All Hotel Elite Status Match & Fast Track Opportunities All Hotel Elite Status Match & Fast Track Opportunities

All Hotel Elite Status Match & Fast Track Opportunities

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The only thing better than award travel is award travel with elite status. By holding elite status with a brand, you can enjoy huge money-saving perks, ranging from free room upgrades to bonus earnings on every dollar you spend, free breakfast, and even complimentary lounge access — which comes with snacks, drinks, and even light meals. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to easily get elite status.

Some hotel chains offer members the ability to match status from a competitor's program, known as a “status match.” Others offer the option to earn status via a type of shortcut on requirements, known as a “status challenge” or “fast track.” Some hotel programs even offer both options.

Other programs offer complimentary status when you hold the right credit card. This means you can enjoy elite status without ever having stayed at that brand's properties or without any effort year after year.

Here are all the hotel programs offering opportunities to quickly earn elite status via status match or other shortcuts.

Best Western Rewards

Banner image for Best Western Rewards status match program

Status match

Best Western offers an ongoing status match program called “Status Match…No Catch.” All that's required to match your status from other hotel programs is to fill out a form, which you can access here.

Here's a more detailed article on status matching with Best Western.

Fast track

Best Western is currently offering a few ways to earn elite status quickly, including two co-branded credit cards and reduced requirements for 2023. But it's not currently offering a fast-track offer.

Check out our full article on reaching Best Western elite status.

Best Western elite status through credit cards

  • Best Western Rewards® Premium Mastercard®: Get automatic Platinum status.
  • Best Western Rewards® Mastercard®: Get automatic Gold status.

Reduced requirements for 2023

Best Western lowered its requirements for elite status qualification in 2022 and kept them in place for 2023:

  • Gold: 5 nights
  • Platinum: 7 nights
  • Diamond: 15 nights
  • Diamond Select: 25 nights

Caesars Rewards

Matching your status to Caesars Rewards is a popular option in points and miles circles these days — and for good reason. Caesars Rewards comes with all kinds of great perks and benefits.

Status match

Wyndham Caesars Status Match promotion banner

If you would like to experience Caesars Rewards status, you can match your Wyndham Rewards status and enjoy. To initiate the match, log into your Caesars Rewards account and enter your Wyndham Rewards number. You can access the form here.

Additionally, you can status match to Caesars Rewards from other casino programs throughout 2023. Check the list of available hotel and casino status match options here. These include options to match to Diamond status, which includes free dinners in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Just note that Caesars restricts status matches to those who actually earned the original elite status:

“You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched. Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.”

Fast track

The following options are available to fast-track your Caesars Rewards status.

Caesars Rewards elite status through credit cards

  • Caesars Rewards® Visa® Credit Card: Current members will be upgraded to Platinum status after making their first purchase within the first 90 days of approval. Additionally, you can maintain Platinum status each calendar year if you spend $5,000 on the card.
  • Wyndham Rewards® Earner℠ Business Card: This card comes with Wyndham Diamond Elite status. You can use this status to match to Caesars Rewards Diamond elite status.
  • Wyndham Rewards Earner® Plus Card: Get complimentary Wyndham Platinum elite status with card membership, which can be matched to Caesars Rewards Platinum elite status.

Other ways to get Caesars Rewards elite status

  • Caesars Rewards Salute Status: Eligible military members and veterans can receive complimentary Platinum status. To apply, you'll need to head over to a Caesars property and present eligible identification. Platinum status can offer you a free stay in the Bahamas.

Choice Privileges

Status match

Choice Privileges offers a standard elite status match, but make sure you are ready to maximize it. That's because Choice offers a status match for each member just once in a lifetime.

For this option, you'll need to send an email to and include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Choice Privileges member number
  • Proof of elite status in another hotel program — a photo or screenshot of your online status page, loyalty card, or loyalty account statement. Make sure the expiration date is shown.

Here's a more detailed article on status matching with Choice Privileges.

View from the Hotel Bolivar, a Choice Hotel located in the heart of Rome, Italy.
View from the Hotel Bolivar, a Choice Hotel located in the heart of Rome.

