IHG Rewards Card Going Away? IHG Rewards Card Going Away?

IHG Rewards Card Going Away?

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Offers for the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card are not available through this site. All information has been independently collected by AwardWallet and has not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer. Some offers may have expired. Please see our card marketplace for available offers.

The offer on the IHG® Rewards Select Credit Card is no longer available through this site. You can see a review of IHG's new premium card here.

It looks like the life of the IHG® Rewards Select Credit Card may be in question. We can't find the card directly linked at Chase.com, but a google search does drive mentions of the card. At the same time, the links we have on the blog here continue to work. The IHG Select Card is one of our favorite cards, especially when we're looking for a sweet spot within IHG Rewards Club.

What Does This Mean / What Happens Next

While nothing has been officially announced, according to unconfirmed reports, Chase is planning on rolling out two new IHG credit cards: a mass market version with an annual fee of $29 that earns 5X per dollar spent at IHG properties, and a more premium version carrying an $89 annual fee that earns 10X per dollar at IHG properties. Current rumors confirm the premium version will come with a reward night certificate, which is one of our favorite perks of the current card product.

What To Do Next

If the IHG Select Card was part of your list now is the time to get it; how long it remains available to new applicants remains to be seen. Picking up an annual reward night certificate each anniversary year, as well as 60,000 bonus points associated with a signup bonus is a fantastic value and will potentially give you a couple of nights at a high-end IHG property, which generally could run to several hundred dollars.

Our Take

Unusually, it seems that IHG is taking lessons from the United Kingdom market—where it has had two credit cards for some time—and its recent surveys of its customers.

In the UK market, the IHG Select Card is the mass market card, which has no annual fee and comes with a very little bonus, complimentary Gold status, and a marginally worthwhile point-earning rate. The premium version is the IHG Rewards Club Premium Credit Card, which comes with a reward night certificate, Platinum status, and a hefty annual fee of nearly $141.

Ultimately if IHG and Chase are going to keep a premium version of the card, the reward night certificate and complimentary status will have to stay, otherwise, it would not be attractive at all. The final product and its benefits remain to be confirmed, but we expect more suspicions until it is official.

Source: Doctor of Credit

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  • Do people find more value in these than in air miles for upgrades/free tix?

  • carlos vollenweider says:

    I doubt the IHG Chase card is going away.

    I just got a letter saying I have until May 1 to book my free night at any IHG hotel –

    After that free night is limited to hotels with point cost of 40,000 and less.

    IHG reward chart tops out at 60,000

    This falls in line with the free Chse Nights with the Marriott card.

    Marriott Properties all have a class category from 1- 9

    Annual fee night is restricted to lower end hotels of categories

    Since the annual fee fee on IHG card is only $49 the card is still worth getting and keeping.

    Current signup bonus is 60,000 points If you which is worth one night at a top tier property.

    If you have the card and have free reward night in your account,

    I would expect there will be a run on all available award nights at IHG properties so you should get it booked.

    Award Wallet does display on your summary page.

    Too bad that Chase does not offer an IHG business card the way they do for Marriott.

    I have both the personal and Business Marriott.

    I usually use my two annual Marriott nights on same trrp.

  • Well, there you go, the other shoe has dropped. Received the letter indicating the free night cert is capped at properties costing 40k/nt. Would have preferred they raised thenAF instead. The card is maybe not dead, but definitely on life support. Ah well, it was a good run.

  • FWIW: I SM’ed Chase inquiring about changes to the current IHG RC Select MC. 3 different reps answered my query, but the majority answer was that there *would* be changes to the card/benefits for existing holders, but that no information on what that would mean is presently available.

  • Some of the comments here exhibit a complete lack of basic knowledge about the IHG Rewards program and he credit card benefits.

  • Holiday Inn Express in smaller markets have been a welcome addition over the years. May need to reevaluate my CC choices.

  • @Marsh You received an email offer for the existing IHG RC Select Mastercard, offer the ‘new’ version?

  • I like the free night every year. The annual fee more than makes up for itself with that

  • I’m ok with the change as long as the free night isn’t limited in any way.

    10x earning points would be nice and bring the earning rate much closer to the CSR.

  • good riddance?

