Enroll Your Chase Card for Free DoorDash DashPass, Monthly Credits Through 2024 Enroll Your Chase Card for Free DoorDash DashPass, Monthly Credits Through 2024

Enroll Your Chase Card for Free DoorDash DashPass, Monthly Credits Through 2024

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Chase credit cardholders can enroll to get a free DoorDash DashPass membership. The perk was originally scheduled to end in 2021 but has now been extended through the end of 2024. Even better, Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders now get a $5 monthly credit to use at DoorDash. Depending on which Chase credit card you have, here's how you can take advantage of a free membership offer through the end of 2024.

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Chase Credit Cards Offering Free DashPass Membership

Different cards have different benefits with DoorDash, so let's break down what they offer.

Sapphire cards

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve® now offer free DoorDash DashPass benefits through December 31, 2024 — or for a minimum of 12 months, depending on when you activate your membership. Thus, if you enroll on the last date (December 31, 2024), your membership will be active for all of 2025.

However, enrolling now actually gives you more time to enjoy the benefits of DashPass. If you enroll today, you'll enjoy your free DashPass membership for the rest of 2023 and then all of 2024.

If you previously had DashPass and canceled it when your free offer period expired, there's good news: You can reactivate it and enjoy the extended benefits.

10 DoorDash Credit Feature

Monthly DoorDash credit benefit on the Sapphire Reserve

In addition to the free DoorDash DashPass benefit, Chase added credits to DoorDash accounts for Sapphire Reserve cardholders.

If you link your Sapphire Reserve card as a payment method in your DoorDash account (which is required to unlock the free DashPass benefits), you will receive $5 per month in your account as credits from Chase.

$5 per month isn't much when you factor in taxes and the cost of food delivery from an app. Luckily, you can roll over these credits for two months into the future. Say you don't use the credit in September or October; you would have $15 to spend in November, for example. The maximum amount of credit that you can have at a time from rollovers is $15, but that can make for a much better order than $5.

This benefit began on April 1, 2022 and runs through December 2024. If you take advantage of it for the entire period, that's $165 of DoorDash credits in total. Plus, DoorDash says, “Up to 7 authorized users will receive the credit each month while enrolled in DashPass.”

Chase no-annual-fee cards with free DoorDash DashPass benefits

The following no-annual-fee cards get free DoorDash DashPass benefits for three months:

Note that this is a period of three months of free DashPass any time between April 2022 and the end of 2024. It's available to those who have not activated a free trial of DashPass previously.

If you don't want to continue DashPass after your three-month trial, remember to set a reminder. Once the complimentary trial period ends, you will be billed automatically at a promotional rate of $4.99/month (50% off) for nine months. After those nine months, you'll continue being billed at the full price ($9.99) each month going forward.

Ongoing co-branded Cards with free DoorDash DashPass perks

Numerous hotel and airline co-branded cards are eligible for a free year of DoorDash DashPass. This is valid for those who have not enrolled their card previously. DoorDash lists the following cards as eligible to enroll in a free year of DashPass from DoorDash:

You can see how these cards compare in terms of points and miles earned by checking our guide to the best credit cards for dining and restaurant purchases.

How To Activate Free DoorDash DashPass

You need to add your eligible Chase credit card as a payment method in your DoorDash account. Enroll in the offer by going here or by adding your eligible card to DoorDash and setting it as your default form of payment.

If you have multiple eligible Chase cards, you can activate the offer on one and then activate the offer on another card when the promotional period ends on the first card. However, unless specifically stated (as with the Sapphire cards), you cannot reactivate the offer on a card where you already used the free DoorDash DashPass offer. What you can do is use a different card, if you have more than one eligible card. The DoorDash website says your active benefit is tied to whichever card is your default payment method, so adding a second eligible card and making it the default payment method will trigger new benefits after the benefits expire on your first card.

Make sure to note the expiration date on your temporary benefits, as DoorDash will automatically begin charging your card when your free subscription ends. If you want to see when your pass expires, head over to the DoorDash site and select the Manage Subscription option.

What Is DoorDash DashPass?

