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Interested in earning American Airlines AAdvantage® without having to pick up a credit card or hop on a flight with American and their partners? How about 5 AAdvantage® miles simply for having a comment approved on our blog?

We want you to share and engage with us. For that, we'll provide you 5 miles towards any active AAdvantage® account you have linked to your AwardWallet user profile. You're limited to earning 5 miles per AwardWallet user per day, so come back and comment each day. We've answered most questions below, so please read on for more details.

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Frequent Questions on Earning Miles for Comments

Who is eligible? Anyone with a valid AAdvantage® account linked to their AwardWallet account.

Where do I go to earn miles? Visit the comments section on any of our blog posts. (Including this one)

When do I earn the miles? Miles can be earned on a daily basis and will be submitted for deposit each day, however, it may take up to 5 business days for the miles to post to your account. If your miles will expire in less than 5 business days, we've listed some fast ways to generate activity in our post about the AAdvantage® mile expiration policy.

What if I leave multiple comments? We're happy to hear from you multiple times per day. But you'll only earn 5 miles for the first comment. Our day starts at 12:00 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern time. We use the time your comment is submitted to the blog (rather than when it is approved and published) to determine whether you will be awarded miles.

How do I make sure my comments are approved? Comments on the AwardWallet Blog are moderated to protect against spam and other nonsense—we read every single one.

Please put a little thought into your comment and make sure it's relevant to the post. We don't usually approve comments that don't add value to the conversation (like “Thanks!” or “Good to know“). Engaging with us, sharing your experiences, and providing constructive feedback/ideas to both AwardWallet and other readers will ensure your comments are approved.

How do I pick an AAdvantage® account to credit the miles? After you leave a comment, you'll receive one of two pop-ups. If you're logged in to AwardWallet in the same browser (different tab perhaps), you'll receive the pop-up immediately below. If you're NOT logged in to your AwardWallet account, you'll receive the message further down. You'll need to log in to AwardWallet in a different tab and click the refresh accounts button; you'll then see a list of the AAdvantage® accounts that are linked and valid.

AwardWallet Bonus AA Miles - Thank you for commenting account selection dialogue

If you're NOT logged in to your AwardWallet account, you'll receive the message further down. You'll need to log in to AwardWallet in a different tab and click the refresh accounts button; you'll then see a list of the AAdvantage® accounts that are linked and valid.

AwardWallet Bonus AA Miles - Thank you for commenting dialogue

If you don't see the popup, try scrolling up on the page.

We're grateful to have you as part of the AwardWallet community. Thank you for reading the blog and sharing your thoughts with us. Occasionally, we experience unexpected delays. We'll post any known issues at the top of this post. If your comment has been approved and you haven't received miles after five days, you can use this form to contact us.

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  • This is so helpful. My miles are expiring soon, so I had been looking for a way to prevent that from happening.

  • That’s very helpful! I was still hoping AA would extend the expiration of our miles due to current situation but won’t take chance anymore.

  • My AA miles are set to expire in October (even though I had seen postings around the web of mile expiration being deferred through the end of 2020), so I’m playing it safe and generating some earning activity.

    In addition to the miles-for-comments offer here, I just signed up for a Bask account. The best savings account interest rates these days are ~0.7%, so the effective earnings rate at Bask really isn’t that bad!

    Pro tip: find a referral link to use when you sign up to get an extra 5000 bonus mile offer (without being referred, you can only earn 1000 bonus miles at signup). Bask’s bonus mile offers earlier this year were much better based on blog posts I’ve seen, but given the circumstances with COVID I’ll take what I can get. 🙂


  • Thank you for the information! Like other people have said, it’s great to have a way to keep the miles, especially in the midst of COVID. I appreciate the tip!

  • Thanks for the article, I know there are surveys that give miles and such however I didn’t realized something like this exists. Would AA extend their expiration date since majority of the country/world is still locked down?

  • Here’s hoping that American continues to defer expiration of miles…

  • I am so thrilled to find this article. Due to Covid-19 and the situations going on in the world, it is very limited to travel so i was afraid to lose mu miles. I would be so happy to keep the mile. Information is money! Thanks Awardwallet for giving us this opportunity!

  • Soleyman Dardashtian says:

    Since no one is travelling much these days it is good to know that a comment will keep my miles from expiring. Thank you for this comment offer.

  • Super helpful tips! Thanks for the offer to help keep my AA account active! 🙂

  • Lifesaver that I got a notification that my miles were going to expire. Nothing more frustrating than losing miles that could easily have been extended. Thanks Award Wallet!

  • This is amazing that you offer 5 free miles for a simple reply. I was considering buying miles, etc, but this really is a life saver, so I wanted to say thank you!

    Kudos to your team!

  • Thanks AwardWallet for extending the AA expiration date

  • Great article–so thankful to have learned this. Does anyone know if AA has given an extension to miles expiration considering covid?

  • This program is awesome. We only fly American Airlines. We’ve been able to save miles and fly on award tickets especially overseas. Award wallet is great at keeping track of all our awards.

  • Michael Levy says:

    Thank you for a great company and great blog. Are there any other ways to earn points using awardwallet?

  • Good to know!

  • American Airlines and Award Wallet, a great combination. I’ve always gotten great service on AAL. Best flights to Hawaii. Thanks for joining with Award Wallet.

  • Award Wallet is a great tool. Thanks American Airlines for joining with Award Wallet. Best Airline to fly to Hawaii, with great schedule of flights.
    Thanks AAL and Award Wallet!

  • This is awesome!

  • Thank you for the great options. I just got an email from AA about my miles expiring soon, and this was just what I was looking for to prevent the expiration. Hoping for my 5 miles!

  • Sally Starling says:

    Thanks to AwardWallet for yet another incredible tip! Not only do you help me manage my family’s multiple frequent flyer accounts, but you continually give me ways to maximize our frequent flyer programs. What a great service!

  • Thanks for useful information, as always!!

  • Patricia Guedes says:

    I’m Brazilian and the App Awardwallet integrates with several Loyalty Plans that exist only here! Very good! Thank you AwardWallet

  • I’ve been using the Awardwallet App for two years now. Really plan me to better control my loyalty plans

  • When I first heard about this about a year and a half ago, it sounded too good to be true. I wasn’t able to travel for a while and was afraid of losing my points. AwardWallet saved the day. Now due to Corona I won’t be travelling for some time, so I’m turning to AwardWallet again to help keep my AA points from expiring. Thanks AwardWallet!

  • Facundo Pramparo says:

    So if I comment on this post will I receive 5 miles and extend the expiration date of my current miles? Too good to be true! Thanks AwardWallet!

  • Joseph Leader says:

    This is an excellent program. I’ve flown AA a few times but in light of recent events I really wanted a way to keep my mileage from expiring. Not entirely sure we’ll be able to fly in a timeframe allowable by AA due to the pandemic and all.

  • This is an awesome tool! I only fly with American every so often since other airlines are more convenient for the routes I fly most frequently, and with the current travel situation I haven’t been doing any leisure travel to other locations that AA services. I know they’ve put expirations on hold until December 1, but this will give me a couple months cushion in case they don’t renew that again.

    Thank you!

  • Karthik Sundaram says:

    Thanks AwardsWallet for this extremely useful option, moreso now than ever given these trying times that have greatly slowed down travel. I can’t wait to start taking flights again and would love to be able to use my AAdvantage miles to do so!

  • Thanks to AwardWallet for providing this option. Interestingly, my account says miles are set to expire in November even though AA announced the extension till the end of the year. Not sure if they simply haven’t updated the accounts yet or if the extension doesn’t apply to all.

  • Nathan Johnson says:

    This is incredibly helpful for those of us who are not flying with the current situation. I would have never even know expiration was coming up without the Award wallet service which makes it so easy to keep track of all these programs.

  • I found this great way to keep my aa mile. Thanks!

  • Great program for AAdvantage!

  • This is very good to extend the expiration date for American airline mileage.
    But you have to remember that your comments should be approved to get 5 miles.

  • This is a very useful tip.

    I received the email regarding the expiring of my AA miles and I researched how to avoid the mileage expiration and found this tip and used it,

    I purchased the magazine and expect this will work for another 18 months of extension.

  • trying to extend AA miles

  • Wow! Thank you for this post! I was Googling ways to keep AAdvantage miles from expiring and I came across this site. I signed up for an account and am linking all of my rewards programs. It’s such a great idea and timesaver from logging into multiple sites.

  • Tomas Cabachieff says:

    My miles almost expire! Thanks for the reminder and the great tip!

  • Christine Real says:

    My husband came across your website and sent me the link because my AA points are set to expire later this month. This is a great resource. We keep a spreadsheet of our mileage accounts, but this is another great place to keep track of them. Thank you for the tips and for offering an easy way to earn points to keep our account active!

  • Award Wallet is an easy and INCREDIBLY helpful way to keep track of all your miles. They notified me when my miles were due to expire and gave me suggestions (like writing this post) about how to keep them active! So appreciative and highly recommend using Award Wallet!

  • I’m a bit confused (it’s that kind of year) – I’ve read on the blog here and in other online sources that AA is extending it’s miles expiration ‘suspension’ until the end of the year – my husband has a paltry 2500 that is still showing as due to expire in 25 days time according to AA website – anyone else had a similar situation and then they are reinstated or have expiration extended? Fingers crossed commending on blog will do the trick –

  • This is the best way to extend the AA mileage!

