Do American Airlines Miles Expire?

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Yes, American Airlines AAdvantage miles expire if you have no earning or redemption activity on your account in an 18-month period. Per the AAdvantage FAQs page, “Just earn or redeem miles on American or with an AAdvantage partner at least once every 18 months. We’ll automatically extend your mileage expiration date 18 months from the date of your most recent activity.” Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can earn or redeem AAdvantage miles.

How to Earn American AAdvantage Miles

Here are some ways you can earn AAdvantage miles:

AA also regularly has special offers and promotions, which let you pick up extra miles as a one-off and keep your account alive, so keep your eyes on the AA site to find one of those offers.

How to Redeem Your AAdvantage Miles

Although AA made some significant changes to their award chart in 2016, and have brought changes to the AAdvantage program in 2017, there are plenty of options open to redeem your miles. For a full list of what you can redeem your miles for, head over to the AAdvantage redemption page. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out Sweet Spots with AAdvantage.

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  • Vic pizzitola says:

    I am definitely going to be looking into Choice offers. Planning a trip in January. It’s perfect! Let you know how it goes! Thx!

  • Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. Thanks for this info.

  • My AA points are expiring in 4 months. I’d like to see about getting the 5 pts from commenting on the blog!

  • My AA points are expiring in 4 months. I’d like to see about getting the 5 pts from commenting on the blog!

  • My AA points are expiring, will this comment extend the expiration, that is the question!

  • Michael J Macken says:

    I take this tool for granted. I need to be more active in being current with my reading of all the great information.

  • Never under estimate the power of knowledge. Hoping to extend my points expiration date.

  • A lot of useful information. I thought you could donate points to charity as well? I’m about to expire with no other ways to extend at moment. Does this comment count..

    • Jill Anderson says:

      Points expiring today and just found this line of comments. Hope to extend by miles today and will read the Award Wallet Blog more regularly after this. Hope this works in time!!

  • My favorite way to get AA miles is their Rewards Dining, as I like to eat out, and that’s easy. I’ve also purchased magazines with miles, Itunes songs, and even donated miles to charity. All work well. Now I’ll try the blog approach. AwardWallet makes it easy to track expirations: Pro Tip, plan ahead, as miles don’t post for 6-8 weeks for most of these methods.

  • Great article. Never good to lose miles due to expiration.

  • Thanks for the link to blog post showing how to prevent miles from expiring!

  • Brent Strombom says:

    Thanks for the great post. I’d like to see about getting my points extended.

  • Always good to have different options beside using the credit card or actual flying to keep the points active. Thank you in advance for the free 5 miles! 🙂

  • My AA miles are about to expire in March so I was looking at different ways to keep my account active.
    Being based in Europe/Germany I am not aware of any credit cards available here, nor is the dining program an option when you are not in North America.

    The rates for the exchange of hotel points are horrible so are the prices when purchasing miles on AA’s website.

    Hopefully this blog entry will do the trick.

    offtopic – to keep your IHG-account active you can buy an online e-magazine or book on their website which only costs a few points…

  • Award Wallet is helpful for me in tracking my family miles.

  • How long does it take for the points to be posted for comments made here? I still have a few weeks until my miles expire, but I am getting a little nervous.

  • Thanks for showing how to prevent miles from expiring!

  • Aleta Wolfe Gentile says:

    Is this still a valid method to obtain miles for a comment to keep miles from expiring?

  • It takes about 10 days for the miles to show up in your account, so don’t wait too long, if you’re miles are to expire soon.

    I was really happy, when I finally saw the miles in my account.

  • Thanks for this – trying it!

  • Tyler Sanfino says:

    Commenting for my extra miles

  • This is super helpful. Just found out my miles are expiring in a few days and will try the options above. Thanks for sharing!

  • Appreciate the effort to help the community! Thanks for the link-up with AAdvantage 🙂

  • I just signed up for AwardWallet today. So glad I did this article likely saved me from losing my AAdvantage miles that are about to expire -& I HAD NO IDEA. So glad I found this article & this site (& app)!

  • Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. Thanks for this info.

  • Bruce Meyers says:

    Hoping this terrific value is still in play

  • Thanks again for a great tool!

  • This Tool (Award Wallet) is the best tool out there to track Miles/Point – it can include unlimited Accounts, Unlimited family members and much more~

  • Award wallet is such a helpful tool! Love it

  • Steve Carter says:

    Awesome stuff! Award wallet is the bee’s knees!!

  • This is great information! I just wish I had signed up for this sight a little sooner as I’m in pretty dire straights with my expiration date looming!

  • Steve Carter says:

    This site is awesome. I am now a subscriber! Thanks guys!

  • Great that I can get points to extend my expiry date! I hope it is successful.

  • Germán Villarreal says:

    It may be useful for someone else: in Argentina you can earn miles by just using any Santander Rio AAdvantage Card.
    AwardWallet has just reminded me about my expiring miles, can´t be more grateful. Acting now to prevent it!

  • Hiren desai says:

    Love it

  • Thank you for this great article. It will be very useful to me as I am living in New Zealand and there are not many ways I can earn miles here so I will be following your tips so all my miles do not expire!

  • Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth keeping up with miles. They make it so difficult to keep them active if you aren’t flying frequently. I guess I would rather they keep the status quo rather than devaluing the miles though. At least this way if you are willing to work for it you can still benefit.

  • Does anyone have recent experience with methods that post miles the fastest? I’m right around the threshhold of 5 business days to expiration, but given that it took 10 days for Chris in February to get miles via AwardWallet, I may try multiple methods to hedge my bets (e.g., AA Shopping). Thanks!

  • If we get AA miles from a blog comment, will they post the same week? I’d rather not see my miles expire while waiting.

  • Jean Swindells says:

    Using AwardWallet, I manage the accounts for our whole family without feeling martyred! Your annual fee is well worth paying. Although most of us live in Canada, we do have AA accounts. However, they often verge on expiring, so now I need 5 miles for one of our grandsons. Thanks!

  • Jay Shin says:

    Wow, what a great benefit. Being in a AA hub almost all of my travel is done on AA. However, my family this year is actually going on United for the first time in ages so my families miles are going to expire (last year we used Virgin/Alaska). I wish I had known this sooner would have saved thousands of miles for the fam.

  • Steve Carter says:

    Heard about AW a year ago and thought I’d post just to see if the miles actually posted to AA. They did. Started using them ever since. You guys are awesome!

  • Steve Carter says:

    Oh. Also, their subscription for keeping track of all the different miles in one place is pretty nice. Signed up for that too. Definitely worth the yearly fee.

  • Wondering if there are other ways to use miles so they don’t go wasted. I looked into Miles for Mags but I don’t read any of those magazines. Are there any similar programs where I can get something I can use and that way don’t let my expiring miles go to waste?

    What about donating miles? Where can that be done?

  • I came across this site while looking into ways to extend my AA miles. Just testing the option to post a comment!

  • Ian Mesoznik says:

    Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. Thanks for this info.

  • Time for mileage renewals for some of my fam. Much appreciated!

  • AAdvantage is great program! Just need to get 5pts to extend my expiration 🙂

  • Commenting to earn 5 miles and extend expiration – thank you!

  • Charles M Duke says:

    AwardWallet ana american airlines are great

  • Robert Werner says:

    Award wallet has been of great value in tracking my miles and expirations. Thanks for the great site!

  • katie chang says:

    AwardWallet is a great service. I subscribe to the premium service and it keeps track of all my miles/points. Thanks in advance for the 5 AA miles!

  • Brian J Nielsen says:

    Help! My miles are about to expire! Please let this comment serve as notice that I would prefer they not do that!

