JetBlue to Start Flights to London JetBlue to Start Flights to London

JetBlue to Start Flights to London

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JetBlue has announced that it will begin transatlantic flights to Europe in 2021. The airline plans to operate several daily flights from both New York and Boston to London, and the new service will feature a revamped Mint service.


Overview of the JetBlue to London Service

Details are limited, but here is what we know so far:

  • The flights will begin in 2021, although no specific date has been set.
  • JetBlue plans to operate Airbus A321LR on the routes.
  • Jet Blue will operate flights from Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK) to London.
  • The destination airport in London has not been announced; likely options include Heathrow (LHR), London Gatwick (LGW), or Stansted (STN).
  • JetBlue will debut a new Mint business-class seat on the service, but no details have been confirmed.

The move is great news, especially if JetBlue manages to bring down fares. The airline has long sought to convince regulators in the U.S. and Europe to open up the transatlantic route to more airlines. According to JetBlue President and COO Joanna Geraghty:

“The big airlines will tell you that competition has never been more robust, but the smaller airlines have never found it harder to get access…It’s time for regulators here in the U.S. and across Europe to create conditions where smaller carriers and new entrants can thrive, instead of letting the giant airlines get even bigger through joint ventures. Given a chance to compete, JetBlue can have a tremendous effect on lowering fares and stimulating traffic.”

Our Take

Although details are limited, we’re excited about the prospect of JetBlue bringing its excellent service to the transatlantic market. When Mint business class launched on transcontinental routes in the U.S., it put serious downward pressure on fares from the established legacy carriers.

JetBlue has plenty of work to do before this becomes a reality. Uncertainty about the Brexit—the possibility of the U.K. leaving the E.U.—creates additional regulatory challenges. London departure slots, especially at Heathrow, are among the most competitive and expensive in the world, and established carriers are likely to resist a new competitor.

But the recent announcement is a strong indication that JetBlue is serious about launching the new service. If successful, it will almost certainly be a win for travelers.

 Source: One Mile At A Time

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  • Adam Rodgers says:

    I doesn’t seem like this is happening anymore? Do you think they will go back to this plan after everything calms down?

  • More options to London is always a good thing. Hope they might consider starting something from the West Coast as well.

  • I’d welcome this, although it’s a few years off for the start of services. Hopefully they can also offer improved legroom versus current airlines at a reasonable price.

  • Hope to hear some more firm news soon.
    Such as days and time of operation, type of plane and last but not least price.

  • Mikelis Treide says:

    This is great news for everybody! I am always been a JetBlue fan. I haven’t tried Mint yet, but I guess it will be as nice as C in other carries over Atlantic. Probably they will continue domestic service and there will be no difference. It is unfortunate that probably there will be no check-in bag as it is common for most of the carries. We are lacking on one way fares over Atlantic. Now it will be easer to choose suitable carrier without thinking about alliances and so on. Hope they will have suitable partner in LON to codeshare feeder flights. I guess it could be EZY. I guess they have also good partnerships with other legacy carriers.

  • We will see! It is such a competitive market to fly transatlantic. Many have tried in the past and failed. Hope it is going to be a different case now.

  • Can’t wait to cross the Atlantic with JetBlue!

  • More competition is always good for customers. Jet blue has strong hub in BOS and JFK to let passagers many choices for travelling in the US

  • So basically airlines are doing flights to Europe using only narrow body aircrafts, to try their luck in not very popular routes. I expect JetBlue to add some more leg room for this longer routes.

  • Do you know the configuration of the aircraft? I suppose it will have more room leg that the A321 used for domestic routes…

  • Great if it brings prices down. I hope if this takes off they will move into other European markets as well. Amsterdam would be great for me.

  • Good luck to Jet Blue. Maybe after Bos and New York, the DC area airports will have the service, too.

  • Hope the prices won’t be too bad!

  • Ummmm…I love Jetblue! I’d definitely take them to London!!!

  • Great to see JetBlue compete in new markets. Mint looks competitive enough for premium cabin.

  • Christopher says:

    This will heat things up. I’d fly JetBlue for sure.

  • For people who live in Boston or New York or who, otherwise, would fly through BOS or JFK to get to London, JetBlue may provide a better opportunity. But for those who live elsewhere, particularly those in a city that already provides direct service to London on another carrier, a connecting flight on JetBlue might be less attractive, unless the price is significantly lower.

  • A fifth option out of Boston would be great! Here’s to hoping Brexit and the availability of departure slots are kind to them.

  • This is incredible! I love using JetBlue domestically, can’t wait to take it to London as well.

  • miskocina says:

    Hopefully this will make it easier (and cheaper) to buy a one-way ticket across the Atlantic.

