Possible Devaluation Of Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits Coming Soon Possible Devaluation Of Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits Coming Soon

Possible Devaluation Of Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits Coming Soon

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It appears as though Chase will be cutting some benefits from the Chase Sapphire Reserve®. The move comes relatively quickly after Chase abolished Price and Returns protection across all its cards. According to a document obtained by Doctor of Credit, the changes will affect some of the 3X earning on travel, as well as the guest access policy for the complimentary Priority Pass membership.

Key Changes

  • Cardholders will no longer earn 3X on purchases that qualify towards the $300 annual travel credit.
  • Priority Pass access will now be limited to 2 guests per visit. Additional guests will be charged at $27 per person to the cardholder’s Sapphire Reserve card
  • Price protection will be dropped

According to the document, customers will be notified about the upcoming changes in early May and will take effect August 26, 2018.

Our Take

The loss of 3X earning on spending that qualifies for travel statement credit is a small hit as it only represents the loss of 900 Ultimate Rewards. We're not sure if you'll earn 1x (300 points) or 0x on that spend. What could be a much bigger setback is the restriction on the Priority Pass guest access, especially if you are used to traveling with a large group. If this was one of the key features of the card for you, you might need to look at alternative cards that provide complimentary Priority Pass membership. Keep in mind, individual lounges impose limits on the number of guests you may bring, regardless of what your card will pay for/provide.

Source: Doctor of Credit

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  • Just received the email from Chase last night detailing these changes.

  • Still a good option for those who mainly use UR points for a mile transfer.

  • John DeSclafani says:

    Honestly I don’t see the reduction in PP a negative, since many of the lounges are closed for Priority Pass when they get busy hopefully this will open up availability and stop anyone from abusing the unlimited guest access.

  • I’ve tried to use the Price Protection twice and was denied. Will still plan on keeping the card even with the changes.

  • This are really mild changes.

  • It is never good to see any devaluation. Not bad. Lately it Seems like chase is starting to nickel and dime the cards down to erode little benefits.

  • Lillian Dikovitsky says:

    Hate to see any devaluation but these changes don’t have a huge impact. Used the price protection once to get $50 back. Only was able to use PP twice so far this year and the lounges didn’t have much but drinks and I don’t travel much with more than one person. The 3x on the travel credit seems fair since you are getting the credit for those $.

  • Not a huge impact. Didn’t use CSR for most purchases where a warranty comes into play anyway since it only got 1 point per dollar vs other cards that get 2% back and double warranty. Just reinforces the fact that you shouldn’t use CSR beyond travel and dining 3x categories.

  • It makes me pause about other things I’ve heard rumblings on, specifically the combining of points.
    I wonder what spurred this. Since I don’t have the card I’m not worrying all too much about these changes but I can imagine
    the sting to people. More worried about the combining of points now.

  • As long as there’s still 1.5 UR redemption for airfare i’ll hold onto this card.

  • Taking the 900 points seems sort of silly…$9(or $13.50) in cost, for what exactly? I only ever use the Priority Pass for my wife, so this has no effect on me. Overall, seems not so bad.

  • What cards can we downgrade the CSR and CSP after an year?

    • It depends on your particular scenario, however, I was provided the option to convert to a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited card. If you call Chase, they’ll let you know which products you’d be eligible to convert to.

  • Alice Chen says:

    Honestly it’s not that bad. This card is still one of the best.

  • Devaluation but still seems like a good card to have.

  • Seems like this is more that just possible… Still, pretty minor impacts overall. Here’s hoping that these revisions are enough to stave off limits on UR points transfers.

  • Sucks that Chase is cutting benefits left and right now that they’ve beat AMEX with the CSR

  • I suspect the changes to PP won’t affect a lot of people. I know a lot of people who already have this card so if parties are traveling together, there may be multiple PP accounts.

  • Still makes me sad. I love this card, I hope it’s not a foreshadowing of what else is on the horizon.

  • I think those changes are fair.
    Unlimited guests for Priority Pass was just unrealistic.

  • Crawford says:

    I really like my CSR card and while I am not happy whenever confronted with any devaluations, these are not enough to motivate me to give up my CSR.

  • deerseason says:

    The UR earn makes sense, and PP deval at worst puts it in line with the other cards. Better than killing the family pooling, and the travel category continues to be pretty liberal.

  • Seems to me any devaluation is a slippery slope. Seemingly small devals now but they always make me nervous about what will be taken away next.

  • 2 guests is still quite generous though for Priority Pass and would still work for most people. I do agree though that a couple of extra passes a year would be a good idea though.

  • Doesn’t look too bad!

  • 900 Ultimate Rewards not a huge loss. Some free passes to PP lounges per year sounds good to offset. Keeping it in a top tier card class.

  • Looks ok for me. i’ll keep the CSR card for now.

  • I can live without the 3x points for the travel credit, but the restriction to 2 guests hurts families harder. The Citi Prestige allows immediate family members OR 2 (unrelated) guests lounge access.

  • I’ll take these devaluation over Chase downgrading the 1.5x point redemption or the ability to transfer points between cards.

  • Jeff Leong says:

    The changes are relatively reasonable. But why abolish price protection completely? Just put some limits on it (dollar amount or total claims).

  • Raj Konda says:

    Can you apply for Chase Sapphire reserved/preferred if you already have Sapphire no annual fee card?

  • I think both change are reasonable but not desirable. About PP, even though I have never brought 2+ guests, I do wish they can provide some extra guess passes per year for possible big group travel.

  • MICHAELJ1 says:

    I am flying this week and intend to use the Priority Pass for the $28 credit per person. At least this will still buy us lunch!

  • Any devaluation is unfortunate especially when it seems they are taking the card from “best in class” to just be equal to other premium cards. The Priority Pass unlimited guest benefit is an example of this. Now it is no better than the Amex Platinum. I usually travel alone but I am planning to use the benefits for a group of 4 next month. So I guess I’ll be able to use it once before the benefit changes. Thanks for the information. Lets hope this is not a trend that will continue.