Earn 8x Points from Marriott Bonvoy with the Eat Around Town Promotion

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Dining programs are a great way to earn additional points when you eat out. For a limited time, the Eat Around Town dining promotion from Marriott Bonvoy is offering 8X points on select restaurants, plus 1,000 bonus points when you spend $30 within 30 days of registering. The promotion ends on November 11, 2019.

What is a Dining Program?

Many of the top airline and hotel programs offer additional points when you dine at an eligible restaurant and pay with a credit card you link to the dining program. This strategy is often called “double-dipping” because you get extra points from the dining program on top of the points you already earn (from the bank) when you pay with a card that earns more than one point per dollar at restaurants.

You can learn more about which card to use for dining in our dedicated post: Best Rewards Cards for Dining & Restaurants [2019]. Whether you choose one of the cards mentioned in our post or one of the many co-branded Marriott Bonvoy cards, opportunities await!

How to Register for the Marriott Dining Program

Simply select your card(s) of choice and link them to Marriott Bonvoy's Eat Around Town program. For a limited time you can earn (8X), which is TWICE as many points! Plus, if you are new to the program, you can earn an additional 1,000 points for making one $30 purchase within the first 30 days of registering! This includes tax and tip.

Simple enough, right?
Simple enough, right?

Key Terms

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in the Marriott Bonvoy program and Eat Around Town by Marriott Bonvoy™ program. Please visit www.MarriottBonvoy.com to enroll in Marriott Bonvoy and to enroll in the Eat Around Town program. Effective 10/2/19, for a limited time up to 11/11/19, all registered Marriott Bonvoy members will receive 8 Marriott Bonvoy Points for each eligible USD$1 spent. Effective 11/12/19, Marriott Bonvoy members will receive 4 Marriott Bonvoy Points for each eligible USD$1 spent.

Any member holding Elite status (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, or Ambassador) will earn 6X points (50% percent more) after November 12th. 

Cards Offering Complimentary Status

As a Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cardholder, you will automatically qualify for the 50% bonus after the 8X promo expires, since each card offers 15 Elite Night credits. This automatically provides cardholders with Silver Elite status. 

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card
Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card
Annual Fee$95
Welcome Bonus Limited Time Offer! Earn 100,000 Bonus Points after spending $3,000 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening with the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card!
  • Limited Time Offer! Earn 100,000 Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.
  • 1 Free Night Award (valued up to 35,000 points) every year after account anniversary.
  • Earn 6X Bonvoy points per $1 spent at over 7,000 hotels participating in Marriott Bonvoy™.
  • 2X Bonvoy points for every $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • Automatic Silver Elite Status each account anniversary year. Path to Gold Status when you spend $35,000 on purchases each account year.
  • 15 Elite Night Credits each calendar year.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Earn unlimited Marriott Bonvoy points and get Free Night Stays faster.
  • 6X Bonvoy points per $1 spent at over 7,000 participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels
  • 2X Bonvoy points for every $1 spent on all other purchases

Co-branded Marriott Bonvoy cards from Chase and American Express aren't the only way to pick up status. Select premium products such as the The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express cards also provide Gold Elite status. (Terms Apply)

The Platinum Card® from American Express
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Annual Fee$550
Welcome Bonus Earn 60,000 Membership Rewards® points after you use your new Card to make $5,000 in purchases in your first 3 months.
  • 5X points on flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel, and on prepaid hotels booked on amextravel.com

Is it Possible to Stack Dining Programs?

If you are already registered for one of the many airline/hotel dining programs and had hopes of turning this into a triple-stacking opportunity earning miles and points across a multitude of programs, that won’t work. Since most of the dining programs are operated by Rewards Network, you’ll have to select the one that is most beneficial for you. Otherwise, the program most recently added will cancel older additions. Trust me, I tried!

Not the outcome I was hoping
Not the outcome I was hoping for

Dear Joseph,

We're so happy you've been enjoying dining with us. We noticed that you recently moved a credit or debit card to another dining program. Each card can only be registered in one dining program, so you will no longer be earning MileagePlus® award miles with that card.

That doesn't prevent you from using other cashback services such as Dosh. I've found that some of the restaurants associated with Rewards Network℠ will also earn cashback from Dosh!

Our Take

I've already knocked out my first purchase and received the 8X bonus earnings. However, the 1,000 bonus points have yet to post. I plan to ride the offer out through its duration. However, I will probably change back to United after the bonus offer expires. United continues to offer the greatest selection of domestic flights for me, so I will be closely monitoring the value of MileagePlus miles. Once United fully switches to dynamic pricing on November 15, 2019, I'll have a better idea as to whether I'll want to keep earning 6X Marriott Bonvoy points, switch back to MileagePlus, or convert to Alaska Mileage Plan or Rakuten. Which would you choose?

