Norwegian Releases $65 Transatlantic Fares Norwegian Releases $65 Transatlantic Fares

Norwegian Releases $65 Transatlantic Fares

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Norwegian has promised some exceptional fares, with transatlantic flights for as little as $65. Well, there is some good news and some bad news. Norwegian finally released their fares, and in a scramble not since the Garuda First class award discount, they are all gone. But as a low-cost carrier, there is still plenty of value left since Norwegian’s second tier of fares is still an impressive $99 and there is plenty of space around.

Norwegian 65 Record

While it is disappointing that the super-ultra-low fares have all gone, you can still get some great prices to Dublin, Edinburgh, and Shannon from both New York and Providence.

Norwegian 99 Fares

New Routes and Low Fares

Norwegian has announced ten new routes between the US and various cities in Europe. The US routes originate in Providence (PVD), Newburgh, NY (SWF) and Hartford (BDL). Most of these are part of Norwegian’s summer service which runs until October 28. From October 29, Norwegian will then start to operate its winter schedule. The new routes will operate as follows:

Norwegian 737MAX Routes

New Aircraft

Commencing in the second quarter of 2017, Norwegian will be taking delivery of six new aircraft. The Boeing 737 MAX will all be used on the new routes. With a range of 3,515 miles, the 737 MAX opens up a lot of potential for Norwegian, with options to expand routes into Europe, North America, and possibly even some Asian destinations.

The new aircraft are configured in a 3-3 layout, with 189 seats on each plane. As a low-cost carrier, the new aircraft will be dedicated to economy travelers, and they will not be equipped with a premium cabin. If you do want to try a Norwegian premium cabin, then you should try routes operated by Norwegian’s Dreamliner which does offer a premium cabin.

Initially, the new aircraft will have no in-flight entertainment system; however, Norwegian’s SVP of Sales Lars Sande confirmed that the company plans to launch its Wi-Fi service aboard this aircraft, and passengers will be able to browse the internet and even stream from their devices for a fee.


Norwegian seems to be bringing great value to the transatlantic route, although travelers have to be aware that as a low-cost carrier, the company charges for many perks and benefits that legacy carriers offer on a complimentary basis. Even without the $65 fare, with new aircraft and fares as low as $99, Norwegian is one to consider for your summer travels.

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  • It’s great to see that there is a competition. This could wake up those overpriced / high price/ low quality flights of giants like Lufthansa.

  • Alessandro says:

    I wait for a trip report related to this offer

  • Brian Gallagher says:

    I’m not surprised that sale went quickly. My sister in law (who does not play the credit card game) emailed me the deal this morning- I was like “oh, lord you are behind!”
    I’m still glad that these types of rates are being offered- international travel is easy & should be easy to do. Goodbye days of $2000 coach trips to Europe.

  • Any idea on the seat dimensions and leg room? I imagine they’d have to pack them in to justify $99 one-way.

  • Heads up to the youngsters out there; if you get in on this deal (or some of the other Norwegian fares to OSL) and find yourself in need of domestic tickets in Norway or intra-Scandvinavia, check out Norwegian’s youth tickets.

    If you’re under 26 y.o., enter the campaign code UNDER26 when choosing flights and watch the prices drop. This works for virtually all scheduled departures; I commonly get the prices to drop from around $100 one-way to $35 for my domestic flights. ($35 being the lowest available fare under this campaign)

  • We’re probably too risk averse – but we wonder about low cost carriers ability to provide you with alternatives if they have delays.

  • Wow, I’m so sad I missed this sale. That would have been a great ride, even if I have to book another flight from hometown Chicago to the east coast.

  • To have access to this fare, we need to travel off peak seson. It is not always convinient

  • those things simply get sold out too fast… just like IHG break points

  • Sounds amazing and my experience with them within Europe was also very positive, probably they’re my favorite low-cost carrier there

  • Sad to hear the low fare sold out so fast. Hoping to use one of the lower fares soon.

  • Great prices, though you have to make it to the Isles first. It figures, the last yer or so I have bot had the time to go on trips and more and more these cheao fares pop up…

  • I’m not usually a big fan of low-cost carriers (fees upon fees upon fees give me hives), but even I would book a trip at these prices. Pack up the iPad, pack some snacks, and on my way! I am hopeful they will expand more in Asia and possibly open up some flights from the West Coast to Asia (Bangkok would be a great place to start!).

  • says:

    Not surprised these sold out! great deal!!

  • the problem with these amazing fares is they disappear too quick

  • Any idea how many seats they offer at the discount rate? Is this like a Black Friday limited quantity available sale?

  • Doesn’t do much for those not in the northeast as those airports are hard to access. Norwegian shouldn’t overlook the middle of the country. Chicago, Dallas and Houston could support loads akin to LA and the Bay Area.

    • Sure, but it is important to look at the range of the aircraft. The northeast is especially viable for the 737MAX, whereas the mid-west or south would likely be out of range for the aircraft

  • They know how make the news.

  • I live close and have been waiting. Was able to book the SWF to Dublin route during the initial release. No thrills budget is fine by me. For about $200rt
    I hope that this new venture is successful for Norwegian.

  • Well, at this point and with these prices it make sense also a long weekend.
    With hand luggage the price doen’t increase.
    To verify if the cabin luggage has a normal dimension or it is very small with limited weight too!

  • Boy that was quick!

  • Great! I can’t wait to try Norwegian out!

  • The headline fares are amazingly cheap and certainly attract attention. It is good that they are providing competition and it will hopefully help keep down prices on other airlines.

  • Oops I guess I’m a bit too late this time…I’m looking for cheap TATL flight tickets right now, and this could have been the perfect one to buy.

  • Norwegian is getting loads of attention lately!

  • ADAM PARSONS says:

    I read about these amazingly low fares yesterday, it made me think how can an airline offer such low fares when the cost wouldn’t even cover the fuel per person on that flight.

  • amazing fares if you can sit in coach

  • Nice bait-and-switch from Norwegian to get people to talk about their new routes…

  • well they got sold out fast.

  • Had a solid experience with them last year. Costs ~$100 more for seat reservation, checked bag, and a meal. Not bad.

  • The 737MAX is going to be great. Too bad I didn’t find any flight time that would work out with the deal.

  • It sucks to miss out on the cheap fares, but the greater indirect benefit will be the competitive forces Norwegiam is bringing.

    • This is going to be the big thing. I can’t see myself using the Norwegian services, but I can see myself using the JKF-EWR/BOS offers that other airlines will be forced to counter with.

      • I think this is a real indirect benefit from the Norwegian prices. Other airlines will not want them to get a hold in the market and will price to try and take business from them.

  • How low can they go?

  • Whilst one has to wonder how many seats were ever actually available at the headline fare, this is an excellent introduction to Norwegian’s entry to the transatlantic market. Once fees for luggage, etc, have been added, as well as getting to/from secondary airports, I’m not sure the savings will be consistent. But then, more competition can only be a good thing.