  • Great news, Great for Mint travel, Great if its to LHR and not Gatwick

  • Robert Mackenzie says:

    Personally I hope Jetblue will choose Gatwick as their London airport destination. LGW has such easy access to central London and is far more convenient for me.

  • Hugh Watkins says:

    I’d like to fly Jetblue to London. It’s one of the best airlines in North America.

  • I would definitely enjoy the extra legroom on a trans-Atlantic flight!

  • Wow. This is great! In addition to loving JB service, hopefully the added competition will contribute to the lowering of prices. Win, win!

  • Bill from Maine says:

    This is great news. Would love to see additional competition on this destination.

  • Obviously we don’t know how this will play out, but JetBlue brings an established presence that could help all us travelers, even those who won’t take JetBlue.

  • liu Sheng says:

    Curious to see what aircraft they’re going to use on those routes.

  • I’m wondering how many miles it would be to fly from the west coast (PDX) to London.

  • I think an agreement with some airlines is necessary for people who want to go other than London.
    Moreover, we still don’t know what will be the effect of Brexit. Let’s see what will happen.

  • Brian G. says:

    I do not think B6 going to be able to get slots for LHR for DL by asking DOJ.

  • Any word on the taxes concerning London?

  • It is so hard to make money on this route outside of peak times. Just look at Norwegian…

  • Very late announcement and unclear options.

  • Maybe this will make airfares more competitive? One can hope….

  • Hopefully the points for transatlantic will be as easy to redeem as their domestic US/Carribbean. While this isn’t my primary flight miles program, I am always please when redeeming as it is never a hassle.

  • The_Bouncer says:

    More competition is always a good thing, but I think it is very unlikely to go into LHR.

  • this is great…. the competition should drive prices down more

  • Good news! I’ll have to look into Jetblue miles more. I have some but having another option with them would be great.
    I haven’t flown them yet. I keep hearing great things about their Mint. I’ll have to build up miles and try it out.
    I do wonder how they’ll have the aircraft configured. Would their currant seat be ok for the flt to London?

  • curious to see what the pricing will be like

  • Wow
    THis is great news

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    Sounds like a good deal to cope with London being one of the most competitive and expensive in the world.

  • Heathrow is adding a third runway and opening sometime in the next decade. This means more landing and takeoff slots will open up and more gate space as well. This means JetBlue will eventually fly to that airport even if the airline flies to Gatwick or Stansed first. JetBlue in my opinion is making a long term play to Europe. I would not be surprised if JetBlue eventually uses widebody planes for trans-atlantic flights.

    • Interesting news on Heathrow. Thanks for adding it. Not at all surprised by the desire to add, but certainly surprised they have the space. Have to believe most here will be thrilled by that news.

  • I doubt it’s likely, but I’d like to see JFK-LCY service. It’s so much easier to fly into London City Airport and hop on the DLR to the tube.

  • So many things can happen in two years. I give it a 50/50 chance of ever happening!

  • JetBlue should step up to provide more options on the East Coast, like Alaska does out west, or Southwest in middle America.

  • The route between London and New York is very crowded with lots of competition already. I think they will struggle to make money at the price they will have to offer to fill their planes.

  • The current Mint service is very basic chapter / holiday airline transatlantic business class. Westjet transatlantic B787 business class service is going to be amazing.

  • More competition is definitely a good thing although it’s not terribly exciting otherwise.

  • Schenae Rourk says:

    This is really great. I enjoyed London previously so this flight will be convenient.

  • Patrick B. says:

    Great to see JetBlue offering flights to this popular destination at their comfortable pricing, hopefully they will continue to expand their flights to additional international locations as time goes on!

  • Excellent move for JB. Been waiting for this for years. Cheers!

  • Let’s hope they’ll manage to do it

  • Cant wait for 6 hours in mint!

  • Could this bring down taxes on awards as well?!?!

  • Michaelj1 says:

    I hope this actually comes to fruition. I just love competition amongst the airlines. Cheers.

  • The Arts Traveler says:

    I like flying Jet Blue but don’t often have the opportunity. Perhaps this will give me a reason to fly especially if the flights are offered on points.

  • Maryjane says:

    I have always had good experiences on JetBlue and would welcome this option.

  • Wow everybody seems to be wanting to fly to London.
    Is London that popular?

    • exactly what about Austrian or Germany e.g., would be nice

    • It’s probably my favorite city on Earth. There is something about the constant juxtaposition, one finds, of the ancient and the extremely modern that I find endlessly fascinating and visually appealing. I you have not been, I’d highly recommend a visit.

  • My understanding is that this entry to the trans-Atlantic market, if it does pan out, could cause some real fare competition, which would very likely be a good thing for us consumers.

  • Good move. I would take Jet Blue over Norwegian Air.