Buy World of Hyatt Points With a 30% Bonus (1.85¢ Per Point) Buy World of Hyatt Points With a 30% Bonus (1.85¢ Per Point)

Buy World of Hyatt Points With a 30% Bonus (1.85¢ Per Point)

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Hyatt's latest promotion to buy points offers members a 30% bonus on purchases of 5,000 or more points now through August 1, 2022. This lets World of Hyatt members acquire points for just 1.85¢ a piece.

A Note on Buying Points

Before we get into the details, it's important to note that buying points without a plan is seldom a good idea. No matter the bonus a program offers, make sure you have a valuable use for the points before reaching for your wallet.

With that said, there are two common scenarios where buying points could present a good value. The first is when you're just short of the points necessary for that perfect award night you've been planning. The second is when buying enough points for an award night is cheaper than paying the cash rate.

Buy Hyatt points promotion banner

Buy Hyatt Points Key Terms

  • Offer available through August 1, 2022
  • Buy at least 5,000 Hyatt points and receive a 30% bonus
  • The price with this bonus allows you to buy Hyatt points for 1.85¢ a piece
  • You must be a World of Hyatt member for at least 60 days to participate
  • Purchase up to a maximum of 55,000 Hyatt points per year (before any discounts or bonuses)
  • The terms and conditions state that purchased points will post within 48 hours of the transaction. However, according to the AwardWallet Balance Watch Feature, Hyatt points typically post immediately.
  • Purchased points are not refundable and transactions are non-reversible.
  • Purchased points do not count toward World of Hyatt elite membership tiers.
  • See all of the World of Hyatt Terms and Conditions

Pricing if you buy the maximum Hyatt points right now: $1320

When Could it Make Sense?

World of Hyatt points are one of the most valuable hotel currencies today. Award nights typically cost between 3,500 and 45,000 points per night — depending on the category and peak vs. off-peak pricing. Numerous sweet spots can present incredible value per point.

Similar to Hilton or IHG, some of the best savings can be found when comparing award prices to the inflated cash rates at higher-tiered properties. Where Hyatt is unique, however, is that similarly great value can also be found at lower category properties.

Let's look at a few examples to see if it's possible to leverage this buy Hyatt points promotion for a great stay at a great price.


Rejuvenate in Bali

In fall 2018, Hyatt announced a new partnership with Small Luxury Hotels, a collection of boutique, upscale properties scattered across the globe. Over the last two years, this partnership has expanded to include over 300 luxury properties bookable through Hyatt.

One of these properties is the stunning Viceroy Bali, an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation in the jungle near Ubud. Even the standard room sports a private plunge pool, so it's not surprising that the cash rates are typically over $700 per night.


As a category seven property, award nights start at 25,000 points on off-peak dates. Through this promotion, you can buy enough Hyatt points for only $462. That's over a 40% savings compared to the cash rate after factoring in taxes and fees.


Getting Classy in Naptown, USA

For an excellent example of when buying Hyatt points could save you money at a lower-tier property, we're heading to my hometown, Indianapolis. I've always had a soft spot for the Downtown Indy Hyatt Regency. It was, after all, the very first Hyatt hotel I ever stayed in.

The circular bit at the top is ‘The Eagle's Nest', an upscale, rotating restaurant offering panoramic views of downtown Indianapolis.

With a central location only steps away from Lucas Oil Stadium and a direct connection to the Indianapolis Convention Center, prices are commonly a bit higher than you might expect.


But since it's only a Hyatt category 2 property, award nights cost either 6,500, 8,000, or 9,500 points — depending on the night.


With cash rates often around $315, including taxes and fees, that's almost a 4¢ per point value. If you buy Hyatt points through this promotion, a standard award night here would only cost $148—saving over half compared to the cash rate.

Beach-Front In Zanzibar, Tanzania

World Of Hyatt Selling Points With a 30% Bonus
Park Hyatt Zanzibar, view from the beach

A great option for redeeming free night awards or points is the Park Hyatt Zanzibar. Located on an island off the coast of Tanzania, prices at this property are even higher than normal during their peak tourist season in December and January. Still, many nights can cost just 20,00 points per night:


The same nights can cost $520 per night:

Park-Hyatt-Zanzibar-cash-cost-300x248Given the option to buy Hyatt points with a 30% bonus, you could pay $370 per night by buying the points then redeeming an award. You'll save $150 per night. And you might be able to get an even better deal on off-peak award nights costing just 17,000 points per night:


Book a Private Island in the Caribbean

My last example is a little hard to believe, so bear with me. In 2019, the points and miles community collectively gasped when it was discovered that one of the Small Luxury Hotel properties partnered with Hyatt was an “ultra all-inclusive” private island resort called Calala Island.

