Use the Kimpton Secret Password to Get Upgrades, Free Drinks & More Use the Kimpton Secret Password to Get Upgrades, Free Drinks & More

Use the Kimpton Secret Password to Get Upgrades, Free Drinks & More

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Kimpton Hotels have a funky boutique hotel brand image. One of many aspects of its charm is the Kimpton secret password or “social password” that guests can mention at check-in to get a perk, benefit, or bonus. These include items like free parking, a free breakfast, a free upgrade, etc.

What's the Current Kimpton Hotel Secret Password?

It's been several months since the last secret password. The last ended on February 20, 2023. Now, there's a new password running May 26–September 3, 2023. When checking into a Kimpton hotel between those dates, you can use the secret password “no shade” to (hopefully) receive a special perk or privilege.

Kimpton Hotels have provided seasonal or monthly secret passwords to guests for years. The tradition started before IHG acquired the brand in 2014. Some of the secret passwords have been phrases such as “stay cool,” “flip flops,” “baby, it's cold outside,” “chilled to perfection,” and even “marshmallow.”

This summer, Kimpton Hotel is using the secret password “no shade.” It is valid at all participating locations May 26–September 3, 2023. Kimpton Hotels have stated that every hotel honors the secret password differently, so it's a surprise what you'll get.

However, note that some travelers have reported not getting any bonus when using a secret password. It's unclear whether the receptionist just wasn't in the know or if that particular hotel didn't participate.

What Secret Password Perks You Might Get

Guests have reported plenty of bonuses when using the Kimpton Hotels' secret password. Here are some examples:

  • Free parking (regular or valet)
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Free upgrade
  • Complimentary bottle of wine
  • A whisky-tasting tour
  • Cupcakes
  • A movie night in your room
  • Free drinks at the bar
  • Surprise gift-wrapped presents
  • Drink kits (like Bailey's hot chocolate)
  • Mini-bar credit

The bonuses aren't always at the hotel, as some hotels have partnered with other companies. For example, such as another restaurant or perhaps a whisky distillery.

Sometimes you can even get multiple bonuses!

Many of the hotels try to make their bonus gift quite special. One reported bringing sand from the beach to create a beautiful display, and another provided this:

IHG One Rewards elite members get a “Raid the Bar” credit as a benefit when staying at Kimpton Hotel. By using the secret password, your Raid the Bar credit could be doubled.

Our Take

It's been three months since the last password “expired,” so it's nice to see the Kimpton secret password is back. This password will be around for a while, so you don't have to scramble to find out if it's been changed before your stay. If you do have a stay booked this summer, make sure to check Kimpton's social media — or right here on AwardWallet — to see if there's a new password.

If you want more perks when staying at Kimpton Hotel (and other IHG brands), check out the IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card. You'll score complimentary Platinum Elite status along with plenty of other card benefits.

Remember to check out our complete roundup of hotel promotions if you prefer another brand over Kimpton.

Have you used the Kimpton Hotel secret password before? What did you get?

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  • What a cool concept!

  • Tried the pass word at Kimpton in Sacramento (The Sawyer). Front desk said they don’t do that.

  • I like to use my Chase free night certificates at Kimpton Hotels, seem to get nicer and newer rooms than other brands, even InterContinentals. Haven’t yet had a stay where I could use the password though…

  • While I do not stay at Klimptons as much as I would like. I do like that added feature as an opportunity for every guest to score something a little extra!

  • I didn’t know anything about these passwords. I’ve stayed at Kimpton in the past. Thanks for the information. Now I know for next time.

  • Thanks. I’m staying at my first Kimpton ever on Wednesday.

  • The use of a Kimpton secret password has worked out very well for me in two Kimpton stays this year. The desk clerks seem almost delighted when you know it, and they always offer something extra as a result. It makes staying in a Kimpton property a little more special.

  • Was under the impression this had gone away, so glad it hasn’t – thanks for sharing.

  • NIce to see a hotel chain that goes out of its way to make stays special for their customers.

