Save 20-40% Off Amazon Purchases By Using Just 1 Point

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There are currently several deals running where you can get up to 40% off Amazon purchases by using just one point. These deals are targeted and don't work for everyone. If you aren't targeted, check the bottom of this post for some tips you can try to trigger the offers on your Amazon account.

Amex: Use 1 Membership Rewards Point to save 30% or 40%

  • Click here to check if you're targeted and activate
  • Expires September 30, 2020
  • Some members are being targeted for a 40% discount with a $50 maximum discount
  • Other members are seeing an offer for 30% discount with a $30 maximum discount
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers)
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards)

In addition to being a targeted offer, different Amazon members are seeing different discounts and maximum rewards. You will need to log into your account and link an American Express card before you can see if you're targeted for this offer. Amazon notes that it may take 24 hours for its records to refresh after you've added an American Express card.

Amex: Use 1 Membership Rewards Point to get $20 off

Another offer than some Membership Rewards members are reporting is an offer to get up to $20 off a purchase of $80 or more. However, there seem to be a few different versions of this promotion.

Capital One: Use 1 Capital One Mile to get $20 Off

  • Click here to check if you're targeted and activate
  • Get $20 off you spend at least $80 in eligible purchases
  • Expires September 30, 2020—or when 50,000 customers use the offer
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers)
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards)

Chase: Use 1 Ultimate Rewards Point to get $15 Off

  • Click here to check if you're targeted and activate
  • Get $15 off you spend at least $50 in eligible purchases
  • Expires October 31, 2020—or when 46,667 customers use the offer
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers)
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards)

Citi: Use 1 ThankYou Point to get 20% Off

  • Click here to check if you're targeted and activate
  • Not available to Citi cardmembers who have used ThankYou Points at Amazon in the past 12 months.
  • Expires September 30, 2020
  • Maximum discount of $30
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by (not third-party sellers)
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards (except gift cards)

The full purchase must be completed in one order to a single address. The offer isn't valid on digital content and can't be combined with other offers. Discounts applied proportionately to each item you purchase. If you return any part of your purchase, you receive a full refund less the portion of $30 applying to the items refunded.

Discover: Use 1 Discover Point to save 20%

  • Click here to check if you're targeted and activate
  • Accounts that have redeemed Cashback Bonus since January 2020 aren't eligible for this offer
  • Expires September 30, 2020
  • Maximum discount of $20
  • Limited to products sold and shipped by, not third-party sellers
  • Eligible on purchases of gift cards, except gift cards

Use at least 1 Discover Cashback Bonus point at checkout and receive 20% off your order. You will need to log into your account and link a Discover card before you can see if you're targeted for this offer. Amazon notes that it may take 24 hours for its records to refresh after you've added a Discover card.

American Express: Add an Amex to Get $10 Promo Credit

Targeted Amazon members are getting advertisements or emails to add an American Express card to their Amazon account to earn a $10 promotional credit toward future purchases. The $10 can be used for any subsequent purchase except for gift cards.

This offer is selectively targeted and there are a limited number of accounts who can claim the credit. So, it isn't going to be available to everyone. But, even if you aren't seeing an email or ad, you could try adding an Amex to see if it triggers the credit.

Mastercard: Add a Mastercard to Get $10 Promo Credit

Just like the Amex offer, some Amazon members are being served an advertisement or sent an email to receive a $10 credit for adding a Mastercard. By clicking through the ad or email and adding a valid Mastercard, a $10 credit will be applied to your account. You can use this credit on any purchase thereafter.

How to Trigger These Offers

Not all accounts are targeted for these promotions, but—as Doctor Of Credit explains—you can sometimes prompt Amazon to target you for an offer that you weren't originally targeted for. Here are the steps to try:

  • Go into your Amazon Wallet and delete the saved card(s) for the offer type for which you want to be targeted. For example, if you want to get the Citi ThankYou $15 off offer, you should delete all Citi ThankYou cards from your Amazon account.
  • Then, add the card(s) back to your account.
  • Once added, re-enroll in the relevant Pay With Points program.

It might take a bit of time for the program to become available. You might even have to check back every day for a week until you can access the offer. Remember to have patience and understand that not all Amazon accounts will be eligible for these offers.

Our Take

As more people rely on Amazon for household needs, these offers are nice and simple ways to save on Amazon purchases.

As mentioned, these are are all targeted deals and everyone won't be able to get them. If you aren't targeted, it's worth trying the steps above to try triggering these offers in your account. For those targeted, make sure to use these offers before they expire. If you don't have anything you need to buy immediately, these deals can all be applied to purchase any gift card except gift cards.

Note that many of these offers are reoccurring promotions. Many have already been scheduled to end more than once, before being extended with more accounts targeted. Some lucky members have been able to get these promotions more than once.

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  • I don´t understand why all these offers are only targeted to certain customers. I never seem to be the chosen one.

  • That’s good, I’d like to buy Iphone with amazon , this offer would be very useful for me. Tomorrow apple will be publish their new iphone.

  • Can the AMEX new card registration and Membership Rewards bonuses be stacked>

  • Have deleted and added cards galore in an effort to be targeted, with ZERO success. It seems no matter I’m always ineligible 😤😢

  • Targeted for $5 off $30 using AMEX points 🙁

  • Lost opportunity says:

    So frustrating to have all these opportunities squandered by institutions that love to divide people into categories for their own betterment.