    • If not for the alert from AwardWallet on my expiring miles and ideas to hold on to them, the miles would have just gone to waste! Bad on American though for such stingy expiration policies during a pandemic.

  • So far payment for Awardwallet was worth it. Now I can prevent my AA miles from expiring.

  • This is helpful. Awardwallet says my miles expire in 8 months; I can’t even find this info on aa.com.

  • Awesome tip! Great to keep miles active! Thx!

  • Ji Dinghuang says:

    May the pandemic go away asap. Stay healthy and safe.

  • Awardwallet has been amazing and this is just another huge benefit to its users. Let’s hope AA would extend its miles expiration during COVID however.

  • Getting the most up to date info on the blog on expiring miles, specials with different credit card specials is always a plus. More importantly one website that does all the tracking of your miles for you and even sends reminders via email when they are coming up on expiration.

  • Todd Campbell says:

    I had no idea this option existed until today. I’ve been using the shopping portal just to keep my miles active, but those malls don’t usually have the best prices on what I’m looking for. Thanks for saving my miles!

  • Nick Young says:

    Award Wallet has always saved the day for me by helping me choose the best credit cards, great new promotions, or ways to easily accrue miles. Such a great resource.

  • Thank you for this! saved my day!

  • Award wallet has been a lifesaver. Use it for both information on the blog and an invaluable resource to keep track of all my miles.

  • Will have to check out the Bask Savings Account option but for now hoping that this comment will get me through infrequent travel during these COVID times. Random thought: I feel like airlines should go back to waiving all baggage fees for the first 2 checked bags since planes are flying with less passengers and therefore less weight these days. Anyone else feel that way, or am I missing something?

  • Thank you for providing the way to keep miles from expiring!

  • Appreciate these tips, especially since it’s difficult to fly nowadays. Thank you for the information!

  • This article was very helpful, thank you!

  • James Young says:

    The AwardWallet mile expiration notices that I receive have saved me much grief. Thanks for helping us to keep our miles.

  • Roberto Ortegon says:

    This is a great way of keeping my miles from expiring, thank you very much for helping out during Covid and for having such a great product!

  • Jessica Luo says:

    Thanks for helping prevent from having my AA miles expire!

  • Given the COVID situation and our lack of ability to fly much of anywhere these days, I appreciate that AwardWallet has an easy way to keep miles from expiring.

  • This is a great program. Thank you for bringing us this great content and giving us the chance to keep our miles active.

  • Great way to prevent from having my AA miles expire! Thanks for the tip, best app to keep track of all of my mileages!

  • Thanks so much! 1.3 months left and 84,000 of them!

  • This is honestly the best program I have seen to date. Used this once last year and using it again to refresh my account.

  • Forrest J Green says:

    Earning 5 points the easy way? Priceless

  • The one feature that people shouldnt forget

  • I think I will use my miles for travel to Alaska or Washington/Oregon in 2022

  • My miles are expiring soon so I’m so glad you guys offer this

  • Is this still working?

  • This is great!

  • Thanks much for allowing multiple AA frequent flyer accounts tagged to my account to be eligible for the 5 miles

  • this is a great way to keep points from expiring


    Un blog muy interesante,sobre AAdvance,muchas gracias

  • Antony Tsai says:

    Of all the mile loyalty programs, American seems to be the most popular and has the most opportunities to earn miles.

  • Was hoping AA would paused expiration. Interesting that they didn’t email me about it. Thanks for posting, otherwise i won’t have known!

  • So glad to have found this site – a great place to consolidate all the info about my reward miles!

  • Excellent tool AW!! How long does it take to become accredited to AA?

  • Hi AwardWallet! This is really great. An excellent idea to keep our miles alive!!
    I hope I can use my miles soon when pandemics ends.

  • Is this still working?

  • Ah, this is terrific. Great way to stay on top of extending various mileage programs expirations!

  • This is awesome! Really helped my wife out in a bind!

  • Has anyone had any success with the AA Shopping Portal posting for UK-based accounts?

    It’s a shame there’s nothing new in the way of credit cards over this way now either, not even an Amex MR option!

  • This is a big help in extending frequent flyer miles without having to buy miles or go out to dinner. Have been a long time subscriber to AwardWallet and thanks to them I have been kept up to date on all of our award programs. Would have it no other way. Thanks

  • Just wanna know if this really works, as 5 points will be added within 5 business days.

  • Thank you award wallet for this great app and idea

  • Shay Rotsinger says:

    I just came across Award Wallet and it is such a user friendly organizational tool to keep track of all my different accounts and points. I live in a very high risk household and unfortunately will not be able to travel and use my pointsmiles anytime soon. This blog and comment for points option is a life saver as my AAdvantage miles will expire next year before I will be able to use them. Thank you

  • Ronald Moore says:

    During the early days of the Covid crisis, I was quite relieved to have all my miles, fees and taxes refunded for a reservation that had one segment cancelled. I hope to use those miles when international travel begins to open up again. I’ve received a lot of travel award tips on Award Wallet. Thanks so much.

  • I would never know when my AA miles are going to expire if it wasn’t for the emails from AwardWallet reminding me. After surfing the blogs I came across this post and very glad I did. Thank you for the years of service guys

  • sundeep meda says:

    i love the periodic alerts from award wallet about expiring miles. it saved me tons of miles on multiple occasions.

  • Giovanna S Aullet says:

    Thank you so much for this site! I am always of losing our hard-earned miles. This helps us keep track of them and offers options for ways
    to keep them active.

  • Thanks for this information! let’s see if if works!

  • Thanks for saving my AA miles!!!! They were about to expire and since I canceled my AAdvantage Card I haven’t been earning any points, and I also haven’t been flying with AA lately either. It’s not like I have a lot but I would rather save them than lose them.

  • Great system. I’ve miles expiring but since we cannot fly to the US at the moment due to FO rules, hopefully your system will keep my miles alive so I can plan my trip for next year.

  • This is such a great way to keep AA miles alive! I was so disappointed to see that my Citibank MileUp Card (that I would have used to keep my points alive) got cancelled without any warning whatsoever! Crossing my fingers that this commenting method works!

  • This article was very helpful, thank you!

  • I’m delighted to have found this service. If it works I will definitely be letting my colleagues know about this. Working for an international tourism provider if proving difficult during COVID times so every little helps, especially for keeping track of airline and hotel loyalty points, great job!

  • Bill Wilson says:

    This is a great program. Award Wallet is very helpful in finding quick ways to manage or increase the various reward points I have in many of my accounts. This is a great way to interact with the Award Wallet community and keep those AA points from expiring. The Bask savings account is another great way. Thank you Award Wallet for a superior service and linking us up to great ways to keep our points.


    A fantastic told me about AwardWallet. Just signed up – seems like a great tool to manage my accounts and keep my AA miles alive. Thank you!

  • Barbara DeBoer says:

    Thank you for notifying us…

  • Yaoyu Yang says:

    Such a useful tool to keep AA miles from expiring! I wish we have such a tool for every mileage account!

  • How are you guys able to do this with AA miles? Do you buy them, or have some sort of arrangement with them? Regardless, it’s appreciated.

  • I found this article looking for ways to extend the expiration on my points without buying miles at an inflated price. I have a card that gives mile rewards, but the statement closing date is 2 days before the miles expire, and that’s cutting it close!

  • Hyunjong Cho says:

    Would this “earning AA 5 miles by leaving a comment on an Awardwallet post” work more than once?
    I remember I tried this about 18 months ago and my miles had been successfully extended.
    I still have quite a lot of AA miles and have no chance to use them because of covid.
    So I wonder weather this comment will extend the miles again.

  • Woow! Awesome! Great information.

  • Anyone has any comment on the Plus membership?

  • RosieTravels says:

    Super helpful post! So glad I found this – like many, my summer travel has been postponed indefinitely and I am really disappointed in American’s continued mileage expiration policy. IMO, in a time when most airlines have already done away with mileage expiration completely, AA needs to make some changes! At the very least, renewing/extending expiration while so many are not able to travel due to COVID. Thanks AwardWallet!

  • Terrific opportunity to extend my miles! I have an upcoming American flight but its after the expiration date. Great to have this way to make sure I keep earning and don’t lose my miles. Thanks to the AwardWallet team!

  • If only AA miles never expired!

  • Cool feature! My Dad could use this – going to share with him for sure

  • AwardWallet is an invaluable tool to have for frequent travelers. All your frequent flyer programs in one screen makes tracking them a breeze. Add to the fact that they are offering AA miles to keep miles from expiring shows that they know what travelers are faced with during these uncertain times. Highly recommend for anyone who flies!

  • My AA miles were about to expire so I was really happy to find out about this. Thank you!

  • Merrill Lackey says:

    Thanx again for this! What a great way to keep up (and keep current!) all those miles! Love Award Wallet!

  • Love the fact that this is available. Great information!

  • Hi everyone
    I visited this website for the first time. I want to say hello to everyone.
    Stay healthy.

  • It would be great if I can extend my AA mileage’s expiration date with this comment. Due to the COVID situation, it is extremely hard to be on top of managing all the expiration dates for various membership programs. Thank you for this opportunity to keep it on for my AA, I will continue to be a paying member of the AwardWallet!


    I’ve been using Awardwallet since I first got into miles and points. I love the tips on keeping my orphaned points alive.

