Hilton Honors Removes 11 Airline Transfer Partners Hilton Honors Removes 11 Airline Transfer Partners

Hilton Honors Removes 11 Airline Transfer Partners

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Without notice, Hilton removed 11 of its 37 airline transfer partners this week. This means you will no longer be able to convert miles to these 11 airlines. You still can with the remaining 26 airlines. Then again, transferring Hilton points to airline miles is a bad idea in most cases.

11 Transfer Partners Removed By Hilton

As originally reported by Loyalty Lobby and confirmed by AwardWallet, Hilton Honors removed the following 11 airlines as transfer partners:

  • Aeroflot Bonus
  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • Amtrak Guest Rewards
  • Avianca LifeMiles
  • Finnair Plus
  • Frontier Airlines Frontier Miles
  • Garuda Frequent Flyer
  • Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles
  • LATAM Airlines LATAM Pass
  • Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles
  • South African Airways Voyager

That leaves the following 26 partner airlines as airline transfer partners:

  • AeroMexico (50:13)
  • Air Canada Aeroplan (10:1)
  • AirAsia BIG (5:1)
  • ANA All Nippon (10:1)
  • Asiana (10:1)
  • British Airways (10:1)
  • Cathay Pacific (10:1)
  • China Eastern (10:1)
  • Delta Air Lines (10:1)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (10:1)
  • Etihad Airways (10:1)
  • EVA Air (10:1)
  • Flying Blue Air France/KLM (10:1)
  • Hainan Airlines (5:2)
  • JAL Japan Airlines (10:1)
  • Jet Airways / InterMiles (10:1)
  • Malaysia Airlines (10:1.2)
  • Qantas (10:1.5)
  • Qatar Airways (10:1)
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (10:1)
  • Singapore Airlines (8:1)
  • Emirates Skywards (10:1)
  • Turkish Airlines (10:1)
  • United Airlines (10:1)
  • Virgin Atlantic (10:1.5)
  • Virgin Australia (10:1.5)

Using Hilton Honors Points for Miles

Generally, transferring Hilton Honors points for miles is a bad idea. The conversation ratio depends on the airline, but many partners you'd be interested in transferring points to have a 10:1 transfer ratio. In recent award redemptions, AwardWallet members have gotten 0.64 cents per Hilton Honors point. It's really hard to get 6.4 cents per airline mile in value. So, you'll lose value on most conversions.

So, I would only transfer points from Hilton to airlines in extreme cases where you just need a few more miles for a flight. If you're looking for ways to top off your account, check out AwardWallet's transfer partners tool.

Hilton used to let members double-dip on earnings — similar Marriott's partnership with United and Emirates, Hyatt's partnership with American, and Accor's partnership with Flying Blue. Now, you can't earn both points and miles on your stays at Hilton Hotels on any partners.

Our Take

Since it's not good to transfer Hilton Honors points to miles anyway, 11 partner airlines fewer is no great loss. You can still top up your miles with the remaining 26 airlines if you need to. But there are far better uses of your Hilton Honors points.

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  • Yikes; not good! And to make matters worse, Lyft’s removed the ability to double earnings with Hilton and Delta, on airport rides.

  • We always enjoyed the double dip , so loosing that and 11 airline partners will shift our loyalty elsewhere.
    thank you for the heads up.

  • Another huge devaluation for Hilton Honors. “Without notice”….

  • That’s definitely not a customer friendly move that we would like to see. But in terms of devaluations are concerned, I rather see this than even higher costs to reward redemptions.

  • While I miss those double-dip times, I would rather that these companies stayed solvent than went under. Of course, we have less worries of Hilton going under, but some of the airlines were wobbling even before the pandemic hit.

  • I used to like when with Hilton Honors you could earn airline miles and hotel points from stays. Although it did later change to be less generous, I do recall at one time there used to be a minimum earn on airline miles per stay. That made it quite attractive for one night stays at lower priced hotels. The current offering of exchanging points is such poor value that it is almost never worthwhile, so there will probably be very few people who even notice that 11 partner airlines have been dropped. Although it is poor value, if you end up with hotel points that you will never use then it is better to convert them to airline miles that you will use rather than let them expire.

  • At least there are others still there to transfer if I need to. I don’t know if there are really a lot of ppl actually transferring from Hilton to airlines unless they just are not using their Hilton points.

  • Usually a terrible use of Hilton points unless you needed to top up or just had a few thousand in your account that you didn’t know what to do with anyway…..just wondering where American Airlines is in the list of remaining or removed airlines. I know I’ve transferred Hilton points to American Airlines at least once when I needed a few thousand miles in a pinch.

  • Such feature should be judiciously treated as flexibility.

  • Seth Breidbart says:

    The other use for transferring is to transfer the minimum to keep miles in another account from expiring.

  • Alaska is a loss but Frontier makes me laugh. Considering the abysmal conversion rate though, this isn’t a loss at all.

  • I had forgotten that you could transfer Hilton points to so many different airlines. I guess that’s because it was such a bad deal that I never even considered it. That being said, it is sad to lose the option.

  • I agree that it’s not a great loss. Let’s hope they don’t continue the cut!

  • Not a big deal because transferring Hilton points is always a bad idea. Will be using my Hilton points for Hilton stays only. Even that is becoming more and more difficult as of late.

  • These are really bad news, in the past I was able to keep my Avianca miles for expiring with a Hilton points transfer

  • B1BomberVB says:

    I haven’t looked lately, but I remember when some FF miles could be converted INTO HH. The rate was 1:2, so 5000 miles could become 10K HH, which could become 1500 miles. In the FAQs HH answered the question ‘Why the difference?’ with a disingenuous line about the ‘relative value of points and miles!’ Were they stupid, or did they think we were?! If 5 dimes = 10 nickels, then 10 nickels = 5 dimes. Not 1 nor 1.5 dimes! This is elementary math w/r/t “relative value!”

  • That’s a shame to remove 11 partners, not a good decision!

  • Although this change is neutral, I hope this is not a harbinger of real devaluations coming down the pipeline. It seems to be a new trend among hotels, as I got an email this morning from Marriott regarding its JetBlue partnership…no longer able to transfer points.

  • Emily Davidson says:

    Oh wow. I hope other loyalty cards don’t follow suit