American Airlines AAdvantage Improves Mileage Expiration, But Expiration Pause Has Now Ended American Airlines AAdvantage Improves Mileage Expiration, But Expiration Pause Has Now Ended

American Airlines AAdvantage Improves Mileage Expiration, But Expiration Pause Has Now Ended

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Over the past few years, Delta, Southwest, and United have all eliminated mileage expiration. But, American Airlines AAdvantage® miles still expire. Instead of eliminating mileage expiration entirely, American Airlines slightly improved its expiration policy. AAdvantage® miles now expire if you don't have qualifying activity in a 24-month period—instead of the prior policy requiring activity every 18 months.

American Airlines was one of many airline and hotel programs that paused expiration. However, the pause of AAdvantage® mileage expiration ended on March 31, 2022. That means that any AAdvantage® member that hasn't generated activity since 2020 should act to generate activity before their miles expire.

Do American Airlines Miles Expire?

Yes, American Airlines AAdvantage® miles expire if you have no earning or redemption activity on your account in a 24-month period.

Per the AAdvantage® FAQs page:

Just earn or redeem miles on American or with an AAdvantage® partner at least once every 24 months. We’ll automatically extend your mileage expiration date 24 months from the date of your most recent qualifying activity.

There's one exception that American Airlines recently added: AAdvantage® members under 21 years old aren't subject to mileage expiration—until their 21st birthday.

Fortunately for the rest of us, there are plenty of ways you can earn or redeem AAdvantage® miles.

Fastest Options for Extending American Mile Expiration

For those with a short amount of time before miles expire here are a few options:

  1. Donate AAdvantage® miles — American states that donations may take up to 48 hours to process, some have reported the transaction posting within a few hours. You can donate a minimum of 1,000 miles.
  2. Buy AAdvantage® miles — Posting time ranges from instant to 48 hours. The cost is around $75 to buy the minimum 2,000 miles.
  3. Transfer from Marriott Bonvoy — You can transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to AAdvantage® miles at a 3 to 1 ratio. You need to transfer a minimum of 3,000 points. According to AwardWallet tracking, the average transfer time is around 48 hours.

Here's our post on the current promotions to buy American Airlines miles. You can check our miles purchase times page to see how long it will take for purchased miles to post.

An Easy Way to Earn AAdvantage® Miles

Wouldn't it be great if you could earn AAdvantage® miles every month—without lifting a finger? Bask Bank offers a savings account that earns AAdvantage® miles instead of interest. You'll earn one mile for every dollar you save annually. And since Bask Bank deposits miles in your AAdvantage® account on a monthly basis, you'll never have to worry about generating activity to extend your expiration date.

Opening a Bask Savings Account is hands down the easiest way to permanently eliminate “stop my American miles from expiring” from your to-do list. There's no limit to the number of miles you can earn, and it's quick and easy to set up. Check out our full review for more details.
Keep American Airlines miles from expiring with Bask Bank

Other Ways to Earn AAdvantage® Miles

Here are some other ways you can earn AAdvantage® miles (some of these options won't credit to your account right away):

American Airlines also regularly has special offers and promotions, which let you pick up extra miles as a one-off and keep your account alive. So, keep your eyes on the AA site to find one of those offers.

Miles Don't Expire for Credit Card Holders

There's good news if you hold an American Airlines credit card. If you have one, your miles aren't subject to expiry. This is a new change as of March 1, 2022. That includes cards like these:

Reinstate Expired Miles

If your miles should expire for some reason, American Airlines allows you to reinstate them. You can visit to find out the price for reactivating your miles. AA says the price will depend on how many miles you want to reactivate. There are some important restrictions:

  • You can only reactivate miles from the past 24 months.
  • Only one reactivation transaction is permitted, and any miles you don't reactivate in that one transaction will be lost.
  • A maximum of 500,000 miles can be reactivated.
  • You can reactivate online or by calling AA customer service.

How to Redeem Your AAdvantage® Miles

If you looking for ideas on how to get more value from your miles, check out our post on AAdvantage® redemption sweet spots. You may also find our post about American Airlines partners helpful with planning your next trip. When you’re ready to book, just head to the award search page.

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  • Good information, thanks for keeping this up-to-date

  • The Best way of keeping your AA miles from expiring Is commentting on AwareWallet’s blog

    • I wish that was still true! Unfortunately, AA took legal action that prevents us from being to continue to award miles for blog comments 🙁

  • Buenas amigos argentinos,
    Cómo puedo renovar las millas que tengo sin tener que comprar, donar o transferir puntos (opción Marriot)?
    Será por otra página?

    No existe más la posibilidad de extender la validez de las millas ganando 5 al comentar en esta página?
    Lo hice hace un tiempo y ahora veo con asombro que no puedo siquiera asociar mi número a AAdvantage a los comentarios.

  • Thank you for the update.

  • Talchinsky says:

    Thank you for this valuable information.

  • Alejandro Javier Santillan Iturres says:

    My miles were supposed to expire on April 2022, but now the expiration moved to oct1, 2022. Why is that?

    • Ryan Smith says:

      That new date is likely 24mo from your last AA activity. They changed the expiration from 18 months to 24 months. Was your last activity in your AA account in September or October of 2020?

      • Paul Glenn says:

        Well my last activity was in October 2020 (award wallet, thank you), so my aadvantage account is expiring in April 2022. I contacted AA about this, and they think it’s the correct date, as the 24 month policy doesn’t apply. I’m still dubious and my other activities haven’t posted (3 weeks).

        Anyone know more definitely if I should expect 18 or 24 months from an old date, like October 2020?

        Just in case others are in a similar situation.

        • That’s concerning. I’ve reached out to American Airlines media relations about when they expect the expiration dates to be updated to reflect the new 24-month policy.

  • Alejandro Javier Santillan Iturres says:

    It would be great if miles don’t expire. I don’t see why should it be this way.

  • es muy buena la informacion y si es cierto que AA, deberia tener la no caducidad de las millas como las oras companias, mas aun para los argentinos que no tenemos ningun banco para obtener millas con las compras como era con el CITY y luego con el Santander, ademas no habia ni companias aereas para volar en Argentina ni a sudamerica, ahora esta solo Gol, algo es algo, pero no para una linea como AA, gracias

    • Ryan Smith says:

      Mario, estoy de acuerdo en que es difícil con AA no tener una tarjeta de crédito en Argentina y no tener una asociación con LATAM ahora. AA y GOL quieren ampliar su asociación para obtener mejores ganancias y mejores beneficios. Veremos que pasa con esto.

  • Although there may be some unwelcomed adjustments for the program, the mileage extension policy has been extended for another six months, which is much closer to the current level within the flight industry.

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Has the awardwallet account closed link with AA miles ? I can’t find it in my account now .

    • JT Genter says:

      Unfortunately, American Airlines took legal action to force us to stop tracking American Airlines accounts.

  • Thanks for the update, that plus your recap of ways to maintain my miles, is most appreciated.
    However; I am planning to spend down my account as quickly as possible.
    I have stopped patronizing American since they broke ties with AwardWallet.
    No longer allowing your clients to track our miles (which we own!) and disallowing the 5 miles/posting are just not acceptable business decisions.
    Hello Delta and United.

  • Thank you for all this información, It Is really helpful

  • The Best way of keeping your AA miles from expiring Is commentting on AwareWallet’s blog

    • JT Genter says:

      It used to be! Unfortunately, we can no longer track American Airlines accounts, so we can no longer award miles for comments.

  • Still not flying yet, so will have to remember to keep the account active

  • Linda Camusso says:

    Todo lo que permita evitar vencimiento de millas es muy bienvenido.

  • Carlos Levin says:

    Buenas noticias de AAdvantage!!!

  • American Airlines want that as many miles as possible to expire…. Sadly.

  • Guys, regardless of what happened with American Airlines, I just wanted to thank you for helping us keep our miles all this time. You guys have always been awesome. 😊👍

  • Did AA just takek out expiration date of the miles on

    Just checked and didn’t see any date next to the miles balances.

  • Helena Fortunato says:

    Dear all,

    I would like to know if AA will postpone the expiration date of the miles after December 2021. It is still almost impossible to travel, especially internationally, and I really do not want to lose my miles.

    If anyone knows anything, please post a comment here.

    Many thanks and Happy New Year for all,

  • Ana Maria del Rosario Valencia says:

    I am grateful that American Airlines is extending the expiration deadlines of our accrued mileage. Yet, most likely Omicron will force us all to postpone the next fly… so please do consider a most welcome, new pause!!

  • Is Award wallet still doing the 5 AA points for commenting on a post? I don’t see it listed anymore? Long time payed Award Wallet user and have used it in the past.

