Supercharge Your AwardWallet Account by Connecting Your Email Supercharge Your AwardWallet Account by Connecting Your Email

Supercharge Your AwardWallet Account by Connecting Your Email

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Connecting your email account is the key to unlocking many of AwardWallet's most powerful and valuable features. It takes just minutes to set up, and once you do it, AwardWallet can provide even more detailed and accurate information about your rewards and travel plans.

This post is part of our welcome series for new AwardWallet members. Below are a few quick and simple guides to setting up your account and some friendly tips to help you take advantage of our most popular features.

How Does it Work?

First, let's talk about how this all works. By connecting your mailbox, AwardWallet can analyze your emails and identify which should be imported into your AwardWallet account. Essentially, it searches for any travel-related or loyalty program emails by analyzing email headers. For example, an email with the subject, “Your trip to Miami” would get scanned. Additionally, an email that comes from travel providers—such as Delta or Marriott—would be identified.

Once complete, AwardWallet automatically—and almost immediately—adds this information to your AwardWallet account.

Why Connect Your Email Account to AwardWallet

Now that you understand how AwardWallet imports data, let's see why you should connect your email inbox to your AwardWallet account.

By connecting your mailbox to AwardWallet, you open up a whole new world of convenience and level of organization. For one, you'll no longer need to manually add your travel plans or remember to forward your emails to your account. You can simply connect your mailbox once and AwardWallet will do the rest. It's like putting your travel planning on auto-pilot.

Additionally, emails will often have more data about your trip than what you would enter manually or even what you see online. Those details—such as hotel cancellation policy or seat numbers—will be automatically added to your trip.


Finally, you will receive more accurate monitoring for travel changes. With a connected mailbox, AwardWallet will monitor your trip for changes—such as seat changes, cancelations, and delays—and will notify you of the change within minutes of receiving the information.


How to Connect a Mailbox

Connecting your mailbox to AwardWallet is a quick process and takes a matter of seconds to do. First, you'll need to head over to your AwardWallet account to the “mailboxes” feature, which you can access here.


The easiest way to connect your email account is by using OAuth to connect your Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, or AOL email account. If your email isn't hosted by one of these providers, you will need to enter the email address you would like to connect in the box labeled “email.”

Note that you can have more than one mailbox connected to your AwardWallet account. As you can see from the example above, this account already has one box connected and we will be adding a second. The process is the same whether it's the first email or additional ones.

Once you enter your email, hit the “Add” button. You'll then be asked to select a user to whom this email belongs.

Lastly, you'll be prompted to allow AwardWallet to access your email. You'll want to select the “Allow” option. And that's it.


What About Privacy

Your privacy and security are of utmost importance here at AwardWallet. To keep your information safe, AwardWallet adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy. This involves a rigorous third-party security review every year, which is mandated by Google.

Additionally, AwardWallet will never sell or share its users’ data to any third parties.

And finally, all parsing of emails is done automatically through servers hosted within the United States. This means that there is zero human involvement in the process.

How to Send Specific Emails to AwardWallet

If you aren’t ready to connect your email to AwardWallet, you can instead forward specific emails of your choosing to AwardWallet to be scanned.

To set this up, you'll need to find your forwarding address. You can access it by visiting this link. Additionally, you can find it by visiting your AwardWallet account and selecting the “Trips” tab at the top of the page. Your forwarding email will be located at the top of your Trip Timeline.


This method is more work than connecting your email to AwardWallet, as you'll need to stay on top of forwarding any email that contains travel or loyalty account information to your personal AwardWallet address. However, this puts you in control of exactly which emails AwardWallet will scan.

Manually Adding Trips to AwardWallet

The final option for adding trips is manually through the Trips section of AwardWallet. You can access this option here. Additionally, you can log in to your AwardWallet account, navigate to the Trips tab located at the top of the page and select the small plus sign to the right of it, which is the “Add a Travel Plan” feature.


Next, you can choose to either add your travel plan by inputting your confirmation number, also known as a PNR, and your last name. You can also choose to manually add any travel itinerary. Both options are located at the top of the page.


Wrap Up

Connecting your mailbox to your AwardWallet account is not only a secure and convenient way to organize and mindlessly track all of your travel plans, loyalty account information, and more. It's a secure way to ensure that you always are up to date with any changes and other important pieces of information essential to your peace of mind.


What Emails Does AwardWallet Scan?

AwardWallet scans all of your emails looking for travel-related subject lines and senders.

How Long Does AwardWallet Keep My Emails?

AwardWallet will never keep an email for more than two weeks.

Does AwardWallet Save My Email Password?

If the mailbox you are connecting is hosted by Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo, then you would be using OAuth. OAuth is the most secure way you can share your data and assures that your actual password is never shared with AwardWallet. Thus, you can revoke AwardWallet’s access at any time without having to change your email password.

However, if your email is not run by Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo, then you'd need to connect to AwardWallet via IMAP. In this scenario, AwardWallet will store your email IMAP password.

How can I revoke access to scan my mailbox?

You are always in complete control of your AwardWallet account and therefore, you can revoke mailbox access at any time and in just two clicks. To do so, you'll need to follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Click “Delete” next to the mailbox you want to remove.
3. Click “Yes” to confirm.

That's it. If you change your mind, you can always add it back by following the steps from the How to Connect a Mailbox segment above.

How can I tell if AwardWallet is currently scanning my email?

To check and see if AwardWallet is scanning your emails, simply visit If you don’t see any email accounts listed, AwardWallet is not currently scanning your email and you are missing out on all the great benefits that come along with connecting your mailbox.

Is there another way to import travel information without granting mailbox access?

There are a few additional ways to import your travel information to AwardWallet without granting access to your mailbox. The first option is to find your forwarding address and forward individual emails to your AwardWallet account. Option two is to manually add in your travel itinerary. You can get the step-by-step process for both in the sections above.

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