Use AwardWallet's New Travel Summary Tool to Map Your Trips, See Your Travel Stats Use AwardWallet's New Travel Summary Tool to Map Your Trips, See Your Travel Stats

Use AwardWallet's New Travel Summary Tool to Map Your Trips, See Your Travel Stats

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As an AwardWallet Plus member for a few years, I’ve really come to appreciate all the features offered by the Plus service. From tracking all my points and miles balances to tracking upcoming travel plans to actively monitoring my balances to know when a transfer is completed, AwardWallet makes all aspects of award travel planning easier.

Today, I’d like to highlight a new feature: the AwardWallet Travel Summary.

New AwardWallet Travel Summary Feature

The AwardWallet travel summary is a brand new feature that just launched. After being beta tested by a small group, it's now available to all AwardWallet members. To see your summary, you’ll need to log in to your AwardWallet account and then click on “Trips.” You’ll then see a link to your Travel Summary Report in the left sidebar under “Manage Travel.”

AwardWallet travel summary navigation

There is currently not a way to access your AwardWallet travel summary from the app, but this functionality will be added soon.

Once you’re on the travel summary page, you’ll be presented with a map of the current year’s travels. This is the default landing page. The first thing I noticed was how little travel has occurred for me this year compared to the previous two years. What a sad year it has been for the industry.

Map your flights using the AwardWallet travel summary

See Your Travel Stats

Scrolling down the page, you will be presented with some summary statistics of your travel. This includes detail on the total flights taken, and which countries, cities (airports), and continents visited. You can even see a year-over-year comparison, whether you've traveled more or less. The location statistics will break down how often you've visited each airport or country.

See your flight statistics using the AwardWallet travel summary

Scrolling back up to the top, I checked out my travels from previous years. I've gotten in the habit of adding all my trips into AwardWallet, so the maps were super accurate. To switch the timeframe, you'll simply need to use the list input at the upper right. Here are my travels from last year:

AwardWallet travel summary map

After switching to the past 10 years, I scrolled down to check out the summary statistics.

See the number of countries through the AwardWallet travel summary

This is where I first encountered a couple of issues. First, I noticed a couple of countries aren't highlighted that I have indeed visited: the UK and Uruguay. Upon closer inspection, I found that my London trips weren't in my list of trips on AwardWallet. But, my trip to Uruguay should show in this view.

Another tool coming soon: a country entry/exit export tool. This can be critical information for when you need to apply for a visa.

Make Your Timeline More Accurate

As I dug through what AwardWallet is displaying, I realized that trips I hadn't taken were on showing on the map. Turns out I forgot to remove multiple canceled trips from my AwardWallet travel timeline.

I ended up being unable to fly the insane American Airlines award to Auckland for 5K miles each way. The other trip was a fifth freedom flight on Air New Zealand from LHR to LAX (plus connecting segments), canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These still showed up on my AwardWallet timeline summary map for this year, as the trips would have occurred in February and March. Looking back further through past trips, there are other canceled itineraries showing as flown.

So, make sure to double-check your map for any canceled trips. If you find one, you can click on the flight log on the map to load your trip timeline. Then, just delete the trip from your timeline to remove it from the map. Don't worry, you can still see deleted trips by selecting “Show Deleted Segments” or loading this page.

Our Take on Travel Summary

Overall, I really like the new AwardWallet timeline feature. I already log my travel in OpenFlights — which lets me add things like equipment flown, tail number, and assigned seat to my travel stats. Then I get to geek out over my summary statistics.

The AwardWallet timeline summary isn’t quite as sophisticated as OpenFlights, although the visual appeal is slightly better. But, the best part is that your trips are automatically imported. So, you don't have to manually log flights.

Plus, it makes AwardWallet even more of a one-stop shop for tracking all aspects of travel. I’m going to be sure to add all my travel, most of which is now done automatically. I just need to remember to remove my canceled trips in the future!

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