    • Unfortunately, American Airlines has forced us to stop tracking American Airlines accounts on AwardWallet. Neither earning miles via commenting on the blog feature works now. We are very sorry about this and were hoping it would not come to this until the last minute. Due to legal reasons, we are not allowed to disclose further details.

      • Thanks for this update, which I only just realised. I suppose I had better do something before my AA miles expire …

  • Thanks for detailed info, very useful indeed.

  • Thank you for this comprehensive site on AAdvantage Miles expiration, earning, and redemption! Way more details and options that the AA site and FAQ i browsed through. Between pregnancy and Covid, this site is a lifesaver! Thank you!

  • As 2021 draws to an end….lets hope we all have a better 2022 and we’ll be able to travel without pandemic restrictions soon.

  • franco macchegiani says:

    excelente AwardWallet como te organiza en un solo lugar todas las reservas de viajes sin tener que hacer nada y mantener el progama de AA miles sin vencer, son unos genios mal, sigan asi !!!!!!

  • This is a super-helpful blog post about preventing AAdvantage miles from expiring, extra relevant now that COVID expiration waivers are coming to an end.

  • Leonardo Weisinger says:

    We´ve had a great idea! Thank you for helping me to keep my AA miles!

  • Having the chance to earn 5 miles to extend the validity of the program is a great service from AwardWallet. Especially for users in Argentina, where now there is no possibility of having a credit card associated with the AA miles program. Thank you!

  • Noelia Garone says:

    Totally necessary because with the covid-19 pandemic it was very difficult to make travel plans. Aadvantage proves to live up to the benefits it offers to its members.

  • Not many options to extend miles for those who live outside the US besides flying. Haven’t flown since the pandemic hit. Very grateful to Award Wallet for having this thread.

  • It’s a nice gesture from American Airlines, earning some goodwill, and it does not cost them much.

  • Es excelente poder comentar en AwardWallet, ya que por el momento al menos no hay ninguna tarjeta de crédito en Argentina que permita sumar millas en AA.

  • Even though it’s not difficult to extend the validity of Aadvantage miles, the extension given by American Airlines is very nice.

  • Luis Correa says:

    18 month of expiration period keeps us constantly looking for the right moment to travel. Last year because of Covid wasn’t the best idea, however, 2022 seems to be the year to make up for lost time.

  • This is good news but really it’d be nice if they just got rid of that policy. Just have no expiration date of miles and then they wouldn’t have to consider extending the life during this time. But then I am sure that having an expiration date might bring in extra money? I am unsure.

  • Barbara Steele says:

    Just checked my account and confirmed this. Great for Australians who are only just now able to book overseas flights, though with Omicron, the rules seem to be changing every second day.

  • Ana Maria del Rosario Valencia says:

    Quite useful comments and tips from the AwardWallet blog indeed. Yet, I usually fly prior to jumpin’ on a cruise.
    I truly wish a wider partnership between the AAdvantage program and several cruise lines would be available.
    Othewise, sometimes I engage in unneeded purchases, or car rentals, just to prevent my outstanding miles from expiring!!

  • I think it’s excellent that they have extended the deadline, in the face of the new strain, I don’t know what will happen, maybe they should extend it even more.

  • Muy buenos tipa para mantener la cuenta AA activa

  • Cool Deal! I picked up the Bask account and put some money in there to passively earn miles each month.

  • Excelente articulo, muy util conocer todas las posibilidades para renovar el vencimiento de las millas.

  • No one would have imagined that we would need so many pauses / extensions 2 years ago.

  • Matías Abuchanab says:

    They should cancel the expiration of the miles, given the covid-19 pandemic. Other airlines have already done it and if AA made this decision, it would be a very good marketing strategy that all its users would surely celebrate.
    Thank you very much Award Wallet !!

  • Other airlines and hotel programs need to follow suit. Business travel still has been way cut back.

  • Julio Mongelli says:

    Very good and useful information because I am near to lose my miles.

  • It is good that they have extended the expiry, but I do wish they would make the extend their normal expiry period. British Airways has 36 months since last activity for expiry of their points. This would make more sense than the current 18 month period that American have.

  • Citibank cards that include AAdvantage program is the bet option to earn AA Miles

  • This is one of the best news in the holidays, until March 2022 is better than nothing

  • Nelson Pirolo says:

    An excellent news. American Airlines is showing they care about their clients!

  • If you have any MasterCard, join and participate in SimplyMiles to earn AAdvatage miles.
    Here’s the website:

  • linda teresa laura says:

    En Argentina no hay forma de acumular millas para American con ninguna tarjeta de crédito. Mediante award wallet es posible renovar la vigencia de las millas acumuladas, lo cual es una gran ventaja.

  • carlos illya levin says:

    Es una suerte contar con award wallet para poder mantener vigentes las millas de AAdvantage desde que no hay ninguna tarjeta de crédito en Argentina asociada al programa. Muchas gracias.

  • gabriel pimentel says:

    This is an excelent news for me, since pandeminc I was afraid to see my miles go away.
    thkns a lot Awardwallet

    best regards

  • Rachel Caspi says:

    Thank you for making it easy to keep the AAdvantage miles from expiring. I am unable to travel in the next 6-12 months for health reasons, and this has made it possible for me to keep my miles. Much appreciated.

  • I just saw this post as I was looking for information regarding expiry dates. Before I would transfer points from one AAdvantage account to another ( my 2 sons’ accounts) to keep them open. Thanks so much for this tip; it has saved me money!

  • Thank you. So happy to pay for your services. You guys are doing great job at giving me warning when miles are about to expire.
    I did check that chase ultimate points or American Express points can not be transferred to American Airlines. So I hope 5 AA advantage points keep them from expiring.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Wendy Hertz says:

    Thanks so much for the good advise. I’m also pleased American Airlines is requiring vaccinations for their employyes.

  • Howard Hertz says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’m flying later this week on American Airlines so my miles won’t expire.

  • United and Delta miles doesn’t expire. Think AA will follow?

  • Nancy Stoughton says:

    Will I loss my frequent flyer miles? If so when.

  • This is excellent news! American Airlines is one of the airlines with which I fly the best.

  • really helpful to keep the account active with AAdvantage

  • David De Luna says:

    Thank you, AwardWallet! This is a great way of supporting rewards members during the pandemic.

  • mauro canavesi says:

    I am so glad to have this opportunity to keep my AAdvantage miles from expiring during this crisis.

  • Vere ifill says:

    Had booked to travel last year but COVID spoiled my plans. Hope my miles don’t expire as I plan to travel this year. Vere ifill

  • I am so glad to have this opportunity to keep my AAdvantage miles from expiring during this crisis. Thank you AwardWallet.

    • Estefanny Aybar says:

      Thank you for the informative article AwardWallet. Hoping I get to keep my AAdvantage miles to travel in 2022.

  • says:

    How do I transfer my miles to my daughter?. I am 85 years old and will not be traveling. Thank you for your help. Elizabeth Forgie

  • Mandy Hitchcock says:

    Thank you for keeping me informed about when my points are about to expire and for giving me a chance to make sure they don’t! Super helpful!

  • Great article! Thanks for the AA points!

  • Vincent Lobuzzetta says:

    Thanks for this information – totally forgot about my American miles, since American is my backup flight choice. I’m glad I found to help navigate when miles expire and best ways to extend the date. Thanks so much for this information!

  • Joseph Roppa says:

    Appreciate AwardWallet. Working with rewards members and during pandemic

  • Joan Rodden says:

    I’m relieved to hear the expiration on Advantage Miles has been extended. With all that has happened in the last 15 months, I’d completely forgotten about my bank of miles (and about traveling at all!) I came to AwardWallet to check the status and learned the news. Thanks for the update!

  • Carol Rudoff says:

    I appreciate the reminder. This is the best way to keep track of my miles especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Douglas Cowan says:

    I would also have hoped for an extension of the AA mileage expiration pause, at least for European members. At least for me in the UK it is still very expensive and iinconvenient due to the ongoing COVID testing /quarentine requirements to fly to jjust about any AA international destination .

  • Kim Varady says:

    I appreciate this opportunity to comment and extend the expiration of my meager pile of miles in American Airlines. I generally don’t fly American buy may need to next year when I travel abroad. So many rewards plans don’t have points expire. I wish American would get on that bandwagon. It is just one of many reasons I choose not to fly them. I will be paying attention to your blog and podcasts to get the right card to start piling up miles in the future should we end up traveling abroad on American. I really appreciate what I have learned from you guys.


  • Ignacio Zucal says:

    Thanks to AwardWallet, now I can know the status of all my loyalty programs in one place, with notifications and a very useful dashboard!
    In particular, it has helped me to know that my AAdvantage program miles are about to expire and, luckily, I was able to find this post to be able to extend them.
    Thanks AwardWallet !!

