JetBlue Changes Carry-On Bag Policy and Drops Change Fees

JetBlue announced significant changes to the airline’s carry-on and change/cancellation policies. This announcement is a mixed bag (pun intended) with some good changes to change fees and some bad news for those flying on the cheapest fares. Here’s what passengers need to know about these changes.

Delta SkyMiles Further Devalues Partner Awards to Europe and Asia

Delta Air Lines has done it again. For reasons unknown, it’s just raised partner award prices to Europe and Asia for the second time in four months. To make matters worse, these aren’t small, forgettable price hikes. These are significant, balance-busting increases that make certain partner awards laughably expensive. Let’s go over this and see if there’s anything salvageable.

Hyatt Credit Card Changes: Phase Out of Legacy Card, Change to Earning Free Night Awards

Hyatt has announced a string of new promotions and card updates, so we’ve rounded them all up in one place for you. Hyatt cardholders can earn bonus points at Amazon and at grocery stores this holiday season. Plus, legacy Hyatt Card holders have the opportunity to earn a free night by the end of the year. Hyatt is also adjusting how cardholders earn Free Night Awards in 2021. And, remaining legacy Hyatt Cards are being phased out in January 2021.

Delta Devalues Partner Awards to Europe and Asia Without Notice

This week, Delta devalued partner redemptions to specific destinations without any notice. Now, flights between the U.S. and Europe / Asia cost up to 40% more miles than before. While Delta isn’t the first airline to raise award prices during the pandemic (we’re still mad at you, United), the timing leaves many award travelers wondering—why?

American Express Adds New Uber Cash Credits, Uber Eats Pass to Select Amex Cards

Amex has replaced for the Amex Gold card’s $100 annual Airline Fee Credit that ends in 2022. Starting in February 2021, cardmembers will receive Uber Cash credit each month. That means that cardmembers that applied before February 3, 2021, can take advantage of both benefits. Plus, Amex has announced that Amex Platinum, Amex Gold, and Green from Amex cardholders each get a free, 12-month Uber Eats Pass available for immediate activation.

New Amex Gold Cardholders Are No Longer Eligible for the $100 Airline Fee Credit

One of Amex’s go-to benefits for justifying high(er) annual fees is the Airline Fee Credit. This credit reimburses cardmembers for making eligible purchases with their airline of choice every year. However, for the Amex Gold, this benefit is in its last years. Starting in January 2022, Amex will no longer offer the annual $100 Airline Fee Credit to Amex Gold cardholders that signed up before February 4, 2021. What’s next for this card?