  • Shaun Pandolfi says:

    I am so glad I found this. One less thing to worry about with my AA miles expiring.

  • To Prevent AA mile expire

  • I noticed that my AA miles are expiring in Sep, after the July extension cutoff. But, like others, I’m unable to fly / travel right now due to Covid. I am glad to have found that AwardWallet has this program that provides us with a simple way of extending our miles. Thanks AwardWallet!

  • Love AwardWallet. Really helpful in keeping track of all my various FF accounts in one place. Plus, this is a great way to keep my AA miles active, especially when I’m not doing traveling now due to Covid.

  • A friend told me about AwardWallet. Just signed up – seems like a great tool to manage my accounts and keep my AA miles alive!

  • Wow, it was so easy to sign up and leave a comment to extend my AAdvantage miles from expiring. Very cool service. Looks useful for managing all my miles!

  • Bruce Meyers says:

    You really help make it easier to navigate the system

  • Thanks for helping us to extend our AA miles. I have been using awardwallet for many years, I’m so glad i found out about it. I will let others know about this.

  • What a great idea this is.

  • Anne-Marie Bourdeau-Lamothe says:

    Hello Award Wallet: It’s nice to be able to leave you a comment and top-up our account a bit. Do you also offer this comment for points for other points clubs also? Sure would be nice!

  • Michel Lamothe says:

    Nice to find a way of topping up my AAdvantage points. I only need a few to reach an important level.

  • Steve Colten says:

    I am very disappointed that American is not offering an extension of the 18 month activity period with everything going on about Covid.

    I have been using AwardWallet for several years and find it to be a valuable service, especially for articles like this one!

  • This is awesome, I just found about award wallet and looking forward to keeping track of everything through this website and app.

  • Arianne Mazel says:

    Always been a big fan of AwardWallet and have been using it for years to keep track of my whole family’s accounts. Glad to have this user-friendly way to not let my AA miles expire. Thanks!

  • My miles expire in 1 month, i’m so glad that i found this blog. Thank you awardwallet!

  • Anne-Marie Bourdeau-Lamothe says:

    Nice to find another way of preventing my AA miles from expiring. As Canadians, and other non U.S. residents, we do not qualify to take part in the e shopping program, the dining program and the survey program… all ways that we could have continued to grow our AAdvantage points. Sure wish these airlines would open up the shopping, dining and survey programs to ALL members of their AAdvantage club. Otherwise, it is very difficult to find a way of adding points to our account a little at a time. I appreciate the time members take in posting their comments. This is how I found out about getting points for comments on award wallet.

  • What a great tool for tracking and managing reward balances.

  • Carlos Demian Jeiman says:

    This is awesome!

  • I signed up years ago but never really used. Now that my AA miles were about to expire I came across this site again. Thanks a bunch and I’l be adding my other reward programs soon.

  • AnbuMember says:

    This is an awesome service! Helping people keep there points alive.

  • I am glad the airline is making adjustments to their miles plan. With Covid happening, I won’t be traveling. I am glad for this site and hoping I get my 5 points so I don’t lose points for not using them during this pandamic.

  • Raymond Kim says:

    This is a really great tool. Especially because of COVID-19, you would imagine so many people want to put their miles on hold. Hopefully this can lead to an era where miles can be freely exchanged like currency.

  • I have miles which expire later this year, but with the ongoing pandemic I’m not sure I’ll be able to fly before then, so I was looking for ways to extend my miles and found this! How great! I’ll be utilizing this website more in the future now!

  • Ingo Lindemann says:

    I just tried to the Chrome extension for AwardWallet, and I must say it works like a charm to get the mileage for me BA accounts – quite nifty! However I am not sure why I can no longer get the expiration date for those (and a few others) without ‘upgrading’ … or rather, what the logic is when AwardWallet wants to me upgrade and when I can still get the expiration date without upgrading. Given that I track for many family members this may not be effective for me in the long run as I hoped … tbd.

  • Ana Garcia says:

    Hi everybody, I was trying to extend my AA miles which are about to expire. I wonder if this comment is enough. I also would like to know if anyone knows of a way of merging Iberia´s avios and AA miles since both belong to One world alliance.

  • I am glad I learned about this service and the ability to track and avoid expiry.

  • David Scott says:

    This is great useful information.

  • Justin Harjanto says:

    Wow I never knew about Award Wallet :O. I no longer have to keep track of my Google spreadsheet to figure out when my miles expire!

  • It’s such a challenge keeping miles from expiring during COVID-19, but the silver lining is I learned about AwardWallet, which is proving to be very useful!

  • Hope to use all my miles after this pandemic goes away.
    Thank you AwardWallet for keeping me posted about miles expiration, and for the great service you provide.

  • This is by far the easiest way to earn free mile. I’m very grateful for this generous offer from AwardWallet. Let’s hope this will extend my miles in time since my expiration date is less than 2 weeks from now.

  • I’ve been an awardwallet subscriber for years and was researching ways that I could extend my American Airlines miles. AwardWallet is really useful in helping manage all of my loyalty programs and reward points. Am lucky to find that simply making a comment here could keep my American Airline miles from expiring. That’s just another perk of being an AwardWallet user I guess. Thanks for the service and tool.

  • Lucinda Blakeslee says:

    I so look forward to the day when airline travel returns and we all can get back to the business of earning and using miles! Thanks for all you do, AwardWallet, to get us through this weird time!

  • Thank you so much! I can’t till this bad dream is over and we can start to travel normally again.

  • The easiest way of renewing miles while not being able to flight!!

  • This is amazingly helpful to extend my miles while I do not want to travel during a pandemic. I am looking forward to exploring all you have to offer. Thanks so much!

  • I have been AwardWallet for years. Thanks lot for finding awesome ways to make our life easier. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • If we do have to fly … is it save to fly even with a face mask? What about gloves – will this really help?

  • Awardwallet did an excellent job with this blog and especially helping us not to have miles expire. Now even more in this pandemic time which flying is basically not a real topic.

    Will the normal way of flying come back anytime soon?

  • Thanks, very helpful as I had no idea blog comments could earn miles!

  • Very useful tool. Would like to know how long it takes to receive 5 bonus AA miles. Thanks!

  • victoriallana says:

    Es un buen método para mantener vigentes las millas porque tuve que cancelar mi viaje programado de este año por cuestiones sanitarias de mi país, sería muy bueno que los programas de viajeros frecuentes sean prorrogados los vencimientos hasta de fin de año por lo menos.

  • Best tool i’ve used to keep track of all points. Makes life so much easier

  • I think this is a good idea for your blog post

  • Sukhbir Dhillon says:

    Awardwallet is amazing. This is extremely helpful. My points are about to expire in a month. Thank you.

  • Really? That’s perfect news. Hope i can get 5 miles to let me account not expiry.

  • Danielle Pearlstein says:

    Thank you for this information! Normally I would keep my miles active by traveling but because of COVID I have not been able to. Thanks for making it possible to keep these miles!

  • Josh Pearlstein says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Normally I would keep my miles active by traveling but because of COVID I don’t feel comfortable flying right now and therefore risk losing my miles. Thanks for making it possible to keep these miles!

  • Stephanie Gee says:

    This is amazing! Thank you to this website My airline points are about to expire and wasn’t sure how to earn miles to keep my account active since I don’t want to book travel while things are still so uncertain with COVID-19 here in the U.S. I actually learned about this website from The Points Guy blog.

  • This is awesome that this method to keep aa miles active is still around. Love it!

  • Carlos Demian Jeiman says:

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  • I found this blog from reading the thePointsGuy. The info on how to keep your AAdvantage miles active is great, and much needed during the pandemic when many of us are wary about flying at this time. I have used the MagsForMiles program in the past to keep my miles from expiring, but it looks like American recently discontinued that program.

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    Thank you for this opportunity that you give us! My husband and I generally travel 2 or 3 times a year to different destinations, but with the situation that we are going through with the COVID-19, with trips and hotels canceled, knowing that my miles will last 18 more months is a relief.

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    Wish I could fly now but too risky. Glad this site is available

  • Award Wallet kept track of my miles expiring in over 10 accounts. While I didn’t worried much in the past years as my activities would renew my miles, recent covid development made me have zero activity since January.

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    Thanks for this article, useful in a number of ways! First,y, I have a small number of AA miles, due to expire soon, so was looking for a straightforward way – from the UK – to keep these alive. Secondly, I was considering buying some AA miles in order that I have enough to redeem for another Oneworld airline reward seat; the difference in the number of miles needed and taxes due between the airlines is staggering.

  • AwardWallet does a great job of tracking my travel accounts and also has informative articles to keep miles from expiring. I would highly recommend using this service.

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    Wow, that’s super helpful info! My miles are expiring very soon, and I had pretty much given up hope. As a Hail Mary I clicked the link in the AwardWallet email reminder about how to keep them from expiring and thus came across this post. Consider my hope revived. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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  • It is so hard to keep track of award plans and I am thankful that AwardWallet takes on the heavy lifting. The program made some changes during covid 19 and AwardWallet automatically updated and alerted me with my new expiration date. Its always a challenge when the miles start to expire while I scramble and figure out what to do but luckily I found this AwardWallet blog post about earning miles.

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    This article and the post that led me here — “American Airlines Miles Resume Expiration on July 1, But There’s a New Exception” — were really helpful to navigate this complicated world of airline miles and making sure our precious miles don’t expire. Thank you to the authors!