  • This was a really helpful tip for learning how to extend award miles! AA used to have a mags for Miles program that they recently stopped doing, so this is a nice way to learn how to extend the points if you can’t fly soon enough to redeem a reward.

  • tom yahoo says:

    greaa article.

  • It’s very disappointing that AA doesn’t extend mile expiration pause, particularly for international members. If I were to currently travel on AA I would be subjected to a 14 day quarantine upon my return to Canada.

    I suppose that AA focuses on domestic travel and is not an airline most people thing of as an international carrier.

    It will be interesting to see if they revise the program like Delta.

    • I hear you. I’m in the same boat at my mom’s AA points are set to expire. I hope AA extends miles expiration pause.

  • This is one of the many reasons I’m so glad I found and signed up for Award Wallet. Its been a life and points saver over I want to say close to 10 years now! Thank you for everything you do.

  • Jeffrey Haus says:

    Lots of good content here @ Award Wallet. Now that things are opening back up, it’s nice have this such a great resource available in the travel toolbox.

  • This just saved me. This might be a dumb question but when you say “recent activity” does that mean that any positive increase in my airline points basically restarts the clock on the expiration?

  • Molly Dull says:

    I was directed to this post through Nerd Wallet but hadn’t heard about AwardWallet prior to that. I’m so glad I found you! Just added a ton of my accounts and am excited that I can track my point expiration dates somewhere. AwardWallet even flagged a password from one of my accounts that has been listed in data breaches which is cool so I know to go change it!

    One note from my experience so far: I am seeing that my Hilton Honors account requires a browser extension, and that browser extension is asking for permission to “view and change data” on ALL websites I visit. Yikes! That doesn’t seem necessary at all for an app that’s tracking my points and expiration date – in fact, it feels like an overreach. Is there an alternative way for me to link that account on here?

    • Basically the extension is needed to update some types of accounts that we cant update for you from our servers due to technical reasons. It is also used to auto-log you into your accounts when you click the program name in the list of accounts. We don’t use it to read all your web pages information and all the pages in your history, it just needed for some loyalty programs due to technical reasons. 
      If you prefer not to install the extension, you will be able to use our service. But the auto-login feature will be unavailable and we will be unable to update some types of your accounts.

  • Elyse OConnell says:

    Can I combine my miles with my husband’s?

    Does dining at ANY restaurant on your list quality to extend miles?

    I recently received an e-mail that said my miles would expire in 90 days – but your website says the expiration time was paused?

    • 1. You can’t combine AA miles across accounts—at least not without paying exorbitant fees. But you can book for other people from your account.
      2. Not sure which list you mean. If you earn miles through AA dining, it will extend expiration.
      3. Expiration is paused through June 30th. But the 90-day notice from AW doesn’t conflict with that. Think of the AA policy as a moratorium on mile expiration. If your miles “should have” expired during the pause, they’ll still expire right after (July 1)

      HOWEVER… just making a comment on the AwardWallet blog will get you 5 miles. But you need to have an AA account tracked in your AW account list. See this post:

  • The 5 points would be nice if I can get it extended.

    I got a bit over the minimum to do a RT flight in the USA but they expire in August. Hopefully this will get the expiration extended so I can take flight in the fall/winter to get some warm weather.

    Looking forward to using AwardWallet going forward.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • Thanks AwardWallet for providing this awesome way to extend my miles!

  • So glad this thread is still going. Appreciate being able to keep my AA miles active since we can’t travel. Wish other retailers would have a similar model rather than letting customer loyalty points expire.

  • What a great way to have AA miles updated and not expire during this time when one cannot travel with the pandemic. Thanks AwardWallet

  • This is a really useful in the pandemic situation! My miles are about to expire.

  • Sharka12345 says:

    The waiving of the expiration policy for individuals under 21 is a reversion to what used to apply to all. Why not under 18 (since that would correspond to the age of majority) and, whatever the age, why can this not be implemented and show automatically from the information held in the AAdvantage account?

  • Thomas Kisko says:

    It was very frustrating trying to create a AwardWallet account. There is no create account or login at the top. I think I did it via Deals tab. Please add to this and other posts how to create an account.

  • Linda Bloxham says:

    I can’t tell you how much AwardWallet has made so easy for me to manage my airline and hotel rewards points. Without them I would be losing miles frequently. Thanks to AwardWallet

  • To clarify, if I have an AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard & earn points solely through everyday purchases (gas, groceries, etc) every month, will that keep my miles from expiring?

    • JT Genter says:

      Certainly! Miles earned through credit card spending count will extend your expiration date. And you don’t even need to spend monthly. As long as you make a purchase once a year, you’ll be set.

  • Great post! Now I know how to save my hard earned miles. Thank you 🙂

  • Beth Otto says:

    I was surprised to find American miles expiring mid-pandemic. This is a helpful way to track and manage points expiration.

  • Juan Manuel Villar says:

    I have plenty of miles that i want to use once restrictions are lifted, so this is a good way that AA shares with users to extend the expiration period!.

  • Great way for one to get bonus AA miles and not let points expire.

  • Thank you, it´s really usefull! My miles will expire soon so this information is interesting! While we wait to travel again, thank AwardWallet for the tips on keeping our miles active!

  • Vero Ferre says:

    Great News! Can’t wait to begin flying again. Thanks for the info!

  • Jill Stouffer says:

    I am rather new to earning air miles AND using them! I have been notified that my AA miles are due to expire soon. AwardWallet has opened my eyes to opportunities to preserve and add to my AA miles account. I am very grateful.

  • Irina Semenek says:

    Looking forward to traveling this year!

  • Stanley Papel says:

    I truly appreciate the services of AwardWallet. Keeping notified of changes and mileage expirations has been most helpful over the years. 5-stars for the App and services !

  • Elena Semenek says:

    Can’t wait for my next vacation! Already booked the trip. Hopefully, Covid is not going to stop it this time.

  • Thank you for providing your services of tracking points and their expiry, and also for providing ways to prevent losing our hard earned points!

  • Frederick S says:

    thank you Award Wallet and AA to notify me that miles will expire soon

  • Michael Lewen says:

    This notification service saved me from my miles expiring, so helpful thank you!!

  • Thanks for letting me know my points were about to expire!

  • Katy O'Brien says:

    This is incredibly helpful. I have had so many instances of miles expiring and this really helps! Thank you!

  • This is super-useful! Looks like I have some American Airlines miles expiring next month, as usual AwardWallet to the rescue!

  • Can’t wait to begin flying again. Thanks for the AA points!

  • Great to be notified that my miles are expiring,

  • Alex Palanker says:

    Thanks for providing this great service, not sure what I would do without this. Looking forward to getting back on the road.

  • Griffin Lee says:

    Thank you very much for providing this service.

  • These are fantastic tips. As another Brit across the pond with few options to have activity on my account I had almost resigned myself to losing my miles. Hopefully We’ll all be back to a form of normal soon.

  • Alexander Newman says:

    A very useful blog post and a great website I have just discovered. Keep up the good work!

  • Great post. I appreciate you listing out the numerous ways I can both redeem and earn American airline points. Mine are set to expire soon so this will be extremely helpful!

  • I’m so happy to read this post, because my American miles were set to expire in a few months!

  • Kyoung an bang says:

    Thanks for remind me about keeping miles from expiring and it really helps me , Thanks as always.

  • Thanks for offering to provide 5 free miles – that really helps a lot to avoid them from expiring!

  • Kate Marsh says:

    Helpful information as always from Award Wallet! Love the details and easy links for all of these options. Thank you!

  • Jonathan J says:

    I found this site when researching the best ways to keep my American miles from expiring! So glad I found this service that can help manage all my award accounts in one spot! What great information to keep our accounts from expiring earned points during these pandemic times where we’re not travelling as much (or at all)!

  • Thanks, this advice is so valuable during these times! Can’t wait to start travelling again soon

  • Wow, so useful, this is great service to help us keep our miles without throwing them away on buying items we don’t need! My miles had almost expired and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Thank you for your service to the community of frequent flyers.

  • Rosanne Cuomo says:

    Thanks for the reminder and suggestions on how to keep my miles from expiring.

  • We cannot wait to use our (soon to be non-expiring!) AAdvantage miles in the fall.

  • Lloyd Baroody says:

    Thank you to all of AA’s employees who worked during Covid when the risks were sometimes undefined. You are our heros.

  • Paul Swenson says:

    This is super-useful! Looks like I have some American Airlines miles expiring next month, as usual AwardWallet to the rescue!

  • Sadanand Kalasabail says:

    If I book a Qantas flight and use the AA membership does the points earned be used for extension of the expiry date?

