AA Reduced Mileage Awards August–November 2019

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This promotion has ended, however, you can check out the Current AA Reduced Mileage Awards promo or see our guide to booking AA Reduced Mileage Awards.

Barclay and Citibank American Airlines co-branded credit card members have long enjoyed a little-known benefit: the Reduced Mileage Awards. Each month select U.S. airports are eligible for MileSAAver award bookings with a discounted mileage requirement. The number of miles saved depends on the type of AA co-branded credit card you hold and whether your flight covers more than 500 miles.  Discounts range from 1,000 to 7,500 miles roundtrip.

Overview Of AA Reduced Mileage Awards

These awards are relatively easy to take advantage of, but they do require a little effort for the savings:

  • Discount is valid for one-way and roundtrip MileSAAver awards.
  • The one-way discount is half of the round-trip discount.
  • Discounts have been published for August 1st, 2019 through November 30th, 2019.
  • Travel must originate in the 48 contiguous United States or Canada.
  • Discount will apply if either your origin or destination is on the list for the month in which you travel. (Both airports do not need to be on the list)
  • MileSAAver award space must be available on your travel dates
  • The offer applies to various destinations on AA’s schedule, which are updated every month — see their full list of participating airports.
  • Bookings need to be made via American AAdvantage reservations (1-800-882-8880).
  • Phone booking fees should be waived—remind your agent that these awards cannot be booked online.

Choose from 185 Participating Airports

complete list of airports is available, and there are plenty of options across the country. Some of our favorite destinations include:

November 2019

  • Birmingham, AL (BHM)
  • Columbus, OH (CMH)
  • Houston-Intercontinental, TX (IAH)
  • Memphis, TN (MEM)
  • Oakland, CA (OAK)
  • Santa Barbara, CA (SBA)
  • Tulsa, OK (TUL)

How To Leverage AA Reduced Mileage Awards

Depending on the card you hold, you can be eligible for either:

  • A discount of 7,500 miles for roundtrip flights over 500 miles, or 2,000 miles for flights less than 500 miles
  • A discount of 5,000 miles for roundtrip flights over 500 miles, and 1,000 miles for flights less than 500 miles

Leveraging an AA Reduced Mileage Award is relatively straightforward (See our guide to booking AA Reduced Mileage Awards). Once you have determined the level of your discount, discount code, and destination, you can call AA reservations on 1-800-882-8880 to complete your reservation.

Our Take

AA Reduced Mileage Awards are a little-known benefit of being a Citi or Barclays AA co-branded cardmember. The fact that they're not bookable online and that destinations change regularly make it something that we're confident most people don't use, which is a shame. This month, the promotion covers the remainder of the summer up to November. So, if you have travel plans lined up it is well worth checking to see if you can benefit from the AA Reduced Mileage Awards.

Since the discount is a flat rate regardless of whether you fly economy or first class, the best value with this deal is to book economy. As long as a MileSAAver award is available and either your origin or destination airport is on the list for your date of travel, you should be able to take advantage of this deal with a quick phone call.

If you have an eligible AA co-branded credit card, make sure you bookmark AA Reduced Mileage Awards and give it a quick check before you look to redeem your miles. Even though AA typically charges a booking fee for phone bookings, they'll waive it for these awards since you cannot book them online.

Source:  AA Reduced Mileage Awards

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  • There are some good destinations on the list, but on another note, where is that photo from?!

  • do reduced mileage awards have to AA metal or is AS (Alaska) partner flights allowed?

  • If flights originate in US or Canada, can we fly direct to international destinations???

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation. Only needing to have one end of the flight be one of the listed Cities, this becomes a more valuable benefit. It almost makes up for losing the 10% rebate benefit.

  • If the departure airport is in the USA and is on the list of participating airports but the destination is in Europe or South America, will the discounted mileage still apply?

  • Argentinian Peso value vs dolar is unstable these days. You might be able to get very good values to travel around Latin America using Argentina as a Hub.

  • They should incorporate to their website and check who is their credit cardholders. having to call is a pain and no one will be taking advantage of a promotion.

  • Margaret M. Costa says:

    Have used milage savers. Like them

  • The worst thing about living in WV is you have to take a positioning flight for any good deal. PIT seldom has any so that means a 4 hour drive or commuter plan to DC or Chicago.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I like the fact that my phone booking fees will be waived… that makes sense. Booking by phone is convenient, (as long as you can understand the english on the other end). Good deal.

