Big Signup Bonuses for AAdvantage Credit Cards

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AAdvantage credit card partners are going after your business; there is currently a couple of nice sign ups on various AA co-branded cards. The excellent signup bonuses can be found with the AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard® and the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite Mastercard®.

American Airlines Plane

The Aviator Red is currently offering a signup bonus of 60,000 bonus miles after your first purchase within 90 days, and paying the card’s $95 annual fee. A nice 50% bump on the card’s initial offering of 40,000 bonus miles when it first launched. You can earn an additional 500 bonus miles signup bonus if you apply using an application received in-flight; you will earn the miles whether your application is approved or not.

For big spenders, the card will earn you 3,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars which count towards your Elite status, when you spend $25,000 per year. The card comes with a $95 annual fee that, unlike the AA Platinum Select, is not waived for the first year.

The AA Platinum Select is currently offering a signup bonus of 60,000 miles after $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.

Card Benefits

Both the AA Platinum Select, and Aviator Red offer pretty similar levels of perks when flying AA, and include:

  • Preferred boarding
  • Free checked bag
  • Full-size carry-on allowed on board — even when flying on a basic economy fare


American Airlines has stated that the new bonus is a direct response to increased competition in the airline co-branded credit card market. This move is great for travelers who always benefit when companies have to up their game in response to competition. As an added bonus since both cards are issued by separate institutions, you could get both and pick up 110,000 bonus miles, which is nearly enough for two roundtrips to Europe in economy!

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  • Laura Smith says:

    If you are a British Aadvantage member, be aware that the only credit card offering Aadvantage miles (MBNA Visa) is no longer fee free and now charges a £70 annual fee. (Though, they are currently offering a 15,000 mile bonus for spending £1500 within 3 months of opening an account.)

    • Yes. The previous MBNA Amex card, which is fee free. But, will they now start charging existing card holders for this? Seems to be much more competition in the US, and while fees are common typically you get more benefits (such as free checked in luggage) and higher sign up bonuses. Us Brits are short changed!

  • Is this available for non-US residents?

  • Es una lástima que Citi haya suspendido su programa de millas en Venezuela.

  • Received targeted 65000-mile via mail.

    • Nice! I actually just got one too.

    • I was approved for the 60,000 offer Citi card on May 1, and got the 65,000 offer today. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth spending an additional $3000 on the card (over a year, $4000 in 4 monthes instead of $3000 in 3, plus an additional $2000 during the year) for 5000 points.

  • I just switched from a Citi Diamond Preferred to the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Preferred credit card because the rewards program was much better suited to my needs. (The few points I was able to earn on the Diamond Preferred card were virtually impossible for me to use, whereas I frequently travel on AA for business and leisure and could use the miles). Citi processed the switch as a product change rather than a new card application, thus helping me to avoide a dreaded ding to my credit score from a new inquiry. Does anyone know whether customers who switch to the AAdvantage card from another Citi credit card get the sign-up bonus miles award, or is it only for new card-holders?

  • I might try this out. I’m working super hard on Skymiles at the moment- but I’ve been looking into building some AA miles! 🙂

  • As O stated in my earlier reply, I applied for the Barclays (and Citi, but that;s not relevant( card May 1 under the 40,000 offer. I secure messaged them Monday asking if they would match the new, higher offer. I received a reply that they would investigate it. I see I have 10,000 points added to my ‘earned this period’ total. I did not receive a new message, but since there is no reason for me to get 10,000 miles, as the bonus I signed up for was 40,000, I assume that is the match to the new offer.

  • So, I closed my Biz card yesterday and the customer rep explicitly stated that I will not be able to get the bonus again until after 24 months!

  • Ever since merger completion award availability is impossible. 2015 was the last time I cashed in points. I am considering ditching my aviator

  • Binita Patel says:

    Great time to stack up on the AA miles for International partner redemptions!

  • Im def gonna jump on the 50K aviator. Its a no brainer.

  • Sadly, sometimes I feel as if I’m growing old searching for AA award seats.

  • Come on AA, please open some award space so we can actually use our 50-60K miles!

  • Wish I would have waited to get this card. Did get a good bonus and have used several of their promotions and have earned many points.

  • does the citicard still offer a 10% mileage rebate on awards? that’s a great bennie.

  • great news. did the citi today, will do the barc tomorrow.