  • Christopher Stokowski says:

    Thanks for the write up, very helpful information!

  • Maureen Perry says:

    Thanks for the warning about expiring miles in my American Airlines Advantage account. This a great Award Wallet feature!

  • Thomas Baginski AA KX18894 says:

    Our family would like to travel via AA. Planning a trip to Bulgaria and Poland from Washington DC. Any suggestions for using miles would be helpful. I need more miles. Spouse does not have covid-19 Vaccination. Can she fly on AA?

  • Robert Rodney says:

    I thought there was still an extension on miles for American before expiration. Thank you for notifying me and hopefully I will get 5 points to my account to keep it active!

  • Amy Sherman says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I’m surprised the airline hasn’t extended the expiration date further. It would be a shame to lose years worth of mile accumulation, so I’m grateful for this option.

  • Thanks for the informative post. I was reminded by the awardwallet notice and found out my points are expiring. This post really helped me.

  • thanks for reminding me of mileage expiration

  • Larry Jantzen says:

    Just changed a Southwest Airlines flight I booked a couple months ago to the exact same flight (same day/time), that is now at a cheaper price than when I originally booked it. Not only did I get credited the price difference back to my account, I was able to do it for FREE (no change fee required). American Airlines, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! Why can Southwest afford to allow customers to change flights for no fee but you can’t???

  • Very useful information. Thanks!

  • Thanks AwardWallet for the reminders! So glad I signed up for AwardWallet where all my points can be viewed in one place.

  • Can anyone comment on the following:
    If I book an AA award flight the subsequently cancel for redeposit, does that mean that the “clock” resets on my miles expiration or will they expire immediately?

  • Larry Jantzen says:

    I don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of the AwardWallet and AAdvantage partnership. I told a friend of mine about it yesterday and he said it sounds like too much trouble to do. His AA miles will expire June 30th, and he has over 100,000 of them. I’m betting he will come around though.

  • Jonathan Wiggins says:

    Very glad that Award Wallet reminded me my miles are expiring in a few months, not ready to fly yet but wouldn’t want to lose all my miles either.

  • Larry Jantzen says:

    Thank you Award Wallet and American Airlines for partnering so we have an easy way to extend our AAdvantage miles’ expiration date! I’ve already earned 10 miles and my expiration date has been extended from 30 June 2021 to 2 October 2022!

  • Whilst I appreciate that the vast majority of AAdvantage members will be from the US, not all are. I’m from the UK, and the opportunities to earn miles whilst unable to either fly or stay in a hotel are pretty much non-existent. Its years since there’s been a partner credit card here.
    Any tips appreciated – I have 3 months to do something.

  • Larry Jantzen says:

    My biggest recommendations for AA to improve it’s customer service would be to eliminate baggage fees and fees for canceling or especially rescheduling flights. Southwest Airlines is able to do this, why can’t American?

  • I appreciate the heads up notice from AwardWallet that my AA miles are going to expire soon. I remember quite a while ago I had to purchase some AA miles at the last minute to keep my AA miles from expiring and they weren’t cheap, but it was better than having them expire. Earning 5 pts for a post is an easy way to keep them active!

  • Kevin Groke says:

    I just discovered AwardWallet yesterday, what a convenient tool! And now I find this to help keep my AAdvantage miles active, amazing!

  • Larry Jantzen says:

    I agree with others that a “no expiration date” on AAdvantage miles would be one of several huge customer service advancements American Airlines could make, similar to policies on miles expiration dates several other airlines have in place now.

  • Erik Scorcia says:

    Very handy, trying to extend some expiring miles, let’s see if this comment does it!

  • I do appreciate that American has extended the expiration date for miles until June 30, 2021, but it is time to remove the expiration date for miles. Other airlines are moving this direction and it would help American. Many of us that traveled frequently in the past are still not able to do so given restrictions from our companies. Another extension or removal of the expiration date would be a nice gesture to customers and increase future loyalty.

  • Jordan Cohen says:

    I really appreciate Award wallet and American Airlines teaming up to create a way to extend the American Airlines points expirations dates. I am looking forward to travelling internationally, probably to South America, for vacation. American has so many great destinations.

  • Mark Mynhier says:

    I used to fly for the government and took whatever airline they provided. This led me to being able to sample many different airlines. After I retired, I’m now paying for the airline that I use and I only fly American. I found that they provide me with the best service for the best price. Keep up the good work, American, and I’ll see you on the next trip.

  • Heather Gosnell says:

    This is such a fantastic thing you are doing since we worried about losing points since not having been able to travel. This Award Wallet has helped us so much to prevent losing points!

  • Thank you for update on awards program. Glad for extension on expiration date of reward miles. Hoping to travel @ end of the year to celebrate our 40th wedding aniversary.

  • Elizabeth Allen says:

    Appreciate the update for sure, and the extension is helpful as well. Good reminder not only to use my miles, but to work on figuring out my next fun trip! 🙂

  • So glad I saw this! My points were about to expire. I’ll go use my AA card to buy something.

  • Commenting as well to earn 5 points and extend expiration on my AAdvantage miles. – wound up adding all of our accounts – brilliant site and service AwardWallet

  • Annelise Kelly says:

    Thank you for this informative post! I’ve been cancelling my high-annual-fee credit cards, so I could have easily lost track of (and LOST) over 60K hard-earned AA miles. This opportunity is super helpful!

  • Nice post. Right now do feel safe to fly or stay in any hotels. Online shopping seems to be a doable option. And write comments here is even better way to keep my hard earned miles from expiring.

  • JACK FARRELL says:

    i will travel with aa as soon as it is safer as im 67 years old how long do i have before miles expire?

  • Megan Franklin says:

    Many thanks for the tips in this post. Especially liked the tip about transferring Marriot Bonvoy points for miles. I have lots of AA miles expiring soon but see that I can transfer some of my Marriott Bonvoy points to save my miles for a safer time to travel.

  • I thinks is great no having to worry about points expiring, we have too much to be worried about!

  • Brent Strombom says:

    This is very helpful. Due to all of our travel plans being scrapped this past year, we really appreciate this post.

  • This promotion is applicable for non US citizen also? In AA home page I didn’t find any information about it and I am wonder to confirm who is eligible to this extension?

    • Good question. I’m not a US citizen and my account still says that my miles are expiring soon. Did anyone contacted AA to confirm this information?

  • Has anyone’s AA account be updated to show the new expiration date of June 30, 2021? My account still says expiring next month.

  • Where does it show this? I signed into my account yesterday and it seemed to show that my miles were expiring in 3 months? Unless I missed it somehow.

  • Wow I never knew this existed. This is a fantastic resource.

  • This is a welcome piece of news about the AA miles 6 month extension. I checked my account and saw my miles expiring in the middle of the month and began to get anxious about how to keep them active. One way is the novel offer by awardwallet to add a blog every now and then! Great innovation, and I appreciate learning about what awardwallet can do to consolidate info across several mileage accounts.

    I hope someday AA will go the way of United and let all miles be non-expiring. That way people dont have to risk losing hard earned and hard spent miles based on external factors like big moves, life events etc. The admin costs alone to maintain the databases must be substantial. For example, even though they announced the extension in November they still have yet to update the expiration of my miles. You would think it would just take a flick of a data switch to make that happen, but obviously its more complicated.

  • I wonder why they don’t update this on their website. My account says it still expires Dec 4, 2020.

  • This is nice by AA. I appreciate the extension. I am stuck in China currently with very little ways to use the miles.

  • I’ve learned here that AA mile expiration has now been extended to July 2021. But on my miles look like they are set still to expire in Dec 2020. Will that be updated? Or does is that 18 months from last use becomes the priority?

  • Very helpful. Even though the Nov 10th update on is posted not everyone got an email stating as such. ie. we got the email extending to 1/1/2021, but not the latest. Even after the 1/1/2021 email back in August our account still does not reflect the updated date. FYI.

  • Great information. Nevertheless, I would like to know if any of the credit card promotions on this site can be applied by foreigners or if it is just for US citizens.
    Thanks again.

  • Alexander Hand says:

    First I was notified by Award Wallet that my miles were potentially going to expire which saved me, and then I can potentially get some mile activity for posting this comment which would save my miles again. Thanks Award Wallet!

  • Hopefully they will just extend the deadline to the end of 2021. Dont think I will do much flying on AA before that.

  • Chris R Morrison says:

    I like that I can extend my miles from expiring!

  • No new announcement yet regarding extend the AA mileage expiration yet as of today, wonder what they will offer.

