IHG Adds 70,000-Point Per Night Redemption Reward Level

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Update January 8, 2017: these changes will go into effect for reservations made on/after January 16, 2018. Make your bookings prior to this date for the current rates.

IHG has brought in 2018 just like it did 2017, with adjustments to its award chart. 2018 adjustments impact hundreds of properties across the world, with most increasing in cost by 5,000 to 10,000 points.

In addition to adjusting the rates at properties, the more significant impact is that IHG has added an additional level, increasing the maximum cost per night at some of its properties from 60,000 points per night to 70,000 points per night.

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Overview of the Changes

The changes affect almost 700 properties worldwide, with nearly 500 going up and nearly 200 going down in price. By far the most significant affected region is the US, along with some of the more premium destinations in the IHG portfolio like French Polynesia.

The United States

In total, 437 properties by our count have changed pricing in the US. Unfortunately, as with most changes, the vast majority have gone up in price. 349 properties have increased in cost by 5,000 to 10,000 points with unsurprisingly the majority going up by 10,000 points. A total of 88 properties have had their prices dropped, and all have gone down by 5,000 points.


The situation in Canada is no different, with 20 properties increasing in price between 5,000 and 10,000 points. Although more often than not the increase is only by 5,000 points. When it comes to price reductions, 14 properties have had their cost reduced by 5,000 points.

The United Kingdom

The UK also takes a hit to its property portfolio, with 35 hotels changing price. 26 properties have had their price increased, roughly half by 5,000 points and the other half by 10,000 points. 9 properties are reduced; however, these have only been reduced by 5,000 points.

Premium Redemptions

The biggest hit involves IHG's high-end properties, especially those used for an aspirational redemption. Properties in French Polynesia have all had their costs bumped by 10,000 points, with some hitting the new maximum price of 70,000 points per night.

IHG Price Increases January 2018 French Polynesia

The price hike is not limited to the tropics but also affects premium properties across the world. Other properties to see their cost hit 70,000 points per night include:

  • InterContinental New York Times Square
  • InterContinental The Willard Washington D.C.
  • InterContinental Boston
  • InterContinental The Clement Monterey
  • InterContinental San Francisco
  • InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco
  • InterContinental New York Barclay
  • InterContinental London Park Lane
  • InterContinental Paris – Le Grand
  • InterContinental Hong Kong
  • InterContinental – ANA Manza Beach Resort


Other Destinations

In total, IHG properties in 46 countries have changed their pricing. As usual most of the changes are an increase in the 5,000 to 10,000 points range, with the majority of properties receiving an increase of 5,000 points.

Our Take

Sure, the last thing we want to do is pay more for the same product, but the changes are are not devastating. That said, two significant hikes within 12 months are steep. It looks like IHG is correcting what it feels is an award chart that is simply out of balance.

At least IHG has announced the changes, and we have time to cash in prior to any changes — at this point, we don't know exactly when to expect them to take effect.

So, if you have confirmed travel plans and have the points, it would make sense to secure reservations now and save yourself some points.

Source: IHG Rewards Club

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  • Avatar
    beppoello81 says:

    I am also more affected but the increase in the lower level properties. The new year brought only devaluations so far….

  • Avatar

    Thanks for this heads up – Yet ANOTHER DEVALUATION. Need to do a couple of reservations for March and May NOW rather than wait.

    Will need to take out the pen and paper to work out if the buying IHG points “trick” is still worthwhile at the higher redemption values.

  • Avatar

    Especially sad for the many 10k options that went up to 15k. Those that are at 70k now, I would not stay with points anyway.

  • Avatar

    That’s a brutal devaluation…

  • Avatar

    Hoping to use IHG points for high end properties some time next year… But apparently I have to look for alternative options! Just a pity IHG keeps devaluaing their program so often!

  • Avatar

    I didn’t realize that IHG had four properties in French Polynesia.

  • Avatar

    I used to value IHG points at 0.7 cents. Now I struggle to find 0.5 cents.