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  • Roger Tufts says:

    While I am somewhat shocked that Airlines haven’t made sweeping changes to push out points expiry dates in the wake of the global pandemic, this is a helpful way to push back that date at least for AA! I was unaware of this option previously, despite using AwardWallet for some time now – thank you!

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    How I can validate that commenting on those post are actually helping for providing extra Miles? I have done several comments, reviewing the blogs and I have not received any miles so far

    • Did you select your AA account while posting the comment? We see from our logs that there were no requests to deposit miles into Advantage number which is shown in your AwardWallet profile. Unfortunately, our automated system doesn’t allow for us to retroactively post miles. I would recommend you to leave another comment.

  • My miles expire in about a month. AA has gone downhill for years so I haven’t flown them in awhile. Hoping this works to renew my miles. Will comment more and check out other posts if this works. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the offer!

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    What a great way to earn five AA miles for making a comment on Award Wallet. This is a great way to keep one’s AADvantage miles account current; especially if one does not fly often and does not use a credit card that awards AA miles for its useage.


    This is a great way for AAdvantage miles members to enter a comment here and thereby get rewarded five AA miles to their account. For folks who do not fly often or do not have a credit card that gives them AA miles when they use the card, it is a great way to keep their accounts from expiring.

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    If you’re feeling generous, then another way of keeping your AAdvantage points from expiring is to donate 1000 to charity.

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  • Although I have been using AwardWallet for years, I am still impressed how it saves me from losing points.

    I have roughly 75k AA miles in my account and a few weeks ago I received an automated email from AwardWallet alerting me that my points were set to expire in August. “That can’t be right,” I thought since I have the Barclays AAviator Credit Card. I (wrongly) assumed that holding that card (and paying its annual fee) would exempt me from miles expiration in the same way holding the Chase United Explorer card does for my MileagePlus account. If not for AwardWallet, i would not have checked and would have lost 75k points!

    Perhaps the Award Wallet blog could make a post which outlines the airline and hotel credit cards which do and do not protect miles/points from expiration? That way, others would not make the same false assumptions as I did!

  • Yay for this blog option!

  • Satinder Malhi says:

    Thank you AwardWallet for all of the insightful blog posts and helpful articles. I’ve learned a lot and will be sure to tell my family and friends who I know will be able to benefit by many of the tools and resources you have to offer to help us keep track of our points and miles! Much appreciated!

  • Expiring points are a royal pain, so bless you for this option!

  • Hopefully they make miles lifetime soon

  • I tried this the other day and it’s been 5 days, still haven’t received my miles…

    • Did you select your AA account while posting the comment? Unfortunately, our automated system doesn’t allow for us to retroactively post miles. Please try to post another comment.

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  • Sebastian says:

    Thxs for helping with keeping my points safe. Glad to see JT is on board. Has he stopped smiling yet? :-))

  • It’s a little frustrating that miles expire like this. If they have to expire, we should be able to transfer them to other account holders without a fee. But it costs more money to transfer then to buy an entire round trip flight? Makes no sense!

  • What a great tool. Been using it for years. I just wish all airlines would allow AwardWallet to track points automatically. Nice that they have the email workaround tho.

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  • Made a comment the other day & wasn’t sure it was actually approved to earn AA miles. Was logged into Award Wallet account, clicked on blog link at top of account page, searched for this blog, made comment, clicked “post comment,” no box appeared for me to approve AA account to which miles would be deposited and then screen changed all of a sudden to show my comment with a notation above it that it was awaiting moderation. When I checked this comment page in the blog the next day, the comment was there without the notation about moderation above it. When a comment is entered as one on this blog page, does that mean it has been approved and WILL earn 5 AA miles? I’ve read all the info. in the Details/FAQ section below this commenting box, and there isn’t anything specifically stating how to interpret when you have actually earned the miles. Maybe you could set up something whereby Award Wallet sends an e-mail confirming that the miles have been earned from making a comment so that members know for sure. It would also be helpful to have such a notification to prove to AA that you had activity on a particular date so that the expiration date of miles can be reset. Hope this comment will be approved and that I will receive the AA miles for both comments. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Unfortunately, we do not send notifications when your comment is approved. Miles will post within 5 business days of your comment being approved. I see a pending deposit for you, so you should get your miles soon.

  • Thanks for this quick and easy way to keep my AA points! I was worried because I didn’t want to pay to transfer my points to someone else or open the bank account (for some reason, you’re taxed at .42 cents per mile on all points earned through bank accounts…. what!?) and I definitely won’t be traveling soon.

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  • Hi, i was trying to donate some miles that are about to expire and in the search for how to donate AA miles, i found this awardwallet site that i found very interesting!
    question i have a Chase and bank of america debitcards. is there a way to earn miles with such accounts?

  • Thanks for the the great tool and for providing an easy way to extend our miles

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  • Great feature of the Award Wallet reminder email to save points from expiring worthless. Which is more than I can say for the usefulness of most reminder automated emails. Thanks Award Wallet and I’d love to see this same type of email reminder for other points/miles accounts features that expire.

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  • Andrew DeMott says:

    With interest rates being so low, my wife and I are both opening accounts with Bask Bank. This seems like a good way to earn points toward future travel while keeping funds in a risk-free account.

  • Thank you for having an option whereby I can hopefully save my AA miles from expiration in time. I used to order a magazine, but AA has discontinued that way to redeem miles. Can’t travel due to border closures, so it’s been difficult. Appreciate your offering this service.

  • Great tips as I’m coming up on my expiration. Downloaded the app and stoked to have everything in one place!

  • Used this way to earn AA miles once before, but couldn’t remember how to access the “comment” area. Just wanted to say that the 5 miles earned before posted to my AA account faster than Award Wallet’s expectations, so that was a good thing! Hope the same happens this time, cuz I’m really cutting it close to the extended expiration date AA gave for everyone’s miles due to Covid. As an aside, it is somewhat unclear whether AA truly counts the date on which miles are earned as the date on which activity takes place for an account, or whether activity is counted only as of the date on which their system posts earnings. Also, the interpretation of what “expiration date” means isn’t specifically delineated by a reference to an exact time of day in a particular time zone. I’m seeing 3 different dates for when my miles expire, which I think is due to this lack of precision. If Award Wallet can shed any light on this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for being there!

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  • With all the non-travel during the COVID pandemic, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve had activity in the AA account. Thanks to the award wallet reminders, I was able to pop over here and this is a great way to ensure my miles don’t expire. Thanks for the great way to extend!

  • Sometimes works, sometimes don’t
    I still Wait for 2 comment I did but my miles didn’t get through

  • One of the great benefits of award wallet is for tracking those hardly-ever-used mileage accounts with zero-to-no usage. If not for Awardwallet, some of those accounts would be long forgotten.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to extend our AAdvantage miles-this is a great service and makes me glad to be a member!

  • the system does not work very well. I left several comments and never received any response, not even to inform them that they were not accepted and obviously no reward received.

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  • Carlos Demian Jeiman says:

    Muchas gracias por este programa para poder seguir disfrutando y poder viajar sin perder millas, más en este momento de cuarentena donde no se pueden utilizar.

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    Huge thanks to AwardWallet for developing this extremely useful tool. I view this to be like the Mint Intuit product for all my travel loyalty rewards! It’s so helpful to be able to compare and track all my travel loyalty products side by side. If AwardWallet didn’t send me notices of miles expiring, with helpful tips on how to keep those miles, I would have lost so much value by now. Thank you, thank you.

  • Carlos Demian Jeiman says:

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  • This is a lifesaver. Or rather a miles saver.
    I neglected to keep track of my miles and suddenly realized they were expiring soon. Opened a reward credit card just to get an extension (and a few bonus miles) but it turns out the miles won’t post until the statement closes THREE DAYS AFTER my miles expire. Frustrating.
    So I went to the TravelMiles101 Facebook group and found a comment from a member about your site. I never knew this site!
    I am very excited I found it and look forward to increasing my knowledge here.
    Thank you,

  • Great Tool! I will let friends know.

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  • This really saved my milles.

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  • The airlines have, perhaps intentionally, made such a jumble of rules and systems that keeping your miles from expiring on more than one or two airlines was unworkable… until AwardWallet came to save the day! And now, not only are you alerting me that my American miles are expiring, you are even happy so slide me a few of your own miles just for saying hi! I feel very pampered. This is worth the membership.

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  • Award Wallet is a lifesaver. It keeps track of all the mileage accounts of my entire family in one easy-to-use place. To top it off, it helps me stay on top of expiring miles. Thank you!!!

  • Louis Golden says:

    This blog is a great way to keep up to date on points news; that’s how I was able to find out that AAdvantage Miles expirations ended up getting pushed back July 1st

  • Looking forward to having a central place to track all of my accounts. Thanks for making this happen!

  • I commented on here about two weeks ago and have not seen any reset of my AA expiring miles. I’m not sure this blog is doing what it is saying it does. Anyone else have that experience?

    • Did you select your AA account while posting the comment? Unfortunately, our automated system doesn’t allow for us to retroactively post miles. Hundreds of blog readers receive miles each week without issue. We recommend you leaving another comment, and this time please make sure you specify that you want miles deposited to a certain account.

      • Hi Irene,
        I just posted again and at the end it asked if I would like miles applied to a certain account, and I ensured I was logged in to AwardWallet as well as had AA selected. Do you know how long it takes for the 5 miles to be posted? Thanks again.

