Enroll in TSA PreCheck at Staples Enroll in TSA PreCheck at Staples

Enroll in TSA PreCheck at Staples

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You can now enroll in TSA PreCheck at participating Staples stores around the nation. By the end of the year, you will be able to enroll in TSA PreCheck at 50 Staples stores nationwide, and there are plans for the program to be rolled out to more stores in the future. Enrollment in TSA PreCheck sets you back $85 and is good for 5 years.


You can manage the entire process online, from registering to managing your appointments and finding out what documents you need to bring. Once completed, all you have to do is head down to Staples for your appointment.

Free with a Credit Card

Remember that several credit cards provide a statement credit for enrollment in trusted traveler programs, including TSA PreCheck. The level and frequency of reimbursement vary from card to card.

Our Take

Being able to enroll for TSA PreCheck at Staples is fantastic. Rather than heading to an airport, the ability to pop into a local strip mall/store while you're out running errands is a sweet convenience.

Source: Identogo

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  • Do you have to go to a Staples in your resident state to get the TSA PreCheck processed? I live in NY and the closest is in CT.

  • As everyone else has stated, this would be nice to expand to Global Entry. Most peoples’ credit cards who have this credit would get GE.

  • This make things so much easier. Unfortunately TSA Pre-Check is not always open when you get to the airport

  • Great addition to TSA application access. Hope it comes to a store near me.

  • I agree it would be great if global entry could be applied this way, not only ther TSA-pre

  • Joshua Knauer says:

    Would be awesome if Global Entry was included. I can’t imagine that happens though since there is a customs/immigration component to GE

    • Yes, everyone here, not surprisingly, seems to have the same wish as far as Global Entry. 🙂 However, you also state the reason – customs & immigration – that it will likely never happen. 🙁

  • This is great, and hopefully will help those who can’t find the time to trek to an airport. Kudos to Staples for getting this partnership started.

  • Perhaps it’s not increasing access in underserved areas but at least this will decrease congestion at the airport!

  • Great idea in theory – but seems to be concentrated in areas that are already well served by airports or Identogo locations. Hopefully they will roll out to more locations soon.

  • Good for us, Good for Staples and Good for TSA PreCheck

  • More convenient to go to Staples but GE is still the better way to go. Now if could do that there that would be a true advantage.

  • Wow! This is excellent! I know that one reason I haven’t done TSA Pre is because of having to make it to a place that does the interview, etc at an airport. It’s awesome to make it more easily available. Not a Staples near me but maybe I can push my local Staples a bit to see if they can get it.

  • I hope that they have the manpower ready as they keep expanding / selling the service.

  • So much easier than going to an airport!

  • Mice, I hope they follow the same with Global Entry.

  • This is great news! Hopefully this will expand the location options for TSA interviews. Currently we have a bit of a drive to get to the nearest location.

  • Now that is convenient. I can walk to my local Staples. Too bad Staples doesn’t doesn’t do Global Entry.

  • So will there be an interview by a qualified person, before receiving precheck?

  • This sounds like a win win if the secure side of things remain secure.

  • I didn’t realize PreCheck required an in person visit, I always thought it was done completely online.

  • Love how much more convenient this will be for so many!

  • One step closer to privatizing services….

  • This is much more convenient that signing up at the airport, especially for those who live hours from an airport that allows sign ups. I agree with the other posters who say that it would be nice if Global Entry had a program such as this. It’s much more economical to get Global Entry with the included enrollment in TSA precheck. That being said, I now have so many cards that include free enrollment in Global Entry or TSA precheck that I would enroll in Precheck right away if it were so convenient (paying with one card) and get Global Entry later when I could make the time (paying with a different card that would also reimburse me.) Thanks for this useful information.

  • Hoping GE as well…

  • There are now so many people in pre-check that I find at my local airport (Baltimore), the non-precheck line is often shorter than the pre-check line.

  • This is awesome! Now staples should take over office depot, I mean merge and then we’ll have more locations to do this.

  • I don’t want to be negative, but doesn’t making it so easy to sign up for TSA Precheck at your local Staples store water down the overall security aspect of making sure the wrong people don’t get Precheck? The relationship between Staples and TSA Precheck also doesn’t seem to make sense. I like Staples, and shop there, but I’m not sure I would trust them to validate whether someone is secure enough to qualify for Precheck. It’s very convenient, but doesn’t that make the overall program less trustworthy? I just signed up for Global Entry and had to jump through a number of hoops, including a face to face interview with a Border Patrol Agent. Are they going to employ certified TSA Agents at all 50 Staples stores?

    • I’d suggest you look more into the links provided about the relationship. No, it doesn’t water anything down.

      • Howie, yes, I stand corrected. I should have browsed the links a bit before posting my comment. It does sound secure, and in some ways, IdenttoGo might even be a more consistent and stringent security check than you would get by going through TSA! 🙂

    • When I got Precheck (not at staples), it seemed like the processor was in his early 20s, had no indication that he was employed by TSA,, and the procedure was basically just give him my ID, sign a form or two (maybe affirming to something, but I don’t remember) and do inkless prints.

  • Hopefully this is a test run to do GE as well!

  • Awesome!

    How about Global Entry also going the same route ?

    • @Aby Exactly my though when I ready the post… for most people it is very inconvenient to get to a GE office. It would be fabulous if that footprint expanded.