Earn 500 Bonus Miles Through American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Portal

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This week, you can earn 500 bonus miles through American Airlines when spending at least $200 in their shopping portal. This means that you can earn up to 2.5 bonus miles per dollar spent. That's in addition to the bonus miles you'd otherwise earn through the portal and from your credit card spending. It's a great way to double-dip on purchases you're making anyway.

These types of spending bonuses often appear on multiple airline shopping portal bonuses at the same time. However, this is the only shopping portal bonus currently available.

500 Bonus Miles through American Airlines Info

Key Terms

  • Spend at least $200 in the American Airlines shopping portal and receive 500 bonus miles.
  • Offer expires June 15th, 2020
  • This one-time bonus award will be determined based on the member’s cumulative qualifying purchases made during the bonus period.
  • “Qualifying purchases” do not include returns, cancellations, shipping and handling, taxes, gift card or other cash equivalent purchases, and certain products that are not eligible for bonus miles.
  • Bonus miles will appear in your account within 10 weeks of June 15.
  • Link to offer

Example Merchants

In addition to this bonus, the AAdvantage eShopping portal is offering bonus miles from certain retailers.

The full list of retailers with higher-than-normal payouts can be found here, but it includes:

  • GrubHub: 10X miles per $1 spent
  • Under Armor: 7X miles
  • Nike: 5X miles
  • Adidas: 5X miles
  • Dell Outlet: 4X miles
  • PetSmart: 2X miles

Our Take

While 500 bonus miles aren't going to get you a free flight, this is a nice little bonus if you were planning on buying something online anyway. Make sure to check CashbackMonitor for the retailer to make sure that there isn't a much better offer through another portal.

If you've got some online purchases to make this week and have an AAdvantage eShopping account, grab your 500 bonus miles. Hopefully, we'll all be able to use those miles in the near future.

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  • Dennis J Gotkowski says:

    It’s a great way to earn extra bonus miles and keep your miles from expiring

  • Diana Gotkowski says:

    Nice way to earn some miles and prevent miles from expiring

  • It is the first time I have tried to book a ticket with American Airlines for miles and it is widely available.
    In any case, until there is a clearer picture of the pandemic’s path, there is no point in booking tickets. The article information is very clear and complete.

  • jeffrey terry says:

    Great way to earn bonus miles on American especially when it is hard to get flight activity during a pandemic.

  • Xavier Ruste says:

    I love all the different option to earn miles with Aadvantage, wether flight booking of course but also Shopping, Dining and the many car rental and hotel partners. As a member of World of Hyatt, i love being able to transfer points and choose to redeem my hotel points on my aadvantage caccount. Probably one of the best programs on the market.

  • I really hope someday they add Amazon to the list of shops! Unfortunately I’m from Argentina and no one has international shipping. Anyway it’s a great way to earn or extend miles from AA.

  • An excellent option to add miles, while we wait to be able to travel soon.

  • This is a good promo for people who lives in the USA.
    I am not an US citizen. So i cant take advsntage on this promo unfortunately.

  • The bonus is not very generous but as it is written in the article you receive this bonus for something you were ordering anyway.

  • Farid Kassam says:

    Great online shopping portal. hope to use it soon and bank some free miles.

  • If only it would have worked to buy gift cards 🙂

  • Great program. I hope it will be a a available again the next time that I visit US. It is perfect for on line shopping when you travel for work

  • Nice way to earn some miles and prevent miles from expiring

  • Nice little bonus if you have some spending to do and need American miles, but wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.

  • I saw this email and I agree unless you had planned on doing some shopping I wouldn’t strive for it. It’s not the best that they have had. I love these during school time and Christmas. I will save just my miles until I’m ready and just take what comes. I’m hoping that this does not devalue miles too much.

  • Interesting, but I would agree with one of the previous posters that 500 miles is really not that much of an incentive, especially when some of the other shopping portals seem to be having better deals. Recently received 6 X miles on a Dell purchase that was much more lucrative.

  • Does someone know if they have worldwide shipping? I’m from Argentina, and I was considering it as a way to avoid the expiration of my miles, but there isn’t much information about the shipping process before creating the account. Thanks!

    • Manuel Varela says:

      Hi! I’m from Argentina too! It’s really hard to find a shop with worldwide shipping. You should try looking something like a suscription to a service, or gift card you could use in another moment. Maybe groupon could be useful!

  • This is a welcome bonus but usually there seems to be more value shopping through bank portals, like Chase’s, instead of individual airlines,

  • 40orFight says:

    I’ve never had much use for airline shopping portals. Topcashback/Rakuten are often better for me. Plus, given all the recent problems, I no longer trust American not to cancel my account after I earn the miles.

  • I have a question about this promo. If i spend U$S 200, I will receive the miles for U$S 200, plus 500 miles? Or i will receive only 500 miles? Kind regards!

  • Peter Faherty says:

    Would be good if American Airlines expanded their shopping portal to include UK retailers, for Aadvantage members in the UK.

    • Completely agree with you Peter. It would definitely make life easier if the portal included UK retailers. In the mean time I’ll correct bonus miles through whatever other avenues are available.

  • I’ve been earning a ton of points & miles from all the bonus categories the credit card issuers have had lately and while I’m happy about earning, I’m depressed from not knowing when/if I’ll be able to travel again. I just told my husband the other day that absent a vaccine, it isn’t looking good for me (diabetic & long list of health issues) any time soon to risk travel…but when we can go again, I’ll have a TON of miles…but they’ll probably raise the cost of flights with 3 times the required points.

  • I find using a portal like Ibotta I get a better value- cashback instead of points. Depends on the percent American is offering though.

  • Any data points on how long the points actually take to post? Thanks

    • I recall within two weeks but I haven’t had an eligible purchase in a while (I didn’t realize Best Buy no longer offers miles or rewards on ALL Apple purchases).

  • The offer will be especially great for those who shop from the feature merchants that offer extra bonuses.

  • I wonder if this is more valuable than shopping thru Rakuten?

    • It depends on the vendor. Lots of different bonuses out there.

    • You would have to do the math for the merchant in question. Don’t forget that Rakuten can transfer to AMEX MR points if you have a relevant card

    • Easy way to check is go to a site like Cash Back Monitor and see what each is offering. Then depending on what you value the miles at, you can do the math.

    • The offers vary so much which is why cashbackmonitor is evermore important.

  • A good promo for this time while all are under some sort of lockdown. I would agree and still check with cashbackmonitor.com in case there some other site that gives better rebates on your spend.

  • A good way to earn 500 miles if you are planning to spend online anyways. In the current climate a higher bonus would have been welcome.

    • I wish I had something to buy right now. That or if Amazon would ever get included. 🙁

      • Including Amazon is a bit of a project for the cashback/points/miles shopping portals. It’s because Amazon seems to never offer sitewide cashback, but rather limits the offers to specific categories. It means that the shopping sites are having to constantly update their Amazon terms, with lines of details, which many do. And then for me, it means I invariably get excited that I see Amazon offering credit, but then I overwhelmingly find it’s in a category that I’m not shopping in. And, it makes sense, since Amazon is trying to drive purchases in their weaker segments, not the most popular ones.