  • Does anyone know if you can still claim AAmiles after the hotel stay? My miles are expiring in 3 months and I just stayed at an ICH hotel last weekend… Is there a way to claim the miles after your stay?

  • I used to have a UK credit card linked to AA award miles but it got withdrawn. The US cards don’t seem to have a UK equivalent which is a real shame. It’s a great way of collecting miles and stopping expiration.

  • Very helpful blog. Thanks!

  • Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. Thanks for this info.

  • Help! I’d rather have my miles not expire!

  • Don’t forget the shopping options through AA’s website. Currently they have a promotion for extra miles.

  • My mile expire in November. Thanks for the points!

  • This is very helpful info! I am commenting so that my miles will not expire. I will also check out the promotion for extra miles.

  • This is incredibly helpful! I have AA miles that are about to expire, and realized that thanks to AwardWallet emails.
    I hope this blog comment will extend the expiration date, although they do expire in just 2 days.


  • Very helpful post. I rely on awardwallet to let me know when points are about to expire. It’s great to see all the improvements to the site over the years, too.

  • Thanks for the post. Thanks in advance for the 5 AA miles.

  • Thank you AwardWallet for providing a little bit more peace of mind over the years about a silly, yet important thing: maintaining miles. I heard a few more airlines are eliminating expirations, as United did in August 2019. In the meantime, we’ll need services like these and good ways to get a few incremental miles to renew miles.

  • Marc Weisenfreund says:

    My AA miles expire in 3 months. Hoping this comment will earn me 5AA miles and extend the expiration.

  • Thanks for all the helpful information!

  • Thanks for these. Some really helpful tips here definitely! I think that using your miles for hotels and cars is a really good idea!

  • Great information! Thank you so much. always helpful to have different ways to keep your miles.

  • Very helpful information! Also, AwardWallet is a great way to keep track of your miles!!

  • Kellie Shellenberger says:

    I appreciate the information and the Award Wallet tool!

  • Award wallet continues to be the bees’ knees! Well played.

  • Thanks for the opportunity for 5 miles.

  • Is 5 miles enough to keep miles from expiring? If so, how much time does this buy me?

  • Linda Zaklikowski says:

    my AA miles expiring at end of November and then searched links and came across this blog about how to extend the expiry date! This service will be helpful as I don’t live in US anymore and don’t always travel on OneWorld partners. I will definitely be reading more blog posts

    • Linda Zaklikowski says:

      When I was submitting there was an issue with my AA link and so I hit SKIP FOR NOW as everytime I hit REFRESH ACCOUNTS it was showing ERROR. My question is how can I go back and “Refresh Account” or will the 5 points automatically go to my AA linked account (now that I fixed that link with Award Wallet)? I’ve read through FAQ’s and nothing there about how to go back and refresh? Appreciate your advice.

  • My points expire in 7 days but I signed up for AA card like 2 weeks ago and have been using the card. Looks like the miles don’t get posted until the closing date and a payment is made. to be on safer side, i also made a purchase at lowes via their eshopping site. I am planning to call the customer service on Monday to clarify my standing.

  • Thanks for the helpful tips in keeping my miles from expiring, i will be a user for many years to come.

  • Andre Monteiro says:

    I love this feature from AwardWallet. I was told my miles were expiring and this is a really useful way of adding some points in a fast manner. Great job!!

  • ROBERT E ROY says:

    I am so glad I joined AwardWallet!!! I just saw that my American Airlines points are scheduled to expire in early 2020. I had NO IDEA!!! Thank You!!

  • The reminder and functionality of the blog are greatly appreciated, keep up the good work!

  • Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. Thanks for this info, in order to be able to don´t loss the miles!

  • I have been looking for a program that would make me aware of when my miles are expiring and came across this when I realized that my AA points are expiring in a few months. I am excited to give this a try!

  • Great service! And great idea for the promotion – it makes it easy to keep American miles from expiring.