Fast track

Choice's Diamond Elite Status Jump lets members qualify for Choice Privileges Diamond status when completing just one stay at a qualifying Cambria hotel. You'll also need to send an email to and include the same information as above, plus the folio/receipt for a stay completed within the last 12 months at a Cambria property.

Choice elite status through credit cards

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is one of the more generous programs on the market. Both mid-tier (Gold) and top-tier (Diamond) receive food and beverage credit in lieu of free breakfast. However, elites still get free breakfast outside of the U.S. This can result in huge savings in and of itself, plus there are additional perks like upgrades, bonus points on stays, and more, depending on the status tier.

Status match

You can get complimentary elite status for 90 days via status match from another hotel program. This will temporarily give you Gold status; you can retain Gold or move up to Diamond by completing the Fast Track option during your 90-day trial. When you meet the requirements, you can enjoy elite benefits all the way up until March 31, 2025.

Once registered, you will need to complete the following requirements:

  • Gold Status: Stay six nights within 90 days.
  • Diamond Status: Stay 14 nights within 90 days.

There's also a targeted offer to receive Gold status through March 2025 by completing six nights (including award stays) through the end of 2023. This is likely targeted to members not on track to renew their status this year.

Here's a more detailed article on status matching with Hilton Honors.

Hilton status match and fast track options

Fast track

Hilton Honors members can fast-track to status in several ways, including promotions, credit cards, and reduced qualification requirements.

Hilton elite status through credit cards

American Express offers several Hilton credit cards that have elite status built in:*

There are two non-Hilton-branded cards that confer Hilton status, as well:*

*Enrollment is required for select Amex benefits.

Status requirements for 2023

If, for some reason, you are ineligible for the above promotion and a credit card is not an option, you can get elite status when you complete any one of the three options for the respective tier:

  • Silver: 10 nights, four stays, or 25,000 base points
  • Gold: 40 nights, 20 stays, or 75,000 base points
  • Diamond: 60 nights, 30 stays, or 120,000 base points

IHG One Rewards

You can read our complete guide to IHG One Rewards to understand the benefits of the various status tiers. Here are your available shortcuts to status with IHG.

Status match

IHG is not currently offering any opportunities for status matching from other hotel programs.

Fast track

IHG is not currently offering any fast-track opportunities for status.

Read more about a recent fast-track option to IHG elite status.

IHG elite status through credit cards

Chase currently offers three US-issued credit cards with built-in IHG One Rewards status:

Elite status requirements for 2023

IHG increased the number of nights required for status with its IHG One Rewards program overhaul. You can earn elite status by completing the requirements for the respective tier:

  • Silver: 10 nights
  • Gold: 20 nights or 40,000 Qualified Points
  • Platinum: 40 nights or 60,000 Qualified Points
  • Diamond: 70 nights or 120,000 Qualified Points

Marriott Bonvoy

Status match

Marriott is not currently offering any status match program from other hotel programs, only the challenge below.

Fast track

Some Marriott Bonvoy members can call Marriott at 800-627-7468 and ask for a status challenge. Eligible members will have the remainder of the current month plus three months to finish the challenge. There are two options available:

  • Gold challenge: Stay 8 eligible nights.
  • Platinum challenge: Stay 16 eligible nights.

Note that only paid stays count for this challenge, but it is open to anyone — even current Bonvoy members who simply want to move to a higher status level.

Marriott Bonvoy elite status through credit cards

Both Chase and American Express issue Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards, offering these status tiers:*

There are two other cards that confer Marriott status, as well:*

*Enrollment is required for select Amex benefits.

Elite status requirements for 2023

Marriott is not currently offering lowered requirements for elite status. You can see the full benefits and requirements in our guide to Marriott Bonvoy elite status.

Other ways to get Marriott Bonvoy elite status

Those with United Airlines MileagePlus elite status (Gold or higher) can sign up for complimentary Marriott Bonvoy Gold status. Enroll here to link your accounts.

Read more about Marriott's loyalty program in our comprehensive guide to Marriott Bonvoy.

MGM Rewards

Status match

It's possible to match your World of Hyatt status to MGM Rewards at this page. Hyatt members can get MGM Sapphire status, and Discoverist elites get Pearl status. Both Explorists and Globalists can match to MGM Gold status.

