Airbnb Introduces Roadmap for the Future - Focus on High End Airbnb Introduces Roadmap for the Future - Focus on High End

Airbnb Introduces Roadmap for the Future - Focus on High End

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Airbnb for everyone; that is what they're calling it. Airbnb's roadmap for the future is a significant focus on the high-end side of its business. The news includes multiple changes; we're especially excited about the introduction of a loyalty program later in the year.

Airbnb for Everyone

Changes To Property Types

Airbnb currently has 3 property types: Shared Space, Private Room, and Entire Home. The company will be adding 4 more to bring the number of types to 7. The 4 new property types are Vacation Home, Unique Space, B&B, and Boutique. Airbnb states that the new types will make it easier to navigate to exactly the kind of property you are looking for, as well as allowing individual hosts to stand out. These new properties will come online this summer.

Airbnb Property Types

Additional Property Tiers

Airbnb is also introducing more than 2,000 properties located in 13 cities. The new properties are part of a new tier, Airbnb Plus, and each home has been inspected and checked against 100+ point checklist to ensure they meet the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort, and design. The move will benefit both guests and hosts, by offering guests peace of mind that their choice has been verified, while hosts benefit from better placement and other services.

Airbnb Plus

More Categories In Airbnb Collections

To meet the diverse demand of users, Airbnb is introducing collections with the launch of Airbnb for Family and Airbnb for Work. Both will have various collections to suit different activities, including weddings, honeymoons, and social stays. The company plans to introduce collections for dinner parties and group getaways later in the year.

New Luxury Options

In the spring Airbnb will be launching its luxury tier, Beyond by Airbnb. The new service is designed to offer custom designed trips with lodging at top-of-the-line luxury homes.

Expanding Benefits To The Community

Airbnb already has its super host program, which recognizes outstanding hosts. To further enhance the value of being a super host, the company will be adding 14 more benefits, including improved exposure on the site.

To beef up the guest side of the Airbnb community, the company will be launching its Superguest program. The program will start as a trial in the summer with 10,000 members, before being rolled out at the end of the year.

Our Take

Across the board, these are positive announcements from Airbnb. The company is listening to its customers and adapting to the demand of Airbnb guests & hosts.

We do not doubt that the new properties and experiences will be exciting, but we're most interested in how Airbnb will leverage the Superguest program. Will Airbnb eat the cost of the program or will they pass it on to the fees they charge hosts?

Regardless, they're blurring the lines between B&B/vacation rental and hotels. With more properties and more locations than any hotel brand, Airbnb is poised to continue to disrupt the hotel industry.

Don't forget, you can earn Delta SkyMiles for each stay with Airbnb. You just need to click through their portal!

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  • It’s where the more profitable money is.

  • Anne Reynolds says:

    Booked once with Airbnb, not a great experience. I felt there was so much pressure to leave a good review. These companies all want a piece of the hosts pie. If it’s anything like VRBO they will pass on the cost of these “great” incentive ideas to the host.

  • This seems like a good strategy, they’ve been very successful in the budget market, so it will be interesting if they will make a success of this.

  • I’m really looking forward to these developments with Airbnb. I’ve booked with them many times now, and one of my biggest concerns (and what eats of most of my time when deciding where to book) is finding a property that seems trustworthy (i.e. has enough reviews that I can be confident it isn’t a scam). The new Airbnb plus will make that a lot easier. And I’ll be interested to see what the luxiry options will include – might be nice to have someone else figure out all of our excursions and tours for once.

  • Not sure really why I’ve not yet been attracted to or interested in Airbnb. This incentive does get my attention though,

  • I’ve never used Airbnb, but it seems a good time to have a look to the programme and the different places to stay.

  • Airbnb luxury looks interesting ,I just think that Airbnb need to stick to places to stay no need to add tours and sightseeing like they currentyl have

  • I still like the lounge features of standard luxury hotels

  • I’m hoping the Plus tier will minimize the hosts canceling stays.

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  • charles j says:

    I never used Airbnb but the Awardwallet $40 off $75 coupon to sign up I saved last year appears to still be active.

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  • Interesting, hope they roll this and their loyalty program out soon. Some of their rentals are really unique

  • Great news! ?

  • leblondechateau says:

    Hola ! Yo también soy fan de Airbnb y pensaba en eso del superguest. Me encantan las novedades que trae y más me gustaría si sumara millas o beneficios cuánto más lo usás. Gracias por el post !!!

  • I agree with the comment that the fees are a pain. I haven’t used AirBnB as much as I had originally imagined due some of the non refundable fees. The loyalty program will definitely make me take another look.

  • WorldTraveller73 says:

    Instead of their own loyalty program, I’d rather see some form of interchangeability with a regular hotel program. I realize that they are totally at odds- but what a win for the consumer.

  • MICHAELJ1 says:

    Loyalty Program later in the year? Music to my ears.

  • AirBnB is making strides as usual!!! Love progressive game changers!

  • How can they compete with hotel groups with guaranteed service?

  • I’d love to see what constitutes the luxury level.

  • the fees are killing it, good for AirBnB though

  • Is it possible to receive only Delta miles for Airbnb stays?

  • In the end more competition typically benefits the end users, so let’s hope this continues to be a good thing, regardless of which side (BNB or Hotel) you fall on.

  • I haven’t stayed at a Airbnb property as yet . But will be tempted with the Launch of the New Luxury Options .