  • Brian Pomarlen says:

    Award Wallet to the rescue!
    I became an Award Wallet paid member about 4years ago when I got into earning Awards Points on many travel programs. I had the Barclay’s Aviator Red card until 2019 when Barclay’s gutted many benefits. So now I have 158k miles about to expire! Receiving update emails about upcoming expirations makes Award Wallet an essential tool for everyone to have! Thank you Award Wallet!

  • I have been enjoying flying with American Air many years. Because of COVID it is not easy to fly internationally. Hope I can extend my mileage, and I can resume the travel with AA.
    Hope AA will extend their mileage validity beyond July 1, 2020, under this pandemic.
    Thank you for the useful information!

  • Jeff Davidson says:

    Thanks very much for the alert that I had expiring AA points, and tips on how to keep them active for another 18 months. As we all have, I have limited business and personal air travel for the last several months and for the next few months at least.

    On another note, AwardWallet has definitely helped me track and manage loyalty points in several airline, travel and other programs, and I have recommended it to a few friends!

  • Bonus AAdvantage miles are useful to prevent expiration.

  • Any idea why AA continues with its expiration policies during a global pandemic? And any recommendations for how to make best use of points during a time of little-to-no travel? Anyway, appreciate your keeping AA-customers notified of impending expiration dates!

  • I wonder if the reprieve on expiration will be extended again?

    • I think they should. They didn’t really extend it, I think they just gave the ones that would’ve expired July a way to activate. Cant decide sometimes if they should make them non expire like United/Southwest or what they currently have.

  • I had failed to track that point expiration was restarted with AA. My AwardWallet Account notified me via email. Without it my miles would be toast soon. Other airlines have instituted a no expiration policy while AA keeps it up. Would be good for them to come into the fold to simplify our lives during these time.

  • Steve Rivard says:

    Please and Thanks. Is using my AA Aviator Master Card from Barclay’s monthly sufficient to stop my miles from expiring ?


    Love your website

    Steve R

    • It sure is! Whenever you use your card, you’ll earn miles that will post to your AAdvantage account and extend the validity of your miles. Just don’t cut it too close. Miles don’t post until after your credit card statement closes.

  • Much appreciation for this helpful blog and free miles!

  • Kristen Wilder says:

    My miles will expire on December 5th. The December 31st extension doesn’t help me too much. I do have an AA flight in March. I just need a few more months American Airlines?

  • I live in a fairly rural area, and none of the nearby restaurants participate in the AAdvantage dining program. You can use the dining program website to check your area if you are planning to use that method to keep your miles from expiring.

  • Chris Davies says:

    Thank you for the free miles!

  • Your offer to help us keep them from expiering by gifting is super amazing. I am curious why they haven’t updated my expiration date after all this time? It seems unnecessary to make us have to reactivate it but I hope if I can get the gift from you guys it’ll buy me another 18 months. Thanks!

  • Need Vacation says:

    Any word on if the expirations will be extended beyond December 31, 2020?

  • There seems to be fewer awards that would expire other than AA. On the other hand, the award from flying basic economy is laughable. Hope this is a easy way to get around AA expiring problem.

  • Awardwallet is a free program for tracking airline award mileages and hotel points.

    We can save a lot of time to manage multiple accounts with different expiration dates. The account balance will be updated automatically, and an alert notification will be issued when airline miles or hotel points are about to expire.

    This is wonderful and absolutely FREE !

  • Is 1200 points worth saving?

  • Thanks for this. I’m going to be traveling internationally indefinitely for the next several years. For tax reasons I can only be back in the States a max of 35 days in a year. Is there any point in trying to ensure my AA miles don’t expire, or should I focus on other award programs? My home bases will be NYC and Boston. Thanks!

  • David Nguyen says:

    Thanks for giving us 5 points! It’s good to know the new

  • Kevin Crimi says:

    Thanks for giving us 5 points! I’m sure it probably would be better to leave this comment right before the new Jan 1 2021 expiration but I would definitely forget….

  • Despite the revised expiration date of December 31, 2020, happy to comment on AW now and forget about what happens come January 1, 2021. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the comment feature – hopefully it will save my 10,000 AA miles

  • Does the revised December 31, 2020 expiration mean that on January 1, 2021 miles will automatically expire if there hasn’t been any activity and one’s miles were to expire for example in October?
    I guess this comment will prevent this, but curious anyway. Thanks.

  • Leaving a comment gives us 5 points. Is this considered movement in the last 18 months? I mean when I win the 5 points, I go back to the 18 months term?

  • In view of the health restrictions imposed on Brazilians who would like to travel to Europe in the coming months, donating miles, renting cars, may be the best way to use miles that are about to expire.

  • AwardWallet makes it so easy to keep track of my AAdvantage mileage expiration. I would have definitely lost out on the miles I had accrued. AwardWallet also made it easy to find ways to help me from letting them expire. Definitely saved me time and hard-earned points from being lost!

  • Honestly, I had no idea my miles were even expiring until I was notified by AwardWallet so that in itself was helpful. I also just signed up for eshopping to save them.

  • Appreciate the heads-up on my expiration, and the several ways to reload (without risking Covid!). Sad to see that AAdvantage shopping doesn’t seem to work in UK anymore. I wonder why?

  • My AA miles expire in 2 months. Will this also be automatically extended ?

  • Hey thanks for clarifying the rules on mileage expiration. I could have easily overlooked this if I did not receive an Award Wallet email. I know some airlines are allowing purchases of tickets that allow the date to be changed for up to 2 years. I wonder if AA is allowing this? Could be a good option to keep miles from expiring…

  • What if multiple AAdvantage accounts are linked to the same AwardWallet account? How will the points be assigned for commenting? Also, I am seeing that points have been extended to December 2020 but the ones in my account expire September 2020. If they are “reactivated” will they get the 18 month new shelf-life?

    • While leaving a comment you should get a popup window to specify your AA account number to which miles should be deposited. If you don’t specify your account number the miles will never be deposited. As for miles expiration, please contact AA representatives directly to figure it out.

  • Matt Fohlmeister says:

    I didn’t realize you could extend by posting on the blog, this is great!

  • Award Wallet is the tool you need and the blog posts are excellent

  • Alex Leonard says:

    As miles are getting more challenging to accrue in this stripped down business travel environment, it looks like we are more susceptible to some of our less used loyalty programs having point expirations. I have always leaned on the MagsforMiles program with other airlines to get a cheap subscription to keep them active. Award Wallet though has a more thoughtful way to help travelers keep these points active. Kudos to them for helping us when AA and others are reinstating expiration dates as we struggle to get back out on the road.

  • Does anyone know if the purchase of AA miles can be done with a gift card? Thank you for the 5 AA miles!

  • Excelente blog ! todo lo que se necesita saber para aprovechar los programas de millas ! Y extender el vencimiento de nuestras millas.

  • I wish they would just show the updated expiration date on your AA account so you don’t have to keep track of all the changes.

  • I love that we can extend the expiration date because of Awardwallet.

  • Any new ways for 2020 ?

  • I’m so happy about that expiration pause!

  • Danielle E says:

    My husband has always used AW and has finally talked me into it. Saved me from forgetting some expiring points!


  • I wouldnt know my miles were about to expire if it wasnt for AWARDWALLET! Thanks!

  • nestor compiano says:

    My AA miles are about to expire in January, so I was looking for different ways to keep my account active.
    I live in Argentina so it is difficult to get flights to earn miles.
    Hopefully this blog comment will work.

  • Jeremy Rode says:

    I love how AwardWallet lets you know when your miles are about to expire!

  • Award Wallet sure makes it easier to extend your Advantage account

  • Eugene Weinstein says:

    I wish I was able to use my AA miles now! Hopefully more places and countries will open and we will be able to travel as we used too…

  • As someone that lives outside the US, this blog has been a wealth of knowledge on the wide range of options available to extend the expiry on my miles due to COVID, and all things AAdvantage!

  • thanks for the possibility of extending the expiration date of the miles

  • I have points expiring in 5 days. Assuming the quick activities don’t post in time, is it known, with current COVID changes, can a flight be booked with miles and then cancelled without the reinstatement fee for flights operated by regional partners? AA’s website states an eligible flight to be an American Airlines flight. So i’m assuming Peidmont, American Eagle, etc wouldn’t count. Then it also says, if your flight isn’t eligible, to call reservations. Any thoughts on whether this would work to extend expiration dates? I don’t have enough time for shopping or dining to post. Thanks!

  • Anne-Marie Bourdeau-Lamothe says:

    Just read your post that summarizes the updated expiration policies for points with airlines and hotel programs during covid restrictions. Was very informative!! Keep up the good work.
    However, Hilton is listed at 12 months expiration. They just confirmed with me that it is now 15 months. Also see their website…. Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions, rule #13… effective January 9/20 in any 15 consecutive months… must either: stay, earn, purchase or donate points. Good news!

