Free Night for Joining Marriott Bonvoy and Completing 2 Stays

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Hilton has also launched a new-member offer. You can learn more here.

Marriott Bonvoy has extended their promotion giving new members who complete two stays a free night. The promotion is valid for new members who create a loyalty account and complete two paid stays by July 29, 2020. The free night is valid for one year at any Marriott property costing 25,000 points or less per night.

Key Terms

  • Promotion is only open to new Marriott Bonvoy members
  • You need to join through the promotion page
  • Complete two paid stays and receive a free night Award
  • Stays must be completed by July 29, 2020 (extended from January 28th)
  • Free night award is valid at properties up to 25,000 points per night
  • Award night is valid for 1 year from date of issue

Our Take

This is a generous promotion for new Marriott Bonvoy members and is worth considering if you are thinking of switching your loyalty to Marriott. Even though Marriott overhauled its rewards program recently, it offers some great features and benefits.

Since this promo is off limits to those with an existing Marriott account, your first instinct might be to create a new one, but the terms do state that you won't be eligible if you previously had an account. (If or how that might be enforced is a different question entirely). However, if you have a spouse or family member who doesn't have an account, this is a great opportunity to set one up. Marriott doesn't state an age requirement in their terms and conditions: only that the individual must possess, “the legal authority to agree to the Program Rules,” which isn't much help with whether one of your kids could earn a free night. One final note is that the person to earn the free night must use the free night, presumably meaning they would have to be present at check in.

If you are thinking of switching your loyalty over to Marriott, then a Marriott Co-branded credit card can make a lot of sense. Whether you opt for the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card or the benefit-packed Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card, will ultimately depend on your stay and spending patterns. Small business owners can also opt for the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card, to earn Marriott points from their business expenses.

Source: Marriott Bonvoy

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  • I’m already member of their program. My husband is not – so I’ll use his credentials. Thanks.

  • Well I wish I had somebody in family without a Marriott account , so I need to pass I wouldn’t play the new account game .

  • Michaelj1 says:

    Unfortunately I am already a Marriott member. I don’t know if I will ever be able to say or write the word “Bonvoy”.

  • This is a very useful promo. I spent $200 on the 2 nights & using the free one on a $300 room.

  • Most of us reading this blog are probably already members, but it would be a great time to start a new account for a family member who doesn’t have one yet. A free night is always useful.

  • I wish I was a new member! Shame there’s nothing anywhere near as good for current members.

  • I love this promotion. Too bad they don’t have any for members where they can earn the free night certificates.

  • Even if I was eligible for this promo, the limit to redemptions at 25k/nt properties is not very compelling.

  • Those free nights are more useful for North America.

  • Why only new members? Shouldn’t you try to make current member who are jumping ship a bit happy as well, so they might not leave your program?

  • Not going to be applicable to most of us, but I’ve seen worse deals. So might be worth someone checking out.

  • Bruce Meyers says:

    Sounds like they are really committed to accelerating businesss

  • Julia Young says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this one. My husband has an account but I do not. I’m off to create an account for me!

  • Can I qualify if I never actually joined Bonvoy as opposed to its predecessors? 😀

  • Did the automatic switch over from SPG and will have the 5k done within the 3 months and looking forward to getting my 100k points!!

  • Awww… nice offer. I wonder how many of us on AwardWallet do not have a Marriott account?

  • For those who are not members of Marriott, let me share that I just used my annual night credit card certificate for a work related stay. It saved work close to $275 for a one night stay.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    Very comfortable Hotels located in key locations

  • Hmm the cap of 25K is a bit on the lower side IMHO.
    Only if it were worth 35K.

  • This sounds like a great deal I just can’t decide if I want to switch over my loyalty points. worth looking into though

  • I no longer am loyal to a hotel (or an airline for that matter). I don’t travel enough to do that and I’d rather just find the best deal that meets my needs. That’s why cards like the Amex Plat and CSR are amazing. Great travel benefits and several transfer partners that give you lots of great options which keeps you from getting locked in to one program (which is rarely the cheapest).

  • Marriott has not brought back similar promotion for existing members for a long time. Terrible.

