Stack the Savings to Earn up to 3,900 AA Miles, Save up to $145 on Blue Apron Purchase of Just $50 Stack the Savings to Earn up to 3,900 AA Miles, Save up to $145 on Blue Apron Purchase of Just $50

Stack the Savings to Earn up to 3,900 AA Miles, Save up to $145 on Blue Apron Purchase of Just $50

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Eligibility is limited for the Amex Offers discussed in this post. Enrollment is required in the Amex Offers section of your account before redeeming.

Update: The AAdvantage eShopping portal bonus and the new member bonus for Blue Apron are no longer available. But, you can still stack other offers mentioned in this post.

How does a bunch of food, tons of airline miles, and some cash discounts sound? Let me show you how to stack Blue Apron offers to come away with a lot of savings and a lot of points — plus food to boot!

Lately, food delivery services have taken the world by storm, and rightfully so. They are convenient, relatively easy to prepare, and usually delicious. But they can come at a big cost. Fortunately, many of these food delivery companies offer huge incentives for new users, giving you the chance to essentially “try before you buy.”

Blue Apron is currently offering several great incentives when you signup for its weekly subscription. Some of these deals are even geared towards points and miles people. Right now, for example, you can receive 2,200 American Airlines miles when you signup for Blue Apron through the AAdvantage shopping portal, but the offers you can stack don't end there.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Image of a woman with sunglasses looking surprised at how much money is in her hand

First things first, if you aren't familiar with shopping portals, check out our beginner's guide to shopping portals before reading on. Because we are diving deep.

There are a lot of ways to stack these promotions, none of which is necessarily better or worse. It just ultimately depends on you and how you value your AA miles. Here is a list of all the current offers you can get with Blue Apron, and we'll go over which ones you can stack together to sweeten the pot.

  • New Blue Apron customers will get an additional $120 off the first 6 boxes and free shipping. Valid through March 20, 2022.
  • Signup for Blue Apron via the AAdvantage shopping portal and get 2,200 AA miles. No published end date.
  • Get another 500 bonus AA miles after you spend at least $100 as part of AA's Spring Forward Bonus promotion. That goes up to 1,000 miles if you spend $300+. Hurry, though, as it ends March 14, 2022. Details of all airline shopping portal bonuses can be found here.
  • Earn 1,200 AA miles on purchases of $50 or more from Simply Miles when you use your enrolled Mastercard.
  • Save $25 off of a purchase of $50 when you activate your Amex Offer on your eligible American Express Card and use it to pay for your Blue Apron subscription.
  • Activate your Citi Merchant offer and save $25 off of a $50 purchase with Blue Apron.

How to Stack Blue Apron Offers

Like we mentioned above, you can't stack all of these offers when signing up for Blue Apron and choosing a delivery plan. All of these options include shopping through the AAdvantage Shopping Portal, though, so your first step will be to head to the AAdvantage Shopping Portal and either signup or log into your account. Once logged in, look for Blue Apron in the search option.

Screenshot of Blue Apron offers on AAdvantage shopping to earn AA miles

Now, select the “Subscribe Now” option. You'll be redirected to a new page. Make sure to do the entire transaction via this page, as it contains all the tracking information these companies need to track and verify your purchase.

Going through the AAdvantage Shopping Portal to Blue Apron still lets you get $120 off of your first 6 boxes. This is for new customers only.

After you decide which plan you would like to go with, you're ready for the next move. The following steps do not stack with each other. However, they do stack with the AA Shopping Portal promotions for Blue Apron that we've already completed. Choose one of the following options, and don't forget to go through the shopping portal first.

Option 1 – Amex Offers

Grab your American Express Card with the Blue Apron offer loaded onto it. Load the offer to your card first, of course. Once you have confirmed the offer is enrolled, you can use the applicable card to pay for your new meal subscription.screenshot of amex offer for blue apron spending

Option 2 – Citi Merchant Offers

Citi Merchant Offers is also offering $25 off of a $50+ Blue Apron purchase. Similar to the Amex Offer, you'll need to head over to Citi and make sure you enroll your card. Once the card is officially enrolled, you can head back to Blue Apron and pay for your meal plan with the card that has the offer activated.

Option 3 – Simply Miles

If you have an eligible Mastercard, you can enroll it in AA's Simply Miles program. Once enrolled, targeted cardholders can access the Blue Apron offer. You'll earn 1,200 AA miles on purchases of $50 or more.

I know I said that these offers don't stack, but if that Mastercard you connect to Simply Miles just so happens to be a Citi card with the Blue Apron offer, then you can actually utilize both these deals.

Screenshot of SimplyMiles offer for American Airlines miles with Blue Apron spending

This offer should stack with the Citi Merchant Offer option, if you use the same Mastercard.

Non-AA Stacks

For those of you not in the market for American Airlines miles (or Loyalty Points), there are lots of other incredible offers that you can use to earn bonus points on your Blue Apron subscription. For example, Chase Ultimate Rewards is offering 2,300 Ultimate Rewards points for Freedom cardholders when you shop through the Chase shopping portal. You could also opt for the cash back route and receive a whopping 21% back when using RebatesMe, as seen below.

Screenshot of Blue Apron offers for cash back and bonus airline miles
Make sure to always hop on first and compare rates. You can see from this photo that there are lots of amazing offers floating around for Blue Apron purchases.

Stack Blue Apron Offers — Doing the Math

If you stack these Blue Apron promotions, you can come away with the following:

  • One of the following:
    • 2,200 AA miles for enrolling through eShopping portal, or
    • 21.1% cashback for purchases made via RebatesMe, or
    • 2,300 Chase Ultimate Rewards via the Chase shopping portal
  • One of the following:
    • 1,200 AA miles if you spend $50+ via SimplyMiles and $25 off when using an Citi Merchant Offer, or
    • $25 off when using an Amex Offer
  • Plus $120 off as a new member

And you'll come away with all the food delivery from Blue Apron, of course.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from above, there are so many ways to take this promotion. As a mom of 4, I personally opted for the 4-person meal plan. It's more expensive, but this is something I would use regardless, so it makes sense for my situation.

I also plan on switching my form of payment after the first charge posts. Amex's terms specifically state that the offer only applies for your initial sign-up, but in my experience it works for charges even after the initial signup. This should give me the opportunity to save on my second round of meals.

Since I actually have the offer on several other cards, as well (thank you authorized users), I'll wash, rinse, and repeat. It's minimal work and — with the current price of groceries — saving $25 a week is more than worth the small effort. Plus, I can stack my Blue Apron savings with other promotions to load up on points and miles.

How will you stack these Blue Apron promotions?

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