  • Just found out this week that my AA miles had expired this month. I guess they really had expired in April but they were on pause due to the coronavirus. I somehow lost track of this.

    Online it said it would be $100 to reactivate them. I called them this morning and politely asked if they would reinstate them without paying $100 and they granted me a one time exception. So I’m happy I got my miles back!

    It’s worth calling if anyone had any expire recently.

    • I asked them for an extension and they said no. Seems to be hit or miss depending on who you talk to.

    • I called the day after my points expired (ONE day!) and kindly asked to have my points reinstated. I also got a no. I was however offered a lower price to reinstate all of my points compared to the online price. I was also given the option to sign up for any AAdvantage credit card, meet the minimum spend, and when the bonus points post, they would reinstate all my expired points for free. I was told this offer is only given to those who call within 30 days after points expire.

  • Juan Moran says:

    Great news! Happy to hear they have extended the expire date. My miles are expiring on September.
    Do you know if by Gifting miles you can extend the expire date? I’m planning to give away some miles to friend.

    Thanks Award Wallet for the info!

  • Great news, and glad they made the change to exempt members under 21 years old. It’s been difficult enough for the parents to keep their miles from expiring without having to worry about the children.

  • I just learned that my AA miles would be expiring shortly and was about to buy additional miles. Unfortunately I was not able to log into AA website and had to recheck my AA number in Award Wallet where I luckily found a reminder to this great opportunity! Therefore I strongly suggest that you always check AwardWallet first prior to buying any additional miles.

  • Well, my American Airlines points expired July 3rd and for some reason was under the impression they would be extended due to coronavirus.
    Has anybody had luck calling and getting them reinstated if they expired in July? Without paying the hundred dollars they’re asking for online?
    Thank you in advance.

  • This is great timing, my miles are about to expire, this will help extend my miles for another 18 months. I want to redeem my miles for a trip but I just can’t at the moment obviously. I will tell more people about this! Can’t wait to travel again!

  • Great reminder on the different options to keep AA miles from expiring. TBH without AwardWallet I would have completely missed the expiration date.

  • This was a timely article given the fluid conditions due to COVID and the resultant impact on the airline industry. This is an especially good resource for a scenario like mine, which is that my miles are expiring and I had to cancel a flight booked with miles (leaving me without a triggering event and running out of time). It’s good to see the options listed all in one spot. I actually hadn’t thought of an awards tracking service, so I signed up while I was here!

  • Geoffrey Gould says:

    By the way, if your miles recently expired, you can pay to have them recovered within 18 months after expiration:

  • I hope American Airlines should have extended the pause of miles expiry until end of 2020. Air travel is not yet back to normal.

  • I’m a long time American flyer who’s new to AwardWallet. The 5-points per comment is a great way to keep your points fresh. I wonder if people are posting every day just to get the points?

    • Yes, such people do exist. But please note that comments are moderated and approved based on their engagement with the post. Generally not every comment is approved, especially those that don’t offer any opinion or additional information. For example, “looks good tnx” or “good”.

  • Sofia Zamolo says:

    I havent been able to travel or have any movement in my account latelty, thank you for the wonderful tip! Best. Sofi

  • Also check out the offer for additional AA miles!

  • Thanks for the 5 points, I live in fear of my legacy US Air miles expiring because I can’t make it anywhere I planned them for.

  • 5 bonus miles for leaving a comment? It is great! I hope i can receive this Bonus miles cause i have several miles to expires in July

  • I do several things, besides commenting here, to keep my AA miles from expiring. I like that I don’t have to worry about my kids miles now. I do have to remember once they are 21 to help them. I know they won’t be able to keep up with it like I will be able to do. We all do keep up with lots of family members accounts don’t we? I can only hope that my kids will see the benefit with miles and points.

    I see the up side and down side of AA having an expiration time on their miles. I would love them to get rid of their expiration but it does help AA not have all the “money” out there. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t ever use them is it a loss to them? I find it easy to keep them alive and not have to worry about the expiration time period. I feel that if it means something to you then you’ll keep track of it and not worry about it. Besides AwardWallet tells me when they will expire and I just have to do something before that time to keep them active or the points/miles don’t mean that much to me.

  • hongtien20 says:

    How long does it normally take for 5 miles to be credited after comment was post?

  • Thanks for showing how to prevent miles from expiring!
    Award Wallet is helpful for me. I have my family miles all in the same account.

  • Had a problem last year with AA when for some reason I did not get an expiration warning for my miles. Eventually had them reinstated but has taught me to be more careful with my expiration dates.

  • Maybe I missed something, but I was under the impression that after Delta had removed its mileage expiration policy some years ago its peers United and American had also removed their mileage expiration policies?

  • Are there any UK credit cards you can use to earn AAdvantage Miles – and therefore keep them from expiring? There are lots of options in the States and it would be great to see more offers for UK flyers.

  • Thank you for the information! These are useful tips to help navigate the challenge of expiring points when it is too difficult or worrisome to travel at this time.

  • Thanks so much for this article. I am reluctant to travel to visit my family in France as I am a senior citizen and not comfortable to fly as yet. My award miles will be expiring soon and I was happy to find out all of my options to save them.

  • Really happy to discover award wallet today as I have some miles coming up to expire. Also great to load all my accounts in an easy to use interface and stop manually checking and spreadsheeting my miles balances!

  • Marcelo De Marco says:

    This is great information! I just wish I had signed up for this sight a little sooner as I’m in pretty dire straights with my expiration date looming!

  • Richard O'Neill says:

    I have been an award wallet member for more than 10 years. Today is the first time I clicked on the Blog tab. The discussion is how to earn 5 mile points with AA by simply posting a comment on a blog article. The minimum mile purchase from AA is 2,000 – Cost is $78.99. I would have had to spend this in September. Hopefully, now I don’t.

    Award Wallet thank you for this comment program. You have saved me a fair amount of money.


  • claudio javier says:

    AA se tendria que unir a otras aerolineas que no vencen sus millas, ya que con esto de la pandemia el hemisferio norte vuelve casi a la normalidad, pero en el otro hemisferio como recien empieza el invierno es muy dificil que algunos paises abran sus fronteras aereas con normalidad
    tendrian que separar a sus clientes por estas razones.

  • Hector L Samalot says:

    AwardWallet is an excellent way to learn how to get more benefits out from your airline miles or credit card points….


    Great option to extend AA miles expiration date. Thanks Awardwallet for doing this.

  • Gabriel L. Boisvert says:

    Seems silly to still have expiring miles – it’s getting harder to cash in miles anyway, the least they can do is let us keep them even if we can’t fly for awhile, like Delta does.

  • Sounds like AA wants to move on from the pandemic, but we’re not there yet. Disappointing.

  • Delta, Southwest and United have all lifted the expiration requirements affecting miles on their airlines. American seems to be behind their competitors in this regard.

  • I’m flying AA right now so problem keeping my miles active but knowing other ways to do it is always helpful.
    Thé exception of those under 18 not having their miles expire is very nice but doesn’t help most of us.

  • Yawvaar Islam says:

    My miles are due to expire in a couple of months. Ability to get 5 miles by posting in this blog is a useful feature!

  • Award Wallet is a must have for all of us who love to travel and keep trying to get the best of our miles! This 5 miles add turns out to be very useful.
    I guess these AA changes are good news for families but mileage program has been changing through the years and, at least in South America, if you get the minimum miles purchase (2000), the cost is too high if you compare it with the prices of buying a complete ticket travel. So, 18 months buying renovation doesn’t make any sense for us if you don’t have a big amount of miles on your account. I hope AAdvantage keeps becoming more competitive.

  • victoria lorenzo says:

    Hi, thank you so much for you info. I just coudn t find on my aadvantage account where i shoul go to donate milles for AA ong.
    Any way you give me more opcions not to lose my milles. So i gues this comment. Will help me get my 5 milles to extend my milles for 18 month.
    Thank you so much.

  • Kristen M says:

    Thanks so much for both the reminder that my American miles are expiring soon and for the list of ways to keep my account active and avoid losing my miles!

  • Shailesh Neil Mehta says:

    I definitely think offering opportunities requiring a smaller amount of contribution will be helpful to many as well. That would be a nice gesture by American since many are not traveling due to the crisis, but still would like keep their miles for future travel.

  • Great news but still American should do more like Delta and United

  • Ritu Mehta says:

    I heard that miles also do not expire if you are under the age of 21, is that correct?

  • Is a petty that this mileage program still have expiration. It may triggers no so frequent flyers to choose other companies where the mileages program has not expiration

    • Very much agree. It only makes sense to be competitive with other airlines. It goes a long way to build trust and loyalty with their guests.