Located in the ‘NiCaribbean'—off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua—and hosting a maximum of 8 occupants, this is an authentic private island experience.


Forget about the cash rate. This is one of those situations where if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably won't be willing to pay it.

For one night?!

There are three Junior Suites and one Master Suite on the island, with two of the Junior Suites bookable with points at a time. As one of Hyatt's top Category 8 properties, standard award nights cost 40,000 points.


So if you manage to find suitable award availability, you could buy enough points for a night here for $740. While still a costly stay, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the cash alternative. Just keep in mind that the minimum stay length is three nights.

Buying Limitations

Unfortunately, Hyatt allows loyalty members to purchase a maximum of 55,000 points per year. Fortunately, Hyatt also allows members to combine Hyatt points for a redemption. To initiate a points transfer, you'll need to fill out this form with both party's information and send it to the email or mailing address on the form.

However, you can only send or receive points from another account once every 30 days. Plus, the World of Hyatt terms say you can only transfer enough points to complete a specific redemption, but requesting proof of this need is uncommon.

Maximize Your Purchase

Hyatt point purchases are processed by, meaning it won't qualify for the travel bonus category offered on some credit cards. In this case, you're better off using a points purchase to qualify for the minimum spending requirement of a welcome bonus or using a card that bonuses everyday purchases. Some of our favorites include:

Other Ways to Earn Hyatt Points

Another great way to build your stash of Hyatt points is through a co-branded credit card. Hyatt partners with Chase to offer the The World of Hyatt Credit Card and the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card.

Additionally, Hyatt is a 1:1 transfer partner with Bilt Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. That means that Ultimate Rewards-earning cards—like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card—can effectively earn World of Hyatt points, too.

Bottom Line

World of Hyatt is one of our favorite hotel loyalty programs. Anytime there's a buy Hyatt points sale, it's always worth looking into whether it can work for you. A 30% bonus is one of the better offers we've seen since it brings the price on points down to 1.85¢ each. We saw a sale for 1.68¢ per point in late 2021, so this isn't the best of prices, but it's still quite good as far as Hyatt points go.

If the numbers work for you, then go for it. Otherwise, you're probably better off holding onto your cash or earning points through credit card spend.

Will you buy Hyatt points with a 30% bonus?

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  • argh, don’t need this yet. would be so nice say in a couple monthes. oh well. nice to see that there are promos on getting Hyatt points. Hyatt is in my sights for several stays.

  • Very good tip!

  • For someone without chase points this actually can be a very good deal. I find that hyatt points are the most valuable hotel points these days.

  • Sergio Javier Luque says:

    Thanks for the información! It’s very useful!

  • Wow, great offer Hyatt!…..time to pounce if you’re looking to vacation at a Hyatt property soon using points. I like the Hyatt hotels around DC especially for points bookings.

  • No, I love me some Hyatt points, but I doubt I’ll ever be a buyer. Too many ways to earn UR points still available, even with recent hits to MS’ing.

    • I almost gave up, as I’m tired and ready to call it a day. But, I perserved. Thanks for forcing me to look up “MS’ing.”

  • I would’ve been more tempted before the peak award thing – now not so much.

  • Alice Ogg Strauss says:

    Great deal! I’ll check for my nest trip.

  • Thats getting pretty close, I value the Hyatt points at 1.5c ea. on a regular basis.

  • Probably the cheapest way to stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney

  • Hyatt4Life!

  • It is almost possible to travel to Australia again.

  • Pablo Quilis says:

    I´m never find anything good in Hyatt with points. I really prefer others hotel chains.

