How to Track Your Travel Plans with the AwardWallet Timeline How to Track Your Travel Plans with the AwardWallet Timeline

How to Track Your Travel Plans with the AwardWallet Timeline

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Today, we’re going to show you how the AwardWallet timeline organizes all of your travel plans into one convenient, master itinerary that you can access at any time from anywhere.

This post is part of our welcome series for new AwardWallet members. Below are a few quick and simple guides to setting up your account and some friendly tips to help you take advantage of our most popular features.

Basics of the AwardWallet Timeline

One of AwardWallet’s most popular features is the personal travel timeline that displays all of your upcoming trips and reservations. From flights and hotel stays to rental cars and dinner reservations, AwardWallet can organize it all. Once added, you can see your upcoming travel by clicking on the “Trips” button at the top of your AwardWallet account.

What Types of Travel Plans Can AwardWallet Track?

AwardWallet can track nearly any reservation or detail you make for a trip. The following are just a few examples of all the types of reservations AwardWallet can track:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Dining reservations via OpenTable
  • Trains
  • Cruises
  • Campsites

As you add reservations to your account, the details will be shown in chronological order under your trip timeline. Your earliest travel plans will show up first—followed by the next in line and so on.


In the trip to Sydney shown above, AwardWallet grouped the member's round-trip flight and hotel reservation, putting all the key details like confirmation numbers and check-in times in a neat little summary.

Get Detailed Information About Every Reservation in Your Timeline

Being able to access all of your travel details is one of the most convenient features of AwardWallet. Rather than having to juggle various emails from individual airlines, hotels, and whatever else is included in your trip, you can access this information on your AwardWallet Trip Timeline, where everything is organized and optimized for your viewing.

Once trips have been added to your timeline, you can see even more information by clicking on the row displaying your travel reservation. For example, here's a detailed look at a flight reservation.


In addition to the basics like flight numbers, travel dates, and departure times, AwardWallet will also gather other details like passenger names, seat assignments, class of service, aircraft type, and even how much you paid for your trip in cash or points. As you get close to departure, you can even find details like gate and terminal information.

In some cases, you'll even see an estimate of your savings-per-point on award tickets—calculated based on our analysis of how much it would have cost to purchase a comparable flight without points or miles.

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Get Alerts When Your Travel Changes

Because of the nature of travel—especially in the current environment—it seems there will inevitably be changes to your itinerary. Fortunately, AwardWallet will look for any changes that take place and will let you know about them. In your timeline, AwardWallet will show you exactly what the changes are, as well as the differences between the initial itinerary and the updated plan.


In the image above, this trip was changed by the airline. AwardWallet highlights that there have been changes by putting the new times in red.

Hotels, Rental Cars, and Other Trip Details

You can also view details for all of your other travel plans, just like you can with your flights. These reservations will include details like:

  • Check-in date for hotel stays
  • Pick-up date and time for car rentals
  • The location's address
  • Phone numbers and other important contact information for the company you have booked with
  • Number of nights for hotel stays or days for rental cars
  • Number of guests
  • Confirmation number
  • Room number
  • Estimated check-in time and check-out time, based on how long it will likely take you to get from the airport to the hotel

Adding a New Trip

AwardWallet makes organizing your trips simple. There are three ways to add a new trip to your AwardWallet account. The easiest option is to utilize AwardWallet's email parsing.

First, you can give AwardWallet access to automatically import any of your travel plans directly from your email. To set this up, visit your AwardWallet account and navigate to the “Trips” page. Once there, select the option to link your mailbox to allow AwardWallet to import your trips. You'll be directed to a new page, where you can select your email server and add your email information.

The second option is to manually forward your travel plans to AwardWallet from your email. To do so, you simply use the “forward” function in your email and send it to your unique AwardWallet address. AwardWallet creates this address for you and uses it to receive your travel plans, analyzing and automatically adding them to your timeline. You'll find this personalized address at the top of your Trips page.


The last option is to manually add your plans to your AwardWallet Trip Timeline. You can find the option to manually add your travel plans at the top right side of the page. Find the “Add Travel Plans” at the top left corner of the AwardWallet “Trips” page. Once you click on the “Add Travel Plans” tab, you'll be taken to the next page, where you can choose to add your trips manually.

Group Your Individual Reservations into Trips

As you add your plans to your AwardWallet Trip Timeline, you can organize your information even more by compiling individual reservations into one trip by using the “Group Itineraries Into a Trip” feature. You can use this feature to keep everything in one trip grouped together to easily see it without bleeding into info from other trips coming up.

You'll find the feature beneath each individual reservation. Simply click on the plus sign and AwardWallet will automatically group your plans into a single itinerary.


Sharing Travel Plans with Others

Once you’ve created a trip, you can share the details with anyone—even if they don’t have an AwardWallet account. Under your Trip Timeline, select the trip you would like to share. Then click on the “share” option. AwardWallet will create a unique link that you can then share with others.


And don't worry about your confidential information. Sensitive details like confirmation numbers are automatically removed from your timeline when you use the “share” feature.

Mobile App

All of these features are available on the AwardWallet mobile app, as well. For Android users, click here to download the app. iPhone users can download it here.

You can access your trips information at the bottom left of your mobile app. Select the “Trips” option, and you'll immediately be taken to your Trip Timeline. There, you can view all of your travel plans, reorganize your trips, share your information, or delete plans you no longer need.

Image of timeline user interface on AwardWallet mobile app

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to use your Trip Timeline function, it's time to move on to the next feature. Stay tuned for our next segment on supercharging your timeline by connecting a mailbox.

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