  • Great info, thanks as always! Time to consider the Elite MC!

  • Doctor of Credit ( says that – “American Airline miles aren’t exactly valuable at the moment considering how impossible it is to find saver award space.” any idea what that means?

    • RD, American has been especially stingy releasing sAAver award space, which is why there are concerns about the value of their miles. Thankfully there is still significant value with their partners but it can certainly be a challenge finding sAAver award space on American right now.

      • Oh I see – I am just saving up for Cathay first class to Asia. I checked the availability on BA’s website about a year out. It was pretty good

    • That means “good luck being able to use your miles”. AAward AAvailability is sparse.

  • May be a good deal – it doesn’t hurt to call the credit card company to get a deal on the annual fee if that’s an issue.

  • Rob Arias says:

    But theres not really one card superior right? I mean besides slightly more miles from Citi both the aviator and elite are pretty much the same as far as perks and earning structure.

  • Karen Klein says:

    I do like Barclay. I live where American is king and would really benefit from having a card from them but since I have the Chase UR I don’t know if it would be still a great idea. I would love American to join with Chase UR! American does seem to be the pickiest about where to earn miles and how. Does anyone think this? They are still tons of easy ways to get miles with American (posting on here for one) but I find United has more options to earn easily and use also. I can choose to change planes close to home and then be really nonstop from the connection point. Anyone else emailing American that they need to come up with more ways to earn and use miles?

  • 60k is a strong offer from Citi. It’s been more than 2 years since I applied for one of their AA cards…might have to jump on this one. Thanks for posting!

  • Bertrand Say says:

    Is it easy to qualify for Barclay bank credit cards?

  • Another great bonus mile offer on here, I personally think AA miles are on of the very best for redeeming on alliance airline partnerships.

  • I like the idea of getting both!

  • awesome thanks! Was looking for a AA deal coming up.

  • I have both of these already, but its hard to beat the ease of getting 50k miles for a single purchase on the Aviator Red card.

  • Just waiting for the 24 month period to expire…

    • Me too. Used to be different by card but now, ANY type of Citi Aadvantage card (except Biz) has to wait 24 months before reapplying for any bonuses! Wish I could get this 60K!

  • Bertrand say says:

    I have miles but can’t book anything good on aa.

  • Too bad people who previously held this card cannot get the bonus.

  • Jon Karol says:

    If only you could use those miles for SAAver award flights. But alas, American has decided to make them scarcer than Bigfoot sightings.

  • I have recently (within last 24 months) gotten the Aviator Red card, and both the AA platinum card personal and business cards. Three cards in all. Any idea if there are more AA cards with good signup bonuses out there?

  • MICHAELJ says:

    Excellent. We are into this!

  • I will be canceling my AA credit cards next year when they come up for renewal unless AA opens up their saver awards.

  • Sounds great! I’ll definitely apply.

  • I signed up in March 2017 for the AA Elite MasterCard and received a 50,000 mile bonus.
    I already have the Aviator Red. If I could only find some AA saver awards this summer I would be in good shape.

  • Great time to relook at AA cards! Aviator Red is enticing.

  • Love my AA Aviator Red card, great benifits, love the Barkclays website is great to pay and monitor transactions

  • Pretty good signup offers but AA saver award availability is nonexistent.

  • What’s the probability of getting a third Barclay card? with excellent credit? I’ve heard mixed opinions. AA isn’t my favorite program, but I am trying to use up my miles over the next year. The bonus and 10% rebate would secure an extra international business flight.

  • Jacqueline parsons says:

    Just love AA card sign up bonuses. This particular bonus is very welcome to put towards my requirements for EY 1st.

  • Awesome promos! I have the Barclay one and also received a special offer for 2x miles in addition to the standard purchase miles for grocery stores and restaurants.

  • Any idea how long these offers will stay open for applications?

  • Thanks for posting. I’m going to call Barclay’s and see if they happen to match heir 50,000 offer for people who got the card under the 40,000 offer (I got both cards a month ago). While I’m not expecting it, if I gt a ‘yes’, I will come back and post it.

  • Jamie Eubanks says:

    Solid offer. Would be better if the AF was waived the first year, but it’s not that surprising it isn’t.

  • how often can I get the bonus? I opened my aviator red more than 2 years ago, can I cancel it and reapply?