Last Call: 44% Stackable Bonus on American Express Transfers to Qantas Last Call: 44% Stackable Bonus on American Express Transfers to Qantas

Last Call: 44% Stackable Bonus on American Express Transfers to Qantas

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American Express Membership Rewards is running a 20% bonus on transfers to Qantas. In addition, Qantas is offering a 20% targeted bonus on points transferred in from American Express, thereby increasing the cumulative bonus to 44%. Both bonuses expire on June 30, 2019. With only a few days remaining, we’ve detailed a few noteworthy redemptions.

20% Bonus from AMEX Membership Rewards to Qantas


Key Terms

  • Transfer Membership Rewards points by 11:59 p.m. ET on June 30, 2019
  • Receive a 20% bonus when transferring miles to Qantas
  • Points can be transferred in increments of 500
  • Click here for a list of American Express cards that earn Membership Reward points

20% Bonus from Qantas

Although the 20% bonus being offered by Qantas is technically a targeted offer sent out by email, it has been reported that this additional bonus seems to be posting for accounts that did not receive an email about the promotion—including new Qantas accounts created immediately before transferring from Amex.


Combined Bonus Potential

Stacking both promotions results in a 44% bonus. So, if you transfer 10,000 AMEX MR points, you will receive 12,000 points through the 20% bonus from AMEX. Once the points enter your Qantas account, you will receive a 20% bonus on the points transferred in, resulting in 14,400 Qantas points.

Using Qantas Points

Qantas is a member of Oneworld and has partnerships with 11 other airlines.Quantas-partners

In total, you can book award redemptions with 25 different airlines. Like many foreign carriers, Qantas uses a distance-based award chart. However, sweet spot redemptions are possible—especially if the destination falls into a shorter distance tier.

Short-haul economy on American Airlines
If you have a short-haul award in mind (less than 1,200 flown miles according to Qantas’ Classic Flight Reward Table), a Qantas redemption can make a lot of sense. Distances that fall into Zone 2 (601-1,200 miles) are sweet spots. Routes such as NYC-Miami or Chicago-Austin, only cost 12,000 Qantas points one way. Taking into account the stackable bonuses, you would need to transfer only 8,500 points from AMEX. In comparison, American Airlines and United both require 12,500 miles for flights at this distance, so a redemption with Qantas would yield a savings of 4,000 points.

Business class on El Al from the USA to Israel
Want to fly to Tel Aviv? If you’re originating in NYC, a one-way award is 78,000 Qantas points. Assuming you stack both bonuses, a transfer of only 54,500 AMEX MR points is necessary. Comparatively, a business class award costs 70,000 miles with  American Airlines and 85,000 with United. This makes the Qantas redemption a great value as long as you’re not flying from the Western part of the U.S. Here’s a list of a few large cities and the points needed for an award ticket to Tel Aviv.


Our Take

If you’re considering a redemption with Qantas or any of its partner airlines, taking advantage of this stackable bonus could be a great move. This is especially true if the flight distance maps to a Zone that requires fewer points than by you'd pay with a program that uses a zone-based award chart. You can quickly check the total flight distance using the Great Circle Mapper—just remember to include connecting airports since Qantas calculates prices based on the total distance traveled.

However, even with a solid transfer bonus such as this one, a speculative transfer to Qantas isn’t advisable. We always recommend keeping the flexibility to transfer points to multiple partner programs until you know exactly how you plan to redeem them.

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  • Flip Johnson says:

    I didn’t realize these could be used for domestic AA flights. Thanks for the tip!

  • It’s pretty hard to get J or F award seats on Qantas. They release the first round to their Platinums and there is often nothing left for anyone else. Awards between Australia and the USA are almost impossible to find! I use QF points on other airlines, and the value isn’t always great

  • Hopefully, Qantas will continue having offers like this.

  • One more chance to stack with Qantas and AMEX!

  • Qantas announced a devaluation (enhancement) not too long ago. Changes coming in in September – something to be mindful of.

  • Stackable and Qantus that’s a deal you can’t beat

  • I’m planning a trip in a few years to Australia. So now I’m just cringing that I’m missing out on the bonus miles on this one. I hope in the future they’ll have bonuses. Who knows what this will all be by the time I’m ready for that trip.

  • The taxes and fees thou….

  • This is fantastic! I have some points to transfer for my flight to Australia for Christmas. Great stuff!

  • I did not know about using Qantas miles to get to IsraelI I will have to check that out.

  • Good bonus. Not sure about the availability of flights to book.

  • You can put together a around the world ticket in J for 280k, great use of points. The ticket can span 16 segments and spread out travel over 12 months. Need to get in quick as qantas is putting up the number of points needed in September

  • Qantas is part of the travel experience to Australia. Hope the service continues

  • Qantas seems like a great airline; would love to give them a try.

  • I like Qantas but after seeing others mention an upcoming devaluation I don’t know if it would be worth it unless the points can be used before September.

    • It depends on what you want to book. IMO, the awards that are being devalued (mostly biz class, long-ish haul) were already a terrible deal with Qantas miles, so it’s a non factor. Qantas awards are really only useful in a few specific cases, so it’s a situation where you want to know what you want before transferring.

      Also just FYI for everyone. I transferred 8,500 and got 10,200 instantly. Still waiting for the QF side of the bonus around 36hr later.

  • Flying Qantas business back from Australia was fabulous!!

  • I’ll check it out for domestic AA flights.

    • Yes, a bit like Avios, their distance based award chart can make them good value for shorter flights on OneWorld, and their fees and taxes for AA are only $5.60.

  • Always great to get a stacking, but not sure there is a ton of value to be had from Qantas given devaluations.

  • Seems a bit risky to me. I think I’ll pass on this one. Very thankful for the information

  • I’m still fighting with Qantas to receive partner flight credit. Definitely not planning to transfer points for them to not get credit either.

  • Only if QF didn’t devalue their award chart massively recently..

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    Its nice to know that you can include connecting airport. This is because Qantas calculates prices based on the total distance traveled.Good to know

  • A speculative transfer to Qantas is DEFINITELY NOT advisable; especially that Qantas has just made its own long-haul premium class cabin awards much more difficult to access, as widely reported by the Australian news media.

  • Be sure to redeem before Sept devluation for QF

    • Thank you very much for the reminder. I imagine folks would be rather peeved if they didn’t act on that timing… as usual.

  • The taxes and fees kill Qantas as a deal in most cases

  • I never make speculative transfers regardless of the offer!

  • RoseMarie says:

    Qantas points have some limited use. I will use them for some short haul American Airlines flights without the worry about connections.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I was incredibly impressed that you could combine both offers for a whopping 44 percent bonus.