  • Gaston gomez says:

    I love award wallet

  • This is such a valuable article.. thank you for posting

  • Robert Lymburner says:

    As a frequent traveler, I am so glad I found AwardWallet to help keep track of various mileage programs. Looking forward to expanded use!

  • Jeremy McGale says:

    AA and Award Wallet. That is way to go. That can help protect the account.

  • Just realized that this works with multiple AA accounts being tracked under one AwardWallet account. Super useful for managing kids’ accounts!

  • I am so glad I found this article, looking forward to points never expiring again!

  • Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. This is really helpful. Thanks.

  • Thanks in advance—wasnt there a commercial about leaving a south american country and when boarding AA–their was a sense of relief ?

  • Thanks for sharing this feature with everyone, definitely one of the best way to keep members engaged.

  • Thank you for the information.
    This is really helpful tips to use the aa mileage.

  • Top Tip, my account updated in less than 48 hours. Award Wallet is a must have for any miles/points collector. Thank you.

  • Carolina Montera says:

    I hope to prevent that my milles expire. Thanks for the info!

  • thanks for the info

  • Great tips for earning and preserving miles on American Airlines
    many thanks

  • Helpful article. Posting comment to keep my miles from expiring, thanks AA!

  • Milesflipper says:

    Mine are expiring even though I had 5 points from award wallet post recently.


  • Does this still work? Mine show expiry even with the 5 points from a comment.

  • This works and it’s great.

  • I took this tool for granted. Now that I know more about it. I will use it more. Also love the five miles if you comment. Score!!

  • Check your Dining Rewards points regularly – I find I need to drop them an email fairly often for missing dines, especially if a card is moved between dining accounts

  • Great service, really good idea to keep miles from expiring. Look forward to exploring the other options on this site. Much thanks!

  • I am kicking myself because I didn’t realize AA had a shopping portal and I could have been earning so many miles this whole time! Thanks for showing me all the ways to earn!

  • Thanks for this great information

  • Patricio Caro says:

    Hello my miles are about to expire 03/30/20

    Can you help me to keep that from happening?

    Thank you

    • If you have miles that have expired or are expected to expire within 5 business days we highly recommend you look at alternative means to keep your miles alive.
      Purchasing miles is the fastest way we’ve seen. Also, please note that there is a limit of 5 miles earned per day.

      • I understand that AwardWallet will give me 5 miles per day and in this way the ones I already have will be renewed?

        • Patricio, what do you mean by “AwardWallet will give me 5 miles per day”? We’re happy to approve comments that answer questions for other readers or share your personal experience or opinion related to the post on which your comment is submitted. However, we won’t approve comments like “‘Thanks!“, “Great deal”, “Cool’” from folks that comment frequently. We have this policy because superficial comments clutter the discussion without adding value.
          So, if the majority of submitted comments doesn’t provide value, a reader won’t be allowed to comment. Please note that we don’t promise anywhere that you will get your 5 miles even if your post is approved. If you are posting comments on our blog only for the purpose of getting 5 miles for each post we recommend that you stop doing that.

          • Irene, my English is not good and I am using the google translator to write them, maybe the translation was not good.
            I decide if there was a misunderstanding.

            On the other hand I want to thank you for helping me not to lose the miles I had in AA, because thanks to the 10 miles granted, the total was renewed for 1.5 years.

            Thank you very much AwardWallet for helping me !!!!


  • I posted a week ago (2/22/20), got the pop-up for the miles and yet received no miles and now my comment is missing. There was nothing inappropriate about my post. Disappointing.

  • This is the easiest way to keep AA miles alive in seldom used accounts (ie my kids). Hopefully it also increases page views for AwardWallet so that they can continue to offer it. I’ve been a paid user for years. Well worth the money!

  • This used to be a nice tool but both comments I posted over the last week disappeared (as mentioned by a different user above). Hope you get this fixed soon.

  • I was just informed by AwardWallet-Team that this nice little feature now works again. Fingers crossed.

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