      • Irene, can you please clarify what you mean when you say you must select your AA account while posting the comment? If I only have one award account (my AA account) currently linked to AwardWallet do mileage credits for posting comments on the blog not automatically get credited to such account? Thanks!

        • No, you should select your AA account. I suppose this information could be found above in this post.

          • Thanks Irene. I read the above again and solved the problem. My account wasn’t properly being picked up so when I commented I wasn’t seeing the message with the option.

  • This post comes at a great time considering the lack of travel. Extra ways to keep miles from expiring are always helpful.

  • I really appreciate the reminder notices about miles nearing expiration. With my mind on other things during this crazy time of COVID, I appreciate the email notice and the ability to quickly learn how to fix the problem! Thank you for your hard work.

  • Planing to use Award Wallet to keep track of all those incentive programs and make sure they do not get forgotten. In the era of Covid we are not eating out or traveling or buying fancy things, so this seems a good way to stay up to date.

  • Thank you for the quick and easy way to keep our AA miles active. As a long time Award wallet user I appreciate the notices I get when My miles are about to expire.

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    Looking into this as I’m not going to fly right now due to COVID but want to keep my miles.

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  • This really saved my milles, got around 50k that going to be cancelled by december and cant fly due to the COVID! thanks guys.

  • AwardWallet is such a helpful resource in keeping track of your points and the simple ways to keep them from expiring. Really appreciate this.

  • My Dad told me and my sister about this. Due to COVID-19 we both have miles set to expire and we can’t travel. This is pretty cool. Cheers!

  • When I first found this I thought, “wait… it can’t be that easy?!” IT WAS!


  • This is actually a nice consolidation for all of your different award profiles. The best feature is it gives you expiration dates so you can act on them.

  • This is awesome. Saved my miles when I have to stay at home during this COVID pandemic!

  • AwardWallet has been a godsend. Have been recommending this tool to everyone with more than 1 credit card.

  • Bill Slezak says:

    Fortunately, I received an email from AwardWallet that my American Airlines miles were about to expire. I received no such notification from AA. Even better, AwardWallet let me know how I could ensure that I would not lose my miles, which includes 5 bonus miles for providing a comment to a blog post. Not to be suck-up, but I have been extremely pleased with AwardWallet which provides a great way of tracking my miles and also letting me know about points that are scheduled to expire.

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    I really like the award wallet tool. It has helped me monitor different mileage accounts and avoid having the points expire. Award wallet makes the process of keeping track of your miles so easy.

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    I would have lost so many miles for now if it weren’t for AwardWallet, particularly during COVID-19. Thanks for helping me rescue my miles, y’all.

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    Great program and also got 2 other credit card offers from Award Wallet recommendations.

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    excellent! hopefully stop mine from expiring

  • My wife and I have recently started our journey towards Fi and making sure that we travel efficiently is a big part of that. Thank you AwardWallet for making it easy for us to track our points and ensure that we don’t lose them!

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  • Thanks for the post.

  • I was interested in finding out if I qualify to open a Bask Bank account but when I clicked the “Open an account” button, I got an error message. I think earning AAdvantage points from banking is a great option.

    Can a non-US citizen or resident open a Bask Bank account?

    • Unfortunately, only US citizens and legal residents are eligible at this time: “Account Qualifications – In order to be eligible for a Bask Savings Account you must, at a minimum, be 18 years of age, be a US citizen or legal resident, have a valid US Tax Payer Identification Number, and have a valid US address.”

  • The information on AwardWallet is very helpful and practical.

  • Due to Covid-19 I’m unable to travel for a while. That’s why this blog is so precious: a way to make our miles last longer than expected, so we can enjoy them properly when all this nightmare ends. Stay home folks!

  • Is the miles credit still working? I have made a comment a week ago and yet no miles deposited into my aa account. How long does it take these days?

  • This is a great tool and great offer. Thanks. I have more than 10,000 miles about to expire and would one day like to fly again. I agree with post above — seems there is just no way to keep 6 feet apart, but if an airline comes up with a solution I’m right there..

  • Manuel Varela says:

    This is the most amazing tool that actually exists in the airlines miles world to help you extend expiring miles. Specially this year that has been impossible to fly, and in my country (Argentina) I think it would still be difficult for a long time due to COVID19.

  • I think American is the last points program to have miles expire with inactivity, so this is super-helpful. But it’s a pretty bad policy during COVID19. I’ve stopped flying altogether.

    What I’m surprised is that we haven’t seen safe flight options — where there are sufficient protections to keep us safe, and perhaps insurance if those protections turn out to be inadequate. I’d like to keep flying, and international airlines do things like foggers. I’d gladly pay extra to have plexiglass between rows (and ideally some kind of barrier to the aisle), a row to myself (optionally with travel companion), and guarantees that the seat was properly disinfected, that everyone has an N95 facemask, and so on.

  • Love it

  • Cjbushman says:

    I think this is a marvelous way to connect with customers and incentivize them to read and comment on blog posts. Nicely done!

  • Thank you for your post! Incredible! I really like this!!!

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    I’m just wondering why the app doesn’t show when my Marriott Bonvoy points expire?

  • Your blog is very informative and I really like your app!
    Thank you!

  • Blane Nagareda says:

    Good to have the reminder feature. Wary of travel with COVID-19 spreading again in states opening up.

  • Gilberto Gomes Junior says:

    Thank you AwardWallet!

  • Fiona Moore says:

    Really hope this works on the second attempt. Would be amazing to stop my hard earned miles expiring. COVID has really screwed things.

    Thanks Award Wallet team.

  • Gustavo Sanchez says:

    great tool and a great way to avoid miles expiration

  • Daniel Gallant says:

    During the pandemic, my company has barred me from travel. AA has given travelers a reprieve, but allowing miles to expire is sad and wrong.

  • Seems this post is the only one that accepted my comment (yesterday). Haven’t seen the 5 points yet, as there was no pop up window asking me which account the points should go to. Might be because I posted one comment before came to this post. It limits one per day and the earlier comment did have a pop up. Tried again on this post today to see if it works or not.

  • bluecrabs says:

    Thanks for keeping my miles alive!

  • I began a search trying to ensure that the miles that cost me so much to obtain do not perish before their eventual expiration. However, on the way I came across something extremely interesting; I discovered a blog that not only allows us to achieve it, but also offers the opportunity to organize once and for all the most cumbersome part of this passion for traveling, the administrative part. It is extremely useful to have a tool that facilitates both our performance and, not less important, that collaborates with keeping alive the hope of touring the world again for all the passionate people who use time and money in pursuit of this constant conquest.

  • Appreciate the tip!

  • Tried adding a couple comment on other posts, but none got accepted. Doesn’t seem to work. All regular comments, why got rejected?

  • This such a great way to both help customers out, especially during this pandemic where travel isn’t happening, but to also cultivate a feel of community! I will definitely be coming back to see what others are saying about this program.

  • Elaine She says:

    Wow , what a resource this page is turning out to be! I was told to come here to find out more about how I can maximize my usage to my frequent flyer rewards program and this is pretty much a “one stop shopping” for all the info I will need!

    So far have only scratch the surface on learning about different programs, looking forward to logging in on a regular basis to keep up!


  • Thank you again to AwardWallet in providing a plethora of accurate and wide-ranging information for travelers. As with many of us, I have had to cancel our travel plans for this upcoming summer and are trying to find local trips that we can drive to.

    Great tip on the shopping portal, I have not previously used that so might give that a try.

    Thank you again!

  • Thank you for this great service allowing me to keep miles active!

  • AwardWallet has amazing tips and provide useful information. Thank you for the efforts you put to keep the website up to date. My AA miles are expiring in a few weeks and with the global pandemic, renting a car or booking a hotel/flight isn’t an option. Will definitely recommend this website to others. Cheers

  • Thank you! This is great information and an easy way to retain hard-earned miles during the pandemic! It was easy to register and connect my accounts — what a great service.

  • Sheryl Ann Sinard says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this!

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    I don’t think there is a way easier than this to retain your hard earned miles. Thanks Awardwallet team for not letting my years worth of effort go down the drain.

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  • Great way to keep my miles. Can’t wait to use some after COVID, seems like forever since I’ve traveled.

  • I continue coming back to use this tool to keep miles active. Always a good way to reconnect with my AwardWallet account.

  • Shifra Esral says:

    I’ve heard about award wallet for a while, but only signed up now. Its amazing how its so easy to use and so convenient. Wish I would have signed up earlier! Hope that I will never have miles expire on me from now on!

  • with being unwilling grounded currently,this initiative is most appreciated.its a good way to get people onto the blog,where this are some pretty informative articles.i wouldnt have found them without this initiative.thanks

  • This is a very good tip. Thanks so much AwardWallet!

  • Great post, thanks for helping me keep my miles alive.

  • When I received the email from awardwallet about the miles expiring, I was worried about how to keep them active. Thankfully, the email had a link on how to do exactly that and to make it even easier, they provide a way to do that on the blog itself! What a great way to keep the account active!

  • Stephanie says:

    This is a great feature, especially when travel is so limited. Thanks!

  • So grateful for these travel points savvy people/companies. Keeping track just became easier!

  • Fareed99 says:

    Great blog.. always get very helpful information on travel and point strategies

  • AW is such a great tool to help me keep track of all my award programs, plus the helpful tips on maximizing their value are great.

