eMiles To Close Possible Move To eRewards

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eMiles is sending out emails to members indicating that the program will be closing down effective June 15, 2018. Some members are receiving a link to join eMiles’ sister company e-Rewards, although the links provided in the email seem to have a unique ID.

eMiles Email

Key Details

  • June 15, 2018: eMiles redemptions will close, unredeemed points will expire June 29, 2018
  • After June 15, 2018, you will still be able to log into your eMiles account and claim already redeemed miles.

What Is e-Rewards

e-Rewards is a survey company and you earn points for every survey you take. Bear in mind most of the surveys are looking for a specific profile, so you may not be eligible for every survey. Rewards earned from completing surveys can be transferred to over 20 loyalty programs, including:

  • Alaska Mileage Plan
  • Hertz
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards
  • United MileagePlus

e-Rewards Travel Partners

Our Take

It is always disappointing when an avenue for earning miles closes down, but the bottom line is that eMiles won’t be missed. It is worth checking your account to see if you have any miles gathering dust and transfer them to a partner before the end of the day on June 15, 2018.

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  • close to a redemption, but no opportunities left to earn the few points needed

  • I didn’t even know about eMiles. Guess they were on their way down for a while.

  • Your conclusion sums up this “loss” perfectly.

  • My understanding is that any outstanding e-miles will be automatically transferred to e-rewards. So anyone holding a significant amount of e-miles can consider joining e-rewards.

  • I will miss emiles because it was a way to keep miles from expiring if I did not have any other activity.

  • the program took too long to earn anything worthwhile…

  • Never even heard of it! e-Rewards is a good way to get a few points without spending any money, so that can be useful to some.

  • Air Flyer says:

    E-miles had changed substantially in the last couple of years and in my mind it was for the worst.

  • My account with this one was short-lived — too much effort for too little payoff.

  • I used to like that program when it went downhill. No big loss…

  • I first joined to keep my United balance open (don’t really fly United much). Other than the initial sign-up bonus, I haven’t really found it worth my time.

  • I wrote the service desk since I already have an Erewards, they responded that if you already have an Erewards and the emails match it will automatically transfer over your remaining balance from Emiles

  • 5 points short of redeeming. No way to earn so opportunity to transfer is good option rather than having a loss.

  • The same company always runs both erewards and e-miles.

  • Jacqueline says:

    E-miles recently shut down my account without any contact, no email invite sent to erewards.

  • Jacqueline says:

    E rewards is a great way to earn miles/points in lots of different partners. Ive always found e miles had to complete their surveys without being DQ.

  • E rewards are a great way to earn points or miles in various partners if you have patience. I’ve always found e miles to DQ surveys before you can complete them.

  • I agree with some of the previous posters. This was a good program while it lasted. I could get between 15-35 miles every month just for clicking through some links and then redeem them to keeping my miles from expiring.

  • Agreed. This one won’t be missed. It used to be ok to keep balances from expiring, but the recent “enhancements” has made it useless for me. I’ll let my balance of 1 e-mile expire…

  • One family member had 250 stranded emiles but no erewards account. Anyone know how to get an erewards invite (almost any airline/hotel will do for her)? Thanks

  • Just for everyone’s info, seems that unused e-miles points will be transferred to e-rewards (if you have an account with them) at the rate of 1 e-mile to $.05 e-rewards dollars.

  • Sebastian says:

    OK – i tried to log in yesterday and got an “invalid” response, so to me this is over too..Wasnt paying that much anyway

  • This program was OK for keeping United Miles active. But because of the changes over the last few years my account has essentially been dormant.

  • @Jacqueline :

    I had the exact same problem!

  • Beppoello81 says:

    Only us residents got email and erewards invitations, based on what I have read.

  • Never got any value from eMiles but earn 2,000 AA miles per month with eRewards. So no loss for me.

  • charles j says:

    Pretty much the only value in these programs was the initial sign up bonus. After that, accruing points/miles wasn’t worth the time, although, I did have some activity to have activity on one of my mileage accounts. Amtrak’s Guest Rewards has the easiest way, other than having a credit card, to have activity, because the survey program gives you 5 points just for trying, and not qualifying,, even if you don’t complete a survey.

  • @Steve Interesting… is it possible that unredeemed points will convert automatically to existing e-rewards accounts that share the same email address?

  • I did make sure I always had points in there to keep one of my balances from expiring. It was a good program but took forever to get points unless you did do the portal purchases and sign up for things that made me uneasy to sign up for.
    I am waiting to see how long it takes for them to get into my e rewards account. But if I don’t get them it’s not a big deal. I was able to make a redemption before the 15th.

  • @Thomas – it is my understanding that unredeemed e-miles points will convert automatically to existing e-rewards accounts. Not sure how long it will take though.

  • @Steve Thanks for the reply, and the clarification. I was hoping that’s what you were getting at.

  • I LOVE emiles for WHAT it was…

  • I used to use e miles but it became to time consuming for what you got. I’ll miss them but not much.

  • I currently use e-rewards and get a few thousand AA miles per month.

  • I liked to use them actually (more than erewards in reality) because it was possible to accrue points with them for just watching short videos for charity causes usually, erewards polls and surveys can be very tedious sometimes.

  • I’ve never used eMiles, but do have an eRewards acccount. I find it a lot of effort for not much return as often get screened out after lots of questions and only get a miniscule amount of points.

    The surveys always take much longer than they state. Having said that I still do them from time to time to get a few extra airline miles.

  • RIP eMiles. We hardly knew ye…

  • As some members have mentioned, with e-rewards you can probably get a lot more miles than with e-miles. Also, the miles post a lot quicker to my AA account than they did with e-miles.

  • Happy to have the transfer to erewards!

  • Luciano Stinchi says:

    Its been a while since I cant login at my account and the customer service can’t help me (resetting the password doesn’t help in my case). So I lost a lot of miles 🙁

    They wont’ be missed


    Any opinion on which survey site is best for accumulating points for airline miles?

  • Emiles was too much effort for not much rewards.

  • Are theee any survey programs now for Canadian customers? I need to keep Alaska Air active.

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