      I very much hope American will eliminate the expiration date to align with other major airlines.

  • Graciela Santos says:

    Muy útil AwardWallet 🙂

  • Thank you for providing such a great resource! AA does seem to be the airline most quickly ramping up normal operations (points expiration, booking middle seats, etc).

  • They really ought to stop expiring miles or at least make it like 3 years.

  • It was good of American to temporarily suspend expirations. Makes sense that the policy should start up again too.

  • Steven P says:

    THANKS AGAIN Award Wallet for reminding that my miles are soon to expire and for giving me suggestions on how to prevent it.

    You have saved me countless times!

  • As always many thanks for the tip and the opportunity to keep the account active

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    So there’s an option for charity donation… well charity begins at home. Besides, way too many taxes for even consider it. I like the other options in this deal though.

  • Yaakov Bennish says:

    Thank you for sharing this, very helpful. if only AA would follow United and Delta and not have expiry…

  • I wish AA would follow UA and not expire miles

  • Thank you! I hope this post can extend my AA miles.

  • AwardWallet has helped me keep better track of my miles, and it reminded me that my AAdvantage miles are expiring soon. Anyway, I’m grateful for this service.

  • Hi there, if I´m not mistaken transferring AA miles extends mileage expiration. But does this work for both the recipient and the sender? Thanks.

    • I’m not sure that transferring miles counts as qualifying activity. Here is the section from AAdvantage’s T&C:
      “AAdvantage® members must have mileage earning or redeeming activity once every 18 months in order to retain their miles. If your account has no qualifying activity in any 18-month period, all miles in the account will expire. Qualifying activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired mileage credit in your account for 18 months from the date of the qualifying activity. Qualifying activity is defined as redeeming any AAdvantage® award or accruing mileage credit on any eligible American, American Eagle® or AAdvantage® airline participant as well as accruing mileage credit with participating hotels, car rental companies, credit cards, telecommunication providers and other service providers offering AAdvantage® mileage credit.”

      The good news is that anyone can extend AA mile expiration just by connecting their AwardWallet account with their AAdvantage account and commenting to earn 5 miles!

  • I’ve been using AwardWallet for quite some time, and I really appreciate that they keep track of my miles and expiration! I was intrigued by the Bask Savings Account option for future travels, but the amount required to make even the sign up bonus worth it is rather tough during this pandemic. Besides, the miles earned are taxable, which adds a layer of complication. Thank you for giving me the option to earn a few miles by commenting — it will buy me time to use some of these other strategies in the future.

  • It’s good that American Airlines extended the mileage expiration date for a little while during the pandemic, but it would be so much better if their miles never expired, like so many other airlines have now done. That said, I’m glad I found this blog and site, and am hopefully able to keep my miles alive, as I don’t envision flying anytime soon. Thanks AwardWallet for saving my miles!

  • I haven’t flown with AA for a while. So glad to know I can post here to save my miles.
    This is a great service! Thanks Award Wallet

  • Bhavesh Lakhataria says:

    Great Info and Blog !! Hoping to extend my points expiration date.

  • During the COVID crisis it would be great if American Airlines extended the mileage expiration date – or eliminated it completely (as some of the other airlines have done). Currently, taking a flight or booking a cruise is not an option! I just joined AwardWallet and will try to use this service and the functionality of Awardwalet to prevent AA miles from expiring! Way to go Awardwalet!

    • Leah Savage says:

      Agreed! My miles are expiring soon, but I definitely won’t be flying before there is a vaccine in wide use.

  • The AwardWallet team continues to deliver on their service to their loyal following of customers. It’s amazing that they figured out a way to actually help customers from losing their expiring points by actually integrating in with a company like American Airlines so customers can earn points via the AwardWallet website. Because of their dedication to customers, our family was able to prevent our two American Airlines accounts’ points from expiring. Thank you so much.

  • Karl Larson says:

    I just renewed my AwardWallet subscription, and received a helpful notification that my AA miles were exporting next month, with a link to this blog post. This is a great service!

  • David Skau says:

    Yes, I agree – most other airlines are extending terms it seems, as much as through the end of the year. American is too of course, but beginning of July is still very soon, before most people are willing to really resume travel – and many routes still aren’t operating even!

  • Lawrence G Heaton says:

    I think in this period where air travel has 90% stopped AA should eliminate there 18 month mile expiration. I’m grateful that award wallet provides a way around that issue with 5 miles for a comment. Thanks

  • MITCHELL says:

    Has anyone else found it difficult to find AA Dining partners where they live? I am in a semi-rural community and the closest restaurant is an hour away in a city of about 200,000 people and there is still only one partner. Does anyone know of a way to request that local restaurants join the program?

  • Leslie Stork says:

    Haven’t flown AA in a while, so glad I can post this to keep it current. Wish some of the other airlines would connect with Award Wallet. Do appreciate having one site to check points on. Thanks.

  • I am so excited that I can extend my expiration date on my AA award miles, especially during this time of social distancing. Thank you, AwardWallet!!!

  • I track all my points in a spreadsheet but Award Wallet gives me a backup warning, which is great. I need to prevent some AA miles from expiring and love that I can do it through a blog comment. Unfortunately, as some mentioned, a comment I posted a few days ago disappeared without being approved, so I’m trying again.

    • Looks like my comment did eventually post. Now waiting to see if miles show up. Thanks!

    • As I see, your comments have been approved. We’re happy to approve comments that answer questions for other readers or share your personal experience or opinion related to the post on which your comment is submitted.

      However, we won’t approve comments like “‘Thanks!“, “Great deal”, “Cool’” from folks that comment frequently. We have this policy because superficial comments clutter the discussion without adding value.

  • kyoung an bang says:

    I am really happy to know these valuable tips. I was worried that my AA mileage would be expired soon. But I am relieved now and thank you for watching my account, AwardWallet.

  • Doesn’t look like I’m flying any time soon and need to extend my expiration. Thanks AwardWallet! We’ve been a paid users for years. Well worth the money!

  • Thank you AwardWallet! Can’t wait to get back to traveling. I have about five international trips all planned out.

  • Does it work also with two accounts?

  • Hope it keep working. A nice way to keep my miles 🙂

  • Fabulous way to keep track of AA points. Wish I’d known about AwardWallet earlier.

  • I was just informed by AwardWallet-Team that this nice little feature now works again. Fingers crossed.

  • This used to be a nice tool but both comments I posted over the last week disappeared (as mentioned by a different user above). Hope you get this fixed soon.

  • This is the easiest way to keep AA miles alive in seldom used accounts (ie my kids). Hopefully it also increases page views for AwardWallet so that they can continue to offer it. I’ve been a paid user for years. Well worth the money!

  • I posted a week ago (2/22/20), got the pop-up for the miles and yet received no miles and now my comment is missing. There was nothing inappropriate about my post. Disappointing.

  • Patricio Caro says:

    Hello my miles are about to expire 03/30/20

    Can you help me to keep that from happening?

    Thank you

    • If you have miles that have expired or are expected to expire within 5 business days we highly recommend you look at alternative means to keep your miles alive.
      Purchasing miles is the fastest way we’ve seen. Also, please note that there is a limit of 5 miles earned per day.

      • I understand that AwardWallet will give me 5 miles per day and in this way the ones I already have will be renewed?

        • Patricio, what do you mean by “AwardWallet will give me 5 miles per day”? We’re happy to approve comments that answer questions for other readers or share your personal experience or opinion related to the post on which your comment is submitted. However, we won’t approve comments like “‘Thanks!“, “Great deal”, “Cool’” from folks that comment frequently. We have this policy because superficial comments clutter the discussion without adding value.
          So, if the majority of submitted comments doesn’t provide value, a reader won’t be allowed to comment. Please note that we don’t promise anywhere that you will get your 5 miles even if your post is approved. If you are posting comments on our blog only for the purpose of getting 5 miles for each post we recommend that you stop doing that.

          • Irene, my English is not good and I am using the google translator to write them, maybe the translation was not good.
            I decide if there was a misunderstanding.

            On the other hand I want to thank you for helping me not to lose the miles I had in AA, because thanks to the 10 miles granted, the total was renewed for 1.5 years.

            Thank you very much AwardWallet for helping me !!!!


  • Thanks for this great information

  • I am kicking myself because I didn’t realize AA had a shopping portal and I could have been earning so many miles this whole time! Thanks for showing me all the ways to earn!

  • Great service, really good idea to keep miles from expiring. Look forward to exploring the other options on this site. Much thanks!

  • Check your Dining Rewards points regularly – I find I need to drop them an email fairly often for missing dines, especially if a card is moved between dining accounts

  • I took this tool for granted. Now that I know more about it. I will use it more. Also love the five miles if you comment. Score!!