  • Wow this was a super fun and easy way to earn and extend your miles!

  • H Watson says:

    Thanks for doing this. I recently discovered AA changed their policy to only allow reactivating miles within 18mo of expiry. I was hoping to use this to keep my miles from expiring with the pandemic since it’s not feasible to fly at the moment, but unfortunately won’t be able to due to the change in policy.

  • Thank you for this post! This is a really helpful and informative way to keep miles active during a time when travel is difficult!

  • Fiona Moore says:

    Great initiative. Been UK domiciled and travelling east most of the time I don’t get many opportunities to use my miles so fantastic I can extend by posting here. Thank you.

  • TheIndianForeigner says:

    Thank you. This is a brilliant way to keep the miles from expiring. Another way I have read that works is to shop through the AAdvantage portal to earn miles.

    • I was going to travel last May, and so revalid my miles by flying, but the pandemia broke my dreams, and I thought my miles were definitively lost. A friend mentioned me Awardwallet and my eyes widely opened accompanied with a bright smile. Thank you for leting me keep my AA miles.

  • It’s great that you can pick a specific AA account with this. I was having a lot of trouble finding a way to extend my spouse’s account since we usually use mine to fly + mine is the one with a Citi AA card attached.

  • Hoping this will help extend my miles, not looking to fly anytime soon :0

  • So glad for a way of tracking all air miles in one place. AND….on top of that, comments get a 5 air mile credit with American Airlines.
    Couldn’t get better.

  • This was very helpful, thank you! Airlines need to stop putting so much pressure on consumers by having miles expire and then charging to reactive the.

  • Anderson Lam says:

    With the pandemic going on, realized miles are expiring soon and harder to extend it, plus American is not doing much with only extending the expiration to July 1st. Completely forgot about Award Wallet offering this way to award the AA miles. This is awesome and much faster and reliable than the shopping portal. It’s a bit hard to go shopping now as there’s nothing I need to help extend. Thank you Award Wallet for doing this!

  • Thanks for the heads up about AA miles expiring. I would have missed the deadline without it.

  • This makes life way easier – thanks for this foolproof method!


    I have an AADVANTAGE account. It takes a few years to accumulate enough miles for free flights. It’s a shame to lose those miles before to have the opportunity to use them. AwardWallet offers the way to keep those miles from expiring. It is a grest deal . Thank you

  • Thanks Award Wallet – you all are doing a fantastic job.

  • Super excited to be able to track of all my rewards balances on one!

  • Rita Peters says:

    My husband found Award Wallet today.
    The system he was using to track our air miles was very cumbersome.

  • Les Peters says:

    Wow, I wish I had know about AwardWallet before. This will make tracking air miles easy.

  • Wow, great deal – I like that it hits a lot of the smaller East Coast towns that are rarely on sale…like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Sheryl Ann Sinard says:

    I somehow have 2 AA accounts. What’s the best way to combine them?

  • Does this still work?

  • David McWhite says:

    Really helpful info. Thanks for posting!

  • Vishal Upadhayay says:

    I have been using Awardwallet for nine years now. This is a great initiative!

  • Thanks for this opportunity. This is a really cool partnership with AA – it brought me here and introduced me to award wallet. It’s really great how you guys are adding so much value to readers!

  • This is an amazing program! I have about 150k AA miles that is going to expire next month so this really helps me by resetting my expiration clock!

  • David Rowe says:

    I see that American has paused the expiry date for FF miles to July 1st. However, I currently live in the UK and can’t use my miles at the moment (because of travel restrictions). Does anybody know if they will extend the expiration date for AAdvantage members living in travel-restricted areas of the world?

  • I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog post as I was reminded in my AwardWallet that my points were going to expire in 24 days. This is a quick way of keeping my miles from expiring. Fantastic tip, thank you!

  • Carolina says:

    I recently found out about this page and I’m so thankful I did! Great content. Thank you so much for all the tips!

  • Awesome! Thanks for the points i need to extend my expiration date. 🙂

  • R Gossen says:

    Thanks so much for notifying me my miles were about to expire and providing an easy way to keep them. Very valuable service!

  • Seth Breidbart says:

    I used to keep American miles alive by using Hilton’s points and miles program, but they ended that. So this is a very helpful benefit.

  • Jennifer says:

    Award Wallet is a great tool to keep points tracked in a single place and be able to access account data easily. I have been a fan for years! Thanks for what you do and for offering the 5 AA miles to keep accounts from expiring. Cheers to times where we can freely travel again!

  • Fantastic site, appreciate the tips here.

  • Thanks for the reminder that my miles are expiring soon! With no travel during the pandemic, I wouldnt have realized until it was too late.

  • Wow, just found another reason I love AwardWallet. This is a great feature to keep my miles from expiring. I am looking forward to traveling again very soon!

  • AwardWallet team, our family has been loyal users for years and you’ve built a phenomenally useful tool. You really went above and beyond by integrating with the award programs to be able to add points directly through your website. Very impressive!

  • I swear I didn’t even remember all the points I had racked up from different services. If I didn’t see them on my AwardsWallet account they would have expired without me having ever known. That’s why I love using AwardsWallet because there’s no other way I would keep track of all these points. I love traveling so that’s a lot of money that I would be spending if my frequent flyer and hotel points expired. Thank you AwardsWallet!

  • Thanks for saving my AA miles. And allowing us to earn more!

  • Gary Glasser says:

    I was a little frustrated with AA’s expiration policy in time of CV. Business Travel is basically shut down for 4 months now and it seems like travel will be largely limited through the summer. A 3-month extension is a little light. But, along comes AwardWallet with a great solution, which is highly appreciated. Just another bonus for being an AwardWallet subscriber. THANKS.

  • I found out that my AA miles were going to expire in 3 months and my next flight isn’t until September (after mile expiration). With the pandemic ongoing, I’m not flying before the expiration date of miles. This is a great way to extend my miles from expiring!

  • Thanks Award Wallet for all the helpful info and tools. I couldn’t stay organized without you!

  • chaya bennish says:

    Crazy how AA is still one of the few US airlines with mileage expiry, especially during the virus.

  • This trick has been helping me keep my parents miles alive for years even though they rarely travel. Thanks Award wallet!

  • Looking forward to the 5 AA points!

  • Thanks for keeping my AA miles alive!!!!

  • Larocque says:

    Just signed up for Award Wallet and found out about this offer. Thank you very much Award Wallet. This is extremely helpful during these difficult times with the virus.

  • Thanks to Award Wallet I was notified that my AAdvantage points were about to expire. With the reduction in travel due to the virus, I was concerned about how I could update my account so that my miles would not expire. After some searching on how to avoid the expiration of the miles I discovered the option of posting a comment to receive 5 free miles. This was extremely helpful to me. I have had an Award Wallet account for some time and only ever included my AAdvantage account, but I will update my profile to include all my travel accounts.

  • Fantastic product. I can’t imagine how I’d keep track of everyone’s account in the family without it. Staff is wonderful about attending to bugs and issues when a program changes their website and breaks AW.

  • Spiros Babatsikos says:

    It’s really amazing how sites like AwardWallet exists and help people to keep their miles from expiring. It’s truly refreshing to see something this positive and kind during this pandemic, so keep up the good work!

    However, I’m a little disappointed with American Airlines how short their extension period really is. While my country is currently in a process of getting things back to normal and easing it’s travel restrictions, I don’t really see myself taking any flights within the next 4 months since my usual travel destinations are still under a strict lockdown and require at least two weeks of self-quarantine. Perhaps AA could have just extended everyone’s miles to early 2021 like many other airlines did in order to make sure their loyal customers keep supporting AA in the future too.

  • I stumbled across this tip and was ever so grateful. In the past, when an expiration situation like this arose, my go-to was a quick-and- easy magazine subscription. But it appears that these are no longer available. Darn. But you guys saved the day. Bravo!

  • AwardWallet is great as always 🙂
    Wondering if AA announces another miles extension, this time for July expiration.

  • Lawrence G Heaton says:

    For people who have many airline hotel and transferrable Amex and Chase point and miles account for multiple family members Award Wallet is the only way to keep track and avoid mile and point expiration. Thanks

  • Caroline says:

    Dear AwardWallet,
    We really appreciate the level of detail you provide to support travelers to make the most of what all the airlines have to offer. Your research is impeccable and thorough. We use AwardWallet every time we plan a trip to figure out the best way to leverage our reward miles. We have gotten a number of free trips this way! Thank you for all you do!

  • Just joined AwardWallet on a tip from a friend. I was looking for a way to track my loyalty program memberships, expirations, travel itineraries and the like with one simple tool rather than having separate Outlook calendar notes all over and trying to make sure nothing falls through the cracks! Looking forward to populating my full profile and making use of all AwardWallet has to offer. Thanks!!

  • I really hope this works! AA miles are expiring and this is a life saver.

  • AwardWallet is an invaluable tool for tracking award points/miles across my numerous accounts — credit cards, airlines, hotels, and rental car companies — THANK YOU!!

  • Thank you.

  • What a great and convenient way to save my expiring American airlines miles! When times are tough financially it’s nice to know that AwardWallet is helping. Thank you!

  • Glad I’m subscribed to Awardwallet! My a advantage miles were due to expire and thanks to awardwallet for notify me, all is well!

  • Hi, points expiring in August so just wanted to keep them alive. Thank you.

