Get 2,000 Hilton Points, 250 SkyMiles, 5x-10x Chase Points for a $5 Donation To Lyft Vaccine Fund Get 2,000 Hilton Points, 250 SkyMiles, 5x-10x Chase Points for a $5 Donation To Lyft Vaccine Fund

Get 2,000 Hilton Points, 250 SkyMiles, 5x-10x Chase Points for a $5 Donation To Lyft Vaccine Fund

Bonus Points

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Bottom Line

If you have both your Hilton Honors and Delta SkyMiles accounts connected to Lyft when you donate with a Chase Sapphire, Freedom, or Ink card, you'll get 2,000 Hilton Honors points, 250 Delta SkyMiles, 25 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, and can recoup your $5 donation no more than 400 Chase points. If you have the Sapphire Reserve, you'll get an additional 25 Ultimate Rewards points and can recover your $5 with only 333 points.

That all sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

Are you going to make a donation to claim all the bonuses?

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  • Got Delta bonus 2 weeks later and just got the Hilton bonus today (3 weeks later)

  • Earned all three as of today. Earned the 10x UR points (50 total) immediately with my Sapphire Preferred, 250 SkyMiles points posted 8 days later, and the 2000 Hilton points posted after 22 days. I’ve copied the following from my Chase account, for a $5 donation via the CSP:

    + Points earned on Lyft: 40
    + 1 Point per $1 earned on travel: 5
    + 1 Point per $1 earned on all purchases: 5
    Total Ultimate Rewards® points: 50

  • Patty Hales says:

    Just in case anyone wondered as I did: the receipt says, “Your purchase is …(NOT) eligible for tax deduction as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. “

    • Saw that as well. I’m no accountant, but I have to believe that’s because we received a benefit (points) in exchange for our donation, so it’s not a straight, pure act of charity.

  • Truly a worthwhile cause, made even better if there’s a point bonus! Any sense of when we might see the points post? Thanks again!

  • I saw this and immediately went to possibly get a bonus. We will see if I get a bonus. It is a nice boost if you’re helping out. I didn’t know that it was possible to put in some payment to help others get a ride. I wonder how many people know that they could get a ride covered?

  • Great promo; I donated via Chase Sapphire Reserve. Win-win all around!

    Kudos to Lyft, Hilton Honors, Delta Skymiles, Chase Bank for offering this, and thank you, AwardWallet, for publicizing this.

  • Great promo! Anybody know if the Delta limit has been reached yet?

  • I did the donation, and charged it to my Sapphire Reserve card. Oddly, it’s only giving me 7 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar (the Lyft bonus points, but not the normal points for travel purchases), which is really weird. My guess is Chase will fix that. But folks making this donation might want to keep an eye on it to make sure. Are others seeing the same issue?

  • Linda Mary Falat says:

    This is a very nice project to help those get their vaccine.

  • I’ve done the donation too.
    Now, it would be interesting to know how much time it’s necessary for the points to post.

  • I heard about this first on DoC, and didn’t want to miss out on the Delta Skymiles component, so I went for it. Besides, I’m about to be fully vaccinated, and virtue is in wanting for others what one wants for oneself.

  • I made the donation but didn’t receive any confirmation or way to check if it triggered the bonus points. I did confirm from the Lyft app that both Delta and Hilton accounts are already linked as rewards accounts from previous time.

  • My bet is that the Delta miles are already gone; I bet they hit 15,000 donations pretty quickly. We’ll see.

    • Looks like I was overly pessimistic: the Delta miles just posted to my account. No sign of the Hilton points yet, but presumably they’re just taking a bit longer.

  • Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor and points to boot, too. Done.

  • Easy points are always welcome, especially when coupled with a good cause ?

  • I love this! It’s something I’m happy to donate to, and I also love being able to stack benefits to maximize opportunities. Thanks for bringing us excellent content like this.

  • Thanks for letting us know about this offer!
    I’ve made the donation. It’s a nice idea and extremely quick and easy.

  • Looks like it’s either delta or hilton, received following error msg when I try to do both:

    We located your account details and noticed that your SkyMiles account is already linked to a Lyft account. Note, you can only link one SkyMiles account to one Lyft account at a time. If you’d like to update your Lyft account, continue to modify your accounts.

    • Those of us at AwardWallet have been able to register for both! Perhaps you already registered for the Delta/Lyft promotion? I’m getting the same error now when I try to re-register.

    • It’s been well over a year since my last Lyft ride, but I recall that I got both Hilton and Delta points for the rides because both were linked to my Lyft account. In fact Lyft was my last Delta earning of miles (late 2019); can’t check Hilton because they only show 12 months of activity.

  • Just donated, and it was very easy. If you haven’t used Lyft in a while because of the pandemic, be sure to check and update your credit card in the Lyft app before you donate, as it may have expired. My card had expired, so I updated it, and it appeared right away when I went to donated.