    We tend to focus on the high-end Intercontinentals. But it’s those mid-range hotels in New York or elsewhere that have gone from 30K to 50K. Or a 10-15K bargain that is now at least 25K.

    Earn and burn… but they also mean that I pay less attention to Accelerate since I know the points will be worth even less by the time I get around to using them.

  • Avatar

    There are actually a few places I visit where the rates have been reduced. Overall, not a positive change, though!

  • Avatar

    ugh. just ugh.

  • Avatar

    With very poor latest PointBraeaks… Bad news.

  • Avatar

    Another points devaluation.

  • Avatar

    It’s not just the high-end properties that are more expensive – the lower end properties have probably increased even more. Several HI and HIX properties that I used to frequent have gone from 10K to 30K over the past few years.

  • Avatar

    What I like about IHG is that there are a number of airline partners. Whilst transfer to airline miles will never be the best deal in the world, the transfer rate is not too bad compared to other hotel chains.

  • Avatar

    IHG is getting more and more unattractive…

  • Avatar

    So ridiculous…70K points for a 1-night stay is insane.
    IHG has lost its mind.

  • Avatar

    Another points devaluation. Keep earning and burning!

  • Avatar

    A bit of a bummer, but certainly not unexpected, or unreasonable. One things for certain though: this hike makes what was already the most valuable credit card perk, the IHG free night cert, even more valuable.

  • Avatar

    that sucks on the Tahiti properties

  • Avatar

    It seems with hotels you need SO many points! Otherwise you just cannot really get a vacation paid for with points. It’s more of combining points and money. I realize there are the 10k redemptions but usually not when I need to travel. I’m not new to this game, more like a teenager. However, it still boggles my mind how many points you must have for hotel stays per night. How much do you all estimate to have in an account to get say a 3 day hotel stay paid for and not worry what’s available?

  • Avatar

    As usual more requested property go up and less requested and so less useful for tourists go down.
    I find very difficult finding good opportunity of redeem with IHG lately.
    The only thing is the point breaks if you are lucky.

  • Avatar

    Don’t you just love these devaluations….

  • Avatar
    The_Bouncer says:

    With so many promotions and the number of points in circulation it was obvious a devaluation of some sort was on the way. As long as they keep their hands off my 10k & 15k road trip awards, I’m happy.

  • Avatar

    Sigh. More devaluations. Sigh. Sometimes collecting hotel points makes me feel as if I’m chasing my tail.

  • Avatar
    Alice Chen says:

    Wow, considering you can still get free nights with far fewer points, these price upticks are pretty significant.

  • Avatar

    Thank you!

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the info!

  • Avatar

    Whilst points price increases are never welcome, to be fair the to end IHG properties were underpriced compared with the competition. Having said that I would generally still prefer to pay the extra points for Hilton.

  • Avatar
    Joel Kling says:

    For the past 5 years I have just been spending about $10 a year on the card and been paying the $49 annual fee which gives me a FREE night anywhere. Last year I used it at the Palazzo Las Vegas.

  • Avatar

    Bad , time to burn all the remaining points and steer away from IHG.

  • Avatar

    Disagree – this is another very significant devaluation. the cost of IHG award redemptions have more than doubled over the past few years for most/many properties.

    • Avatar

      I certainly can’t argue that it is brutal for high-end properties, which it is. But overall, across the program, it seems like a healthy adjustment to the value of their points, ease of accumulation, and likely redemption opportunities.

      I’ve never invested big in IHG; have you?

  • Avatar

    huge devaluation… glad that I got in 2 trips to Thalasso while they were 50K and were able to use up my certs.

  • Avatar

    It’s like a neverending game of cat and mouse.

  • Avatar
    Lee Ann Bixler says:

    Not too surprised by this. I would much rather stay at Marriott or SPG anyway. Save the points for airline redemptions.

  • Avatar

    Bad news for all IHG members.

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Avatar

    I think most of us are pretty numb to these changes by now…which is exactly what they hope.