DashPass is a premium service that costs $9.99 per month, providing reduced fees and free delivery (on food orders over $12, grocery orders over $25). DashPass includes various benefits, such as:

  • $0 delivery fees on orders over $12 at eligible restaurants
  • $0 delivery fees on grocery delivery orders over $25
  • 5% credit back on eligible pickup orders
  • Lower service fees on orders over $12
  • Exclusive DashPass Deals at certain restaurants

Screenshot of DoorDash DashPass benefits in 2022

Final Thoughts

Adding free DoorDash DashPass benefits to the bulk of its personal credit cards is a great benefit from Chase. It should help you save money on things many Americans already spend a lot on, namely food and grocery delivery. Don't forget to activate your free DoorDash membership, and get ready to start saving some money.

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  • I had signed up with my CSR back in early 2020, canceled the Dashpass when it was time for renewal in early ’21 and really don’t use Door Dash unless we’re on vacation mostly so didn’t miss it. I saw your article pop up and was checking expirations, etc., since I have 6 other Chase cards thought I’d see if I could re-up on another card so I used my biz SW card and it popped up and gave me another free year, great since we have a few vacations coming up this year. Thanks!

  • Intriguing, but local fees have made these apps less and less appealing.. Will be picking up my own food unfortunately.

    • Yes, and I’d also suggest the fees the restuarants have to pay make the apps less appealing as well. Not surprisingly, restaurants make more money if you order with them directly, old school style.

  • anthonyjh21 says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this, I was recently approved for CSP and haven’t fully looked into all the perks.

  • Sounds interesting and I have used the service in the past and quite happy. The renewal price is low for the benefit you receive.

  • bantoo sehgal says:

    I’ve never really been a big fan of door dash, but now that more credit cards are including it I might cozy up to it a bit more. This is similar to the Uber Eats pass that Amex has been giving. I would never buy it on my own, but if its included then why not…

  • This is a potentially great benefit from Chase….it would really help them stand out from AMEX if they made this permanent.

  • The 5% discount on pickup orders is a good deal. Hope they are not passing along those costs to the businesses.

  • I’ve enjoyed this perk plus the $60 doordash credit from CSR.

  • Great deal w/ Stacking. Have multiple cards that qualify. so the max is 2 years ?

    • JT Genter says:

      A bit less than 2 years at this point as you’ll have to activate a card right at the deadline of 12/31/2021 – and you’ll get another year from there.

  • Travelfreek says:

    Okay..this is interesting. I haven’t used it yet but it’s nice to know it’s there.

  • I predict DoorDash will become a permanent benefit, in some capacity, on various Chase cards, including the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve.

  • Andrew Goodman says:

    I feel like there’s less and less reason every day to keep any Chase premium cards, since they seem to be offering most of the benefits on the “lesser” cards now.

  • Thanks for sharing this. Finally it seems Chase is upping their game compared to AmEx. I do have two cards that are eligible so looking forward to leveraging this.

  • I like getting offers, but loathe the third-party delivery service model. Since our AF covers these “perqs”, I wish Chase would give cardholders a choice of either DoorDash or a general dining credit.

    • This. I have no interest in DD or Uber Eats. I really would’ve preferred a dining credit even if only $100.

  • Did I read somewhere that Chase has a stake of Doordash? Trying to add to the userbase for sure.

  • Wow, this is a great deal! Thank you so much for the idea to activate the second card right before the expiry date to extend the free enrolment! This is why I love this blog, for little extra tips like that!

  • Thanks for posting this! I order from doordash all the time but never knew there was an offer like this!

  • I love that Chase offers this, but often food deliver services increase the price of their items plus their service fee. It makes it a bit more expensive than picking it up yourself, but I understand the need to keep the business and Chase happy.

  • Good to know! I’ll add this to my BA and IHG cards, and stagger it like you suggested. I see more french pastries from a local café in my future!

  • Always good news to be able to defray some of the costs of delivery with these cards!

  • I’d have to guess the promo has been beneficial to DD during the pandemic, so it makes sense for both sides to extend it even more. I don’t use it much, but it’s a nice help here and there. Thanks for mentioning.

  • Emily Davidson says:

    It’s great they’re adding this to more cards, but I really wish Chase would get rid of the Peleton offer and replace it with something fresh. It would also be great to have more a variety in the types of deals.

  • Looks like they are copying the Amex Uber Eats Pass deal (which is a good thing for consumers). The $12 minimum is a good deal, Uber Eats deal is $25.