AwardWallet Tip of The Day
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  • Congratulations to this blog for making room for criticism from us consumers, who so often go through situations like the one described above.

  • I’m glad to see that people on this thread are able to be critical without having their comments removed. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for the Marriott Bonvoy Eat Around Town program, because it’s what happened to me:
    You’ll join the program online and add a linked credit card. You search the Marriott EAT web site for a “current participating” restaurant using city, state or zip code before you join because you’re looking for a specific restaurant in a specific city. The “current participating” restaurants on the EAT website will be listed. You’ll be excited to see a that the restaurant you enjoy is on the EAT list of “current participating” places. You’ll recheck the site a week before – and then again just TWO HOURS before – you dine there. The restaurant will STILL be on the Marriott EAT web site as a “current participating” business. Again, the participating restaurant *will be listed* on the Marriott Bonvoy EAT website each time you check – even two hours before you dine there.
    When you patron the restaurant, you’ll use your linked credit card. A week later, you’ll look in your account at the Marriott Bonvoy EAT website for a record of your dining experience, but it won’t be there. (The lure of joining the program is that you’ll receive 1000 bonus points if you spend $35+ at a “participating” restaurant listed on their site within 30 days of joining). When you see you did not receive credit for the dining experience, you’ll look at the EAT web site to see if somehow you were mistaken about the restaurant’s participation status (even though you KNOW the restaurant was on the list). You’ll find the restaurant STILL on the EAT website’s list of “current participating” businesses.
    Next, you will fill out a “Where are my missing rewards?” form on the Marriott EAT web site. Three days later, you’ll receive an email from the Marriott Bonvoy EAT program’s “help desk”. The email will state that the restaurant you dined in is not a “current participating” restaurant. You’ll be condescended to and will be told that you must not have checked to see which venues are “current” participants with the EAT program. The tone of the email will make you feel as if the “help desk” employee thinks you’re too dumb to confirm which restaurants are on their partnering list before you dine.
    You’ll write back to the Marriott Bonvoy EAT “help desk”, explaining that the restaurant you patronized was indeed listed on THEIR website as “current” and “participating” in the EAT program. You’ll say that you saw the restaurant on the EAT website upon joining the program, again a week before, again two hours before, and finally a week after your dining experience. You’ll ask the help desk if Marriott has pulled a “bait and switch” or if the EAT webmasters are incapable of maintaining accurate info on the website. You’ll indicate that you wouldn’t have bothered to fill out a missing rewards form if you weren’t 100% certain the restaurant you chose was on their partnership list.
    A day or so later, you’ll receive a Marriott Bonvoy EAT program “help desk” email response from the same person. She will tell you that she painstakingly searched through all of the current and former “participating” restaurants throughout the EAT program’s extensive database and that she learned that the restaurant you patronized had *NEVER* participated in the Marriott Bonvoy EAT program!
    You will go back to the EAT web site again to do a search of restaurants. You will see that now, three or four days *after* you filled out a form looking for your missing rewards, the restaurant in which you dined is suddenly no longer on the list of “current participating” restaurants! How convenient.
    I am neither delusional nor do I have dementia. I only wish I’d taken a screen shot of the restaurant listed when I saw it on the EAT web site just 2 hours before dining there. Now I have no proof that it ever appeared on the EAT web site.
    So, you will not get your rewards. You will be condescended to, will be made to feel like an inconvenience, and will be treated as if you fabricated everything you experienced.

    • Hey Heidi, I’m really sorry to hear about this experience. We do our absolute best to vet deals before we cover them. It’s a huge value to our readers when folks write comments like this, and we always publish them as long as they aren’t offensive or vulgar. Based on this, it sounds like taking screenshots is key to avoiding a hassle.

      Hopefully, this is an isolated incident. Thanks again for reporting on your experience.

  • I’ll stick with Delta Rewards dining program.

  • Sounds like a good plan to get some bonus points

  • Does this save miles from expiring?

  • Albert C Rollins says:

    Good intro points, and very easy to get in my area, however, I just stick to RN for eating promo, Marriott points are not as valuable as they where.

  • You answered my question, too bad it uses the same network as Delta Skymiles dining. However, it might be worth a switch. In the meantime, when I do dine at a participating restaurant, I am able to also get double American miles by using the American Mastercard.

