Amazon Promotions: Get a $10 Promo Credit Amazon Promotions: Get a $10 Promo Credit

Amazon Promotions: Get a $10 Promo Credit

Bonus Points

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Although the offerings aren't as good as what we saw previously, Amazon shoppers continue to receive targeted offers for discounts. Sometimes, you can save up to 50% by using just one credit card point for part of your payment. On top of discounts for using points at checkout, you also might get a discount by adding a new credit card to your Amazon profile.

Amazon deals only target some members, so they might not work for everyone. If Amazon didn't target you, check the bottom of this post for some tips that might help you trigger the offers on your Amazon account.

Mastercard: Add a Mastercard to Get a $10 Promo Credit

Just like the Amex offer, some Amazon members are seeing an advertisement or receiving an email to get a $10 credit for adding a Mastercard to their accounts. By clicking through the ad or email and adding a valid Mastercard, a $10 credit will be added to your account. You can use this credit on any purchase thereafter.

Expired Amazon Promotions

Amazon offered several “one point” promotions over the past year. As these promotions are often renewed without notice, you may want to check these links to see if you're eligible for a new offer or change the promo codes to reflect 2023.

Amex: Use 1 Membership Rewards point for up to 40% Off

screenshot of offer to redeem Amex points at checkout for $30 max/30% off

Targeted members can earn as much as 40% off an Amazon purchase when using just one Amex point at checkout. Amazon didn't target everyone for this offer, however. And the deal you see might not be the maximum offer.

Terms and conditions

  • Click here to see if you're eligible and activate.
  • Offer expires on September 30, 2023 or when 17,833 members redeem it.
  • The highest offer we've seen recently is 50% off —  with a maximum discount of $60.
  • Other users may see other discounts, such as these:
    • 40% off with a maximum discount of $60.
    • 30% off with a maximum discount of $30.
    • 10% off with a maximum discount of $10.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Available only to Amazon members with a U.S.-issued American Express card.

U.S. Bank: Use 1 point to get up to 40% Off

Amazon offer to pay with US Bank rewards

  • Click here to check if Amazon targeted you and activate.
  • Offer valid through September 30, 2023.
  • Maximum discount is $15.
  • There are a few different offers that you may be targeted for:
    • Get $30 off a purchase of $100+.
    • Get $10 off a purchase of $75+.
    • Receive 30% off up to $15.
    • Get 40% off up to $40.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards).
  • Limit one promotion code per Cashback Bonus eligible card.
  • Offer does not apply to the purchase of digital content.

Discover: Use 1 Cash-Back Point To Get Up to 30% Off

Amazon promotion banner for Discover cardholders

  • Click here to check if Amazon targeted you and activate.
  • Offer valid through September 28, 2023.
  • Maximum discount is $15.
  • There are a few different offers that you may be targeted for:
    • Get $30 off a purchase of $100+.
    • Get $10 off a purchase of $75+.
    • Receive 30% off — up to $15.
    • Get 40% off — up to $40.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards).
  • Limit one promotion code per Cashback Bonus eligible card.
  • Offer does not apply to the purchase of digital content.

American Express: Add an Amex Card To Get a $15 Promo Credit

Targeted Amazon members are getting advertisements or emails to add an American Express card to their Amazon account to earn a $15 promotional credit toward a future purchase greater than $15.01. The $15 is for any subsequent purchase except gift cards.

This is a selectively targeted offer, and there are a limited number of accounts that can claim the credit (only 53,333 people). So not only is it not available to everyone, not everyone who gets the email will be able to claim the offer. You'll need to claim it quickly if you're targeted, and you'll need to use the promo code AMEXCARD15.

Even if you aren't seeing an email or ad, you could try adding an Amex card to our account to see if it triggers the credit. Currently, this offer expires on July 31, 2023. However, Amazon regularly extends this promotion.

Citi: Add a Citi Credit Card and Get a $15 Discount

Amazon Citi Promotion to add a credit card to your account and get $15 off

Just like the Amex card, Citi cardholders can get a $15 promo credit when they link a Citi card to their Amazon account. This promotion is by invitation only, so check to see if Amazon targeted you. You have to spend at least $15.01 to use your $15 credit. This promotion expires on July 31, 2023, but Amazon keeps extending it.

Terms and conditions

  • Click here to see if Amazon targeted you for this promotion.
  • If targeted, add a Citi card to your Amazon account.
  • Then, add at least $15.01 in purchases to your Amazon account.
  • Apply code CITICARD15 to get $15 off.
  • Must use your newly-enrolled Citi card to make the purchase.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Offer extended until July 31, 2023.
  • The offer details don't state a number of people who may claim the offer.

