, and this was a great way to remind me how valuable it is. Thanks for making this process easy.

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    This is such a useful tip! With Covid cancelling travel plans it has been hard to have account activity. Extending miles by leaving comments is a great tip! It also caused me to set up an Award Wallet account. Win win.

  • I’ve been using Award Wallet for years and it’s fantastic for tracking absolutely everything. No competitor comes close!

  • This is a big help! Award Wallet alerted me my miles were set to expire soon and also provided the way to keep them from doing so!

  • Great resource!

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    This is awesome , I kinda stumbled upon your blog from the points guy site .
    I didn’t know what I was missing . Super useful for managing my points .
    Thanks !

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    Do you know how long the next round of “expirations” will be?

  • Great resource and top notch information. Extremely happy I found this site. Will be using it all the time for my travel awards/rewards related information.

  • I’ve been sitting on my AA miles for a long time, hoping to make good use of them when the world gets back to normal, fingers crossed

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    Thank you AwardWallet for letting me have an option to keep my miles from expiring, as we are still not allowed to travel from Singapore unless for certain approved reasons.

  • Daniel N. says:

    I really appreciate AwardWallet as a one stop shop for keeping track of award miles programs. Otherwise it would be difficult to keep each program current, especially during these restricted travel times. Thanks to monitoring them for me, i will get to save almost 20,000 miles. Thanks to American Airlines as well for pausing miles expiration during COVID.

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    Thanks AwardWallet for the tips on keeping my miles active!

  • Thanks very much for helping to keep my miles active, AwardWallet! I found out about this blog from ThePointsGuy. I am unable to redeem my points for travel during this pandemic, but using this blog to earn miles and prevent points expiration is definitely helpful. I will be reading future blog posts to learn as much as I can about airline miles and making the best use out of them.

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    I can’t wait until we can all travel again.

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  • I will be taking my first flight in three months. Unfortunately it’s with China Eastern which is no longer a partner AA. So thanks for the offer to keep my AA miles alive!

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    Super happy to use this service to maintain a valid account. Thanks Awardwallet

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    Great blog post to keep miles from expiring. Just one more indication that American Airlines is understanding and in it for the long haul as a company

  • Thanks for tracking all my points, AwardWallet! I think your service is great.

  • A. Brown says:

    I signed up to extend my American miles. I hope it works. I didn’t realize how quickly my miles could expire. I pretty much fly exclusively United or American half and half 6-12 times a year but haven’t flown since Jan 2020. The pandemic feels incredibly long and at the same time incredibly short.

    In order to set up an account here I needed to give my American login password. I guess that’s how websites like this work, but I’m always leery of giving one website another website’s password. It seems less safe. Any reassuring comments?

  • Mary Lewis Persson says:

    Thanks for helping me save the few AA miles I have. I’m impressed with how people hack their trips so well.

  • I received an email from AA saying that if one joins their anniversary celebration sweepstake, the miles will be extended. I did join and the miles are still shown to expire on July 1st. Anyone with similar experience?

  • Thank you for this post. This is awesome! Especially this year with COVID-19 and travel pause for Business, it is helpful to not loose miles previously accrued.

  • Zachary Bennett says:

    I would’ve lost a crushing amount of points/miles the past year if not for AwardWallet’s reminders about point expiration. Despite most travel being put on hold for 15 months, AwardWallet continues to ensure that the show will go on once this is all behind us. So thankful for that!

  • Erin McCombs says:

    Thanks for the updates!

  • It is very comforting to know companies out there are considering the welfare of, and impact on, their customers during this pandemic. It is affecting many people economically in many ways and this is just one way to help them out financially (keeping earned miles from expiring). Thanks.

  • Caroline Sherman says:

    I’m grateful that I can track my family’s travel rewards in Award Wallet, not just my own. My mother would never bother, but I’m able to save her and me money by handling it for her. Woot!

  • Caroline Sherman says:

    I am truly grateful to Award Wallet! The folks there, with their attention to detail and serious desire to help people travel affordably have saved me money by helping me see when points are expiring, so I can do something about it! Love it!

