Bonus Points

Buy Leading Hotels of the World Leaders Club Points With Up to a 100% Bonus (6¢ Each)

Looking for a luxury hotel or spa to enjoy a special occasion with loved ones? Buy LHW Leaders Club points during this promotion with up to a 100% bonus. If you maximize this deal, you can grab points for as little as 6¢ apiece. This is the first offer to buy Leaders Club points since the program became a Citi transfer partner, so let's look at the ins and outs of this deal.

Best Uses of Leading Hotels of the World Leaders Club Points

Leading Hotels of The World offers travelers the ability to earn and redeem points at some of the most unique and luxurious properties worldwide. However, whether you can make the program work for you depends on your travel and stay patterns. Here's a look into the value of Leaders Club points, how to earn them, and whether it's worth taking advantage of the new ability to transfer Citi ThankYou points to Leading Hotels of the World.