AwardWallet Adds Feature to Store Vaccine Card, Other Travel Documents AwardWallet Adds Feature to Store Vaccine Card, Other Travel Documents

AwardWallet Adds Feature to Store Vaccine Card, Other Travel Documents

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AwardWallet has just added several features, and — although I may be slightly biased — this new version is even better than before! With the new version of AwardWallet (v4.28.9), you can now upload all kinds of important documents for travel, including the ability to digitally store your vaccine card.

Not only does this provide convenience, but having secure copies of these vital documents can save a lot of time and stress in a scenario where your documents could be missing or even stolen.

Let's see just what all these new features are and how you can use utilize them.

Key Points

  • You can now upload your important documents and store them in your AwardWallet account.
  • Add documents like your Covid-19 vaccine card.
  • Other documents you can add include insurance cards, driver's licenses, and even visas.
  • Save pictures of each of these documents to your account for easy access and safe storage.
  • Visit this link to quickly add these documents to your AwardWallet account.


Store Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card with AwardWallet

Numerous international travel destinations now require you to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Without this, you could be denied boarding. You could be forced to quarantine for several weeks in a government-mandated facility where you are responsible for covering the bill. Ouch.

With AwardWallet's new feature, you can upload your immunization information and photos of your Covid-19 vaccine card to store them safely in one place. Additionally, AwardWallet will produce a QR code, so your documents can be easily accessed when its necessary to show proof.

For the Covid-19 vaccine document, you can input and upload all your info by logging into your AwardWallet account and navigating to the “manually track documents” tab.

Digitally store your vaccine card and other travel documents on AwardWallet.

Next, follow the prompts to complete the process.

Digitally store your vaccine card and other travel documents on AwardWallet.

Once done, you can use the shortcut from the launch menu. That way, you can quickly pull up your documents on your phone.


Other Documents

You can do more than just store your Covid-19 vaccine card in the new version of AwardWallet. You also can upload and store other documents you may need for travel. AwardWallet has long offered the ability to store your passport and Known Traveller Number (useful for things like TSA PreCheck and Global Entry) on the AwardWallet app. And now you can add even more.

For example, you can save documents like travel visas. You can also add your driver's license and even your insurance card. Any of these can be needed during a trip — and would be a headache to lose if you don't have a backup!

Keeping Your Information Safe

Finally, we at AwardWallet care a lot about security. In fact, it's of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that all the images you upload to our app are securely stored in an encrypted format on our servers. We want you to know that you can store your travel documents and vaccine card safely in the AwardWallet app or website.

Final Thoughts

Having the ability to easily access your necessary travel documents is not only convenient, it can also act as a form of insurance if / when you do happen to misplace these necessary items.

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What other features would you like to see AwardWallet add to help make your travels as smooth and stress-free as possible? 

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