Earn 20,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for Enrolling in Pay Over Time (Targeted) Earn 20,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for Enrolling in Pay Over Time (Targeted)

Earn 20,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for Enrolling in Pay Over Time (Targeted)

Bonus Points

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American Express frequently sends out offers for members to enroll in their Pay Over Time feature. Frequently, these include promotional points offers of 10,000 Membership Rewards. But, recent American Express offers have been for 20,000 bonus Membership Rewards when enrolling in Pay Over Time.

Let's explain what Pay Over Time is and how to check if you're targeted for this fantastic promotion.

What is Pay Over Time

Pay Over Time is an “extended payment plan” that allows American Express Card Members to revolve certain charges with interest. Amex describes this feature as “a convenient borrowing option that gives Card Members more flexibility to choose how and when they pay.” While flexibility is great when you need it, the interest rates are incredibly high.


The good news is that you only pay interest charges when you carry a balance. This means that as long as you pay off your balance in full, you can enroll in Pay Over Time and take advantage of the promotional offer without worrying about interest charges.

Pay Over Time is typically reserved for purchases of $100+. Additionally, your cards may be automatically enrolled for this feature — unless you opt out. Thus, it's essential to stay on top of your card balance. Otherwise, you can end up with some hefty interest charges that negate any points earnings.

Pay Over Time 20,000 Bonus Points Offer

Amex Pay Over Time landing page

  • Targeted members can earn 20,000 Membership rewards for enrolling in Amex's Pay Over Time.
  • There are no fees to enroll or requirements to use the service.
  • Bonus Membership Rewards will post within 8-12 weeks after enrollment is approved.
  • Make sure to check your email and traditional mail for the offer. Email subject lines may include:
    • “You Qualify for a Flexible Payment Option”
    • “You've Been Selected to Enroll in a Flexible Payment Option”
    • “Congratulations, Card Member. You've Been Selected to Enroll in a Flexible Payment Option on Your Card.
  • Or, you can check this link, this link, this link, this link, this link, this link, or this link to see if you have any eligible offers.

How to Enroll and Un-enroll in Pay Over Time

How to unenroll in Pay Over Time

If you've already enrolled, you might want to un-enroll in Pay Over Time so that sometime down the road you will hopefully be targeted for one of these promotions. Cardmembers who are already enrolled in Pay Over Time are not eligible for bonus offers.

Once you are sure you are not enrolled, you'll want to wait for an offer to register for Pay Over Time. Amex will send an email, letter in the mail, or sometimes a pop up when you log into your Amex account letting you know you are eligible to receive a bonus when enrolling. 

Amex Pay Over Time pop up

Sometimes American Express will send out emails or letters reminding you to enroll. However, some letters don't offer additional Membership Rewards points. So, make sure to pay attention to the email so you don't miss out. 

Not sure how valuable Membership Rewards points are? Check out 5 Excellent Transfer Strategies for Amex Membership Rewards.

Final Thoughts

If you have been targeted for this Pay Over Time offer, don't walk. Run! This is yet another incredible incentive from Amex that doesn't involve much work or virtually zero risks.

20,000 extra Membership Rewards points alone are more than enough to outweigh the annual fee on some of these cards. Add in the crazy retention offers Amex has been handing out like candy, and it's as good as paying members to keep their cards open. Make sure to check the link above to see if you are targeted. If you log in at the link and see something like “This promotion is either invalid or no longer available” then you were not targeted for the promotion.

Were you targeted for this 20,000 Membership Rewards points offer?

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  • I wasn’t targeted for this offer but am curious about “the crazy retention offers Amex has been handing out like candy” 🙂

    I’m going to be up for renewal soon and have been thinking of canceling since the Centurion Lounges seem to always be full the few times I am at an airport that has one. I have Priority Pass through other cards.

  • I really wish Amex would do more of the offers with Bonus points with a given purchase on the offers they do monthly. I have one on a biz plat for spend 12,500 get 3,500 bonus points that can be used up to three times.
    Not a bad deal really if you have some large purchases coming up.

  • I received this offer as a banner on my Amex homepage after signing in. I never received the points and have chatted with Amex twice. I un-enrolled just now. There are plenty of posts that Amex has not been fulfilling these signups for Pay As You Go. Just makes me skeptical when points don’t arrive and the Amex reps say that it takes 8-12 weeks. Yet other commenters state that they received the bonus points in less than a week. There also reports that the offers can vary from to 10K to 30K of MR points.

  • Added on Friday night and 20K MR posted on Sunday night. Thanks AMEX

  • Would my current “pay in full” autopay setup still exist after adding this offer or would I need to manually pay in full each month that Pay Over Time is activated? Thanks!

    • Kevin – you’ll be good. You would only be affected if you had the “minimum payment” setting. Full is still full. You’re good 🙂

  • fernando pojaghi says:

    Deberían ampliar el beneficio al resto de las tarjetas, no solo a la GOLD. Gracias

  • I also received this offer and enrolled , as mentioned before a very good offer to take advantage of, but my recommendation is to be cautious on the extensive use of the “financial” service, so its more self autocontrol than any other aspects, having said that, I would recommend to apply if you have the chance.

  • I wasn’t targeted and somehow I’m already enrolled.

  • Seems worth enrolling in for the points, but not using.

    • “Seems” really is not the right word here. Enrolling is an easy, definitive yes. And, I’ll venture to say that you will never be offered more miles for less work. It’s impossible to beat a one second, simple click for signup with no cost or risk.

  • Do they offer this on any non-US Platinum cards? Even without the bonus points offer? I’ve never heard if it on my UK/AU cards.

    • That’s a good question. We generally focus on US cards – as that’s enough to keep us busy! Sorry we can’t help with this.

  • Harvey Kwan says:

    Got this offer several months ago for 10k, hoping I’m targeted for 30k. Anyone know any ways to increase your chances of being selected?

  • I got this offer several months ago and I enrolled my card right away. The points posted to my account a few days later. It was one of the easiest ways to earn a substantial number of points and it hasn’t changed anything for me. I still pay off the card every month just like I always have done.

  • I was automatically enrolled in this program with my Platinum card, but dismissed my participation based on this article. Hopefully that puts me on the radar for the targeted promotion. I can see why Amex might want people to be in the program, but it’s a net neutral feature if you adhere to a budget and pay your bill in full every month.

  • Yes, I’ve been targeted and have been tempted by the rather lucrative offer, especially since my spending on the AmEx has been fairly dismal this past year. However, I have not had a chance to research the questions/concerns I have about the offer and appreciate your detailed research that answers almost all my questions. My only question I have not had a chance to research and/or see in your research, is how long must one be signed up for the program, before they can unenroll without the reward points being cancelled by AmEx? As travel begins to resume in earnest and as most travel purchases with my AmEx are over the $100 threshold, I do not want to be constantly checking the account to be sure I do not accidentally incur interest as I pay all my cards in full each month.

    • That’s a good question! And an apt one with how sensitive Amex can be about “gaming”. That said, I’m not sure how long would be “safe”. Personally, I’d probably wait 3 billing cycles. As long as you pay your account balance each month, you should be set.

      • RICARDO SCALBI says:

        Amazing content for my future travellings. I was selected with this few weeks ago and I will definetely take advandtage of it. Thank you so much for your generosity!