How to Track Delta, Southwest, United Accounts in AwardWallet How to Track Delta, Southwest, United Accounts in AwardWallet

How to Track Delta, Southwest, United Accounts in AwardWallet

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AwardWallet has long been the leading tool to help track rewards programs. In most cases, setting up accounts to track is pretty straightforward. However, we have to get creative with how to track a few programs in AwardWallet — such as Delta, Southwest, and United.

AwardWallet works securely with 670 loyalty programs. However, a few airlines restrict access to your information. Despite these constraints, there is a way to still track these rewards programs through AwardWallet, so you can easily track all of your points and miles in one place.

Here are three options for how to track your Delta SkyMiles, Southwest Rapid Rewards, and United MileagePlus accounts in AwardWallet. Note that you only need to do one of the three — and we've listed the options from easiest to the most manual.

Add Your Account to AwardWallet

The first step to track your Delta, Southwest, or United account is to add your account in AwardWallet. To do so, log into your AwardWallet account. Then, click one of the following links below to start the process:

Option #1: Link Your Email Address to AwardWallet

The simplest way to track programs like this is to link the email address you use for these programs to your AwardWallet account. AwardWallet will parse out the important details from these rewards programs and add them to your account. Check out this post for the benefits of linking your email address to AwardWallet.

Steps to link your email address to AwardWallet:

  1. Confirm which email address you have connected to your rewards program for Delta, Southwest, and United.
  2. Go to and add any email addresses associated with these loyalty accounts.
  3. Once done, click “I'm done linking mailboxes, continue” at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot showing how to add your email address to AwardWallet to automate tracking Delta, United, and Southwest accounts

Option #2: Setup Auto-Forwarding For Emails from Delta, Southwest, and United

Another approach to get data into your AwardWallet account from these three airlines is to set up email forwarding for any email you receive from these travel partners. AwardWallet can filter through the clutter to find necessary account and travel info and insert it into your account in the appropriate places.

Here's how to set up auto-forwarding in Gmail:

  1. Locate your AwardWallet email address at the top of the page here and copy it.Screenshot showing how to find your personalized AwardWallet email address
  2. In your email settings, add your AwardWallet email address as a forwarding address.Screenshot showing how set up an forwarding address in Gmailgmail-forwarding2-1
    • Note: You may see a prompt that your AwardWallet email address needs to be approved or confirmed, but AwardWallet will auto-approve the forwarding after about 5 minutes.
  3. Back in your email account, copy and paste this text in the search bar — including the parentheses: {}.
  4. Click the Search Options icon at the top right to create a filter.Screenshot showing how set up a custom filter in Gmail to help track your Delta, Southwest, and United accounts in AwardWalletScreenshot showing how set up a custom filter in Gmail to help track your Delta, Southwest, and United accounts in AwardWallet
  5. Check the box to forward the search results to your AwardWallet account and click “Create filter” to complete the setup. Screenshot showing how forward specific emails through Gmail to track your Delta, Southwest, and United accounts in AwardWallet

Option #3: Update Your Account on Demand

If you don't want to wait for your next mileage statement to update your new balance, you can generate an update to your account balances on demand by using the following process. This is also described in detail on the edit page of any of these accounts (Delta, United, or Southwest).

  1. Click “the entire account details page” link to log in to the respective program.
  2. Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all on the entire webpage.
  3. Ctrl/Cmd+C to copy the page.
  4. Back in the AwardWallet program page Ctrl/Cmd+P to paste the web page data into the window.
  5. Click “Process” and your account should update.


Help Us Make It Easier to Track Your Awards

Don't want to jump through these hoops to track your Delta, Southwest, and United accounts? Neither do we. If you want this to change, consider signing the petitions that have been started by AwardWallet users:

Bottom Line

Some airline programs make it cumbersome to track your miles in AwardWallet — looking at you Delta, Southwest, and United. Still, AwardWallet strives to help streamline how you view and use your data. So, we have developed these three workarounds so that you can continue to track all of your points and miles in one place.

If you need a refresher on the basics of tracking your accounts and trips through AwardWallet, see our mini-series:

FAQ About How to Track Delta, Southwest, and United in AwardWallet

How to add United Airlines to AwardWallet?

You can add United Airlines to your AwardWallet account by going to: However, United Airlines forced AwardWallet to stop supporting its loyalty program. That means you'll need to use one of the three options listed in this post to keep your balance updated.

What happened to Delta in AwardWallet?

Delta forced AwardWallet to stop supporting its loyalty program. However, you can still track your SkyMiles balance through AwardWallet by linking your email address to AwardWallet, forwarding your monthly statements, or manually updating your balance by linking on a personalized link in AwardWallet.

How to track Southwest Airlines on AwardWallet?

AwardWallet users can track their Southwest balance and trips through AwardWallet via one of three ways. First, you'll need to add your Southwest Rapid Rewards account to your AwardWallet account. Then, you can either connect your email address to AwardWallet, forward your Southwest emails to AwardWallet, or manually update your Rapid Rewards balance through a trick laid out in this post.

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