Chase: Use 100 Ultimate Rewards points to get up to 50% Back

  • Click here to check if Amazon targeted you and activate.
  • Offer begins on June 21 and expires on July 13, 2023.
  • Maximum discount is $60.
  • Offers include:
    • Get $10 cash back on a $20 purchase.
    • Get $15 cash back on a $30 purchase.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards).
  • Limited to 80,000 customers.

Capital One: Use 1 Capital One mile to get up to $20 Off

  • Click here to check if Amazon targeted you and activate.
  • Versions of this promotion include:
    • Get $20 off when you spend at least $40 in eligible purchases.
    • Get $10 off when you spend at least $30 in eligible purchases.
  • Expired on June 4, 2021.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards).

Citi: Use 1 ThankYou Point to get up to 50% off

  • Click here to check if Amazon targeted you and activate.
  • Expired on December 31, 2022.
  • Get 50% off all purchases on Amazon.
  • Maximum savings is $20, which requires spending $40 or more.
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards).

Discover: Get $20 back when linking a card and spending at least $20.01

This is a simple promotion. All you need to do is add your Discover card to your Amazon account. Then, purchase eligible products while spending at least $20.01 to receive a $20 discount.

In other words, you can get your purchase down to a penny (plus taxes and fees) if you can find a product that's exactly $20.01. This promotion expires on July 13, 2023 or after offers worth $500,000 have been redeemed — whichever comes first.

You can try to apply the promo code 23DISCOVERPD at checkout while using a Discover card to see if you've been targeted for this promotion.

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is not available to you if you removed and re-added a Discover card after June 20, 2023.
  • Amazon promotions are always by invitation only, so check your email or look out for the ad.
  • This offer will not be valid if you remove and re-add you remove and re-add your Discover card to your Amazon account after January 8, 2023.
  • Offer only applies to products shipped from and sold by Products shipped from and sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer, even if they are “fulfilled by” or “Prime Eligible.”
  • Digital content and gift cards are exempt from this promotion.
  • This promotion can't be combined with other offers.
  • The $20.01 minimum order is before taxes and fees.
  • Only valid for Amazon customers and Discover cardholders in the U.S.

Chase: Add a Chase credit card to get a $10 promo credit


Similar to the offers above, you can get a $10 promotional credit by adding a Chase card to your Amazon account. This promotion ended on January 23, 2022. Like other offers, the promotional credit will be applied at checkout to eligible items, which are those “sold by” or “sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC.”

How To Trigger These Offers

Amazon might not have targeted you for these promotions, but you might be able to prompt Amazon to target you. Here are the steps to try:

  • Go into your Amazon Wallet and delete the saved card(s) for the offer type for which you want to be targeted. For example, if you want to get a Citi ThankYou offer, you should delete all Citi ThankYou cards from your Amazon account.
  • Then, add the card(s) back to your account.
  • Once added, re-enroll in the relevant Pay With Points program.
  • If it doesn't work, wait 24 hours and try again.

screenshot from Amazon saying you're not eligible for this promotion

Unfortunately, it seems Amazon caught on to this, as recent promotions have included terms saying cards readded during the promotion are ineligible.

If it works, though, it might take a bit of time for the program to become available. You might even have to check back every day for a week until you can access the offer. Remember to have patience and understand that not all Amazon accounts will be eligible for these offers.

Our Take

As more people rely on Amazon for household needs, Amazon offers can be nice and simple ways to save on Amazon purchases. Amazon Prime members can still claim a full year of Grubhub+ with their subscription.

As mentioned, these are targeted deals, and not everyone will be able to get them. If Amazon didn't target you, it's worth trying the steps above to see if you can trigger these offers in your account. For those targeted, make sure to use these offers before they expire. If you don't have anything you need to buy immediately, these deals can be applied to purchase any gift card except gift cards. That way, if you don't need anything from Amazon, you could pick up a gift card to your local supermarket, effectively getting a discount on groceries.

Note that many of these offers are reoccurring promotions. Many expired more than once, then Amazon extended them while targeting more accounts. Some lucky members have been able to get these Amazon promotions more than once. It's a great way to use as little as one point or link a new credit card for big savings on Amazon.

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  • Wow, that’s a new one. Use at least 714 AMEX points to get 15% off (up to $15)… umm no!