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    Thank you, AwardWallet for keeping me up to date with all my ‘miles’ accounts … and providing a quick, easy way to add miles to my account❣️

  • This tip is very important! Now i can know what to do when my miles are expiring! Great info.

  • Thank you! This article saved my miles 🙂

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    Thank you for allowing my American Airlines points to not expire. Much appreciated!

  • Thanks! Lets see does this work out

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    Best way to extend your miles, I used to get magazines that no one reads these days.

    The Award Wallet membership is priceless, when you manage many accounts.

  • Thanks to AwardWallet for keeping track of mileage expiration date. That’s one less thing to keep track of!

  • Thanks for such a convenient way to keep miles fresh

  • Clare Rudd says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I haven’t been able to travel to the USA due to Covid Restrictions so it’s good to know that this is an option to keep miles active!

  • I can’t wait to start flying again, and using my AA miles that were going to expire if not for AwardWallet and this blog. Thank you!

  • Barb Hart says:

    Travel restrictions during the pandemic have had far reaching effects. One effect is the potential for Advantage miles to expire. I was glad to get the notice of the expiration date in time to take precautions. I saw that American had partnered with the Red Cross so that donations could earn miles as well. Great combination assuming the donation also extends the expiration deadline. Do you know if it does?

  • Javier R. says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed and for providing a way to extend mileage awards during the pandemic, I am looking into the Bask Savings Account too. Does anyone have any experience with the bank? Fees? Minimums? Thx!

  • Gerard Hasselbach says:

    I really like the way Awards wallet keeps their eyes on my rewards when I cannot. I like the program and how it recommends the best rewards credit cards. I think awards wallet should have their own credit card that can store all the rewards in one place.

    As for American Airlines policy, I am somewhat disappointed in their cancelling earned rewards just because people are afraid to travel during Covid.

    I also think that they should consider non-stop flights from Tampa to BWI airport. Southwest supports 7-9 daily non-stop flights but that you cannot earn first class seating with their miles. A business class ticket just gets you on the plane sooner!?

    I wish I could do my usual business trips with American so I could earn American points for business class travel.


    Any suggestions on getting AA points for a past trip (earlier in 2021)? I don’t have the ticket #s anymore, but could dig out the Reservation Locator ID. Looked at their site and didn’t see much help there…

    • JT Genter says:

      If you have the record locator, I’d suggest searching your email for that PNR. In AA’s confirmation email, you’ll find the ticket number under the “Your purchase” section of the email.

  • Steve Lichtenstein says:

    This blog was very helpful in 2 ways. How to gain miles quickly before my miles expire. I had not not known that before! Thank you!

  • Edward Schwartz says:

    Wow, I am glad that Awardwallet saved me from losing my miles. I am a long time member and very thankful for the service! I am very curious how you actually can gift 5 miles at a time. Transferring miles on American’s site can only be done in 1000 mile increments, and they charges a very large fee!

  • Thanks for this! My AA miles expire soon and I haven’t seen the expiration date extended from the 40th anniversary celebration yet.

  • AwardWallet has been a great tool for keeping track of miles across multiple earnings platforms. Also, you all provide great information about new opportunities for earning points/miles through a variety of offers and you do this without overwhelming my email box which is a huge bonus when we have so much email to manage. Thanks for offering such a helpful and effective platform to make it easier for people to explore the world around them without breaking the bank!

  • Been following Award Wallet since the beginning! Loving how far it has come. It’s been super helpful to say the least to track everything in one place. Thanks for all the hard work!

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    Thanks for this great choice!!! 5 stars!

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    This was incredibly helpful! Was nervous about expiration and this provides a great way to keep those miles fresh. Thanks for doing it!

  • Thanks for giving us this unique opportunity to prevent our AAdvantage miles from expiring!

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    This is great – I didn’t travel much pre-pandemic, but don’t want to lose what I had. Can’t wait to try again in the future.

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    This is a great way to engage with Award Wallet and keep AA miles current. We have multiple family members on this account so am curious to see how this will work with non-primary members. Thanks again!

  • Between this and the 40th anniversary giveaway lots of ways to get AA miles!

  • Eli Reback says:

    Thanks to AwardWallet Blog for all the great advice, especially the lessons on the preservation of expiring AA miles. Commenting is the best deal around.