  • I have had unforgettable experiences years ago at the old Paris Hilton, very close to the Eiffel tower. I look forward to enjoying the Hyath style again …

  • I’ve never booked in a Hyatt hotel, but I’ll considere for the future. Nice to know about this kind of offers

  • This time, I will definitely buy Hyatt points

  • Great opportunity from the best value major hotel chain in the point and miles game. Really enjoyed my stays at the Grand Erawan in Bangkok and the Grand Hyatt in DC with free nights on the credit card and points earned on the bonus. Hyatt has some sleeper values if you look in the right places.

  • I know we always see plenty of points for sale, but sure seems as the pandemic lingers/fades, we’re seeing more. Sure companies are looking for an influx of cash in any way possible.

  • To expensive still. Far to easy to earn UR and transfer.

  • RoseMarie says:

    Hyatt is the best hotel program out there That being said only buy points if you have immediate need There are too many surprises that occur to buy speculatively

  • Taken into account terms and conditions it cold be a good offer, but i’m not sure if right now is a good moment to apply

  • Another offer in selling points.
    Not a good moment to buy points in this period.
    What’s more is that this Hyatt offer is not better of other previous offers.

  • Good suggestion to hold off on buying points unless you have a specific plan. I’ve always thought that folks stock up when they go on sale just in the event they need them compared to the cash price.

  • Park Hyatt Sydney is a landmark itself! Hope Australia will reopen next year.

  • Angelo Fonseca says:

    This partnership with small luxury hotels gives to us great oportunities.

  • I would purchase Hyatt point if the price is 1.72 cent. Higher than that, no way.

  • The most exciting thing about this post, to me, is the news that Hyatt’s expanded the properties included in its partnership with SLH.

  • Jonathan says:

    There is a new Hyatt Regency Sofia (Bulgaria), Category 1, only 5k points.

    • JT Genter says:

      Oooh. Nice tip! Thanks for the heads up. We’ve been eyeing the Hyatt Regency in Belgrade that’s also 5k. Might have to make a whole trip out of the Hyatt Cat 1s!

  • Agree that this is a great way to get points, especially while travel has been tamed down since Covid

  • It’s a great deal for higher tier properties, but not too shabby for mid tier Hyatt hotel also I consistently get 2 to 3 cents redemption value

  • Remember that you can book premium suites with points. Some are a really great deal.

  • Since the pandemic, I have been transitioning my stays from Marriott to Hyatt as I think Hyatt hotels have been doing a much better job of keeping rooms clean, hope they can maintain their standards across their entire portfolio.

  • One silver lining of the pandemic is that there have been many sales from hotels and airline to buy points at a discount.

  • There are certainly some aspirational stays in the Hyatt portfolio. Just make sure you check the cash price and compare before buying the points.

  • great opportunity to pick up some extra Hyatt points to top off your account. Hyatt has the best loyalty hotel program at the moment due to Marriott’s stumbles and Hiltons and IHGs stratospheric points requirement for quality properties

  • The discount should be much bigger to actually entice people to buy the points in a world or restricted mobility.

  • Angelo Fonseca says:

    This hotel in Sydney is simply amazing. Beautiful city and lovely place. Good to know that offer. Hope travelling to Australia as soon as possible.

  • Had never heard of the Calala Island redemption! Might have to look into this further….

  • Breakfast at Park Hyatt Sydney is truly a highlight, should the point buying deal does not work out for you.

  • I won’t buy points but I’m actively staying in Hyatt Hotels and am enjoying my Globalist status for the first time. I would transfer points from Chase UR rather than buying them.

  • Looks like the 40% bonus isn’t coming back.

  • Macarena Bentancor says:

    I love Hyatt program and for sure will buy Hyatt points!

  • Isabella Bonatti says:

    This is an amzing deal considering the pandemic. Hyatt hotels are the best and I usually stay there if my budget allows that. This promotion will permit me to be closer to book at a Hyatt Place, my favorite of the brand family.

  • I like Hyatts, but won’t be buying those or any other travel points/miles at this time. I’m not even using my Hyatt lounge passes or free anniversary nights elsewhere, during this pandemic era.

  • Perhaps it is wiser to buy points when the situation actually improves because these promotions come around every quarter.

  • I would love to have a stash of Hyatt points! Buying them all is not good though. lol! I wonder if you need to extend the life of your points if it’s a good idea to do the extra, if you’re buying points anyway?

  • As a general rule back porch is not a good idea. However if you can add this to your rewards it may come out to be a good deal.