  • Great promo! I wish that I would qualify but then on the other hand I wouldn’t have all the points I have now. Great step into the program though. With all the issues that Marriott is having, do you still think it’s a good program to strive for elite status or should one wait until it’s more settled?

  • Great promotion! Will definitely look into this since I’m frustrated with IHG for letting a lot of points expire…

  • Great deal for new members! Too bad most here are probably in 2 player mode already.

  • As usual, thanks for delving into the terms to share the restrictions with us, since many of us will be wondering exactly how many household accounts we can have.

  • Interesting find. Although it would be nice to know if there is any category cap.
    I like that the certificate expires after 1 year as when Marriott has a promo to stay 2x to get a free 1 night certificate, the expiration of such certificate is always 6 month.

  • I’m glad my partner will qualify for this!

  • What an amazing offer! Though I wonder how many members on AwardWallet do not have a Marriott account?

  • The problem is very few of us will get to enjoy this one.

    • The real sad thing is I have a Marriott account because of one two-night stay several years ago and the points have now expired. We used my wife’s account whenever we stayed there since she traveled for work. So basically I have an account but have never used it…

  • Shame it is only for new members

  • This seems like a great offer. Does it apply to hotel brands that are owned by Marriott, but which are not operated under the Marriott name? For example, Sheraton and Ritz-Carlton.

  • Just a caveat. I was a SPG member and haven’t been too happy with the waiting times on the Marriott 1-800 help number when you need anything besides simple menu driven help.

  • Great offer for new members, I always sign up family members to this.

  • One free night is very valuable to me! I’m doing as soon a I clear my 24/5 record. I hope this promo sticks around for a while.

  • Benjamin Tan says:

    I will be getting a Bonvoy credit card.

  • May have to get my wife to sign up and get this.

  • Nice newbie deal if you can use it somewhere. Wish they had a good offer for current members.

  • Darn it! I’m already a member but its a nice promotion.

  • Good information. I can ask my wife to join this.

  • I wish I was a new member! I will consider it for my wife. Thanks for the information!

  • Darn. Wish this applied to current members as well.

  • says:

    ugh. too restrictive, everyone reading this blog is probably already a member.

  • Good offer for new members.
    A way to attract new customers if the number of existing customers is declining.

  • How many new, valid (not kids nor pets) members do they think that they can find with this? – I’d think most are already in the club

  • Great…. I’m getting ready to plan a vacation this fits right in

  • Joseph Bruce says:

    Sounds like a great promo, too bad I’m a long time member.

  • Wow. Thanks for this offer. My son just turned 18 😉 so signing him up.

  • Oh wow, need to loop my wife into this.

    Great deal, much appreciative as always.

  • This is a good reward, of course. But it’s not ok how some promotions just apply only to new members. Programs must valorize all members.

  • Just got an email offering bonus for those of us who already belong! Glad we aren’t left out of the fun.

  • Gwyntip Karnasuta says:

    Great! So I have to apply for the membership and book my stay asap. Thanks for all info.

  • This is a god deal but not for us who live in Hawaii because there aren’t any hotels to choose from that qualify for these nights unfortunately.

  • Great deal, although I wish it wasn’t capped at 25K. I’ll send this to my fiancée since she’d be a new member.

  • Great got some planned travel looks like the wife and I are gonna have a few Bonvoy property stays

  • Most people are enrolled in multiple loyalty programs including Marriott’s, myself and most of my family included. There should be a stronger incentive for existing members to stay with Marriott loyalty, not just new members.

  • Looks like a lame attempt to lure people to Bonvoy. Marriott has a lot of work to do to repair the damage they did to the SPG program.

  • I am bothered that Marriott Bonvoy (not a fan of the new name) is so heavily offering promotions to new members. What about those of us who have been members for a long time. don’t we count? Makes me questions whether to continue being so loyal. And since they have merged with SPG, I have encountered many problems with using points and certificates. My hope is that issues will start to resolve, and they will look for ways to encourage loyalty among current members.

  • Good promo for new member. As said before most reading this are likely already members.

  • Great promo for new members only… But I should add one of the Marriot Bonvoy credit cards to my wallet soon. Especially for the sign-up bonus!

  • I would have rather had 25,000 points to use at a higher category.

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