New Citi IPhone App Allows You to Dispute Charges New Citi IPhone App Allows You to Dispute Charges

New Citi IPhone App Allows You to Dispute Charges

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Citi card members who are iPhone users can be happy today. The new redesigned iPhone app for Citi cards has added a slew of new functionalities, including the ability to dispute fraudulent charges directly from the app. Citi’s step to streamline the process of disputing charges is certainly a welcome addition over the standard methods of using the phone or the company website, which on occasion can be onerous and time-consuming.

Citi iPhone and Watch

In addition to disputing charges, card members will also be able to do the following:

  • Paperless Statement Enrollment: enrolling to receive paperless statements is now a breeze, and can be done directly through the app.
  • Credit Limit Increase: members wanting to increase their credit limits can now make a direct request for the increase from their phone.
  • Recurring Charges: managing recurring charges can be time-consuming, but card members can now quickly access and view a list of recurring charges from the app.

Citi’s decision to upgrade the capabilities of their app is motivated by living

“In a world that is increasingly digital by default, we are intently focused on servicing our cardmembers where they want and when they want,” according to Alice Milligan, Chief Customer and Digital Experience Officer for Citi Global Cards and Consumer Services. She added that “Citi is making great strides in transforming our servicing model and providing cardmembers the ability to perform key banking tasks in their channel of choice. With this new dispute functionality within our mobile app, we’re excited to further elevate the digital experience and reimagine what mobile banking looks like.”

Although the news is that the update is restricted to iPhone users, Android users need not worry too much. According to the bank, they plan to extend the new functionality to Android users over the next month or so.

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  • I love the idea of this. Calling and dealing with a rep could be such a pain. If only I used a Citi card. My primary cards are Chase Reserve and AmEx SPG. Would be nice to see either of them launch it.

  • Love it! Super handy and should make it quicker when needing this feature. Citi generally responds quickly to disputes!!

  • Awesome offering, but with Android becoming more dominant than ever, not sure why they’d release this for iOS only 🙁

  • let’s see if the other banks follow

  • I wish that Citi could just make the Windows Phone app work.

  • Y’all should report on the Citi Prestige mess up this week telling people they were having their annual fees dropped only to send an email out canceling it and offering 1000 ThankYou Points for the trouble.

  • This is awesome! It makes it so much easier to take care of such things and I imagine it takes some burden off the customer service staff as well. Takes much less time to read a dispute request than to take a phone call about it. Looking forward to other banks doing the same.

  • Great idea . I hope the other banks follow

  • ADAM PARSONS says:

    Agree with post 1. So many corporations seem to forget about vast majority of Smartphones are running on android but once again we see a newly improved app on ios.

    • Soon enough — I don’t think they’re forgetting about Android, but its the demographic they’re focusing on, ease of adoption and consistency across that platform that makes iOS easy to deploy (as someone that has dealt a bit with deploying mobile apps that is my take on it.) Even though Android has a more than 5x market share over iOS, it is so fragmented; it makes it harder.

  • Prashant Gangwal says:

    Great job from Citi – now if the others can follow!

  • This update, combined with the recent addition of locking your card temporarily, makes the Citi app for iPhone very useful. I love having access to these features directly from the app, without needing to drop back to the mobile website while I am traveling.

  • This new app from citi looks awesome. Major upgrade from the old one. Makes disputing charges easier. Sounds good to me!

  • Nice to be able to do this from your phone: so much easier, especially when traveling.

  • This sounds very handy.
    All credit cards should have this feature.

  • Kevin Whited says:

    This is a nice feature, but I feel left out as an Android user! 🙂

    What I would really like to see is an app that helps with the process of taking advantage of various protections that are offered by credit cards (like price protection and others). I know those are outsourced to third parties, but it just seems like they have a very old school mentality (telephone first!). They’ve always been very helpful to me, but filling things out in an app is more helpful!