  • I would like if they kept the card, its hard to bear a free night for $49

  • Love the current card’s annual free night and points rebate, but am unimpressed by its return on spend (even IHG spend). Let’s see what features the new cards will have…

  • just applied for the old one

  • IHG emailed me today with the credit card offer, but I already applied and got approved instantly over a week ago.

  • Was hoping a co-branded card gets revived in Canada. This does not seem promising.

  • I really hope Chase doesn’t touch the existing benefits for the existing IHG card.
    Please please please.

  • Don’t forget to match to the 80k offer via secured message!

  • I was considering applying for this card later, as I’m 5/24. Too late.

  • Well, phooey. I’ve loved my IHG card for a long time.

  • “If the IHG Rewards Card was part of your list now is the time to get it; how long it remains available to new applicants remains to be seen.”

    Repeating for emphasis, for myself and others!

  • I used to have two IHG cards. One with no annual fee and a smaller earn per dollar as well as the more common one with the annual fee and free night. I shut down the no annual fee card because I was never going to use it and I wanted more Chase cards. I’d hate to think that one might be going away also.

    I just got 6000 points back as part of the 10 percent back on all redemptions that is part of the benefits also. So many great benefits from one card, it belongs in everyone’s wallet as a backup card.

  • Can’t beat the 49 annual fee for a free night at any hotel worldwide. Hope this gets grandfathered in and card doesn’t get converted to one of the new ones.

  • IC’s not impressive? Everyone is looking for something different, I suppose, but that seems pretty short-sighted. In any event, $49 for a cert covering a hotel night at properties potentially costing up to $1,500+ per night or more was the best cc perk going; it would be still be at $89 too. The only issue will be if the usability of that cert is curtailed going forward, i.e. redemption is limited to certain hotel categories. Here’s hoping the old version of the IHG MC will stay grandfathered in, or at the very least there’s no category limit on use!

  • Oh man I was planning on this card in a few years! Poo! Well I’ll have to look at the benefits once they have them. Unable to get the card now. Maybe I should be looking at Hilton or Marriott for my Sydney trip instead.

  • Last year, I converted my United MileagePlus Explorer card to the free, not many benefits, execpt easy activity on the United MileagePlus account. The CSR told me that they don’t promote it, but if you know about it, you can still get it (or at least convert to it).

  • these rumors usually come true… this is one of the best cards to pay annual fee on!!

  • i love the IHG card and the reasonable annual fee of $49. I would not be happy if things changed.

  • Since you’re a betting man, what are Howie’s odds that a) the new card is subject to 5/24, b) the new card is subject to product family restrictions (can’t have Select and Premier), and c) the old card will eventually lose all of its benefits (unrestricted free night, elite status, etc.)?

  • Will have to watch what develops. Think I prefer it the way it is.

  • I have the IHG card now. I like the IHG brand for some stays, and I like the status that comes with it. Will the new card be available (to sign
    up with bonus) to previous cardmembers, and if so should I keep the old one after getting the new one?

  • Ouch… I love this card

  • Not really a huge fan of IHG, but it is a useful back up to Hilton which is my preferred hotel loyalty program.

  • that is such a shame. the free night at any property has been such a great deal

  • If yes, four nights (new/old, wife/me) in Bora Bora will be great 🙂

  • I suppose we all must embrace change no matter difficult that is. A “free” night for $49 is a good deal.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Shame, such a good card.

  • I love the IHG card… I hope there are not big changes that prohibit my use of the program.

  • I have the current IHG credit card. Would I be able to get the premium card so in effect I would get two free nights each year?

  • I just applied for the old one and received a decision will be made within 30 days. Does this indicate denied?

  • Thanks for the notice. I’m 4/24 for now and don’t want to waste last one on IHG. Do you think the link might last more than a month? I need to get UA first and wait a month for new Chase card

  • My experience with ICs has been phenomenal – – some of the best hotels I have visited. So the free night cert is a great perk. Would still be worth an increased annual fee.

    And HI/HIX are always pretty reliably clean, new and affordable.

  • Im not impressed any longer with them – like Hilton better at the moment. But they do have a big footprint and reasonable prized hotels, so its mixed feelings

  • Interested to see what happens with this.

  • The brand has never impressed me, but I suppose for some this is bad news.

  • Thanks for the heads up.