    While Im here, quick question, is it likely that there is going to be a devaluation on AA points and other airlines over the next year? I get the impression hotels are not struggling as badly but wondering if they will use Covid as an excuse to devalue too?

  • This is an excellent opportunity to keep the activity of the miles in Covid days.
    Thank you AwardWallet!!!

  • Sam Tierney says:

    Thanks for your help 🙂

  • AwardWallet just keeps getting better! I can automatically track all my miles in one place and keep them active by posting comments? Yes, please and thank you!

  • Chris Stavrianos says:

    These are great tips for people looking to extend their AA miles especially at a time when travel is so limited due to restrictions and budgets will be tight coming out of this.

    Thanks AwardWallet!

  • G Nguyen says:

    Excellent tool for tracking miles & expiration dates. Much better than the manual spreadsheets I have used in the past.

  • Thank you.

  • Wow, this is great, thank you!

  • Wow! What a great option for extending miles, especially when travel and credit card spend is so restricted by Coronavirus. Thanks for providing this!

  • My AA miles will be expired in two months and it is helpful to extend it with just a comment.

  • Brown Bear says:

    I commented on this blog on May 9th and selected my AA account for the 5 miles, but haven’t received it yet after 12 days. Not sure what happened. My miles expire in a month, so would like to get this deposit to extend the expiration

  • Robert Jones says:

    Trying to get all my accounts on Award Wallet updated, but I am having trouble as AW is telling me the password is incorrect for my TAP miles and more account. I updated the password on TAP and signed in to be sure everything was good. It still does not work. Why might my password not work after its been verified? Also, I could use 5 AAdvantage Miles to keep my miles active!

  • This is great. I have tried using their shopping portal but it’s a hit and miss and I don’t want to just randomly order things just to get miles credited to my account. Thank you for providing this option to extend AA miles for commenting.

  • Commenting to extend expiration of my daughter’s miles. But also wondering when we’ll actually travel again. Really miss planning (yeah, I actually enjoy the planning part!) and going on vacations. So many places on our to-visit list. Hoping to get back to some kind of travel normal soon. In the meantime, everyone take care and stay safe.

  • Had some difficulty getting Hilton website added to awardwallet – was forcing me to download a chrome extension that warned that it could read all my web sites data!
    Please make it easier to load hilton.

    Like the notifications of when points are expiring.

    • Basically the extension is needed to update some types of accounts that we cant update for you from our servers due to technical reasons. It is also used to auto-log you into your accounts when you click the program name in the list of accounts. We don’t use it to read all your web pages information and all the pages in your history, it just needed for some loyalty programs due to technical reasons. Please send such questions via our contact us page:

  • Its been more than 5 biz days and I still have not seen any miles. It used to work fine. Am I the only one having issues?

  • Thank you for the promo!!
    This really helps to reset my AA miles expiration!

  • Una herramienta maravillosa que he estado usando por años. Simple, elegante y facil de usar. Nunca más dejes que se venzan tus millas!

  • Andy Coe says:

    This is a huge help and a wonderful feature to offer members. Thank you!!!!

  • Doesn’t look like this is working for me for the past couple of days. I just noticed.

    • Please note that it takes up to 5 business days to get the miles if your comment does get approved and we also have a limit of 5 miles per day. Typically, comments like “Thanks for the heads up”, “Great deal”, “Cool” go to spam automatically (not always though as we tweak the system) because they clutter the discussion without adding value.

  • I was really pleasantly surprised to learn about this feature of getting 5 points for commenting! I like getting extra points but am also appreciative that it’s a way to keep current points from expiring. Thank you very much!

  • This is awesome. Thank you for helping me from miles being expired. It seems like there is promotion going on for sign up bonus for AAdvantage Citi credit card.

  • Thank you for service. making good use for years

  • Love AwardWallet. Always try to get others to get an account because there’s nothing else like it. Keeping track on my own was a pain. Appreciate the AA miles to keep my account alive.

  • Sara Schmidle says:

    this is great; new user and love this site and tips…will download the app and start tracking points more….use AA exclusively….

  • thanks for the tip, you guys are awesome!

  • Jameel Nicholson says:

    This is an amazing tool. I was forced to donate 1000 miles about three years ago, as I had made the (rookie) mistake of buying a stack of miles directly from AA during a promotion, well before I learned about the value of miles/points, etc in a holistic sense. Leveraging a few keystrokes for free points preservation is a win-win. I heard about AwardWallet from ThePointsGuy, and this has not disappointed in consolidating all of the award programs I’ve picked up over the years…with this blog commenting being icing on the cake. Thanks for providing this service for travelers, as these few miles go a long way to preserving miles we’ve accumulated over the years until we have a chance to really use them again (or earn them in other ways over the long-term)!

  • Thanks for helping me keep my points active!

  • Paula Perez Napoli says:

    Life saving! I’ve been using this tool for years now, and it has prevented me more than once from losing hard-earnes miles!
    Also, the new features are super useful.
    Keep up the good work team!

  • si yong lyu says:

    I was concerned about that mileage is due to expire soon. but I am so happy with Awardwallet. it’s exciting to know this tip. Now I am relieved. Thanks Awardwallet.

  • Just to echo the thoughts of others, an excellent addition to whats become an essential tool for me.

  • Richard Casterline says:

    This is a fantastic feature, thank you for continuing to help people navigate the confusing world of air miles.

  • Unfortunately my AA miles expire soon like many others on here. And with the stay at home order still in place, I’m unable to use my miles. I don’t understand why they just don’t remove the expiration date like Delta and JetBlue have done. Thankfully last time I was able to extend my expiration dates by commenting here and it helped me to keep the miles for a hotel stay later on. I appreciate you guys keeping this great program in place so we don’t lose our hard earned mileage!

  • Thanks for this – with everything going on I didn’t realize I had AA miles expiring this summer and appreciate the notification!

  • Post again. Hope this time it works! Thanks!

  • justin j wong says:

    This is fantastic!

  • Thank you for helping me stay on top of this. Great tool!

  • Juan franchini says:

    Desde que me registre en awardwallet tengo mucha información respecto a lo que es referente a mis millas y viajes.gracias, aunque american ha dejado de volar a mi país y se me vencen las millas.gracias

  • Brown Bear says:

    Thanks AwardWallet for great app and posting blogs. These blogs are helpful. This one is particular is awesome because I can now extend my AA miles expiration. Thanks AW!

  • I have been looking for an app to help me maintain my frequent flyer programs and I see that awardwallet meets everything. The posts on his blog are super interesting and updated (I really liked the one about the luggage). I will recommend them

  • RBAustin says:

    This is a great post and a great way to extend AA miles. Thanks AwardWallet for a great app and a great way for us to earn miles and extend our miles expiration date.

  • Kartik Natarajan says:

    Thanks for this. Even though miles expiration has been extended, worth posting

  • What a great advantage. If I am understanding this correctly, I can keep my Mile from expiring just by adding miles? And commenting on blog posts will gain 5 miles. Thanks for the perk. My miles do not expire for a while, but I am always looking for tips.

  • AW is such a great tool to help me keep track of all my award programs, plus the helpful tips on maximizing their value are great.

  • Drew Gottlieb says:

    Thanks for the perk! My miles were about to expire and this definitely did reengage me with the service a little bit.

  • wow, This is nice because I am using Awardwallet since 2017

  • I love using Award Wallet to track point activity and the ability to pick up a few AA miles and reset the clock is awesome! I use a spreadsheet also, but getting an email reminder makes sure that I don’t lose track of expiration dates and lose miles is very helpful.

  • Thanks for the information about the AA miles expiration being paused. Thanks Awardwallet for watching out for us.

  • Rachel Haron says:

    When United and Delta got so ahead of the curve by publishing their mile extension I assumed that AA would follow suit soon after. The fact that they didn’t will end up hurting their relationship with their customers.

  • Dan Haron says:

    The fact that AA mile expiration aren’t extended further is a shame. AA needs to realize that we are their best customers and it is in their interest to keep us happy.

  • Nice why to extend my American Airline points. Thank you

  • Amit Poddar says:

    Thank you for the assistance on this by providing the miles to extend the expiration. Very much appreciated!

  • I have been looking for an app to help me maintain my frequent flyer programs and I see that awardwallet meets everything. The posts on his blog are super interesting and updated (I really liked the one about the luggage). I will recommend them

  • Pink wallet says:

    Good to know that the AA miles expiration is paused. Thanks Awardwallet for watching out for us.

  • Praveen Kumar says:

    AwardWallet has been one of the few services that i am ready to spend on due to the sheer value added by tracking hundreds of loyalty programs. I have gained enormously by tracking expiry of points, change of points balances, etc.
    I think AwardWallet team should consider integrating a tool to search award space within this application. That will make it a one stop shop for everything related to miles. I have used expertflyer in the past for searching awards. I’d be happy to pay a few dollars more to have the same functionality in AwardWallet.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Nicholas Lui says:

    Award wallet is a great service to keep track of almost all your points and miles!

  • Warren Hiew says:

    Awesome app to keep me sane with all loyalty accounts. Would definitely recommend.

  • Thank you for informing us that our miles won’t expire now, only on July 1.
    Hopefully the posting of the 5 miles will be fixed by then 🙂
    Thanks again.

  • Alexandra Kolb says:

    There are several great things about this service —
    – The ability to track and see all your accounts in a single place
    – The fact that you get email warnings about account and point/miles expirations . This is especially important if you also manage the accounts of your family members.
    – And… the fact that you can stop this expiration for AA accounts by interacting with AwardWallet and earning 5 miles per interaction. That, my friends, is priceless!

