Do World of Hyatt Points Expire?

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Yes, if you have no activity on your account for 24 months your World of Hyatt points will expire. Per Hyatt’s terms and conditions page, all the points in your account will be forfeited after 24 months of inactivity.

However, World of Hyatt has paused the expiration of points through December 31, 2021. See this post for the airline and hotel programs that have paused the expiration of points and miles.

If your points expire, there is no way to have them reinstated. However, your account will stay open, and you will still be able to earn World of Hyatt points going forward.

World of Hyatt

How to Keep Your World of Hyatt Points From Expiring

Now the important question is what activity will keep your World of Hyatt Points alive.

According to the Hyatt terms and conditions page, you have various options of activity that Hyatt will consider valid. These will count towards keeping your account alive and keep resetting your 24-month clock.

Earning Points

  • Earning Points — There are several options to earn points, including earning points for stays at Hyatt Hotels or participating M Life resorts or for Avis Car Rentals.
  • Earn Credit with a Partner — Receive credit with a travel partner or M life Rewards Tier Credits for a stay at a Hyatt hotel or resort
  • Hold a Hyatt Credit Card — The The World of Hyatt Credit Card will keep your account active and your points from expiring. Not only that, for every $5,000 spent on the card, you'll receive 2 elite qualifying nights towards the next elite tier. That opens a fast-track to Explorist or Globalist status. Also, you will earn 4X points at Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • Purchase Points — Purchasing World of Hyatt points will count as activity and will keep your account and points alive.

Transferring Points

  • Gifting Points — Gifting your World of Hyatt points to another member is considered eligible activity and will reset the 24-month activity clock.
  • Transfer Ultimate Rewards — Extend the validity of your World of Hyatt points by transfer points from an Ultimate Rewards-earning credit card — such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card. By transferring points into your World of Hyatt account, you'll extend the expiration by 24 months. Interestingly, we have a data point that the transaction will appear as ‘points purchased' in your Hyatt account when you do this.
  • Convert Points to Miles — Converting some of your Hyatt Points into miles with one of Hyatt’s 26 partner airlines will count towards keeping your account alive. The transfer rate isn't great: 5,000 points transfers to just 2,000 miles for most airlines. Some programs offer a slightly better rate:
    • 4,000 Aeromexico kilometers
    • 4,000 LAN Airlines S.A. kilometers
    • 3,200 Air China kilometers
    • 3,200 China Eastern Airlines points
    • 2,400 Qantas Airways points
    • 2,400 Southwest Airlines points
    • 3,000 Virgin Atlantic Airways miles

Redeeming Points

Our Take

Keeping your World of Hyatt points balance alive is easy. So, there is no excuse for letting your points lapse. Arguably the simplest and easiest way to keep an account active is simply to transfer points to a friend or family member. Given the price (free) why not!

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  • Shirley Janay says:

    Do you happen to know how long it takes Hyatt points to post? I need to extend points that happen to expire right around the same time as Hyatt’s June 2021 Covid extension date. And, since my mother is 87 and no one else is around, I can’t really use them, besides the virus, and will have to buy some, or a drink at a Hyatt bar/restaurant, or something. Thanks.

    • It depends on the qualifying activity. For example, an actual stay at a Hyatt will post very quickly, within 2 days or so, sometimes same day. Which extending activity were you targeting exactly?

  • To prevent expiration, dining at a Hyatt restaurant (even if you are not staying) *might* work, but you are better off calling and asking in advance if they will credit points for a non-stay restaurant purchase.

  • They also currently paused points expiry to June 30, 2021!

  • Jonathan Thatch says:

    Thanks a lot for this, helps me keep my points alive while traveling is still down.

  • It’s never a problem for those of who earn Chase points since Hyatt is the best value Hotel transfer partner by far. I’m currently taking advantage of staying at Hyatts for work, so my points are being reset that way for now. The next way I want to reset the date is by using them. Earn and burn

  • Thanks for the reminder to check these. Hard to use during the pandemic but not so hard to keep alive!

  • Thanks for the reminder to check the expiration dates on some of my accounts.

  • Thanks for the reminder. I just checked both my Hyatt and Mlife accounts; I’m good until 1Q2022. If/when I do fear point expirations, then the cheapest/easiest remedy, for me, would be to transfer a Chase UR point.

  • Keep track of the expiration dates during these difficult periods is such a torture.

  • I didn’t know that the points didn’t expire with activities in 24 months. Thanks.

  • Are they extending the expiration deadline during Covid non-travel time as many other programs have done? Otherwise, I will need to do a transfer soon. TIA

  • Thank you for the information. I was not aware that just having the Hyatt credit card keeps my points from expiring.