  • I will not be buying Hyatt points with a 30% bonus. I value Hyatt points at approximately 1.5 cents each.

  • Sonia Ines Goland says:

    Hyatt are great hotels and this is a very good option. I dream of going again when the pandemic is over

  • Pair this with discounts on award nights and dbl night credit! Awesome deal!

  • I take my hat off for what Hyatt has being doing with their loyalty programme this year

  • Does Park Hyatt Sydney award harbor view rooms for the award bookings?

    • Patrick Stouffer says:

      Standard award nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney book into a base room without a harbor view. However, if you have any kind of World of Hyatt status, even a one-category upgrade secures a harbor view.

  • Thought about using this as a route to Globalist, but the math doesn’t work for me. Better to pay for the room with. Hyatt CC.

  • Is this offer open worldwide . I have a signature card but it is not associate with any program

  • I’ve been staying at the Hyatt chains. They’ve been doing a good job in response to the pandemic, including their willingness to extend the expiration of the free night certificates. Fees like they do care about their customers.

  • Umm…why is the bonus even lower this time?
    It looks like Hyatt is decreasing the bonus on purchased points every time.
    No one should buy points with just a 25% bonus.

  • There’s no point in staying at Park Hyatt Sydney if you do not stay in a harbor view room. The other rooms face a quiet unremarkable looking street.

    • Joel Gilgoff says:

      The park Hyatt Sydney is designed incorrectly. Even the best Harbor Vew rooms do not face the Sydney opera house. The hotel is just not that fabulous. The overpriced breakfast is not offered to anyone for free no matter what your status.

      The only reason to stay there is that the total cost per night is only 30,000 Ultimate reward points.

  • i love Bali island so much. and I have stay at Bali Hyatt hotel before. That’s have good sea view with many bird and animals. I want to buy some points with this offer .

  • Buying these points doesn’t seem to make much sense as good locations cost lots of points and there have been much better bonuses like 100% with airlines.

  • Good opportunities for people looking for usually upper accomodations.
    There are quite a lot of very elegant structures in the Hyatt family.
    Maybe a good deal if you go to a destination with a good offer of hotels of this chain.

  • Nice tip! I’ll keep that in mind when I can start flying again!

  • Maria Cuevas says:

    The best thing about Hyatt Elite Globalist program is the ability to make Guest of Honor reservation. Thank you for the 5 AA miles.

  • It just seems odd to me that spending more on points right now would yield a better return in the long run. There’s no telling what will happen with travel and the Coronavirus. I would pass on this until there are more definitive plans in the future.

  • Good deal. Looking forward to traveling again soon, and will trust Hyatt more than Airbnb for now.

  • Personally don’t think it’s worth it at 30%, especially at the moment too.

  • It’s a little help in this pandemic days.Something better shoud probably be done!

  • Thanks. This might work out for me to top of for an upcoming stay.

  • Agree that the 30% isn’t exactly worth buying points for right now, 40% would be better as others have stated. I wonder if room cash rates will lower in the next few months…

  • Only 30%??
    One would assume Hyatt will offer at least 50% bonus these days…

  • Do buy the points and redeem them for a stay at Park Hyatt Sydney as a Globalist; you will not regret it.

  • Since Hyatt is UR transfer partner and UR is relatively easy to get, I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy unless you have immediate needs.

  • Not a bad deal, but Hyatt points are so easy to accumulate via UR transfers, that I will pass.

  • Seems like we’re seeing a lot of points sales right now, which makes sense with travel industry leaders lacking cash flow as of late. But still not worth it IMHO. Especially if we see point devaluation in 2021. Obviously it can make sense now, but only if you are traveling and/or booking now.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    Hyatt are great hotels and this is a very good option. Just be careful about going to places with unreasonable and ludicrous quarantine requirements like in Hawaii. You’ll be stuck in your hotel.

  • Nice little deal with hyatt. Love my chase hyatt that pays for itself with the free night every year for the $85 fee so I stay at Hyatt’s when I can an combo points plus my free night for a few days stay.

  • Will be passing on 30% and waiting for at least 40%.

  • As predicted nearly every chain and airline are trying to sell as many miles as they can to get some cash in the door. I wouldn’t buy unless you are going to book something immediately because you can see the devaluations coming a mile away. Sell a bunch of miles/points – then rachet up the amount needed for redemption.