Hilton Honors Extends Status Match, Reduces Night Requirements to Keep Status Through 2024

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Now might be a great time to match your status to Hilton. Hilton just extended its status match for another year. Elite members of other hotel loyalty programs can match their elite status to Hilton Honors. Then, you can keep that status through March 31, 2024 by staying as few as 7 nights in 90 days.

It's pretty standard for Hilton to offer a status match. What's special about this promotion, though, is that the requirements to keep your status have been reduced from what's typically required.

Hilton Status Match Challenge banner

How To Match Your Status

You need to visit the Hilton Status Match page, log in to your Hilton Honors account, and supply the following information:

  • The loyalty program you are matching from and your status level
  • Proof of status (image or screenshot of your card or account details)
  • Proof of a stay within the last 24 months (image of a hotel receipt or activity on your account)

Once you have submitted your information, Hilton will match you for an initial period of 90 days. During the 90 days, you need to complete the following stays to retain your status through March 31, 2024:

  • To retain Gold, you need to complete 7 stays.
  • To retain Diamond, you need to complete 12 stays.

It's worth noting that you can only status match once per lifetime on your Hilton Honors account. If you think you won't meet the requirements, don't sign up. Save it for another time.

Hilton status match requirements

Which Programs You Can Match From

Hilton members can match their elite status from at least 8 hotel loyalty programs:

  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • IHG Rewards Club
  • World of Hyatt
  • Best Western Rewards
  • Choice Privileges

There's also an option for “Other”. So, if you have elite status with another hotel program, you can still try to match that status to Hilton.

4 Reasons to Utilize This Hilton Status Match

While the ability to get elite status for free is interesting, it's worth asking “why” — especially if you are not a Hilton regular. Here's why.

  1. For 2022, Hilton requires members to stay 42 nights to earn Hilton Honors Diamond status. That typically requires thousands of dollars to achieve. Instead, through this Hilton status match, you can stay just 12 nights to secure Diamond all the way through March 31, 2024.
  2. Hilton Honors offers some great perks, which we list below. A few of the highlights include receiving your 5th night free on award stays, getting a 48-hour room guarantee, and who doesn't love getting complimentary breakfast.
  3. If you are looking for a cracking start at collecting Honors rewards points, the elite status bonus raises your points earning ability significantly for a better return on your spend.
  4. It costs nothing but your time.

Hilton Honors Diamond Status Benefits

There's a bunch of reasons to love Hilton's top-tier Diamond elite status. These include:

  • 100% elite status bonus: Diamond elite members automatically receive a 100% bonus on the Honors base points earned from stays.
  • 48-hour room guarantee: If you need a room at the last minute, Hilton will make it happen if you give at least a 48-hour heads up — with some exceptions
  • Executive lounge access: Focus or unwind and enjoy exclusive amenities in our quiet retreat.
  • 5th night free: Silver, Gold, and Diamond elite members will receive every 5th night free on Standard Room Reward stays of 5 nights or more.
  • Space-available room upgrades: If there's a better room available, Diamond elite members will get it — up to a 1-bedroom suite.

More Options For Hilton Honors Status

If your travel plans don't line up, and you won't be able to complete the challenge, all is not lost. There are still some other options if you want Hilton Honors elite status. You can still receive complimentary Hilton status via credit card.

The Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card comes with Complimentary Hilton Diamond status.

And, Gold status is complimentary with the following credit cards:

Enrollment is required for select Amex benefits.

Our Take

Status matches can be a great way to easily get perks with another hotel or airline program. Leveraging status with one organization for elite status with another is one of the most efficient ways to get status. Even if you are not the biggest Hilton aficionado, this promotion is worth considering. It may only be valuable for a couple of stays, but who knows what the next couple of years might bring.

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  • I wonder if free breakfast will ever come back for elites in the US.

  • I guess Hilton is competing hard for customers.

  • Hilton has offered the most customer friendly COVID elite extensions of the hotel programs I’m a member of. I have used them exclusively since business travel started back up. They have definitely earned a lot of future business from me.

  • Is it better to wait until my Hyatt status expires in 2023 to try to status match Hilton? Thinking of the future.

    • That all depends on your situation. Since Hyatt has a limited footprint, I could see an argument for augmenting your Hyatt status with Hilton if you don’t have elite status with another program. Or, if there’s a Hyatt wherever you want to go, you could just hold off!

  • Thank you for the article Sam!

    Is there a date when this version of the status match (5 to gold and 9 nights to Diamond) expires? I suppose it would make sense to sign up before it snaps back to 10 and 18 or whatever it was before, but I’d want to hold out a little longer if possible 🙂

    • [Editor here] Totally understand the instinct to want to wait as long as possible before taking advantage of this offer! Unfortunately, there isn’t a stated end date to this offer. Hilton has offered some sort of status match/challenge for years and the terms sometimes change in May or June. But, this is no typical year! So, it’s really hard to say when it might change.

  • JamieTurner says:

    Very customer friendly. This will pay off for them in the future.

  • 9 nights before end of March may be a little tough but could make for a nice staycation.

  • Cecelia Camara says:

    Does Marriott Titanium match to Hilton Gold or Hilton Diamond?

  • I don’t see this offer very appealing. They should extend that courtesy to all members not only to diamond statuses

  • Excellent. Once I get my easy Hyatt Globalist status, I’m going to flip it to Hilton for the occasional stay in a location without a Hyatt. Thanks for posting!

  • Great Of Hilton to cut the requirements in half-Very welcome for people trying to earn status

  • I actually think Hilton Honors have relaxed the route to Gold or Diamond a little too much now, in my personal opinion

    • In normal times, I’d agree; the Gold and Diamond ranks would be swamped with tons of new folks. However, these aren’t normal times. I don’t believe enough folks are traveling again yet for you to be worried.

      • Not many people using hotels for business anymore, especially US domestic, so many companies are switching to virtual meetings, but eventually HH is going to be full of top level members and the lounges will be full and upgrades few and far between. Get em while the gettins good boys.

  • Easier to just get a premium credit card.

  • Spending 9 nights to achieve the diamond status… I am stunned.

  • This is certainly great to hear with such an easy way to qualify for diamond or gold on Hilton. Its just not the right time for this now with the pandemic getting worse at the moment. Hopefully when it dies down, this promo would still be available.