  • Gifting points to keep them active is a great method! Is there a minimum #?

  • I find it idiotic that Hyatt says that “points do not expire” but are “forfeited after 2 years of inactivity.” It reminds me of something Gilligan (as in Island) or a child would say!

  • Very good information, thank you. It is a crime to let the points beat.

  • I have some WoH points expiring end of Dec and was contemplating either transferring some points or purchasing some. Given that purchasing about 1000 points is at the cost of 2.4 cpp seems like doing a transfer is a better option.

    • Either way works. 2.4 cpp isn’t a bad rate if you consider it ~$18 of value and ~$6 for the ease of not having to generate activity another way. But you can’t beat the cost of transferring points (free!).

  • This is a good reminder to check your points expiration dates. A number of programs have extended their expiration dates due to COVID.

  • Joined WoH during our last family vacation. Great post; it really helps me figure out how we can earn points and keep them active until we’re ready to redeem.

  • Does AwardWallet typically not show Hyatt point expiration dates when it updates the point balance? Mine doesn’t.

  • My points expire in 2 days, can i sign up for the credit card today and keep my points? (if instantly approved)

  • If I purchase Hyatt Point, does it reset the two year clock from the day I purchase the points?

  • Hi Howie,
    Does this article apply to Chase Hyatt Creditcard holder as well? I thought it mentioned Points (both earned and bonus point) will not expire as long as we have keep Hyatt Visa opened.
    I am having 45k points from the spending bonus. Will it expire after 24 months if I dont use it (asumming I don’t do any steps in the “how to keep Hyatt account opened”)

    Thank you

  • What about a convention stay that ended up being covered by the master bill and thus ineligible for points? My account lists the stay as: “Stay – Points earned: 0” Do you think that resets the clock? Thanks.

  • CanadaPointsGuy says:

    Can you book using points say a month out and then cancel a few days later? Would this count as activity?

  • My 24 months is up in Nov/18. If I book a reward stay in, say, Oct./18 for a stay in Dec., will that count as activity even though the stay itself is after the 24 months?

  • Have you ever heard of any circumstances where the points have been reinstated.

  • I have a measly 1,071 Hyatt points, but they’re expiring soon, so I created a Hyatt account for my husband thinking I could transfer my points to him. However, the T&C on the Point Combining Request Form says that “only the number of points necessary to redeem the specific award for which the transfer is being requested may be combined.” My husband isn’t planning any award redemptions right now, and of course 1,071 points isn’t even enough for an award, so would my request to combine the points be granted?

    • You can transfer all the points to him and should have no problem at all.

    • You should still transfer to him with no problems. I just did it to my brother who used Hyatt (I haven’t a clue as to how I accumulated these points).. filled out the form and it was done the same day.

      My brother doesn’t have any immediate plans, he’s researching where he wants to go now.

      You’ll be fine transferring over… enjoy!

  • I have 91K points with Hyatt, but can’t use them anytime soon and don’t have anyone I can transfer them to. My last hyatt visit was in September of 2016 So if I buy 1,000 points for $24 as it says on the sight, I reset the 2-year clock from today or from September 2018?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Gotcha… Thanks! It still was under the transfer to a family member or friend page, so was confusing. Thanks!!

  • Somehow I ended up having about 3300 Hyatt points. I don’t stay at Hyatt so not sure how I earned them.. Regardless, I don’t want them to go to waste and I have until 3/31/18 before they expire.

    I have UR and was thinking of maybe transferring some to Hyatt just to transfer back out as miles. You need a minimum of 5000 Hyatt points to transfer to miles.

    Math isn’t my thing, and I know UR will only transfer in 1,000 increments. Would it make sense to transfer miles from UR to Hyatt to transfer back?

    I think UR transfer to Hyatt 1:1, so with my current math skills (ha!), transferring 2,000 miles to Hyatt, just to put me over 5000 points, would only transfer back 2000 miles. So I think it’d be a waste.

    Are there any survey sites or anything like that, that participate with Hyatt for points? Trying to figure out a way to earn a point or two just to keep it alive… or donate them.


  • Please confirm that you could avoid your Hyatt points expiring by staying at a Hyatt NOT as pay but for award points.

  • It’s nice to have so many options to keep points alive.

  • A Chase UR transfer would also reset the clock, no?

  • Good program even though quite upscale.

  • Great program if you can build up points. Some awesome properties out there. Free transfer is a great way to keep points alive

  • Dining at Hyatt (without staying) seems a cheap way

  • Transferring has always been my go to method. It’s endless if you are able to transfer back and forth such as with SPG and Marriott.