  • Vicky McKenzie says:

    Very handy to know thanks, yet again for your valuable advice 🙂

  • Jonathan says:

    This is a useful service but it doesn’t seem like it would be conducive to actual discussion.

  • Benjamin says:

    This is great – I’ve been looking for new ways to earn American Airlines miles. Every little bit counts!

  • Sarah McKeown says:

    It would be more of a good faith effort during these times of no travel in a pandemic and careful spending in an upended economy if American Advantage would extend miles expiration dates out six months or more.

  • Debra McKeown says:

    While I’m grateful to Award Wallet for alerting me of two of our family member’s American Airlines points about to expire, it would be best if the Airlines extended the expiration date out six months to a year. So many people won’t catch it or be able to do anything about it. It seems like a good faith effort to all who have been showing loyalty to their rewards program.

  • swlconsulting@msn.com says:

    Just learned about this feature. It’s wonderful. Thank you American Airlines for making this available for your customers. I consider these types of customer oriented programs when I decide which carrier to fly.

  • Michael Loughry says:

    If you asked to be notified of followup comments or posts by email, is there a way to turn that off?

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  • Re: pausing expiration dates. It would be cooler if they eliminated them like some other programs.

  • I’ve been using this to track so many of my accounts!

  • This indeed a great feature of AwardWallet. Have been a user for a few years already. This is one of the tools that I gladly pay annually. My AA miles are expiring in July. Had tried AA shopping portal, but it has been more than 1.5 months, there has not any mile creditted. Hopefully this AwardWallet feature will help my AA miles active.

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    Love this site.

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    This is fantastic. I joined AwardWallet to help keep track of all our points and I really appreciate the notifications that points are expiring. Thanks a lot for keeping informed

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  • Daniel Diaz says:

    Hi, if possible my daughter has points expiring on her account. I’ve been a AW user now for several years. Couldn’t travel without it.

    • Hey Daniel, thanks for being a member. Just make sure your daughter’s AA account is connected to your AwardWallet and you’ll have the option to credit the miles there.

  • Super cool, thanks! Now I can make sure my other points don’t expire too.

  • I used to use MilesForMagazines on American Airlines, but I think they’ve discontinued that relationship. So I’m desperately looking for another way to keep my miles alive. Found this great site and hope this will keep my mile from expiring. Thanks AwardWallet.

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  • My miles were expiring and ended up here. I didn’t know a thing like AwardWallet existed, I have always wanted a single place to track all my miles.

  • ThePointsGuy recommends your points tracker, so I’m excited to check it out!

  • Thanks for offering this service in these extraordinary times – its great to have all accounts organized and easily accessible and informing me of impeding expiration.

  • James Cooke says:

    Thanks AwardWallet, great deal 😀

  • Hello,
    I have posted and received miles, but have not seen a reset on the expiration of my AA miles. Is there a minimum number of miles required for that to happen using AwardWallet? Or if the points have been posted (in this case 5), is that enough to reset the expiration date? If so, do I call American if it has not reset?


    • Hey Barbara, 5 points is enough. Are you seeing the expiration not updated on AA.com or in your AwardWallet account? If it’s the latter, make sure you refresh the account so we can get the latest info. Otherwise, you can call AA to double-check, but I’m 100% sure the expiration should be reset by 5 miles of activity.

  • Yvonne Pratt says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to keep my miles from expiring. Who knows when we will be traveling again?!

  • Thanks for all your suggestions. During this coronavirus period I’m having an extra tough time getting my American Airlines miles to extend. I made a purchase through the mall last month but then it was denied because I purchased something from Walmart in the wrong category. Then I signed up for AA Dining but because of the shelter in place we aren’t doing any dining or take-out. So then I made a $25 donation to the American Red Cross as AA said that would give me bonus points, but so far I haven’t seen the points come through. This has been a lot of work for not that many miles (around 16,000). If you could award me 5 miles for posting that would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to see American get rid of expirations like United and Delta have.

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    I have been using AwardWallet for several years and it is BY FAR the easiest way to keep track of everything. These days, I have so many different rewards cards and rewards programs, my head was going to explode. It is SUPER that it lets me know some miles might expire!!

  • AWard wallet is a fantastic service!

  • Gotta be honest, I ran across AwardWallet and the blog comment thing while looking for a way to extend the expiration date of AA miles (mine and my kid’s). Was pleasantly surprised at how useful AW is – I’ll be using it for tracking all my mileage programs. Really love having all that info in one place and so nicely organized!


    This didn’t work the first time. Hoping it has been fixed since then?

  • Thanks for upgrading the account to AwardWallet Plus for 3 months! With worldwide travel almost impossible for the time being, really useful to keep tabs on memberships that could expire!

  • This didn’t work the first time. Hoping it has been fixed since then?

  • Frédéric says:

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    hope award wallet gets thru as its a good service.
    we are supporting you!

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  • Murtha Derr says:

    I am very excited to have found a way to keep track of my various mileage miles and loyalty points! I hope that this works to credit to my AAdvantage miles, since I only have a few days! Thanks!

  • Just stumbled upon your website and I love it! Hopefully this works. Disappointing that American Airlines is still allowing miles to expire even during the covid pandemic. Thanks!

  • Tejesh Kumar Mandapati says:

    Great feature to keep your miles alive! Thanks Award Wallet!

    • Hey there, we’re experiencing problems with awarding miles, including the popup message asking where you want to credit the miles. Our team is investigating, and we’ll update this post as soon as we have more information. If your miles will expire soon, check out some of the alternative methods to extend your expiration date.

  • This is really cool. Just registered for AwardWallet. Thanks for helping keep our AA miles active!

  • This is a useful and timely blog post to come across. In earlier years when I didn’t keep accounts going organicly I would end up paying one way or another to keep active.

  • I left a comment, but did not see any pop-up???

    • We have to approve these. You should see the popup next time you’re logged in.

      • So the order is post comment, then moderator review and approval (or not), and then the popup next login?

        • Hey Jaker, we’re experiencing problems with awarding miles, including the popup message asking where you want to credit the miles. Our team is investigating, and we’ll update this post as soon as we have more information. If your miles will expire soon, check out some of the alternative methods to extend your expiration date.

      • so weid. still not found any pop-up. I cleared the cache, re-login in the account, not working…….so l comment again…..

        • Hey there, we’re experiencing problems with awarding miles, including the popup message asking where you want to credit the miles. Our team is investigating, and we’ll update this post as soon as we have more information. If your miles will expire soon, check out some of the alternative methods to extend your expiration date.

      • Have there been any reports of pop-ups not working in some browsers vs others? In Chrome can’t seem to show despite repeated login/logout attempts and scrolling.

        • Hey there, we’re experiencing problems with awarding miles, including the popup message asking where you want to credit the miles. Our team is investigating, and we’ll update this post as soon as we have more information. If your miles will expire soon, check out some of the alternative methods to extend your expiration date.

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    Thank you AwardWallet!

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    Thanks Award Wallet for updating my points. A+++ program!!

  • Thanks Award Wallet for updating my points. Its a nifty little tool to save, monitor all your various points

  • Thank!! AwardWallet gives us the opportunity to track our miles, hotel points and especially the option to prevent our AA miles from expiring. How awesome is that?!

  • Thank you AwardWallet for giving us the possibility to track our miles, hotel points and especially the option to prevent our AA miles from expiring.

  • Jocelio Francelino says:

    Thank you very much for offerring us such a easy and free way to keep aadvantage miles.

  • I’ve tried a few times to comment without any luck. I am able to choose my AA account after posting, but I haven’t received any mileage credits. My miles are expiring in 7 days.

    • Miles usually post within 5 business days of your comment being approved. Unfortunately, our automated system doesn’t allow for us to retroactively post miles, could you please try to leave another comment?

      Hundreds of blog readers receive miles each week without issue, and we have a few suggestions to help prevent miles not posting in the future. Here are some thoughts/ ideas:

      1) Miles take up to 5 business days to post. We cannot speed up this process as it is wholly dependent on internal AA processes.
      2) Attempt log out and then log in to AwardWallet and try again.
      3) Please try using a different web browser and make sure you are signed in to your AwardWallet account before leaving a comment. Also, ensure that you have at least one AA account that is correctly updating. We cannot request a mileage deposit to an account that is not verified as working.
      4) Consider clearing your AwardWallet cookies/cache. Browser cookie caches sometimes become corrupt, which is out of the control of AwardWallet. We’ve noticed this happens most frequently for users of Google Chrome. That said, we test and personally use Chrome, Firefox, and Safari regularly without issue.

      If you have miles that have expired or are expected to expire within 5 business days we highly recommend you look at alternative means to keep your miles alive. We’ve put together a post on our blog for just this:
      Purchasing miles is the fastest way we’ve seen.

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    I remembered that I was a bit hesitant about it in the beginning, but now, after almost 10 years, I have only
    good things to say. Thanks!

  • Richard Dickins says:

    AwardWallet is absolutely essential for keeping track of all the Airline, Hotel and many other loyalty programs that we all have as modern traveller. The expiry date feature is the best because as I spread my ‘loyalty’ around due to different reasons, I sometimes forget that I have miles or points expiring.

    Top marks to the team for making this App – loving it!

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    I´m from Argentina

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