  • Fernando Farache says:

    Gracias por compartir esta información, muy útil

  • I find these promotions very interesting, because they can benefit many people. I myself had never observed it and I will pay attention, as well as inform my friends and family. Usually the points we earn we end up losing and this is a good way to use them. I liked to know. Thanks for the info.

  • Unsurprisingly, I am ineligible for all of the offers, despite having linked AmEx and Chase cards and being a Prime member for nearly a decade. This is yet another data point in convincing me to cancel.

    • Well, today I tried it, and I was able to activate both – 10% for AmEx and 50% for Chase. Naturally this was after I made a purchase, but I’m still pleasantly surprised.

  • Thanks very much for the info. I can qualified for the 15% off.

  • Jorge Mendonça says:

    Nice promos

  • Ariel Macagno says:

    Excuse me, from anywhere in the world or just from north america?

    • Ryan Smith says:

      Ariel – I don’t see any locations mentioned in the terms. It should be available. If it doesn’t work and tells you “you can’t sign up in this location”, please let us know so we can be aware.

  • I’m also seeing $10 off $100 Amazon gift card reload.

    Does anyone receive the ‘pay in 5’ monthly installment plan at 0% offers?
    Those showed up often on items Sold and Shipped by Amazon products. I’ve completed 4 of them. all were paid on time with auto-pay. Now I only seem to see them for Alexa products.

    Does anyone know how these are triggered, or how to search for them? Possibly on one of their ‘hidden’ URL’s?

    I apologize if this has been addressed somewhere else! (I searched but didn’t find anything.)


  • Ricardo parisi says:

    I got 15%. Wish it was higher but definitely better than nothing.

  • Looks like I’m eligible for one of these, which is exciting! Thank you as always for the great heads up on offers such as this

  • Amazon prices have really been gouging lately… I always cross check and have found items 20-30% less on sites off Amazon.

  • I got 15%. Wish it was higher but definitely better than nothing.

  • The Chase UR link wouldn’t let me enroll, but the Amex one would! Just saved $80!

  • I have tried several times to use Chase points to get a discount, but it always says I’m not eligible. I have now deleted my Sapphire card and will wait and add it back as you suggest as see what happens. Hope for the best.

    • Pat – that has happened to me previously. Remove your Chase Ultimate Rewards-earning cards from the account, wait a day or 2, and then add one back/try to enroll. That can sometimes trigger it.

  • It seemed like the chase one worked for us.

  • Well, I only qualified for the 15% offer for my Amex, but I’ll take $15 free thank you very much.

  • I have never before been targeted for this promotion but today I noticed it on my Amazon account. Of course I had just redeemed all my Amex points for a Business Class flight so I didn’t have even the minimum 1 point to take advantage. A few points should hit my account in a couple of days and then maybe I can finally use this benefit.

  • Good offer but such a pity not available in Europe

  • None of these offer I’m eligible for… seems qualification is very limited.

  • Great summary. The Discover promotion did not work for me when purchasing a H&R Block tax software from Amazon. Maybe digital content does not qualify for the promotion.

  • 1 point for 50% off, that´s the best point value I´ve ever seen

  • This is great news as I get ready for Christmas shopping. Thank you. Now I just need to follow directions and hope to get it applied. I appreciate your alerting us.

  • This appears to be a very unique program, and looks like a great way to save money when shopping on Amazon. I wonder if customers outside of the North American market will receive invitations as well?

  • Juls Hradeck says:

    Great thanks, just activated on Chase and it worked! So you can just use 1 UR point to cover 1 cent and then get up to $15 off.
    I bought a $30 gift card for something I will use anyways and it cost me $15.
    That’s awesome.
    Also saw I was targeted for the Discover promo so will try that too.
    Super helpful.

  • I got the AMEX and Chase. It’s holiday shopping time anyway so it’s like free money.

  • This time finally Amazon targeted me, I going to take advantage of this excellent offer

  • This is a good way to get extra discount on amazon purchases. Just make sure you only redeem one point as the exchange rate is terrible.

  • Great deal,,,, now if I could only get an invite

  • Amex have been offering some really good promos and incentives these days

  • Great way to save some money on your holiday shopping this year when only using 1 point. Usually Amazon redemptions are a suboptimal value proposition, but when they include these kinds of discounts, it is a real no-brainer. Thanks Amazon!

  • Perfect time just for the holidays.

  • Nice hint, thanks.

  • Great! Good to know this is still going, thanks.