  • AA Reduced Mileage Awards are a little-known benefit of being a Citi or Barclays AA co-branded cardmember.
    A bit jealous as I’m not a card holder!

  • The fact that you can’t book the trips online is what really kills it for me. I sometimes just don’t have the time to book over the phone or whatnot.

    However, this is on my radar for future trips once I have some vacation to burn.

  • Wasn’t aware of reduced mileage awards. Glad to have come across this blog.

  • Enjoy this perk and have saved a lot using it – just wish AA updated their list every month. Occasionally get a rep that does not know how to process them so I HUCA.

  • Valerie DeMarco says:

    What a GREAT reduction. Grab then if you live in any of the airports servicing these destinations. A no brainer!

  • This is a nice perk of the credit cards if you are happening to be going to the available cities anyway. Not a game changer, but I have used this benefit before and nice to save some miles.

  • SarahAshley says:

    A note about this discount: It is NOT applicable on any “Online Special” mileage fares published on AA’s website. Apparently the American phone agents can’t even see those. So they will only be able to apply the mileage reduction to whatever regular (Economy or Business) fare is listed online. For a trip I recently booked, the Online Special saved me more miles than the Reduced Mileage discount would have. Bummer you can’t stack them!

  • Never saw anything I could use. But, now that I’m retired, one day there might be airports that fit just right. Thanks for giving us an easy way to know.

  • I forgot about these. I’ve used them a few times but it’s been years. Thanks for publishing the list and reminding me.

  • Is there any way to book reduced mileage flights without an eligible American Airlines card?

  • Trip to MSY in the works for September!! Score!!

  • A good opportunity to use up more of my miles so that I can empty my account by next year.

  • These reduced awards are great deals but I never seem to be able to find availability lately for American low awards especially last minute

  • DEFINITELY click through to check out the list (in the link under “Choose from 185 Participating Airports”) because the selections offered after “Some of our favorite destinations include:” makes it sound like AA is stingy with the destinations and months. Many destinations are eligible for 3 or 4 out of the 4 months, and since you only need one end to be eligible, coverage ends up pretty good!

  • That’s a really useful addition. Has anyone experienced it working first hand yet? Is it a smooth process or a wall of paperwork?

  • A nice benefit that should be put out there better by the companies so more cardholders are aware and can take advantage of it.

  • Which airlines do sales like this? American and Delta? (Delta right?) Anyone else?

  • Glad to have come across this post, wasn’t aware of any reduced mileage awards before this.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I was able to book 5 people to a family wedding and saved some miles.

  • I keep forgetting about this! I will finally bookmark it to check regularly. I never really see DFW on it but I believe I read that as long as the city listed on that page is in the reservation then it should qualify, if available.

    I wonder with this if it would be a good idea to take a positioning flight? Or just go with the regular redemption?

  • Great tip. I was unaware of the AA Reduced Mileage awards, and this was very timely for me.

  • Thanks for a timely posting! I’m looking to use miles for year end travel for my family,

  • i can book aa award travel because of your blog.


  • I booked a regular flight on AA.com and it automatically gave me the reduced mileage amount. If you have your card saved in the system it apparently does it automatically.

  • This totally worked! Automatically reduced mileage! Thank you AA 🙂

  • This is great! I wasn’t aware of the reduced mileage option and I am looking at booking a few flights with American for this winter and any savings will be helpful! Now if only it wasn’t so expensive to buy additional American miles from their site..Thanks for the great blog post!

  • Yes, Just in time. San Francisco California in September. Awesome!

  • Waiting and wishing for a AA reaction, if it’s possible, after United eliminated the MileagePlus mileage expiration! It may never come or take long. Perhaps this is a mild and anticipated reaction to United’s changes. The future will answer!

  • Just in time for a family trip in October

  • Erik Navarrete says:

    I don’t know about this feature. Good tip thanks.

  • Thanks for the tip.

  • Too bad Chicago not on list

  • It would be nice if they can apply it to in South America or Latin America. Regards

  • Anyone having trouble with the current crop of codes posted on Feb 1, 2020? I’m trying to use the 7,500 mile main cabin discount code for flights 500+ miles and the agents cannot get it to apply. One agent said the code may not be active in their system and that I should call back, then when I called back they said it expired, then a supervisor told me the origination and destination must be on the list (which was never the case on prior bookings and does not appear in the instructions or T&Cs). Anyone else?

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