Priority Pass Adds Rock & Brews At LAX Priority Pass Adds Rock & Brews At LAX

Priority Pass Adds Rock & Brews At LAX

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Priority Pass has announced the addition of Rock & Brews at Los Angeles LAX Terminal 1 to its network of lounges and restaurants. The move is good news for Priority Pass members at LAX since two recently added restaurants—Barney’s Beanery and Campanile—have either left the program or are in the process of leaving after a short stay.


What You Get

Rock & Brews is open daily from 04:00 am to 10:00 pm, and is located airside after security. The restaurant only caters for domestic flights and can be found next to Gate 11B. As its name suggests, Rock & Brews features 245 rotating craft beers, alongside some great pub food options including a fire-grilled Santa Maria Tri-Tip Sandwich, and a Gastropub Burger. The restaurant also has a range of Vegan and Vegetarian options. Priority Pass members visiting the Rock & Brews receive the following:

  • $28 credit towards food and beverages
  • Each registered guest also receives $28 credit towards food and beverages

Guest Access Policy

You can bring in as many guests as your Priority Pass membership allows. If you have obtained Priority Pass membership through premium credit card enrollment, then your guest access policy is determined by the financial institution that issued your card. Most premium cards on the market that offer Priority Pass membership allow you up to 2 guests at no cost.

Our Take

The list of Priority Pass restaurants has taken a little hit over the last few weeks, as several restaurants have withdrawn from the program, and the program has lost two establishments at LAX. Adding another restaurant at LAX goes some way to make up for the loss and is welcome news, especially if you use LAX for domestic flights.

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  • Honestly I wish they’d add McDonald’s so I could get free Egg McMuffins.

  • Thanks for the info. Great lounges. I used to have access with former company I was with. Always enjoyed myself. ? Maybe in the future.

  • I have really enjoyed the use of my priority pass this past year. I wish they had not reduced the number of guests to 2.

  • Another reason I enjoy PP. great addiction. Very sad some cards have taken away access Benefit

  • Seems to good to be true. I’m sure it will change soon.

  • The food is good

  • Programs constantly change rules. I would not imagine restaurants would stay with PP for a long time without slowly wittling down the benefits…

  • Like the new ones, but wonder why the others keep closing….not getting paid?

  • I expect many restaurants which enter and leave the programme.
    The lounges are more or less stable with less movements.

  • Joao Barreto says:

    this is a great Lounge visited it last week

  • It seemed like they were adding for a while and then a little decline. I love Rock and Brews so this is good news.
    I wonder if some are joining and drumming up business and then leaving? I’m wondering about the future of lounges and access. With a lot of ppl saying they are not always allowed in on PP because it’s too busy, I wonder how many more restrictions there will be in the future.

  • Very nice additions!

  • I still love Priority Pass. The more the merrier. I agree with folks above – Hopefully someday at least one in all terminals.

  • Love Rock and Brews
    But especially sad to see Campanile gone

  • I love it. We need more options for PP here at LAX. The darn AS boredroom is never open for PP when I’m there

  • I really wish PP would get at least one option in each terminal. It seems like they are all clustered in certain terminals. Could have really used one in terminal 3 yesterday!

  • Has anyone been to the restaurant before?

  • How long is the contract period usually for the participating restaurants to stay in the program?

    • I’d also be curious to know how restaurants earn their money. Will they make more profit by me buying one item and they pocket the remainder, or do they earn their money the same as before and only collect profit of that item? ie if I buy a $10 burger, do they pocket the rest of the $18 or do they only charge the Priority Pass network $10 since that is what the actual bill was?

  • All us LA folks with a SW CP are quite thrilled to hear this!

  • Farid Kassam says:

    thanks for the update.

  • I love Rock and Brews!!! and that’s my frequent airport!! Fantastic!!

  • I hope to get into one of the restaurants at some point but lately I have been having great luck and finding good food in PP lounges in YYZ and YVR. They had full meals available, not just snacks. Quiet environment too. Was disappointed that the PP lounges were landside in NRT but I had other lounges to take advantage of regardless. I’m not such a fan of landside lounges, I like to get past security.

  • Good news. Hope they add the rock and Brews at ONT. That would be the first Priority Pass location there.

  • Great to hear about this addition! I hope it’s not cause for concern about the short stay restaurants.

  • Location sucks. Terminal one is not accessible from most of the other terminals

  • Happy to see an addition of a restaurant rather than losing one more. LAX is close to me so it makes me happy to have more choices.

  • Nice addition, but disappointed to hear about the departure of the others… Hope that’s not the beginning of a down-trend in the Priority Pass footprint.

  • I’m glad to see all these restaurants popping up. Lounges are great. Getting to relax in relative peace and quiet and drinks and munchies are a huge plus, but sometimes it’s really nice to have a proper meal and/or have items that you can take on the plane.

    • Agree completely. Some folks consider restaurants a definite downgrade from a lounge. Not me. It all depends on what I’m in need of in that particular travel moment. And, sometimes I want what a restaurant offers and a lounge doesn’t.

      • Exactly. Even just amongst myself, I can’t say a lounge is better than a restaurant or vice versa. Some situations (ie itinerary and specific airport) lounges are better and sometimes restaurants may be better. It’d be perfect to have at least one option of each category but having one is better than nothing. Raleigh currently has nothing. 🙁