Make Reservations via Instagram Make Reservations via Instagram

Make Reservations via Instagram

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As we become ever more connected through our mobile devices, companies are finding more innovative ways to get your business; the latest is that Instagram will let you book an appointment or make a reservation directly through the app.

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How it Works

The next time you are checking out pictures posted by a friend at a bar, restaurant or another establishment, all you need to do is double tap the image to be directed to the company’s Instagram page. Once you are there you will be able to make your own reservation, all while still feeling inspired by the photos posted by your friend.

While the new feature is not live yet on Instagram, the company will be rolling it out over the coming months, making booking a table even easier than before.

With several million businesses already on Instagram, the new feature will create an even bigger competitive advantage for these businesses, it will also give Instagram an advantage over other booking applications such as OpenTable and Yelp.

Our Take

Any step that makes life easier is a great move, and the fact that you will be able to seamlessly move between checking out social media, and making reservations will save you time, and in the long run offer businesses another avenue of reaching potential customers. Imagine booking airfare or having searches come up based on the location data from a picture a friend posted or booking a room at that amazing hotel. Lots of potential here, who knows where it'll go next.

Source: The Points Guy

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  • More intrusion. No thanks.

  • I feel like this will be buggy at first and then it’ll get fixed. Hopefully it’ll work well early on

  • Any kind of advantages for booking vis Instagram?
    Anyway, why I would let Instagram know about my behaviour such as visited restaurants, etc.?

  • Alice Chen says:

    This looks so interesting! I wonder how paying will work

  • Any new option is always cool

  • Air Flyer says:

    Facebook is becoming the next Google.

  • Interesting…lets see how well it works. Would be good because my friends and I have the same interests in food. Keep us updated on when this will work.

  • Bertrand Say says:

    Is this a better way to book? I would think not.

  • It seems like a cute idea, but I can’t imagine doing this myself. This sort of facebook intergration might be cool though, if such a thing doesn’t exist already.

  • Karen Klein says:

    This sounds great, however, I might be too set in my ways to do it. I could see my kids doing this. I don’t even buy anything through Pinterest and I love visiting that site. I can’t help but always think when something new comes out how hackers will use this. Does anyone else wonder about this? Maybe it’s just me? *sigh* I love seeing new ideas come out and seeing who jumps on board.

  • Compared to more ads this is not a terrible idea.

  • Wow, this tech is moving in the right direction. Seems like a great idea. The way of the future.

  • I think this will be a great thing to simplify life even more.

  • Sounds interesting if we are able to receive points for bookings made via Instagram but I am afraid such bookings may be treated as OTA

  • ADAM PARSONS says:

    Interesting developments in the social media world. How long until we can book flights on FB I wonder. Lol..

  • I think this is so cool, but how easy is this for the masses?

  • Hot take, but I hate this (although I get the business sense behind it). Social media in general has made it cooler to go to a location than to actually experience it and think about what you’re doing/why you’re there. I worry this is just going to bring all of the worst people to the cool places. Now let me see about getting off this high horse…

  • Please tell me the next feature will tell you where to buy the cute shoes someone’s wearing!!

  • If it could be more easy for some people to do a reservation by this way, it’s something good. I hope so they give some discount or points like Hilton app with the parthnership with visa few month ago.

  • I currently use OpenTable for my dinner reservations. I would be willing to give this a try and see if it works.

  • This sounds like an interesting idea. I look forward to seeing how it will evolve .

  • good to know that more avenues are opening up daily .

  • I’m sorry but this seems totally useless. Who would make a reservation via Instagram??

  • says:

    How in the world is this going to work?? Is it just taking you to the site?? Do you have to log in to book tickets??

  • Let’s see how well this works. We’ve seen “fads” like this introduced already, like ordering pizza w/ a pizza emoji. Not saying this won’t work well or advance the industry, but it might not be as well-received right off the bat as many wouldl hope.

  • This will be really cool, especially in tourist heavy cities with tons of dining options. Can’t wait to see it!

  • I think this is really cool!