  • Glad to see that Chase has a offer for customers, always see Amex.

  • In my experience, it’s good to factor in a few days’ wait between adding a card and trying the links to see if you qualify for the offer.

  • First AmEx link now leads to new offer for me: 15% off – Maximum discount of $15 Expires 12/31

  • Is it real that I win a credit just for adding a new credit card to my Amazon account? In any case?
    I think its great!

  • Buenas noticias. Ya era hora de que Amazon, de alguna forma se uniese a este tipo de iniciativas. Voy a probar a ver si aumento mis puntos.
    Muchas gracias por la información.

  • What’s great is double-stacking this with the Amex Offer on the Amex Platinum for 6x MR points at Amazon. They really are pushing to make that card top-of-wallet.

  • Links are a big plus … clicked the Amex link ‘Click here to see if you’re targeted and activate’ … wasn’t but gave me an option to add my existing card…I’ll check back tmrw to see if the offer is available. If yes great if not lost nothing… thanks either way

  • Great opportunity to save big on Amazon with this offer…these chances don’t come around too often. Thanks for the tips on how to trigger these offers from Amazon.


    Really good oportunity

  • The Discover offer is marked as expired on this page, but I accidentally clicked the link, and a Discover offer for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more appeared on Amazon with an expiration date of 10/31/2021. There was an offer that expired 9/30 (I used it), so it would seem either the offer was extended, or there is a new one for October, and I just wanted to let Awardwallet and its readers know that the link can still be used until 10/31 to check eligibility, and to activate the offer if eligible. Wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on a deal!

  • I was able to use this to get some packing cubes for my next trip! Thanks!

  • Hardly you can find a 1 point similar promotion in the market

  • YMMV – none of the offers worked for me 🙁

    • Keep trying g as each offer is announced. I never got these but just recently it’s like the floodgates opened. Nothing for me this round but I did use a 1 MR point for $40 about three months ago.

  • Is it just me, or does it feel like the offers are taking longer than usual to become available on an account after adding a card?
    Had a 3 day wait after adding a Chase UR points card before the link for the $15 off 50 would “accept” me for the offer.

  • worked for me – Chase UR – $10 off by using one point.

  • I think I was able to do this once. I try and see just incase because who wouldn’t want money off?! I wonder how much Amazon makes with this deal with Amex.

  • It seemed like those offers often do not get triggered even if you are qualified and sign up for them.

  • Woot! Citi worked for me. $30 for 1 point seems to be a very fair deal.

  • I have been targeted for many offers in the past, but nothing lately. It just occurred to me that I used to always get amazon prime for one month at a time when I needed things (like Christmas or birthday shopping), and then cancel it till I had another cluster of orders to make. Over the last 6 months or so, though, I found I was using it enough to just stay a prime member.
    I am wondering if part of the incentive for Amazon to target people is not just to get them to shop on Amazon but perhaps more to get them to join or rejoin prime. I’m going to try cancelling my prime membership to see if that helps me get more targeted offers again! Had anyone else felt like there might be a connection?

  • M Harrington says:

    There are so many great offers and unfortunately some can be slightly deceiving. You can be on your phone and see the “get $10 off by adding valid credit card”, which is the message I was receiving, and added a valid debit card, but didn’t receive a valid email, so didn’t qualify and unfortunately don’t have an AMEX. Oh well, next time!

  • It seems that lately – even if you are eligible for one of these discount offers – it can take not 24-48 hours but several days before the credit begins to show in your checkout page.

  • Even though some offers are expired others are worth looking into … Just found the blog section … I will need to check back more often now that I know about it…another great feature

  • Fernanda Maia says:

    Great to have this kind of interesting news here in the Award Wallet blog. Hope to be target to have this special gift.

  • I just used the AMEX offer but my offer was 50% off (up to $60). Real nice surprise as the item I really wanted was sold and shipped by Amazon and was a hundred bucks

  • Amex here we go! 20% off is a nice number. Christmas gifts!

  • Hmmm . . . I got targeted December 3 for 7 additional membership rewards points per dollar on Amazon purchases up to 2K through December 31, 2020, and the offer showed up on both my personal and business Amex cards (Plat and Gold on the personal side, Blue and Gold on the biz side). While the list of exclusions was a mile long, almost everything I ordered from Kindle e-books to groceries and clothing has triggered the “you just redeemed your Amex offer” emails. Be careful . . . I think these offers are meant to get you to spend where you would not have spent otherwise, since I somehow only do online shopping when these offers appear!

