Do New Security Measures Mean Electronics Ban Is Coming To An End?

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It seems that the electronics ban might finally come to an end after 3 months, which will be a relief for those affected; even through airlines like Qatar and Etihad had come up with innovative ways to cope with it. New security measures to be implemented across all airports flying to the US would mean that the electronics ban could finally be lifted.

The new security measures will affect the over 2,100 international flights headed to the US every day. According to the Financial Times, the new security requirements will affect 325,000 passengers per day departing from nearly 280 airports across the globe. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly confirmed the new measures would prevent further countries from being added to the ban and would mean countries already on the banned list could be removed from the list once they have implemented the new measures.

Turnstile Security Airport Train Station

Enhanced Security Measures

The new enhanced measures have not been fully publicly announced, but are thought to include the following:

  • Deployment of new screening technologies
  • More sniffer dogs to scan baggage
  • New and tightened security measures around passenger areas, and the aircraft themselves
  • Increased individual passenger screening
  • Improved and more rigorous screening of personal electronic devices
  • Increased preclearance locations

Regarding implementation, both US and European agencies have notified airlines that they have 21 days to implement increased explosive trace detection at airports. Also, they have 120 days to implement the other enhanced security procedures fully.


The new measures are welcome if it means that airports can get off the electronics ban list. It is likely that the new measures came in response to European pressure. European authorities have been very concerned about the fire risk caused by having so many batteries in the hold of the aircraft.The new measures are likely to create winners and losers, and while the countries currently suffering from the ban are likely to win a reprieve, the new measures themselves are likely to hit some airports badly. The

The new measures are likely to create winners and losers, and while the countries currently suffering from the ban are likely to win a reprieve, the new measures themselves are likely to impact some airports significantly. Expect significant impact from London/Heathrow which has 761 flights to the US every week. All the new enhanced security will probably mean arriving 2 hours before your flight is a thing of the past.

Source: One Mile At A Time

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