  • MR is very useful to get this offer. but how is going on for the people which have no MR point 🙁 for example me.

    But this also good offer.

  • I used the amex 1 mr point option a couple years ago and haven’t been able too again since 😫😫😫

  • I was targeted by Chase, have registered, and have finished shopping. the checkout process now tells me at least one of my items doesn’t qualify, hence no deal. Further it doesn’t indicate the offending item, but sends me to a list of non-qualifying items, none of which come close to my selections. Ugh.

  • This is a great deal if you can get targeted. Unfortunately, after using the Chase and AMEX deal once each, none of my other cards and subsequent DoC tricks work. But I’ve seen data points of other comments where they repeatedly use and get these offers. So I guess it’s very account specific.

  • I tried it and unfortunately my amex card does not apply to the 40% discount.

  • no sabia que con puntos de recompensas podia obtener descuentos en amazon. Gracias por la informacion, me es super util

  • Last time I tried to use the Discover Card discount, I was confused why the discount wasn’t apply for my order. Finally realized that the fine print that it’s only for items sold and shipped by

  • Kripal Singh says:

    Any idea waht products does it work for or is the AMex offer dead

  • Is it just me, or does it feel like the offers are taking longer than usual to become available on an account after adding a card?
    Had a 3 day wait after adding a Chase UR points card before the link for the $15 off 50 would “accept” me for the offer.

  • You should apply for the amazon prime black card, comes with 5% cashback, it’s better than this!

  • I love these promos! I am like others where I am rarely qualifying for them. When I did I took advantage of it as often as I could. I wish they would do this during the tax free weekend. I’m looking forward to Amex’s bonus miles when transferring into a partners account too.
    Chase is coming up with some good promos lately. Amex has competition.

  • Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to use these promos!

  • Can you use these offers to buy gift cards, for example?

    • Double-check the terms and conditions, but generally yes. I have used similar offers to buy restaurant gift cards at a discount.

  • Love these shop with points deals (when they work for me).

  • You might be qualified for all of the offers if you had all of the cards mentioned above?

    • Quite possibly! However, we aren’t sure exactly how the banks/Amazon target users. So, it’s more likely that you won’t get all of them at once.

  • I’ve read about these wonderful offers for several years. Removed cards and dded them back a couple of times a year and I’m still waiting to get an offer. It certainly can’t be for a lack of spend.

  • Free Amazon money, easy to use, just have to be lucky and be targeted!

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I’ve taken the time to look this deal over, and it seems to be good, except that I’m a bit concerned about Amazon’s obvious monopolistic practices. I can’t say it’s not very good though.

  • Excuse me, is this promo available just for US Amex cards? Thanks?

    • Hey Gaston, I’m not sure. My best guess would be yes, but I could be wrong. In any case, it’s quick to see if you’re targeted. Please let us know if anyone with an international Amex has access to this offer.

  • Wasim Zahid says:

    I’m able to Enroll to both AMEX and Discover but I don’t have those cards, I have Mastercard but no link is mentioned in this article to enroll with Mastercard.

  • Good point to get points . Would like to get one.

  • Wish i can get this offer. I’d like to buy something on Amazon.

  • Why does using some Disc CashBack this year disqualify me completely? That’s a real disappointment.

    • This is the typical business practice. I used discover cash on amazon purchases and I didn’t get the invitation. One of my family members didn’t shop amazon for over a year and she got the deal.

  • Would have been a great use for 1 point 😮

  • Jamie Douglass says:

    Wish I got targeted for this more often!

  • It’d be nice for using Chase, but Chase points are already the most flexible as is, so perhaps the other companies felt a need to get people to use their services instead of Chase.

  • Looks like a great use of 1 point if its offered to you.

  • Excellent discount! Thanks for the information!

  • No notice here. But a smoking good deal.

  • I’ve found that some (but not all) of these promotions work on buying giftcards. That’s a good way to lock in the discount before it expires.

  • So glad to see these Amazon bonuses. It seems like Amazon had removed most of their other cashback programs due to CoVid and the rise in purchases. So happy to see that some programs remains.

  • I am a long time Amex card member and despite using it heavily, especially on Amazon, am never targeted for these offers. I will try the suggestions and see what happens!

  • Yay, I’m targeted! Time to go shopping 🤗

  • Awesome post, was targeted for the Amex $10 offer. I am a huge fan of Amex offers. Over the years, I have probably saved 100s of dollars. Most of the time I am not targeted so glad I was targeted this time around.

  • I don’t see this one coming up. Is this targeted?

  • I got the not eligible message. Hopefully I can delete my cards and get it to work.

  • Michaelj1 says:

    No good for me.

  • I got the ‘not eligible’ message but will delete the cards and add them back in as instructed to see if I can be eligible in the future.

  • I didn’t know I could use Citi points for amazon purchases.
    Need to try it out now.

    • It’s generally a very bad deal outside of using one point to trigger one of these promos! Save the rest of those points for a trip.

      • Therefore, it is surprising that they allow the 1-point loop hole.

        • I would wager they know about the 1 point “loophole.” It’s probably still worth it for them, since once the connection is made your real-time points balance on the linked card is always shown on Amazon as a payment option going forward, in an attempt to always entice you to use the points. Don’t!. Not the best value. 🙂

  • I am never targeted with these. What gives. 🙁

  • Too bad this isn’t available with the Amazon card from Chase.