Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Qantas With a 20% Bonus Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Qantas With a 20% Bonus

Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Qantas With a 20% Bonus

Bonus Points

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On September 1, American Express Membership Rewards launched 12 transfer bonuses. Among them is a 20% transfer bonus to Qantas Frequent Flyer. With this transfer bonus promotion, you will receive 600 Qantas points for every 500 Membership Rewards points you transfer.

The promotion is valid on transfers through September 30, 2022. You need to log in to your Membership Rewards account to see the promotion.

Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Qantas With a 20% Bonus

Qantas Transfer Bonus Key Terms

  • The promotion is valid on transfers through September 30, 2022.
  • Receive a 20% bonus when you transfer Membership Rewards to Qantas.
  • Typically, points transfer at a ratio of 1:1 with a minimum transfer of 500 points.
  • The bonus is hardcoded into the transfer, giving a new ratio of 500:600 points.
  • Point transfers from American Express to Qantas typically post instantly.

Using Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

You can find some good value when using Qantas points to book partner awards. Qantas is a member of the Oneworld alliance, so you can use Qantas points on any Oneworld airline. Award flights start at just 8,000 points each way for flights up to 600 miles in distance.

That might not sound like very far, but it can come in handy for relatively-short flights that would otherwise be a long drive. For example, that's enough to cover flights from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Colorado Springs (COS) — a 12-hour drive:

Qantas award example from DFW to COS

With the Qantas transfer bonus, you'll need to transfer just 7k Membership Rewards to book this one-way flight.

Or, fly from New York to London for 24,500 points in economy one way. You would need to transfer 20,500 Membership Rewards points to have enough in your Qantas account for this booking.

Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Qantas With a 20% Bonus
Mileage requirements for Qantas award booking from New York to London

If you want to splurge, the same flight will set you back 61,200 points in business one way. Factoring in the promotion 20% transfer bonus, that works out as 51k Membership Rewards points — which is an excellent deal.

Qantas award example from New York City to London
Business class mileage requirements for Qantas award New York to London

Qantas Points Expiration Policy

If you haven't had activity on your account for 18 months, your Qantas Frequent Flyer points will expire!

Qantas resumed international flights to London and Los Angeles on November 1, 2021. However, Qantas has not implemented any point expiration suspensions. That being said, outside of Australia, members have been able to request extensions for their point expirations.

There are many ways you can earn or use your Frequent Flyer points to make sure they don't expire. For example, you can take a Qantas flight, fly with Oneworld partners, shop with Qantas Shopping, book award flights or upgrades with Qantas, and more. Click here for a longer list.

Our Take

This 20% Qantas transfer bonus certainly isn't the best deal we've seen. But, it can be useful in niche cases — such as short-haul flights on partner airlines. If you are looking at a specific partner award that is good value, then this promotion has arrived just in time!

If you're eyeing a redemption with Qantas, the fact you can now transfer Membership Rewards with a 20% bonus makes your redemption that much sweeter.

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  • Seumas Hyslop says:

    Bonuses for credit card transfers to Qantas Frequent Flyer are becoming more common – although they weren’t as high in the US, bonuses have been as high as 40% bonuses for a 1:1 transfer between Amex and Qantas in Australia. I hope that it will be more common that these bonuses appear.

  • Whilst I’m sure there may be some value in this for some, in general I’ve found Qantas is poor value for redemptions with a large number of points required and high taxes and charges.

  • Normally I don´t transfer points except with a bonus, I think this is a good bonus

  • Jessica Aleksandra says:

    Totally great transfer and promotion overall associated with Amex MR! For sure

  • It is interesting. In Argentina we can apply to various mileage programs with Amex. Without a doubt it is my favorite card.

  • Fabio Ortense says:

    That’s a really great gift. Here in Brazil, the AmEx card administrator (Bradesco) deactivated the MR that sent 1:1 points and in some promotions up to 2:1 to Iberia and created a new points program called Livelo, which changed the ratio to terrible 2:1. Unfortunate!!!

  • Transferring to Quantas not ideal since Australia travel is not happening but maybe for a partner airlines!

  • The short haul redemptions in economy are good to know. Sometimes these trips can be every expensive since only 1 airline flies that route.

  • Interesting promotion! Rare to see a bonus ti Qantas, and their award chart does offer some little known sweet spots

  • Some great transfer offers lately coming from Amex MR.