  • Excelente Programa de puntos. Desde que se fusionaron con Starwood los benéficos para los afiliados han sido mejorados aún más. Lo que no es poco. En mi experiencia es importante estar atento a este tipo de benéficos ya que muchos hoteles suelen tener restaurantes de clase mundial. Con chef a cargo de sus cocinas con enormes galardones en sus haberes. Lo cual es importante poder deleitarse con ellos y lograr sumar bonus track con sus cenas y/o almuerzos.

  • María Gini says:

    Great, this program doesn’t exist in my country, Argentina! So I can’t wait to register my AMEX and try this Rewards Program in my next trip to LA in April 2020. Thanks for the information

  • Thanks you for the infomation.
    Marriott Points is better than IHG

  • Carina Nelli Spelta says:

    Good news! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice promo, but I wish there were more restaurant options.

  • we need some of these dining options in our small towns in USA.

  • antoine valme says:

    great intro promo earning rates. i took advantage of it so far to earn extra points towards future bookings, you never know when an extra 1000 plus will come in handy

  • This is not a bad promo, but I’m just not sure Marriott points are with collecting anymore. I tend to stick with Hilton with IHG as a back up.

  • Thanks for the example involving the forced choice nature of all individually branded programs within the Rewards Network system.
    To check which programs (and it’s essentially all the majors), go to https://www.rewardsnetwork.com/.

  • I’ve done this with Hilton and with AA. It’s a great way to get a point boost from your everyday spend!

  • good way to keep activity in your accounts and get some additional hotel points. Why not do it unless you are lazy like me.

  • A very interesting promotion. Will be sure to check it out.

  • Good promo at least for the welcome points!

  • Great opportunity for extra points.

  • The 8X points on select restaurants promotion by Eat Around Town is interesting. There is also an additonal 1,000 bonus points when spending $30 within 30 days of registering. Note that the promotion ends on November 11, 2019.

  • Excellent reminder of how to use dining rewards and great bonus!

  • Sounds like a good offer

  • Good for the initial bonus, not necessarily after the promotion completes.

  • Not comfortable with putting credit card into system so my loss.

  • This is very welcome news. For 6 points a dollar long term, I may consider it!

  • Quoting: “Well This Is Embarassing. We couldn’t find any locations near you. Try clicking on the search icon at the top of the page and expanding out your area with another ZIP Code or City/ST search.”

    Oh well….

  • Just not sure if worth dealing with another program- but will consider it during this intro period to top off the account perhaps. I probably should focus on using RN as Alaska activity

  • I signed up and dined (got the 8x points and the 1000 point bonus). Nice to have the option. Unfortunately, (despite what the customer service person said), it did not extend my points expiration date, so I transferred almost all to a family member. Still, transfer was free and the points were good to have.

  • Not a bad promo. Too bad it’s been nearly three months since Marriott put my account “under audit” for no apparent reason!!! #Bonvoyed

  • Great and easy way to earn some bonus points. Loved it when I worked in a city that had dozens of participating restaurants near my office – was getting points almost every day.

  • I think I’ll stick with another Rewards Network dining program.

  • Not many options in my area. Too bad!

  • I assume this is the same dining program all the airlines participate in? and if you enroll a card in this, you’re auto unenrolled from another?

  • I didn’t know this program existed.
    I guess it’s time to harvest more Marriott points, although 1000 Marriott points is really not that worth it.

  • This sounds great! I hope restaurants near me are eligible.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    This program has a lot to recommend it. I’ll have to read carefully, but it’s clear that the 2X points on both air and dining is or seems to provide great value.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I find the two times points on travel AND Dining to be very attractive. This is a deal that could pay off in a very short term.

  • 8x points seems like a pretty good deal

  • Looking forward to earning points for eating out.

  • It’s been ages since I’ve been eligible to sign up for a loyalty program’s dining; thanks for the heads up!!

  • Good news! Thanks for sharing!

  • There are lots of options in my town, except I don’t really eat at them. I usually go out with my family and the restaurants are more something I would go alone to. That’s not something I do all the time. It’d be nice to get the bonus from Marriott though. I just might have to get the bonus and then switch back to AA dining. I need the AA miles more than Marriott points.

  • Bring it to the UK!

  • Just wish all of the dining programs didn’t have the exact same resturants. In my hometown IHop is the only choice for any dinner points program and it sucks!

  • Don’t you have to write a review to get that 1k bonus? Their site’s down at the moment, so I can’t check the fine print, but I thought that’s how it worked…

  • I hope they don’t charge the restaurant too much for this!

  • I can earn points so much faster this way. Cool!

  • I can’t wait to try this Rewards Program!

  • Living in the Chicagoland area I have numerous options for dinner to earn bonus points!

  • Lots of participating restaurants in my area, so these bonus points are always an expected/unexpected surprise.