MGM has other status match opportunities, as well. Previously set to expire June 30, 2023, this option is now available through July 31, 2023. Unfortunately, MGM Rewards no longer offers a status match from Caesars Rewards. However, there are two potential workarounds.

It's possible to match your status from Caesars Rewards to Unity by Hard Rock. From there, match to Ocean Rewards. You can match from this to MGM. Alternatively, match from Caesars Rewards to Harrah's and then to Club Sycuan. You can use this to match to Club Barona, which matches to MGM.

Fast track

Through July 31, 2023, you can earn up to 150% bonus tier credits from on-property spending. This is only available at Las Vegas locations.

MGM Rewards elite status through credit cards

Aside from holding an MGM credit card (granting automatic Pearl status), you can achieve MGM Rewards status through a status match using the automatic World of Hyatt status conferred by The World of Hyatt Credit Card or World of Hyatt Business Credit Card.

Elite status requirements for 2023

MGM Rewards does not have reduced status requirements this year.

World of Hyatt

Status match

Hyatt does not currently offer any opportunities to get elite status via status match from another hotel loyalty program. However, you can match from MGM Rewards and receive the corresponding World of Hyatt status. To opt-in, visit this link.

Banner image from MGM and World of Hyatt hotel program partnership page promoting status match

Fast track

Hyatt doesn't offer any status challenges publicly, but it occasionally runs promotions for corporate partners. Eligible employees of these partners can request a status challenge and earn elite status with Hyatt after completing the following:

  • Explorist: Awarded after completing 10 stays in 90 days.
  • Globalist: Awarded after completing 20 stays in 90 days.

Hyatt fast track for AAdvantage elite members

Similarly, Hyatt will run promotions for American Airlines AAdvantage elite members. While the last promotion ended on November 30, 2022, it's possible other promotions will be offered in the future. The AAdvantage fast track offered a 90-day trial of Explorist status with World of Hyatt.

Members were able to then extend/upgrade that status by completing the following requirements:

  • Stay 10 Tier-Qualifying Nights within 90 days of registration to maintain Explorist status through February 2024.
  • Stay 20 Tier-Qualifying Nights within 90 days of registration to earn Globalist status through February 2024 (Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum members only).

Hyatt elite status through credit cards

Chase issues a personal and a small business card that grant Hyatt elite status for U.S. travelers:

  • The World of Hyatt Credit Card: Get complimentary Discoverist status with account membership. Cardholders also earn status through spending, earning two qualifying night credits each time they spend $5,000.
  • World of Hyatt Business Credit Card: Cardholders and up to five employees can receive complimentary Discoverist status. Additionally, you can spend your way to Explorist or Globalist status. Earn 5 annual qualifying night credits for every $10,000 spent in a calendar year.

Elite status requirements for 2023

Hyatt is not currently offering reduced requirements for elite status. You can see the full benefits and requirements for status here.

You can learn more about elite status in our guide to World of Hyatt.

Wyndham Rewards

Status match

Just as Wyndham Rewards status can be used to match to Caesars Rewards, you also can match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham's hotel program. To match into Wyndham, log in to your Wyndham account and enter your Caesars Rewards number. You can access the form here.


Fast track

Wyndham recently brought back its status match/fast-track program and is currently offering status matches from many other programs, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Best Western, Choice Hotels, IHG, Radisson, and Omni Select. The matched status will be good for 90 days. In order to extend the status through December 31, 2024, you must complete the following qualifying nights after the status match within 90 days:

  • Gold status: One qualifying night
  • Platinum status: 4 qualifying nights
  • Diamond status: 10 qualifying nights

You can access the Wyndham status match signup page here.

Wyndham elite status through credit cards

Reduced requirements for 2023

Wyndham is not currently offering reduced requirements for elite status. Here are Wyndham's current requirements and benefits for status levels.

For more information, check out our guide to Wyndham Rewards.

Bottom Line

Having elite status is by no means necessary, but many of the perks it comes with not only upgrade your travel experience but result in massive money savings. The next time you plan on staying at a hotel, check to see if there's a quick or simple way to snag elite status, such as holding the right credit card or using a status match. Then, watch the savings stack up.

Which programs do you have elite status with, and what is your favorite perk from elite status?

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