  • Thanks for the info. Didn’t know about this and never stayed at a Kimpton property even though an IHG elite. Will have to try it out; I like surprises (as long as they are good surprises)…

  • I’ve always loved the Kimpton secret password and I’ve gotten to use it a few times. I also love that Kimptons are truly pet friendly. A lot of hotels say they are pet friendly when they are really only Dog friendly. Cat people are left out a lot of the time. The last time I stayed at a Kimpton (without my cat) I asked, the guy at the desk said that as long as it can get through the door, it is welcome.

  • Thats great that the Kimpton secret password is back, have not seen one for a while.

  • Stanley Yee says:

    Thanks for the current password. Have a Kimpton stay next week and looking forward to see what bonus I get.

  • It’s an interesting promotion, but it’s a nice bonus for an existing stay, rather than convincing me to make a new reservation.

  • So far I’ve had £75 bar credit, amazing hipflasks, lots of in-room goodies, soft toys and different, free parking and in-room cocktails. Not saying what hotel does what as that might ruin the surprise! I checked out a hotel on 28th and they launched the password a few hours later, but was already checking in to a new hotel that night – they did not disappoint.

  • This is a great tip – wish I would have known about it sooner as my wife and I enjoy staying at Kimpton hotels. They’ve always thrown in extra little perks for us for special occasions when I have asked as well – champagne, wine, free upgrade…I have found their staff very inviting and helpful plus it never hurts to ask! Looking forward to trying out the secret code next time. Thanks!

  • This is amazing, great deal. Kimpton is always providing more value.

  • Darn! I was just at a Kimpton Friday night! I wish I had known this then. I have another stay coming up, perhaps I can switch it to a Kimpton. This sounds like a fun thing to try just to see what they give. Thanks!

  • Good work Kimptons and award wallet. I will stay at Kimpton next month definitely I’ll try a secret password. Thanks for sharing.

  • This just sounds gimmicky to me. Although I guess it does keep them in the conversation so any advertising is considered good advertising.

    • Agree, kinda gimmicky. Does create some buzz, but I do feel there’s better ways to do it than roll with “no more sweatpants” lol…

  • MIchael R Karpiel says:

    Stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Born in Denver May 21-24 so just missed out on this. Kept checking for a new Social Password up to the day of arrival.

    Ah well we have a Kimpton Muse NYC stay coming up in a few months and another Kimpton stay in mid Sept (so hoping for new password for that one).

  • So refreshing to find a hotel chain that still has a sense of fun about travel and vacation….love Kimpton hotels! Wish more hotel chains could/would duplicate this level of whimsy and excitement about something that is supposed to fun in the first place – travel!

  • Yup….I’ve used the secret password and it does indeed work

  • Is this US Kimptoms only?

  • Free breakfast would be of great value if you book a family room. 🙂

  • Bhikhu Shah says:

    I love this, it engages the customer and make you want to go there.

  • Had no idea this was a thing, how fun! Definitely good branding and wish other hotels would do more ‘fun’ things like this

  • Secret password makes everything sound so exclusive!

  • Maryjane says:

    I love Kimptons and the secret password. I have an Amex offer for a Kimpton so I’ll now be able to use the password for a bit of extra value during that stay.

  • Excellent idea! I h ope to visit you soon

  • This is a fun thing to participate in and the benefits are pretty cool. I’m glad it’s back.

  • The password works…. I’ve used it several times

  • I have been using the secret passwords ever since Kimpton became a part of IHG. (Reading blogs taught me about this benefit. I hadn’t even heard of Kimpton Hotels until they became part of IHG). Ive gotten some of the gifts described here. Once, a couple of days after the password had expired (with no new one replacing it) I said the password and the manager gave the gift to me anyway. It certainly make the visit a bit more fun.

  • Any more examples of the off-site surprises?

    • I’d say such off-site surprises are unusual. But, the on-site gifts have been incredibly varied over the years, with certainly some stinkers, but also some truly quality stuff.

  • Haha I didn’t know about it but love this idea! Hope other hotels will do something similar in the future to “lift your spirits” 😉