31. Credit Card Spend Analysis 31. Credit Card Spend Analysis

31. Credit Card Spend Analysis

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Did you know that we can analyze your everyday spend and make suggestions on how to increase your earning with every transaction? Add an account with cards that earn Ultimate Rewards or Membership Rewards and we'll analyze what you earn with every swipe and identify how you can potentially earn more. To see this report simply navigate to the CARD SPEND ANALYSIS tab in your account list

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  • Any plans to expand this to include more rewards program data?

  • I have the Award Wallet Plus membership; my husband and I both have our cards on the account, but when I try to do “Spend Analysis”, the drop down box only shows his name. Any idea how to fix this?

    • Melissa,

      At the moment the credit card spend analysis is available only for Amex, Chase and Citibank credit cards. Please note that we analyze only providers’ rewards programs, not their partners’ programs. For example, we will show this report for your Amex card if it earns you Membership Rewards, however, if you have an Amex Hilton Honors card it won’t be shown in the report, since this credit card earns you points for another loyalty program, not for Membership Rewards. If there are no transactions during a chosen date range (last quarter, last month, etc.) the spend analysis won’t be available and you won’t see your name in the drop-down. Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team via this form: