Daily Getaways: 10,000 Best Western Points for $55

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Today, Daily Getaways is offering packages of 10,000 Best Western points for $55. The promotion starts on May 21, 2019 at 1 p.m. ET. As with all daily Getaways promotion, there is a limited number of points packages available for sale.

Key Terms

  • The promotion starts on May 21, 2019, 1 p.m. ET.
  • With the promotion, you can purchase 10,000 Best Western Points for $55.
  • You can purchase a maximum of 5 sets of 10,000 points.
  • There are 835 point packages available for purchase.

If you take advantage of the promotion, you will receive 10,000 points for a cost of $55, which works out at 0.55 cents apiece. While this is not an amazingly attractive price for Best Western points, it could be good value depending on your destination.

Is this a Good Deal?

You definitely don't want to get pulled into this deal without a game plan based on the scarcity (only 835 packages!) Best Western award nights range from 8,000 for (exceedingly rare) category 1 properties to 36,000 for category 8 properties. After a quick search of options for an upcoming trip to Miami, I found nothing on my dates that would offer significant savings. With the Atlantic Beach Resort shown below, I'd much rather pay $173 than go through the hassle of buying points for $165 to book the same room.

Buying 3 packages at $55 each would only save me $8 and leave me with 2,000 points after redemption.

On the other hand, I could book a suite with a kitchen at this property in Los Angeles for 36,000 points. Buying 4 packages of points for $220 would still save me $119 on the nightly rate, and I'd have 4,000 points left over for a future trip.

Our Take

As with all points purchase promotions, we never recommend purchasing points speculatively, even if you can see yourself using your points in a year or two. You may lose a lot of value if the company announces a sudden devaluation before you use your points. However, if you are a Best Western regular, then picking up points for 0.55 cents apiece is a deal worth considering.

Source:  Daily Getaways

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  • Avatar

    I think this deal may only be suitable for those of us who are missing a some points for a specific redemption in mind and hence need to top up their accounts. The deal on its own is not that interesting at all IMHO.

  • Avatar

    I haven’t buy these points for two reasons:
    1. Sometimes you can find hotels where using the points is advantageous but generally this is not the case
    2. I have points in other hotel chain and so I would use them

  • Avatar

    I actually think you could get a great redemption out of this. Sometimes BW hotels are in unique locations with $$ rates

  • Avatar
    Aster Meert says:

    Daily getaways is useless these days … like the whole game if you don’t have creditcards …..

  • Avatar

    nothing special tho

  • Avatar
    Michaelj1 says:

    I am too late for this promotion. But given your take on this, and you are of course correct, it is a good thing I missed this one. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Missed out!

  • Avatar
    Maryjane says:

    As my travel is likely to concentrate in an area where this chain is more common, I’m going to have to learn more about this program. However it’s not worth a speculative purchase right now.

  • Avatar

    Always good for a road trip and redeeming once in awhile on that trip. I like booking at the last minute on a road trip so I have the option to stay where ever looks good. I can see myself staying in a Best Western. I like Best Western. I’ve always had a good stays.

  • Avatar

    Not the most compelling offer

  • Avatar

    A nice offer if one had a planned stay anyway, but not lucrative enough to build up points for an unknown future stay. Will keep it in mind.

  • Avatar

    Thanks, it’s exactly the points I needed for my Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel stay

  • Avatar
    Sebastian says:

    Cool, i need these points – thanks for the reminder

  • Avatar
    Kripal Singh says:

    it’s good if you need few thousand point to stay in some high priced properties

  • Avatar
    Marlin Seevers says:

    Thank you for doing the evaluation for us. That is the work that has to be done with all offers.

  • Avatar

    I will not be taking advantage of this offer. I stay at BW infrequently so I do not go out of my way to collect their points.

  • Avatar

    In this particular case, I know this deal is NOT for many.

  • Avatar

    Appreciate the detailed breakdown. It’s always tough to decipher which discounts are actually a good deal vs bluster.

    • Avatar

      And, unfortunately, at times, I’m afraid that’s on purpose. They can get the marketing benefit, but don’t have to pay out either way.

  • Avatar

    Never even heard of Best Western Plus before today.

  • Avatar

    Love these deals thank you!! Keep them coming!

  • Avatar

    10k points for 55 bucks looks like a pretty good deal to me