You Can Now Convert Korean SkyPass Miles to Marriott Bonvoy Points (But You Shouldn’t) You Can Now Convert Korean SkyPass Miles to Marriott Bonvoy Points (But You Shouldn’t)

You Can Now Convert Korean SkyPass Miles to Marriott Bonvoy Points (But You Shouldn’t)

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Marriott Bonvoy recently introduced the ability to transfer Korean SkyPass miles to Marriott Bonvoy points. Although Marriott recently terminated its built-in 5,000-mile transfer bonus to Korean SkyPass, it hasn't terminated the relationship. The addition of this new transfer option can be considered a deepening of the relationship, even though it is not very valuable.

Now, travelers can transfer points between programs at the following ratios:

  • Korean SkyPass miles transfer to Marriot Bonvoy points at a ratio of 2:1.
  • Marriott Bonvoy points transfer to Korean SkyPass miles at a ratio of 3:1

Korean SkyPass members need to transfer a minimum of 5,000 miles and can transfer in increments of 1,000 miles above that minimum. Only one transfer can be submitted per day.

You might want to transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to Korean SkyPass miles to book this first class Suite

With this new transfer option, Korean Air is now the fourth airline from which you can transfer miles to Marriott. Asia Miles and Marriott recently launched a two-way transfer partnership. United elites can convert MileagePlus miles to Marriott Bonvoy points. Finally, HawaiianMiles can be transferred to Marriott, also at a 2:1 ratio.

Is Transferring Marriott Points to Korean Miles Good Value?

The simple answer is no. In recent redemptions, AwardWallet members have been able to redeem their Korean SkyPass Miles for an average value of 2.99¢ per mile. On the other hand, AwardWallet members have, on average, redeemed Marriott Bonvoy points for 0.95¢ per point of value.

Transferring Korean Miles to Marriott Points at a ratio of 2:1 means exchanging around 6 cents of value for 1 cent of value. In almost every situation, that loss makes this transfer a horrible idea!

Looking at transfers the other way from Marriot to Korean at a ratio of 3:1, you see some good value. Crunching the same number means exchanging around 3 cents worth of Marriot Points value for 2.99¢ worth of Korean miles. Therefore, transfers from Marriot to Korean Air might provide decent value for business and first class awards.

When Should You Convert SkyPass Miles To Marriott Points?

In almost every situation, you will have better options available to boost your Marriott Bonvoy points balance. However, in some cases, it may make sense to transfer a few (a few being the keyword) SkyPass miles to Marriott points.

If you are a few points short of a redemption and have a few Korean miles that you have no use for at that time, it may be beneficial to burn them up with a transfer. Keep in mind if you are transferring lots of points, you may be better off using them to book a partner award flight instead.

Also, if you have Korean miles that are about to expire, and you have no option to use them. Then a transfer may be your best to salvage some value from your hard-earned miles. Although with a 10-year expiration deadline, you should never find yourself in this situation with Korean SkyPass miles.

Our Take

Even though the ability to transfer your Korean SkyPass miles to Marriot Bonvoy points will cost you, it is still welcome news. Whenever more options are added, it is always good news. More choices allow you to protect some of the value of your points and miles. While you may never transfer Korean miles to Marriott points, having the ability to do it may save some of the value of your miles in a pinch!

Keep in mind that you can see all points and miles transfer options in AwardWallet's Transfer Tool.

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