  • This works and it’s great.

  • Does this still work? Mine show expiry even with the 5 points from a comment.

  • Milesflipper says:

    Mine are expiring even though I had 5 points from award wallet post recently.


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    many thanks

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    This is really helpful tips to use the aa mileage.

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  • Thanks in advance—wasnt there a commercial about leaving a south american country and when boarding AA–their was a sense of relief ?

  • Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. This is really helpful. Thanks.

  • I am so glad I found this article, looking forward to points never expiring again!

  • Just realized that this works with multiple AA accounts being tracked under one AwardWallet account. Super useful for managing kids’ accounts!

  • Jeremy McGale says:

    AA and Award Wallet. That is way to go. That can help protect the account.

  • Robert Lymburner says:

    As a frequent traveler, I am so glad I found AwardWallet to help keep track of various mileage programs. Looking forward to expanded use!

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    I am so glad I joined AwardWallet!!! I just saw that my American Airlines points are scheduled to expire in early 2020. I had NO IDEA!!! Thank You!!

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    I love this feature from AwardWallet. I was told my miles were expiring and this is a really useful way of adding some points in a fast manner. Great job!!

  • Thanks for the helpful tips in keeping my miles from expiring, i will be a user for many years to come.

  • My points expire in 7 days but I signed up for AA card like 2 weeks ago and have been using the card. Looks like the miles don’t get posted until the closing date and a payment is made. to be on safer side, i also made a purchase at lowes via their eshopping site. I am planning to call the customer service on Monday to clarify my standing.

  • Linda Zaklikowski says:

    my AA miles expiring at end of November and then searched links and came across this blog about how to extend the expiry date! This service will be helpful as I don’t live in US anymore and don’t always travel on OneWorld partners. I will definitely be reading more blog posts

    • Linda Zaklikowski says:

      When I was submitting there was an issue with my AA link and so I hit SKIP FOR NOW as everytime I hit REFRESH ACCOUNTS it was showing ERROR. My question is how can I go back and “Refresh Account” or will the 5 points automatically go to my AA linked account (now that I fixed that link with Award Wallet)? I’ve read through FAQ’s and nothing there about how to go back and refresh? Appreciate your advice.

  • Is 5 miles enough to keep miles from expiring? If so, how much time does this buy me?

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    My AA miles expire in 3 months. Hoping this comment will earn me 5AA miles and extend the expiration.

  • Thank you AwardWallet for providing a little bit more peace of mind over the years about a silly, yet important thing: maintaining miles. I heard a few more airlines are eliminating expirations, as United did in August 2019. In the meantime, we’ll need services like these and good ways to get a few incremental miles to renew miles.

  • Thanks for the post. Thanks in advance for the 5 AA miles.

  • Very helpful post. I rely on awardwallet to let me know when points are about to expire. It’s great to see all the improvements to the site over the years, too.

  • This is incredibly helpful! I have AA miles that are about to expire, and realized that thanks to AwardWallet emails.
    I hope this blog comment will extend the expiration date, although they do expire in just 2 days.


  • This is very helpful info! I am commenting so that my miles will not expire. I will also check out the promotion for extra miles.

  • My mile expire in November. Thanks for the points!

  • Don’t forget the shopping options through AA’s website. Currently they have a promotion for extra miles.

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  • I used to have a UK credit card linked to AA award miles but it got withdrawn. The US cards don’t seem to have a UK equivalent which is a real shame. It’s a great way of collecting miles and stopping expiration.

  • Does anyone know if you can still claim AAmiles after the hotel stay? My miles are expiring in 3 months and I just stayed at an ICH hotel last weekend… Is there a way to claim the miles after your stay?

  • Brian J Nielsen says:

    Help! My miles are about to expire! Please let this comment serve as notice that I would prefer they not do that!

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    Commenting to earn 5 points and extend expiration. Thanks for this info.

  • I came across this site while looking into ways to extend my AA miles. Just testing the option to post a comment!

  • Wondering if there are other ways to use miles so they don’t go wasted. I looked into Miles for Mags but I don’t read any of those magazines. Are there any similar programs where I can get something I can use and that way don’t let my expiring miles go to waste?

    What about donating miles? Where can that be done?

  • Steve Carter says:

    Oh. Also, their subscription for keeping track of all the different miles in one place is pretty nice. Signed up for that too. Definitely worth the yearly fee.

  • Steve Carter says:

    Heard about AW a year ago and thought I’d post just to see if the miles actually posted to AA. They did. Started using them ever since. You guys are awesome!

  • Jay Shin says:

    Wow, what a great benefit. Being in a AA hub almost all of my travel is done on AA. However, my family this year is actually going on United for the first time in ages so my families miles are going to expire (last year we used Virgin/Alaska). I wish I had known this sooner would have saved thousands of miles for the fam.

  • Jean Swindells says:

    Using AwardWallet, I manage the accounts for our whole family without feeling martyred! Your annual fee is well worth paying. Although most of us live in Canada, we do have AA accounts. However, they often verge on expiring, so now I need 5 miles for one of our grandsons. Thanks!

  • If we get AA miles from a blog comment, will they post the same week? I’d rather not see my miles expire while waiting.

  • Does anyone have recent experience with methods that post miles the fastest? I’m right around the threshhold of 5 business days to expiration, but given that it took 10 days for Chris in February to get miles via AwardWallet, I may try multiple methods to hedge my bets (e.g., AA Shopping). Thanks!

  • Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth keeping up with miles. They make it so difficult to keep them active if you aren’t flying frequently. I guess I would rather they keep the status quo rather than devaluing the miles though. At least this way if you are willing to work for it you can still benefit.

  • Thank you for this great article. It will be very useful to me as I am living in New Zealand and there are not many ways I can earn miles here so I will be following your tips so all my miles do not expire!

  • Hiren desai says:

    Love it

  • Germán Villarreal says:

    It may be useful for someone else: in Argentina you can earn miles by just using any Santander Rio AAdvantage Card.
    AwardWallet has just reminded me about my expiring miles, can´t be more grateful. Acting now to prevent it!

  • Great that I can get points to extend my expiry date! I hope it is successful.

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    This site is awesome. I am now a subscriber! Thanks guys!

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  • I just signed up for AwardWallet today. So glad I did this article likely saved me from losing my AAdvantage miles that are about to expire -& I HAD NO IDEA. So glad I found this article & this site (& app)!

  • Appreciate the effort to help the community! Thanks for the link-up with AAdvantage 🙂

  • This is super helpful. Just found out my miles are expiring in a few days and will try the options above. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tyler Sanfino says:

    Commenting for my extra miles

  • Thanks for this – trying it!

  • It takes about 10 days for the miles to show up in your account, so don’t wait too long, if you’re miles are to expire soon.

    I was really happy, when I finally saw the miles in my account.

  • Aleta Wolfe Gentile says:

    Is this still a valid method to obtain miles for a comment to keep miles from expiring?

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  • How long does it take for the points to be posted for comments made here? I still have a few weeks until my miles expire, but I am getting a little nervous.

  • Award Wallet is helpful for me in tracking my family miles.

  • My AA miles are about to expire in March so I was looking at different ways to keep my account active.
    Being based in Europe/Germany I am not aware of any credit cards available here, nor is the dining program an option when you are not in North America.

    The rates for the exchange of hotel points are horrible so are the prices when purchasing miles on AA’s website.

    Hopefully this blog entry will do the trick.

    offtopic – to keep your IHG-account active you can buy an online e-magazine or book on their website which only costs a few points…

  • Always good to have different options beside using the credit card or actual flying to keep the points active. Thank you in advance for the free 5 miles! 🙂

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  • Great article. Never good to lose miles due to expiration.

  • My favorite way to get AA miles is their Rewards Dining, as I like to eat out, and that’s easy. I’ve also purchased magazines with miles, Itunes songs, and even donated miles to charity. All work well. Now I’ll try the blog approach. AwardWallet makes it easy to track expirations: Pro Tip, plan ahead, as miles don’t post for 6-8 weeks for most of these methods.

  • A lot of useful information. I thought you could donate points to charity as well? I’m about to expire with no other ways to extend at moment. Does this comment count..

    • Jill Anderson says:

      Points expiring today and just found this line of comments. Hope to extend by miles today and will read the Award Wallet Blog more regularly after this. Hope this works in time!!

  • Never under estimate the power of knowledge. Hoping to extend my points expiration date.

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  • My AA points are expiring in 4 months. I’d like to see about getting the 5 pts from commenting on the blog!

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    I am definitely going to be looking into Choice offers. Planning a trip in January. It’s perfect! Let you know how it goes! Thx!