25% Bonus On Citi ThankYou Transfers to Hilton Honors 25% Bonus On Citi ThankYou Transfers to Hilton Honors

25% Bonus On Citi ThankYou Transfers to Hilton Honors

Bonus Points

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This transfer bonus promotion has ended.

Citi ThankYou Rewards is currently offering a 25% bonus for transfers to Hilton Honors. Through September 20, 2017, you will receive 2 Hilton Honors points for every Citi ThankYou point transferred. This represents a 33% bonus on transfers since normally you receive 1.5 Hilton points per ThankYou point.

Citi Points Transfer Bonus to Hilton

Key Terms and Conditions

The deal is very straightforward with few terms and condition:

  • Offer valid through September 20, 2017
  • You receive 2 Hilton Honors points per Citi ThankYou point
  • Points must be transferred in 1,000-point increments
  • The maximum transfer is 500,000 points per transaction, however, there is no upper limit on the total points that can be transferred.

Citi ThankYou Building Value

Citi ThankYou Rewards is slowly but surely adding value to its program to compete in the lucrative rewards credit card market. Every few months the company will offer a transfer bonus to one of its partners, the last one was to JetBlue in March. Citi has also been busy adding new partners to enhance and improve the value of their program. With all the minor improvements, the Citi cards stack up relatively well against other premium cards.


While a 25% bonus is generous, it is not going to set the world alight. While it may be worth it to transfer a few thousand points to hit a specific award that you are short for, it is probably not worth it just moving the points on the strength of the bonus alone. Looking at all the options, if you don’t need the Hilton points there are better options to use your Thank You points.

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  • IMHO, transferring to Hilton is not worth it, even with the bonus.

  • hilton doesn’t pop up as a transfer option for me

  • Thanks for pointing out that an enhanced offer to transfer points to a partner happens every few monthes. I thought about the JetBlue offer but did not act, and will keep my eye out for future offers (although this one doesn’t seem worthwhile to me)

  • This redemption does not seem to be of any great value unless you just need to get a few points towards an planned award stay.

  • Brian Rapp says:

    I am currently looking for a hotel card but I think Hilton doesn’t have as many hotels as Marriot. I don’t know if it would be worth it to transfer so many points . What do you think?

    • You need to review your travel goals. Just because one program doesn’t have as many hotels as another program doesn’t mean it is a better program. Are those hotels where you need/want them? Are their prices more reasonable? Look at your goals and then identify the right program.

      • I very much agree with that. Marriott may have more hotels but Hilton are generally better represented in places I most often go. I find that Hilton isn’t generally more expensive than Marriott, but is more expensive that some other chains. I do value the service and status recognition at Hilton and it makes it seem good value for money for me.

  • I am still trying to decide whether to keep my Citi Prestige card. Only got it for access to AA lounges. I could transfer my remaining CTY points to HH points?

    • You *could* — not sure it is the best use though. If you’re not getting the value from the card perhaps downgrade or get a different no-fee ThankYou Points earning card to keep your pooints alive.

  • Jon Karol says:

    Unless you need the points for an upcoming stay, I don’t think this is worth it.

  • I really like any % offers that up what I might be intending to do anyway. I always wait for such to show up in the points/miles world and strategize from there. I imagine I’m not alone.

  • That would be very poor use of thank you points

  • Good for topping up an account .

  • Michaelj says:

    I would not do this bonus unless I was close to a reward at Hilton. TY points have been good to me for car rentals.

  • B1BomberVB says:

    +1 Adam and Paul.

  • While this isn’t a great rate even with the bonus, it can be an option for those that want to top off their accounts with a redemption in mind.

  • Like the article points out, might be good to use up a few thousands points lying around to make up a redemption total, over than that IMO not very useful!

  • Anyone know what the best method of redeeming Thank You points is? It seems as if many of the redemption options aren’t worth very much.

  • B1BomberVB says:

    What Thomas, Ross, and Bndny have said! The reform of March makes it clear that each HH point is worth half a US cent, so the cardmember gets 1 cent per ThankYou point including this so-called “bonus!”

  • kind of useful if u need hilton points immediately

  • Karen Klein says:

    Did Citi Thank You originally transfer to American Airlines? Looking for a card that allows me transfer to American, other than American Express. Since Amex is not really totally welcomed in Europe, where I usually travel, I would like a Mastercard or Visa. One that transfer to Hilton too is nice, however I am looking at the new Amex Hilton card. I do see lots of positive things with Hilton and they are usually closest to where I want to be in a city.

    I love the Chase Sapphire I have and even though I can transfer to Hyatt and IHG, I just don’t know if I should really just stay farther away from where I like and stay at one of those hotels or just go with Hilton? What do you recommend to someone who has too many cards, Howie? Would it be beneficial to have the Hilton Amex? Right now I have the Citi Visa Hilton and it is widely accepted so I like it a lot. Geez I hope you can get my meaning! lol! I’m horrible at communicating today @)

    • Karen, they did not and do not. As for which card, take a step back, look at your portfolio and see what is missing. What do you want your points to do that they currently do not? Do you need to invest in a new/different card that picks up different rewards? If you want to stay at a Hilton, you could either book directly through UltimateRewards.com or pick up a Hilton card.

  • This deal is a TOTAL DISASTER, don’t do it.

  • Thanks for the heads up! I don’t find transferring to Hilton is worth is even with this bonus though.

  • Definitely of life mired usefulness, as even an un-bonused transfer of TY points to airline miles represents a better value proposition.