    • Did you complain to AMEX that the bonus offers are not actual / real?

    • As long as you’re buying things that you need. Admittedly some of these offers have put things into a price bracket I’m now willing to pay and I do now own a few extra things I otherwise wouldn’t have.

  • Missed Amazon Prime Days, hoping Black Friday deals will do the same!

  • aliro marambio says:

    realmente llegué aquí para recibir millas y extender el vencimiento de mis milla advantage pero descubro un mundo de oportunidades,realmente muy interesante, los felicito!

  • Nice, very usefull 🙂

  • It seems that the offer is not as widely available as it seems. I guess that I have to carefully check my purchase before checking out because I will unlikely enjoy the offer again.

  • Interesting to have Amex, Chase, Citi and Discover doing this together. Someone could possibly really save a bunch if they have all 4 cards and are eligible. I was not invited to this party but maybe the next one. We are using my husbands Amex and getting some additional MR points from a deal they had on their own page.
    With all the deals it really pays to have AwardWallet monitoring and also checking our credit card deals page.

  • Pablo Quilis says:

    Always you can find a good offer on Prime days. I think it’s good to see well your wallet.

  • I’ll try some of the suggestions but I’m not convinced I’ll get any deals, so many hoops to jump through. I’m not sure I need to purchase anything right now, I guess that’s the point! Encourage needless shopping.

  • Nice! Glad to see Chase is getting involved in these. I’ve gotten a few AmEx ones before (none of them worked for me this time, though… too slow I guess), but this is the 1st time I’ve seen one from Chase.

  • Ariel Spagnuolo says:

    Wow, I’ll try! I want a new Kindle. My old one is dying haha

  • Unfortunately, I’ve never received a targeted offer from Amazon for any of these cards. Any more info on how to trigger these offers would be appreciated.

  • My default card is my Discover it, since Q4 includes Amazon, but I already redeemed all of my points at the beginning of the quarter. I just enrolled my Freedom cards in Shop With Points, but it’s probably not worth the trouble to trigger the bonus, since I don’t see much value in Prime Day. None of the Prime Day deals have been interesting for me over the last four years, and it seems more like marketing bait fish trying to hook us. I’m currently reading The Next Millionaire Next Door, and that really puts Prime Day into its proper perspective.

  • Tried every trick known to man or beasts (bloggers) and still zippo. As much as I spend on Amazon you’d think they’d throw me an occasional bone.

  • Mine is $10 to make amex default payment option.

  • I have received this offer more than once by doing the trick DOC mentioned above, i.e. remove the credit card from your Amazon account after you have used an offer, and then add back the credit card and re-enroll in the pay with points program.

  • I don´t understand why all these offers are only targeted to certain customers. I never seem to be the chosen one.

  • That’s good, I’d like to buy Iphone with amazon , this offer would be very useful for me. Tomorrow apple will be publish their new iphone.

  • Can the AMEX new card registration and Membership Rewards bonuses be stacked>

  • Have deleted and added cards galore in an effort to be targeted, with ZERO success. It seems no matter I’m always ineligible ??

  • Targeted for $5 off $30 using AMEX points ?

  • Lost opportunity says:

    So frustrating to have all these opportunities squandered by institutions that love to divide people into categories for their own betterment.

  • MR is very useful to get this offer. but how is going on for the people which have no MR point 🙁 for example me.

    But this also good offer.

  • I used the amex 1 mr point option a couple years ago and haven’t been able too again since ???

  • I was targeted by Chase, have registered, and have finished shopping. the checkout process now tells me at least one of my items doesn’t qualify, hence no deal. Further it doesn’t indicate the offending item, but sends me to a list of non-qualifying items, none of which come close to my selections. Ugh.

    • I would wager that you were running afoul of this offer term: “Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers).” You’re right that it won’t tell you which item doesn’t qualify, unfortunately. I had this problem as well. But, you just have to confirm individually that each item is sold directly by Amazon, and that’s not difficult. Once I removed the offending item, which was sold by a third-party, it worked fine.

  • This is a great deal if you can get targeted. Unfortunately, after using the Chase and AMEX deal once each, none of my other cards and subsequent DoC tricks work. But I’ve seen data points of other comments where they repeatedly use and get these offers. So I guess it’s very account specific.

  • I tried it and unfortunately my amex card does not apply to the 40% discount.

  • no sabia que con puntos de recompensas podia obtener descuentos en amazon. Gracias por la informacion, me es super util

  • Last time I tried to use the Discover Card discount, I was confused why the discount wasn’t apply for my order. Finally realized that the fine print that it’s only for items sold and shipped by

  • Kripal Singh says:

    Any idea waht products does it work for or is the AMex offer dead

  • Is it just me, or does it feel like the offers are taking longer than usual to become available on an account after adding a card?
    Had a 3 day wait after adding a Chase UR points card before the link for the $15 off 50 would “accept” me for the offer.

  • You should apply for the amazon prime black card, comes with 5% cashback, it’s better than this!

  • I love these promos! I am like others where I am rarely qualifying for them. When I did I took advantage of it as often as I could. I wish they would do this during the tax free weekend. I’m looking forward to Amex’s bonus miles when transferring into a partners account too.
    Chase is coming up with some good promos lately. Amex has competition.

  • Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to use these promos!

  • Can you use these offers to buy gift cards, for example?

    • Double-check the terms and conditions, but generally yes. I have used similar offers to buy restaurant gift cards at a discount.

  • Love these shop with points deals (when they work for me).

  • You might be qualified for all of the offers if you had all of the cards mentioned above?

    • Quite possibly! However, we aren’t sure exactly how the banks/Amazon target users. So, it’s more likely that you won’t get all of them at once.

  • I’ve read about these wonderful offers for several years. Removed cards and dded them back a couple of times a year and I’m still waiting to get an offer. It certainly can’t be for a lack of spend.

  • Free Amazon money, easy to use, just have to be lucky and be targeted!

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I’ve taken the time to look this deal over, and it seems to be good, except that I’m a bit concerned about Amazon’s obvious monopolistic practices. I can’t say it’s not very good though.

  • Excuse me, is this promo available just for US Amex cards? Thanks?

    • Hey Gaston, I’m not sure. My best guess would be yes, but I could be wrong. In any case, it’s quick to see if you’re targeted. Please let us know if anyone with an international Amex has access to this offer.

  • Wasim Zahid says:

    I’m able to Enroll to both AMEX and Discover but I don’t have those cards, I have Mastercard but no link is mentioned in this article to enroll with Mastercard.

  • Good point to get points . Would like to get one.

  • Wish i can get this offer. I’d like to buy something on Amazon.

  • Why does using some Disc CashBack this year disqualify me completely? That’s a real disappointment.

    • This is the typical business practice. I used discover cash on amazon purchases and I didn’t get the invitation. One of my family members didn’t shop amazon for over a year and she got the deal.

  • Would have been a great use for 1 point 😮

  • Jamie Douglass says:

    Wish I got targeted for this more often!

  • It’d be nice for using Chase, but Chase points are already the most flexible as is, so perhaps the other companies felt a need to get people to use their services instead of Chase.

  • Looks like a great use of 1 point if its offered to you.

  • Excellent discount! Thanks for the information!

  • No notice here. But a smoking good deal.

  • I’ve found that some (but not all) of these promotions work on buying giftcards. That’s a good way to lock in the discount before it expires.

  • So glad to see these Amazon bonuses. It seems like Amazon had removed most of their other cashback programs due to CoVid and the rise in purchases. So happy to see that some programs remains.

  • I am a long time Amex card member and despite using it heavily, especially on Amazon, am never targeted for these offers. I will try the suggestions and see what happens!

  • Yay, I’m targeted! Time to go shopping ?

  • Awesome post, was targeted for the Amex $10 offer. I am a huge fan of Amex offers. Over the years, I have probably saved 100s of dollars. Most of the time I am not targeted so glad I was targeted this time around.

  • I don’t see this one coming up. Is this targeted?

  • I got the not eligible message. Hopefully I can delete my cards and get it to work.

  • Michaelj1 says:

    No good for me.

  • I got the ‘not eligible’ message but will delete the cards and add them back in as instructed to see if I can be eligible in the future.

  • I didn’t know I could use Citi points for amazon purchases.
    Need to try it out now.

    • It’s generally a very bad deal outside of using one point to trigger one of these promos! Save the rest of those points for a trip.

      • Therefore, it is surprising that they allow the 1-point loop hole.

        • I would wager they know about the 1 point “loophole.” It’s probably still worth it for them, since once the connection is made your real-time points balance on the linked card is always shown on Amazon as a payment option going forward, in an attempt to always entice you to use the points. Don’t!. Not the best value. 🙂

  • I am never targeted with these. What gives. 🙁

  • Too bad this isn’t available with the Amazon card from Chase.